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Gate City Grind Stage Race
Pocatello, ID
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Stage Race on 06/30/2007

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Men - JR - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Wyatt Hatch   Highwood, MT01:48:29 250481   CMJC/Scheels
2 Anthony Butler   Highwood, MT02:09:10 259671   CMJC/Scheels
3 Grey Osment   Great Falls, MT02:09:18 264604   CMJC/Scheels
DNF Karill Apedaile      Bitteroot Bike Club

Men - JR - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Chase Pinkham   Salt Lake City, UT02:20:49 251593   Vanguard Cycling
2 Tyler Wall   Evanston, WY02:21:58 229474   Ogden One
3 Nick Enthoven   Dallas, TX02:28:15 253395   Matrix Cycling
4 Colby Benz   Ketchum, ID02:38:53 248232   Sun Summit Cycling Club
5 James Pope Jr.   Belt, MT02:39:03 264182   CMJC/Scheels
6 Jackson Long   Boulder, CO02:39:21 246024   Sun Summit Cycling Club
7 Conor O'Leary   Belt, MT02:48:40 260510   CMJC/Scheels
8 Clayton O'Leary   Highwood, MT02:49:43 260511   CMJC/Scheels
DNF Andrew Hale   Layton, UT 264139   No Limits Cycling
DNF Dana Hoffman   Layton, UT 197590   Ogden One

Men - MR - 35-44

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Scott Allen   Sandy, UT03:52:59 131004   Canyon Bicycles
2 Justin Kline   Chubbuck, ID03:53:10 131046   ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery Center
3 James Berry   Lancaster, SC03:53:46 163082   Unattached
4 Todd Jankiewicz   Boise, ID03:54:06 444   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
5 Kyle Brown   Farmington, UT03:54:17 119450   Ogden One
6 Henry Harper   Boise, ID03:54:32 81720   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
7 Milt Gillespie   Boise, ID03:54:38 246228   Lactic Acid Cycling
DNF Jami Shipley   Colorado Springs, CO 47080   Spike Racing
DNF Bruce Bilodeau   Sandy, UT 215197   Canyon Bicycles
DNF Chris Johnson      Spike Racing

Men - MR - 45-54

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 John McKone   Park City, UT02:57:17 23665   CCB/Volkswagen/Time
2 Donald Armstrong   Ogden, UT02:57:56 1910   Bountiful Mazda
3 Jerald Hunsaker   Midvale, UT02:58:20 142960   Bountiful Mazda
4 Dirk Cowley   Salt Lake City, UT02:58:34 7974   FFKR/SBO P/B Xango
5 Tony Chesrow   Pocatello, ID02:58:54 168761   Cole Sport
6 Dale Maughan   Highland, UT03:03:24 200918   Unattached
7 Jeff Clawson   Sandy, UT03:04:13 103430   Canyon Bicycles
8 David Ryan   Jackson, WY03:10:44 30982   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
9 William Pedler   Golden, CO03:10:53 207726   Team DARE
10 Kevin Shepherd   Draper, UT03:11:33 192085   Mi Duole
11 Albert Pendergrass   Livingston, MT03:12:12 77626   Bozeman Masters' Velo
12 Robert Ray   Helena, MT03:12:40 68315   Unattached
13 Kevin Leake   Riverton, UT03:13:24 62538   Black Bottoms Cycling
14 Robert Walker   Pocatello, ID03:16:39 48931   Bountiful Mazda
15 Kenneth Chord   Heber City, UT03:18:24 78620   Cole Sport
16 Mike Long   Hailey, ID03:19:08 197182   Sun Summit Cycling Team
17 John Weston   Missoula, MT03:21:11 198928   Unattached
18 Don Bowen   Pleasant Grove, UT03:21:43 206404   Bountiful Mazda
19 Steven Ferguson   Salt Lake City, UT03:41:13 48264   Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
DNF Jonas Neeser      ICE Rocky Mountain Surgery
DNF Brian Smith   Jackson, WY 180687   Fitzgeralds
DNF Mark Zimbelman   Provo, UT 91557   Bountiful Mazda
DNF Gary Porter   Roy, UT 60559   Bountiful Mazda
DNF Drew McRoberts      ICE Rocky Mountain Surgery
DNF Richard Strong   Bigfork, MT 237922   Flathead Cycling

