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Cafe Hollander Sussex Criterium
Sussex, WI
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Road Race on 05/22/2011

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Junior 18 - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1349.47Patrick Diamond   South Milwaukee, WI 297764  712 Team Geargrinder
2357.93Nathan Labecki   Milwaukee, WI 209414  711 ISCorp Cycling Team
3366.38Kevin Lindlau   Waukesha, WI 298079  715 ISCorp Cycling Team
4374.84Leif Byrge-Liebig   Menomonee Falls, WI 280257  707 ISCorp Cycling Team
5383.30Tony Kaatz   Ripon, WI 297312  708 Attitude Sports
6391.75Gregory Plumb   Verona, WI 315154  704 Junior Dropouts
7400.21Christopher Osborne   Mequon, WI 299939  702 ISCorp Cycling Team
8408.67Alexander Riva   Pleasant Prairie, WI 260381  714 Team Geargrinder
9417.13Peter Davis   Whitefish Bay, WI 255770  717 ISCorp Cycling Team
10425.58Maxwell Ackermann   Whitefish Bay, WI 311386  706 ISCorp Cycling Team
11434.04Theoren Loo   Madison, WI 283731  701 ISCorp Cycling Team
12442.50Noah Stamsta   Waunakee, WI 277929  709 Junior Dropouts
13450.95Joseph Tarnowski   Milwaukee, WI 277170  705 ISCorp Cycling Team
14459.41Alex Beutel   Colorado Springs, CO 340664  716 TEAM GEARGRINDER
15467.87Garrett Roth   Shorewood, WI 247466  713 ISCorp Cycling Team
16476.32Ben Bartenstein   Waldo, WI 298583  710 Team Geargrinder

Men - Elite Category 4/5 - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1414.58Michael Michetti   Elkhorn, WI 337042  209 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
2419.26Eric Battaglioli   York, PA 229841  218 Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
3423.95Chan Barden   Manitowoc, WI 344212  221 Heavy Pedal Velo Club
4428.63Joseph Tarnowski   Milwaukee, WI 277170  206 ISCorp Cycling Team
5433.32Ross Jacques   Fond Du Lac, WI 317264  236 Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
6438.00Tristan Petsch-Horvath   Elkhorn, WI 312080  223 Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
7442.69Benjamin Stengel   Madison, WI 252514  229 LifeCyclists
8447.37David Hudson   Chicago, IL 286044  225 xXx Racing
9452.05Nathan Phelps   De Pere, WI 272098  227 Big Ring Flyers
10456.74brian kennedy   Sullivan, WI 273844  226 
11461.42Marc Ano   Winthrop Harbor, IL 348202  211 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
12Jeff McKillip     233 
13470.79Karl Schuchard   Minneapolis, MN 318690  217 
14475.48Christopher Osborne   Mequon, WI 299939  204 ISCorp Cycling Team
15480.16Miles Koller   Shorewood, WI 283250  235 Team Pegasus
16484.84Ben Grabow   Madison, WI 254084  220 Brazen Dropouts
17489.53Christopher Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 295776  208 Baraboo Sharks
18494.21Angel Padilla (1 - Cat5)   Manitowoc, WI 352152  222 
19498.90Mark Schultz   Manitowoc, WI 346330  224 Heavy Pedal Velo Club
20503.58Oliver Pentinmaki   Fitchburg, WI 291618  231 Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
21Keith Tussey     237 4
22512.95Maxwell Ackermann   Whitefish Bay, WI 311386  210 ISCorp Cycling Team
23517.63Garrett Roth   Shorewood, WI 247466  213 ISCorp Cycling Team
24522.32Logan VanSerke   No City, WI 338780  234 Heavy Pedal Velo Club
25527.00Chris Washburn   Waukesha, WI 348110  230 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
26531.69Jereme Noffke   Madison, WI 185686  212 
27536.37Donald Isaacs   Kingston Mines, IL 243326  202 Team Bicycle Heaven
28541.06Thomas Gerdes   Shorewood, WI 325310  239 Hampshire Cycle Club
29545.74Patrick Heath   Madison, WI 229801  219 Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
30550.42Everett Jones   Baraboo, WI 278456  214 Baraboo Sharks
31555.11Alexander Riva   Pleasant Prairie, WI 260381  215 Team Geargrinder
32559.79Maxwell Ackermann   Whitefish Bay, WI 311386  207 ISCorp Cycling Team
33564.48Sam Beste   Brookfield, WI 278712  205 ISCorp Cycling Team
34569.16Chase Osborne   Mequon, WI 299940  203 ISCorp Cycling Team
35573.85Austin Connelly (2 - Cat5)   Westfield, WI 296566  238 Baraboo Sharks
DNFTheoren Loo   Madison, WI 283731  201 ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFAlex Beutel   Colorado Springs, CO 340664  216 TEAM GEARGRINDER
DNFEric Hardrath   Milwaukee Wi 185463  228 Team Geargrinder
DNFChristopher Kreidl   Milwaukee, WI 198979  232 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.

