Continental and Womens Pro Team Registration FAQ


Below are the steps, which must be accomplished in the following order. These steps apply to Continental Teams and Women’s Teams only.  Pro Tour and Professional Continental Team Directors communicate directly with the UCI on all team registration issues and with USA Cycling (USAC) on licensing issues.  Pro Tour and Professional Continental Teams must pay a registration fee to USA Cycling as well.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the UCI regulations regarding continental teams.  Your existence as a team is based on these rules, which can be found in their entirety on the UCI website, (click rules). Relevant rules will also be provided to you as PDFs in an email attachment and will be on our website under the UCI team section.
  2. Compile the following for mailing to Waugh & Goodwin, LLP (auditor) by certified mail (must be received by November 5th, 2013)
    1. Two copies of all signed rider/team staff contracts
    2. Completed UCI registration forms
    3. Check for $750 to cover auditing services
    4. Copies of signed sponsor contracts over $5000
    5. A complete team operating budget
    6. UCI Insurance Form
    7. Auditor Check List
    8. Bank guarantee release letters if relevant
    Mail to Waugh and Goodwin, LLP
    1365 Garden of the Gods Road,Suite 150
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  3. E-mail Shawn Farrell at USAC ( to inform him of your team’s mailing to Waugh & Goodwin, LLP. At the same time, attach electronic copies of the following:  
    • UCI registration Spreadsheet
    • UCI insurance form
    • Team representation letter
  4. Waugh & Goodwin, LLP will provide you with a total amount due to USA Cycling to cover your bank guarantee.  Mail a check for that amount made out to USA Cycling to the attention of Shawn Farrell by certified mail (Must be received by December 6, 2013). At the same time mail the check for the $4000 USAC fee ($2000 for women’s teams), and the check for the $800 RaceClean fee. These checks go into different banks and accounts, so please do not combine them.
  5. Sign and mail the Bank Guarantee Team Agreement to USA Cycling.
  6. Wire the UCI fee of 4500 euros (2000 euros for women’s teams)  to the UCI bank account below:
                Bank:               UBS SA
                Address:          Place St-Francois 1
                                       CH-1004 Lausanne
                CHF Account:  309288.60L
                IBAN:              CH24 0024 3243 3092 8860 L
                BIC:                 UBSWCHZH80A
                Beneficiary:      Union Cycliste Internationale
                                       CH-1860 Aigle
  7. Compile signed International license applications and mail them to USAC attn: Shawn Farrell. (NOTE: Professional Licenses CANNOT be purchased online. Do not have your riders purchase an international license online)
  8. Waugh continues to review the documents and once they meet all the UCI regulations, they’ll send an auditor’s report to USAC, and notify you.
  9. If the bank guarantee is in order when the auditor’s report arrives, USAC will notify the UCI of your team’s successful completion of the registration process.
  10. When the UCI lists your team on their official roster on the UCI website, the process is complete.
  11. When the team is listed on the UCI roster, USAC will process the rider and support staff licenses.  Unless requested otherwise, all copies of licenses will be sent directly to team management for distribution.
Waugh serves as the independent auditor that certifies each team is set up to meet the established USAC and UCI rules.  They’ll look to be sure each contract contains the necessary elements of legality, confirm each team abides by the U28 rule at all times, that the % Americans is correct, etc.
            In the interest of fairness to all the registering teams, Waugh & Goodwin, LLP charges a flat rate of $750 for the pre-season UCI registration.  Each time a team is re-audited during the season, the cost is $125 per rider added to the roster
USA Cycling charges Continental and Women’s teams to cover the cost of managing the team registration process, acting as a liaison with the UCI, providing rulebooks upon request, adding and dropping riders, coordination with USADA and other anti-doping agencies, general administration and serving as a knowledgeable resource to teams in regard to interpretation of USAC and UCI rules. History has dictated that the amount of USAC staff resources required to manage the UCI teams is directly related to the number of UCI events and teams in the United States in the current season. 
As was the case in 2013, the UCI asks that all Teams pay their fee via wire transfer.  The fee is due on November 25, yet we have until December 10th do get all the paperwork to the UCI. It may be possible, therefore, that the November 25th deadline will arrive before the auditor is finished, especially if you wait until the last minute to get the materials to them. That is why we have also advanced the date of submission to the auditor significantly so we can avoid any Thanksgiving-related delays.
Each rider must have a license issued by the National Federation in the country they reside in. This means that if you have a foreign (non U.S. citizen) rider who lives and competes in the United States, he must purchase his Professional license from USA Cycling*. Our international license fees are much less expensive than many countries, although there are certainly exceptions.
All team support staff (director sportif, assistant director sportif, mechanic, soigneur, team doctor) must own a UCI Support License in order to participate in or work at a UCI Calendar event. The National Federation in the country where the staff person resides must also issue these licenses. It is very important that the team manager, director sportif, and director sportif adjoint are properly licensed and listed on the UCI website. You will find that many commissaires will not allow a person other than the UCI registered director sportif to drive a vehicle in the caravan nor represent the team at team meetings.
* UCI rules specify that it is the federation where a rider lives, not the federation of the rider’s citizenship, that issues licenses. It is assumed that if you have a foreign rider on your team, that rider will be residing in the United States for more than half the year. That makes it our responsibility, per UCI rules, to issue the license. However, some federations provide an insurance product that may be superior to what the rider can obtain here. For that reason, some riders need to retain the license of their home federation. This creates problems for us due to our need to adequately track riders and maintain them in the USADA pool. For this reason, any foreign rider on your team who plans to maintain his international license from his home federation will have to purchase a USA Cycling domestic license at a minimum. This is a last resort, however. It is much preferable that all your riders have USA Cycling professional licenses.
No.  Riders must purchase their licenses or you can purchase them for them. Your USAC fee will pay for the printing of two additional copies of each license, as well as any reprints necessary during the year, but only after the original copy is paid for by the rider. 
No.  There are no requirements for minimum salary, but the team must still enter into a contract with each rider to spell out their support in whatever form is being offered.  If you do pay your riders a salary, the only method acceptable to the UCI is to wire the money directly into their bank accounts. The specifics of this must also be stated in the contracts.
The Claim
  1. The rider/team staff must send a letter in writing to USAC outlining their claim.  This letter should include dates, locations, dollar amounts, etc., and be able to cite their contract to justify the claim. USAC will forward the claim to the team in question. This letter must be received by February 28th, 2015 at the latest.
  2. USA Cycling will determine if the claim is manifestly unfounded. The claim can be determined to be unfounded only if no evidence was provided or if due to the nature of the contract the claim cannot be possible.