Men - MR - 55-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Kenneth (Ken) Louder   Salt Lake City, UT03:09:29 179491   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
2 Phillip Rotherham   Bozeman, MT03:11:35 92856   Bozeman Masters Velo
3 Gary Simmons   Layton, UT03:12:14 199407   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Club
4 Bob Marcinko   Blackfoot, ID03:30:58 248996   ICE Rocky Mountain Surgery
5 Michael Fleming   Boise, ID03:31:44 76291   I C O
DNF Terry Patterson   Twin Falls, ID 27429   I C O

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Bryson Perry   Sandy, UT04:52:27 89388   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
2 Matt Weyen   Boise, ID04:52:46 91018   Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
3 Justin Rose   Parker, CO04:53:00 227593   Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
4 David Harward   Salt Lake City, UT04:53:01 15338   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
5 Hugo Fregoso   Boise, ID04:53:12 52094   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
6 Alexander Rock (1 - Cat1)   Salt Lake City, UT04:53:15 150518   Contender Bicycles
7 Todd Hageman   Park City, UT04:53:20 50257   Bingham's/Northshore
8 Timothy Root   Boise, ID04:53:50 52797   BODE
9 Sam Krieg   Pocatello, ID04:53:52 201431   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
10 Steven (Sandy) Perrins (2 - Cat1)   Burlington, VT04:53:58 70969   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
11 L Nathan Thomas   South Jordan , UT04:54:56 133255   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
12 Ted Burgess   Boise, ID04:55:23 201081   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
13 Francis (Gardie) Jackson   Larkspur, CA04:55:46 60511   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
14 Robert Lofgran   Hcmc04:56:23 177392   Contender Bicycles
15 Mike Sohm   Salt Lake City04:56:36 219095   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
16 Erik Slack   Meridian, ID04:57:22 208936   BODE
17 Kevin Van Loon   North Salt Lake , UT04:58:18 184083   FFKR Architects Sportbaseonline.com
18 Billy Allen   Sandy, UT04:58:36 77303   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
19 Aaron Jordin   Sandy, UT05:01:06 111030   Porcupine/Specialized Racing
20 Chris Stuart   Salt Lake City, UT05:08:43 163558   Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
21 Eric Rasmussen   Bountiful, UT05:09:19 29190   Porcupine / Specialized Racing
22 Jared Nelson   New Paltz, NY05:09:35 118749   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
23 Kelsey Aldrich   Boise, ID05:10:33 59276   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
24 David Hill   Pocatello, ID05:25:57 164689   Vertical Earth
DNF Benjamin Memmott   Ammon, ID 148100   Intermountain Orthopaedics Cycling/LRCC
DNF Evan Hepner   Albuquerque, NM 161841   Contender Bicycles
DNF Anthony Johnson   Salt Lake City, UT 203027   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
DNF Jeffrey Sargent (Cat2)   Highland, UT 31311   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
DNF Jeremy Smith   West Jordan, UT 64366   Vanguard Media Cycling
DNF Scott Preston   Parker, CO 97431   Canyon Cycles
DNF Mark Rodel (Cat2)   Farmington, UT 141248   Unattached
DNF Brent Cannon   Francis, UT 114698   Contender Bicycles
DNF Travis Horton   Salt Lake City, UT 187537   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
DNF Zachary Tittensor   Highland, UT 217116   FFKR Architects Sportsbaseonline.com p/
DNF Frank Gonzalez   Helena, MT 201598   Montana Velo