Men - Category 3 - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1319.73Marshall Greene   Bend, OR 305467  104 Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
2327.58Kelby Shaw   Milwaukee, WI 232522  115 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
3335.43Travis Heller   Parker, CO 264205  111 Team Extreme
4343.28Kyle Adkins   Oak Creek, WI 286937  118 ISCorp Cycling Team
5351.13Anthony Schwaller   Plymouth, WI 149691  119 Team Geargrinder
6358.97Nathan Labecki   Milwaukee, WI 209414  101 ISCorp Cycling Team
7366.82Andrew Webb   Appleton, WI 312724  110 O2 Cycling
8374.67Douglas Bailey   Elkhorn, WI 212426  120 Trek Midwest Team
9382.52Travis Miller   Jefferson, WI 293344  107 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
10390.37Jonathan Heile   Milwaukee 248092  124 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
11398.22Peter Davis   Whitefish Bay, WI 255770  103 ISCorp Cycling Team
12406.07Brian Arfmann   Arlington Heights, IL 282223  112 
13413.92Brian Krueger   Merrill, WI 224056  108 Great Dane Velo Club
14421.77Kevin Lindlau   Waukesha, WI 298079  102 ISCorp Cycling Team
15429.62Julio Jacobo   Libertyville 218778  121 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFNicholas Hardrath   Shorewood, WI 185482  105 Team Geargrinder
DNFDavid Racine   Shorewood, WI 99357  109 Hampshire Cycle Club
DNFJohn Reynders   Seattle, WA 255625  113 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFNicholas Burgraff   Suamico, WI 310792  114 Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFMark Norton   Madison, WI 291138  116 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFBrian Stoveken   Madison, WI 249708  117 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFRyan Law   Milwaukee, WI 240610  122 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.

Men - Cat 4/5 - Master - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1382.30Erik Kolda   Appleton, WI 312298   O2 Cycling
2387.91Eric Schram   Manitowoc, WI 172959   Heavy Pedal Velo Club
3393.53Wally Kunstman   Sheboygan, WI 285687   Team Geargrinder
4399.14Chris Burns   Hartland, WI 276115   Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
5404.75Michael Froh   Milwaukee, WI 172255   Team Velocause
6410.37Will Wendorff   Watertown, WI 350308   Team Chiropractic Partners
7415.98Jarred Cassady   Lakemills, WI 305157   Trek Midwest Team
8421.59David Hudson   Chicago, IL 286044   xXx Racing
9427.21John Hughes   Random Lake, WI 296482   Team Pedal Moraine
10432.82Eric Brandt   Mukwonago, WI 340300   Team Chiropractic Partners
11438.44Robert Sollenskog   Oshkosh, WI 346690   Team Wheel & Sprocket
12444.05David Genske   Prospect, KY 63464   Team Wheel & Sprocket
13449.66John Franceschi   Whitefish Bay, WI 62632   TEAM GEARGRINDER
14455.28Chan Barden   Manitowoc, WI 344212   Heavy Pedal Velo Club
15460.89Nathan Phelps   De Pere, WI 272098   Big Ring Flyers
16466.50Steve Werner   Sussex, WI 208604   Team Chiropractic Partners
17472.12John Brown   Stevens Point, WI 279991   
18477.73Briant Kelly   Whitewater, WI 313798   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
19483.34Dennis Klumb   East Troy, WI 294347   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
20488.96Mark Schultz   Manitowoc, WI 346330   Heavy Pedal Velo Club
21494.57Andrew Schwartz   Milwaukee, WI 226605   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
22500.18Andrew Rossa   Milwaukee, WI 69191   Team Extreme
23505.80Todd Bugnacki   Franklin, WI 81238   
24511.41Joseph Taylor   Solon, IA 169141   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
25517.02John Grisa   Brookfield, WI 244444   Team Chiropractic Partners
26522.64Stephen Moretti   Manitowoc, WI 139865   Heavy Pedal Velo Club
27528.25Will Hollrith   Grafton, WI 279925   Team Extreme
28533.86brian kennedy   Sullivan, WI 273844   
29539.48Thomas Gerdes   Shorewood, WI 325310   Hampshire Cycle Club
30545.09John Coyle   Whitefish Bay, WI 273929   Brazen Dropouts
31550.71Rick Flayter   Waukesha, WI 200716   
32556.32Angel Padilla (1 - Cat5)   Manitowoc, WI 352152   
33561.93Scott Rice   Hartland, WI 349616   
34567.55David Davis   Mcfarland, WI 301536   University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
35Aaron Holtebeck      
36578.77Scott Moltzan   Cedarburg, WI 350304   
37584.39Craig Howe   Cedarburg, WI 266329   TEAM GEARGRINDER
38Matthew Hall      
DNFJohn Scudder (Cat5)   Delafield, WI 352234   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
DNFJeff McKillip      