    The Referral

  3. USA Cycling will inform all parties of the status of the claim and the actions taken, and will inform them of the deadlines that must be respected.
  4. Once the parties are informed, no monies will be paid out for at least one month. During this month, the team may contest the claim to the team member in writing citing reasons. Unless the claim is determined to be unfounded, USA Cycling will direct the bank holding the guarantee to transfer the disputed amount to an escrow account. No money will be paid out until there is an agreement by the parties or a judgment made by a competent legal body or decision by arbitration.
  5. Once the claim is contested by the team, the claimant must make a claim before a competent legal body within 3 months of the referral. Should this not occur, the team may call for repayment of the sum held in escrow into the teams bank guarantee account. In this case, USA cycling will inform the claimant who will have one month to make a claim in law and an addition 15 days to prove the claim was made.


  6. Payment to the team member may be made one month after the referral, as long as the team has not contested the claim per the deadlines above. Payment to the team may be made at the earliest 4 months and 15 days after the referral.

Once a claim is duly made and not determined to be manifestly unfounded, no money will be paid until there is a decision reached by any of the below:
  • Mutual agreement in writing by both parties
  • Decision of a mediator or arbitrator that worked with the parties by mutual consent
  • Decision of a competent court of law
USA Cycling does not make decisions regarding the validity of claims!
If a UCI Continental team chooses not to register the following season, they are entitled to their bank guarantee on March 31 of the year following their last season racing as a UCI Continental team.  USA Cycling will pay all delinquent fines and fees due to USAC or the UCI, then refund the remainder of the money and its interest to the paying agent.  A team may access the bank guarantee earlier than March 31 by having each of their riders/team staff sign the waiver releasing their right to draw on the guarantee.
The UCI is maintaining the rule begun in 2005 regarding the adding and dropping of riders during the season.  No UCI roster changes may be made outside of the period from June 1-June 25.  This means that the UCI will only accept changes to Continental Team’s rosters during this period. However, there are two exceptions to this:
  • A rider who is not under contract with a UCI team in 2014 may be added to a roster at anytime during the season.
  • A team may add two U23 riders who have never belonged to a UCI team to their rosters beginning August 1. Note these riders names must be submitted to the UCI and USAC before August 1st.
  1. Sign the rider to a contract containing the essential elements of the UCI model contract found in the USA Cycling supplement to UCI rules document.
  2. Submit a check for $125 per rider added along with two copies of the contract to Waugh & Goodwin, LLP & submit a new International license application to USA Cycling showing the new Team’s name.
  3. Submit an electronic copy of the UCI roster change form to USA Cycling.
  4. If the contract and the roster move meet UCI regulations, Waugh will notify USA Cycling.
  5. USA Cycling approves the roster move and submits the paperwork to the UCI notifying them of the addition(s). USAC then issues the new rider license.
  6. ONLY when the new rider is added to the UCI roster on the UCI website is the move complete and the rider is eligible to race for his new team. The UCI will take about 3 days after they receive the document to make the changes on their website. Please plan accordingly.
No. Only riders who have earned USA Cycling Road Category 1 status or the corresponding status of a foreign rider’s federation are allowed to be added to a UCI Continental Team (Cat 1 or 2 for a women’s team). No upgrades will be done for the sole purpose of adding a rider to a Team. In other words, we do not upgrade riders because you want them on your team. We do not upgrade riders because a rider “needs” to be category 1. Please choose your riders accordingly.
  1. The rider and the team should sign legal paperwork authorizing the dissolving of the rider’s contract. This paperwork must contain language that indicates that the dropped rider releases his ability to draw upon the team’s bank guarantee.
  2. Submit the paperwork to Waugh & Goodwin, LLP and submit a new International license application to USA Cycling showing the rider’s new club/team.