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Ira Tibbitts   Layton, UT03:49:19 241331   Sienna Dev't - Goble Knee Clinic
2 Bradley Gehrig   Salt Lake City, UT03:49:56 234987   Salt Lake Cycling Club
3 Jess Dear   Salt Lake City, UT03:50:54 212596   RMCC
4 Patrick Fasse   Elburn, IL03:52:53 211519   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
5 Brian Randall   Layton, UT03:53:25 228881   RMCC / Who's Your Daddy
6 Gary Dastrup   Stansbury Park, UT03:53:29 8676   Vanguard Media Group
7 Aaron Olsen   Woodscross, UT03:53:35 181440   FFKR/SBO
8 Dustin Eskelson   Roy, UT03:54:02 219289   Bingham's/Northshore
9 Ian Tuttle   Mill Valley, CA03:54:12 216565   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
10 Maxwell Durtschi   Sun Valley, ID03:55:54 193490   Sun Summit Cycling Club
11 Cameron Candelaria   West Jordan, UT03:56:21 198218   Canyon Bicycles
12 Eric Thompson   Salt Lake City, UT03:56:41 204002   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
13 Eric Denning   Boise, ID03:56:54 222017   Digestive Health Clinic / AERO Cyclos
14 Clint Carter   Salt Lake City, UT03:56:54 220916   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
15 Robert Sprague   Philadelphia, PA03:56:57 185934   Penn Cycling
16 Christopher Davidson   Salt Lake City, UT03:57:06 231   Kenda/Titus/X-fusion
17 Nicholas Ekdahl   Salt Lake Cty, UT03:58:00 10617   Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
18 Todd Taft   Salt Lake City, UT03:58:45 207596   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
19 Rick Greenawald   Twin Falls, ID03:59:24 225268   ICO
20 Dylan Jones   Fort Collins, CO04:02:37 233563   BYRDS
21 Gene Harding   Meridian , ID04:08:15 209598   George's
22 Dave Bergart   Jackson, WY04:08:36 212811   Fitzgerald's Bicycles
23 Zane Dees   Boise, ID04:10:56 210236   BYRDS
24 Ed Buendia   Salt Lake City, UT04:10:59 179189   RMCC
25 Brad Rogers   Nampa, ID04:11:12 215630   BODE
26 Taylor Jacobson   Boise, ID04:11:33 233375   BODE
27 Scott Krankkala   Hailey, ID04:16:50 216914   Sun Summit Cycling Club
28 Eric Anderson   Pocatello, ID04:17:32 238540   ICE/Rocky Mountain Surgery Center
29 Colton Hlavinka   Boise, ID04:18:57 233016   BYRDS
30 Jason Houchin   Redwood City , CA04:21:23 95081   Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
31 Anthony Fisher   Boise, ID04:25:23 240208   George's
32 Mitch Hyra   Glenwood Springs, CO04:30:47 193033   Squadra Velocita
33 Jeff Hale   Camas, WA04:31:06 213502   George's
DNF Michael Pratt   Draper, UT 28629   Canyon Bicycles Draper
DNF Allen Steckmest   Boise, ID 150864   Byrds
DNF Robert Hansen   South Jordan, UT 143463   Canyon Bicycles
DNF Jason Preston   Lehi, UT 85490   Blackbottoms
DNF Bruce Hoffman   Logan, UT 130414   Ogden One
DNF Matteo Campbell   Ogden, UT 220983   Rocky Mtn. Cycling Club
DNF J Cross   Boise, ID 203180   Byrds
DNF Simon Aleksander   Boise, ID 162801   BODE
DNF Daniel Nelson   Provo, UT 235442   Racer's Cycle Service

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Drew Neilson   Logan, UT03:11:28 258676   Sienna Development/Goble Knee Clinic
2 Chad Curtis   Lehi, UT03:13:56 260276   Black Bottoms
3 matt bradley   Sandy, UT03:14:16 258372   Unattached
4 Gary Swain   Orem, UT03:14:27 248144   SBR Sports
5 Sam Todd   Salt Lake City, UT03:14:44 234348   Porcupine Cycling
6 Dustin Thiel   Salt Lake City, UT03:14:50 254372   Porcupine Cycling
7 Jeff Moses   Oakley, UT03:16:28 232161   Porcupine Cycling
8 Kirk Minor   Riverton, UT03:19:43 242779   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
9 Shane Dunleavy   Park City, UT03:19:46 253994   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
10 Justen Lee   Bozeman, MT03:29:34 225524   Round House
11 Michael Van Hook   Livermore, CA03:29:38 165291   Contender/Sambucca
12 Karsten Shumway   South Jordan, UT03:32:30 243931   Canyon Bicycles Draper
13 Michael Macci   Salt Lake City, UT03:33:21 129769   RMCC/Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink
14 Davis Hague   Hailey, ID03:41:46 221735   Sun Summit Jr cycling
15 Derek Brown   Boise, ID03:42:29 259999   Team Dobbiaco
16 Donald Trop   Draper, UT03:48:25 223245   RMCC/Who's Your Daddy Energy Drink
17 Dylan Howell   Boise, ID05:16:15 251006   Aerocylos
DNF Taylor Benz   Ketchum Id 221736   Sun Summit Cycling Club
DNF Colton Osterhout   Ammon, ID 246125   Sun Summit Cycling Club
DNF Lance Lehnhof   Sandy, UT 232511   Porcupine Cycling
DNF Adam Boyce   Ammon, ID 234724   ICE Rocky Mountain Surgery Center