Men - Cat 3/4 - Master - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1347.67Robert Ruggles   Lake Forest, IL 249774   Hampshire Cycle Club
2351.44Jeff Zillner (1 - Cat4)   Brookfield, WI 239450   Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
3355.21Jeffrey Miller   Whitewater, WI 278317   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
4358.97Taggert Brooks   La Crosse, WI 4987   CZ Velo
5362.74Erik Kolda   Appleton, WI 312298   O2 Cycling
6366.51Tedd Jacobson   Pewaukee, WI 161238   
7370.28Grant Stevens   Cedarburg, WI 125520   Team Extreme
8374.04Michael Daws   Elm Grove, WI 157895   Team Chiropractic Partners
9377.81Derek Hughes   Appleton, WI 291716   O2 Cycling
10381.58Tyson Beck   Pewaukee, WI 62605   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
11385.35Mike Budd   Wrightstown, WI 274937   Team Wheel & Sprocket
12389.11Jeffrey Gantz   Green Bay Wi 187394   Team Extreme
13392.88Kevin Dorn   Madison, WI 293671   TEAM GEARGRINDER
14396.65Robert Schallhorn   Hartland, WI 240346   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
15400.42Forrest Smith   Waukesha, WI 33131   Trek Midwest Team
16404.18Jonathan Lang   Oshkosh, WI 286652   Hampshire Cycle Club
17407.95Glen Stroik   Franklin, WI 258547   Team Chiropractic Partners
18411.72William Koehler   Cedarburg, WI 214442   Team Extreme
19415.49Jed Schleisner   Greenville, WI 31600   O2 Cycling
20419.25Benny Smith   Milwaukee, WI 312254   Team Velocause
21423.02Daniel Truesdale   Wauwatosa, WI 124980   velo trocadero cycling
22426.79Chris Burns   Hartland, WI 276115   Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
23430.56John Timm   Germantown, WI 209235   Team Extreme
24434.32John Peret   Hartland, WI 264352   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
25438.09Eric Schram   Manitowoc, WI 172959   Heavy Pedal Velo Club
26441.86Donald Janczak   Greendale, WI 295308   Velo Trocadero
27445.63James Merrifield   Janesville, WI 52315   Trek Midwest Team
28449.40Andrew Rossa   Milwaukee, WI 69191   Team Extreme
29453.16Todd Bugnacki   Franklin, WI 81238   
30456.93Ricardo Cotto   Chicago, IL 291304   Miller Energy p/b GRBC
31460.70Randy Scoville   Fox Point, WI 265746   Team Velocause
32464.47Briant Kelly   Whitewater, WI 313798   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
33468.23Lowell Kellogg   Menomonee Falls, WI 18804   ISCorp Cycling Team
34472.00Craig Shwonek   Sagamore Hills, OH 55615   LAPT CC
35475.77John Svanda   Neenah Wi 278789   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
36479.54richard doherty   Shorewood , WI 255728   ISCorp Cycling Team
37483.30Gregg Coroleuski   Pewaukee, WI 49090   LAPT CC
38487.07Carl Barkow   Pewaukee, WI 289518   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
39490.84Sean Shields   Milwaukee, WI 76735   Hampshire Cycle Club
40494.61Robert Sollenskog   Oshkosh, WI 346690   Team Wheel & Sprocket
41498.37David Genske   Prospect, KY 63464   Team Wheel & Sprocket
42502.14Michael Weber   Whitefish Bay, WI 249214   ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFDavid Hudson   Chicago, IL 286044   xXx Racing
DNFNicholas Hardrath   Shorewood, WI 185482   Team Geargrinder
DNFSteven Roeder   Milwaukee, WI 81307   Hollander RDC
DNFJarred Cassady   Lakemills, WI 305157   Trek Midwest Team
DNFTerence Beilfuss   Port Washington, WI 211273   Team Extreme