  3. Once the audit is complete, Waugh will notify USA Cycling in writing.
  4. USA Cycling approves the roster move and submits the paperwork to the UCI notifying them of the change.  USAC then issues the new rider license.
  5. When rider is removed from the UCI roster on the UCI website, the move is complete.
  6. Note, this must happen between June 1 and June 25.
When a rider is dropped from a UCI Continental team, he is entitled to an international license representing his new club/team to be issued at no cost.  The rider must relinquish his Professional license to USA Cycling immediately upon being removed from the Continental team. 
No. Each UCI event is by invitation only. A UCI race organizer must meet UCI rules when extending invitations to their events, and since these rules include a minimum number of non-American teams, there may not be enough space in certain races for each American Continental team. Depending on the level of race, the organizer will be choosing between UCI Pro teams, UCI Professional Continental teams, UCI Continental teams, National Teams, and Regional/Club teams. Each team must contact the race organizer.
Yes. All riders in USA Cycling events are subject to doping control, both by the UCI, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This could include unannounced, out of competition tests. Any rider in USADA’s “No Advance Notice” testing program must ensure that he or she maintains the proper and updated quarterly location forms with USADA. It is important for the Continental team managers to monitor their riders’ compliance in this program. Three unexcused missed tests in an 18-month period will be a two-year suspension by USADA.

USA Cycling does not test nor adjudicate any doping violations. Testing and adjudication are carried out by the respective agency. USA Cycling will carry out any sanction. It is the team’s and rider’s responsibility to know the rules and the list of prohibited substances. This information is on the UCI website and the USADA website (
Fines issued to members of a UCI Continental or Women’s Team participating in a UCI race will be invoiced directly to the team by the UCI. If a fine goes unpaid after the racing season, USA Cycling will pay the fine from a team’s bank guarantee prior to refunding the guarantee. You should be very wary of any request to pay a fine on site at a UCI race, as it is likely you will also be invoiced later in the season. Unfortunately this practice has occurred in many races in other countries, especially those in South America.
For any non-UCI race in the United States, the team manager or rider will receive a fine sheet from the Chief Referee. This fine should not be paid on site. While we typically work through the manager for a UCI team even in a domestic event, be aware that ultimately it is the rider’s own responsibility to pay his fine. If the manager fails to pay the fine, ultimately it is the rider that gets suspended. When the Chief Referee turns in a fine sheet, we log the fine into our database, which sends and email to the rider informing them of the fine and telling them they have 10 days to pay it. If payment is not received within the 10 days, they are automatically suspended and an email is sent informing them of that. Please keep track of your riders fines, as all of this is handled automatically from our end once we receive the notice of the fine from the Chief Referee.
No.  As a UCI registered Continental Team, you are obligated to race with only your registered riders. Mixed teams are not allowed for elite races on the UCI calendar. Therefore your riders have three choices.
  • They can ride UCI races with your team
  • They can ride a UCI race as part of the USA National Team if your team is not participating.
  • They can ride domestic races in the United States.
The rules for women’s races is a bit more relaxed. For level 2 races (1.2 or 2.2), mixed teams are allowed.
For non-UCI races, your riders can participate in any race that is open to category 1 domestic road and track riders, including State Championships. Men may not participate in the Amateur Road, TT, or Criterium Championships, as these are restricted to riders who are not on a UCI team. Also, riders on UCI teams are Elite riders, by definition, so any of your riders who are 30 and over may not enter Master’s races either domestically or internationally.

For answers to any other team registration questions, contact Shawn Farrell (719.434.4264 or 719.229.0732). 

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