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Erik Harrington   Salt Lake City, UT02:13:42 263132   Rocky Mountain Cycling Club
2 Andrew Coubrough III   Bozeman, MT02:14:41 265127   GAS/ Intrinsik
3 Dave Hogan   Farr West, UT02:15:16 265198   Ogden One
4 Jason Goodfellow   Salt Lake City, UT02:15:18 222317   University of Utah cycling team
5 David Saurman   02:15:27   David Saurman
6 Ron Palmer-Ledger   Park City, UT02:15:30 27131   Unattached
7 Alex Whitney   Salt Lake City, UT02:19:35 223077   Porcupine Cycling
8 J. David Ramsay   South Jordan, UT02:23:40 260507   Porcupine Cycling
9 james Evans   Eden, UT02:28:03 263118   Unattached
10 Erik Linn   02:43:39   ICE Rocky Mtn Surgery Center
DNF Grant Baron      ISU Cycling Club
DNF Richard Enthoven   Dallas, TX 261596   Matrix Cycling
DNF Bradley Burnett   Bountiful, UT 232399   No Limits/Bistro

Women - JR - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Erika Sweigert   01:49:41   Unattached
2 Tory Osment   Great Falls, MT02:14:11 264599   CMJC/Scheels
DNF Jennalyn Apedaile   Hamilton, MT01:12:48 265245   Bitteroot Bike Club

Women - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Margaret Douglass   Salt Lake City, UT02:33:55 60449   Vanguard Media Group
2 Jodi Cuccia   Boise, ID02:41:28 176499   Intermountain Orthopaedics/Lost River Cy
3 Caroline Faure   Pocatello, ID03:15:16 262482   ICE/ Rocky Mountain Surgery Center

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Tiffany Pezzulo   Salt Lake City, UT03:27:12 89443   Ivory Homes
2 Kirsten Kotval   Park City, UT03:27:25 206135   Ivory Homes
3 Karen Appleby-Krieg   Pocatello, ID03:27:29 207487   Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
4 Jennifer Ward   Sandy, UT03:27:33 228758   JR Smith Coaching/Intermountain Financia
5 Sandy Hyra   Glenwood Springs, CO03:28:27 228109   Squadra Velocita
6 Patty Davis (1 - Cat3)   Salt Lake City, UT03:28:33 141112   Ivory Homes
7 Laura Patten   Park City, UT03:28:35 143579   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
8 Darcie Strong   North Salt Lake, UT03:28:39 215337   Team Intermountain Financial/JR Smith Co
9 Laura Howat   Salt Lake City, UT03:28:51 147582   Vanguard Media Group
10 Chantel Thackeray   Murray City, UT03:29:01 249124   Ivory Homes
11 Kelsey Withrow   Santa Cruz, CA03:29:12 202477   Porcupine Cycling
12 Ruth Shapiro   Salt Lake City, UT03:30:49 179236   Vanguard Media Group
13 Jamie Bennion   Providence, UT03:38:37 244323   Team Bobs-Bicycles.com
14 Lisa Milkavich   Murray, UT03:41:55 107496   Team Intermountain Financial/JR Smith Co

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1 Sarah Brown   Boise, ID02:33:27 229835   Tamarack
2 Lisa Palmer-Leger   Park City, UT02:34:15 261313   Team Intermountain Financial/ JR Smith C
3 Jamie Leake   Salem, UT02:34:16 260965   Black Bottoms Cycling
4 Courtney Tracy   02:34:19   ICE Rocky Mountain Surgery
5 Melanie Helm   Salt Lake City, UT02:34:52 248126   Team Intermountain Financial/ JR Smith C
6 Kelly Dailey   Ogden, UT02:35:21 207981   Bountiful Mazda
7 Diane Evans   Eden, UT02:51:45 262915   Bountiful Mazda
8 Brandi Gorden   St. Paul, MN02:56:56 236871   Vanguard Media Group Cycling Team
DNF Kristy Cardinal   02:25:44   Unattached

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