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Master - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1274.60Brian Rybarik   Madison, WI 120099   ISCorp Cycling Team
2280.19Jordan Roessingh   Madison, WI 170411   ISCorp Cycling Team
3285.77John Voigt   Oconomowoc, WI 53599   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
4291.36Eric Bean   Seattle, WA 164426   Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
5296.95Albertus Rohling   West Allis, WI 150594   
6302.54John Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025   LAPT CC
7308.12Chris Halverson (1 - Cat2)   Madison, WI 188913   ISCorp Cycling Team
8313.71Brian Haas   Chicago, IL 162118   Alberto's Sport
9319.30Billy Jones   Milwaukee, WI 53173   ISCorp Cycling Team
10324.89Greg Cullen   Menasha, WI 53729   O2 Cycling
11330.47Robert Ruggles   Lake Forest, IL 249774   Hampshire Cycle Club
12336.06Eugene Macken (2 - Cat2)   Milwaukee, WI 91879   BVC/Nomad Cycling
13341.65Chad Dean (3 - Cat2)   Madison, WI 74509   5Nines Cycling
14347.24Christopher Morris   Wausau, WI 55692   Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
15352.82William Ochowicz   Pewaukee, WI 101140   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
16358.41Eric Knuth   Madison, WI 203995   Trek Midwest Team
17364.00Steven Flurry   Fond Du Lac, WI 66051   CZ Velo
18369.59Mike Budd   Wrightstown, WI 274937   Team Wheel & Sprocket
19375.17Mark Hughes   Waukesha, WI 56093   CZ Velo
20380.76Doug Wambach   Menomonee Falls, WI 263312   Team Chiropractic Partners
21386.35Andrew Feuersthaler   Milwaukee, WI 288083   Team Velocause
22391.94Dave Eckel (4 - Cat2)   Trevor, WI 122771   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
23397.52Chris Zugel   Sheboygan, WI 126305   
24403.11David Jablonowski   Milwaukee, WI 47846   Hollander RDC
25408.70Dale Humphrey   Verona, WI 103842   Trek Midwest Team
26414.29Jeffrey Miller   Whitewater, WI 278317   KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
27419.87Taggert Brooks   La Crosse, WI 4987   CZ Velo
28425.46David Haase   Fond Du Lac, WI 14516   Attitude Sports
29431.05Samuel Tobias   Fond Du Lac, WI 183996   ISCorp Cycling Team
30436.64Brent Emery   Menomonee Falls, WI 45303   LifeCyclists
31442.22Brian Petted   Cedarburg, WI 58472   Team Extreme
DNFGregg Coroleuski   Pewaukee, WI 49090   LAPT CC
DNFCorey Dempski   Sussex, WI 257610   Cafe Hollander RDC
DNFBen Lund   Delafield, WI 104579   Cafe Hollander RDC
DNFRudy Byron   Racine, WI 62022   Team Chiropractic Partners
DNFPhillip Godkin   Milwaukee, WI 47198   Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
DNFChip Pieper   Whitefish Bay, WI 297721   Team Velocause
DNFJoseph Tavano (Cat3)   Madison, WI 179642   5Nines Cycling
DNFJed Schleisner   Greenville, WI 31600   O2 Cycling
DNFSean Shields   Milwaukee, WI 76735   Hampshire Cycle Club
DNFJeffrey Kramer (Cat3)   Franklin, WI 72959   CZ Velo
DNFMike McKenna   Richfield, WI 50145   Cafe Hollander RDC
DNFJohn Peret   Hartland, WI 264352   Lakes Area Physical Therapy
DNFDaniel Truesdale   Wauwatosa, WI 124980   velo trocadero cycling
DNFJames Buckley   De Pere, WI 226361   Colavita Racing

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2/3 - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1267.48Sam Stone   Indianapolis, IN 213424  36 ISCorp Cycling Team
2270.96Ben Anderson   Madison, WI 151771  42 Great Dane Velo Club
3Josh Gillingham     29 ISCorp Cycling
4277.91Robert White (1 - Pro)   Brown Deer, WI 197162  49 UCI CT: KENDA Pro Cycling presented by GEARGRINDER
5281.39Maxwell Anderson   Hartford, WI 178840  45 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
6284.87Dan Ajer   Cottage Grove, WI 180160  41 Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
7288.34Thomson Remo (1 - Cat2)   Fond Du Lac, WI 212914  46 Team Wheel & Sprocket
8291.82Jason Boynton   Madison, WI 187093  31 Team Wheel & Sprocket
9295.30John Acker   Sherwood, WI 67867  28 Team Wheel & Sprocket
10298.77David Kay   Appleton, WI 130383  47 Great Dane Velo Club (GDVC)
11302.25Kevin Berger (2 - Cat2)   Madison, WI 246306  48 Team Wheel & Sprocket
12305.73Michael Jenich   Shorewood, WI 260373  32 Team Pegasus
13309.21Adam McClurg   Waukesha, WI 222744  Lakes Area Physical Therapy
14312.68Billy Jones   Milwaukee, WI 53173  ISCorp Cycling Team
15316.16Albertus Rohling   West Allis, WI 150594  
16319.64Evan Hartig   Dubuque, IA 219225  24 Borah
17323.11Erik Meier   Baraboo, WI 185547  38 Baraboo Sharks
18326.59Travis Miller (1 - Cat3)   Jefferson, WI 293344  KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
19330.07James Bird (3 - Cat2)   Kenilworth, IL 239434  34 ISCorp Cycling Team
20333.55Matt Waite   Madison, WI 206676  19 Team Wheel & Sprocket
21337.02Chris Arndt   Wauwatosa, WI 219506  37 LAPT CC
22340.50Nicholas Frye   Madison, WI 258744  27 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
23343.98Steve Scholzen   Shorewood, WI 201190  26 ISCorp Cycling Team
24347.45Jordan Roessingh (1 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 170411  ISCorp Cycling Team
25350.93Jason Svaldi   Monona, WI 190485  40 Great Dane Velo Club
26354.41Thomas Clark   Fort Collins, CO 179448  23 Attitude Sports
DNFTravis Heller   Parker, CO 264205  22 Team Extreme
DNFBrian Kaker   Milwaukee, WI 240194  30 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
DNFLionel Rocheleau (Cat3)   Waukesha, WI 274025  43 Team Geargrinder
DNFJohn Van Susteren   Mukwonago, WI 208025  44 LAPT CC
DNFDavid Racine (Cat3)   Shorewood, WI 99357  51 Hampshire Cycle Club
DNFEric Knuth   Madison, WI 203995  Trek Midwest Team
DNFBrian Rybarik   Madison, WI 120099  ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFChris Halverson (Cat2)   Madison, WI 188913  11 ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFDavid Haase   Fond Du Lac, WI 14516  13 Attitude Sports
DNFAndrew Webb   Appleton, WI 312724  15 O2 Cycling
DNFNathan Klump   Mason, WI 239719  17 Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFMark Norton (Cat2)   Madison, WI 291138  20 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFBrian Stoveken (Cat3)   Madison, WI 249708  21 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFMichael Weber   Whitefish Bay, WI 249214  33 ISCorp Cycling Team
DNFN/A   Milwaukee, WI 81296  35 Hampshire Cycle Club
DNFAndrew Tegge   Green Bay , WI 296361  39 Team Wheel & Sprocket
DNFRyan Law (Cat3)   Milwaukee, WI 240610  50 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
1001Derek Hughes   Appleton, WI 291716  O2 Cycling
1001Chris Zugel   Sheboygan, WI 126305  
1001Brian Krueger (2 - Cat3)   Merrill, WI 224056  10 Great Dane Velo Club
1001Greg Cullen   Menasha, WI 53729  12 O2 Cycling
1001John Voigt   Oconomowoc, WI 53599  14 Lakes Area Physical Therapy
1001John Reynders   Seattle, WA 255625  16 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin

Women - Women Category 4 - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1458.75Andrea Pether   Lake Geneva, WI 343188  455 ISCorp Cycling Team
2Barb Fagan     452 ISCorp Cycling
3496.25Cynthia Kautzmann   Racine, WI 228098  450 ISCorp Cycling Team
4515.00Cathy Diamond   Milwaukee, WI 263259  451 ISCorp Cycling Team
5533.75Katie Weber   Whitefish Bay, WI 279945  454 ISCorp Cycling Team
6552.50Melissa Brown   Appleton, WI 311865  457 
7571.25Niki Liegel   Prospect, KY 344296  453 Team Wheel & Sprocket
8590.00Marnie Pearsall   Fox Point , WI 314986  456 Team Geargrinder

Women - Women - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1328.98Holly Mathews   Madison, WI 294884  413 ISCorp Cycling Team
2341.99Lindsey Durst   Saint Charles, MO 270694  405 ISCorp Cycling Team
3355.01Arrietta Clauss   Madison, WI 266230  409 MadCity Velo Club
4368.02Sarah Huang   Pleasant Prairie, WI 225258  410 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
5381.03Corrie Osborne   Mequon, WI 298510  401 ISCorp Cycling Team
6394.04Rachel Roessingh   Madison, WI 179920  408 ISCorp Cycling Team
7407.06Shelley Smith   Waukesha, WI 176947  403 Trek Midwest Team
8420.07Sara Liebert   Milwaukee Wi 315192  402 
9433.08Francine Haas   Chicago, IL 162422  411 Alberto's Sport
10446.09Heidi Stangl   Shorewood, WI 314232  406 TEAM GEARGRINDER
11Katie Spittlehouse     414 ISCorp Cycling
12472.12Sandy David   Shorewood, WI 313648  412 TEAM GEARGRINDER
13485.13Sacha Horn   Muskego, WI 263536  407 Brazen Dropouts
14498.14Marnie Pearsall   Fox Point , WI 314986  456 Team Geargrinder
15511.16Jessica Helmlinger   Cedarburg, WI 255881  404 Team Kenda
DNFAnne Meyer   La Crosse, WI 55494  415 Mercy-Specialized

Women - Junior 18 Girls - 15-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Corrie Osborne   Mequon, WI 298510  703 ISCorp Cycling Team

Women - Category 3 - 19-29

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
DNFSarah Huang   Pleasant Prairie, WI 225258  106 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.

Mixed - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1495.10Christopher Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 295776   Baraboo Sharks
2501.87Andrew Plumb (1 - Cat5)   Verona, WI 315160   Junior Dropouts
3508.64Sam Beste   Brookfield, WI 278712   ISCorp Cycling Team
4515.42Eric Ball   Kenosha, WI 322788   Kenosha Velosport Inc
5522.19Chase Osborne   Mequon, WI 299940   ISCorp Cycling Team
6528.96Bethany Sodergren   Baraboo, WI 298556   Baraboo Sharks
7535.73Austin Connelly (2 - Cat5)   Westfield, WI 296566   Baraboo Sharks
8542.51Simon Jones (3 - Cat5)   Milwaukee, WI 291893   ISCorp Cycling Team
9549.28Jake Tarnowski   Milwaukee, WI 306400   ISCorp Cycling Team
10556.05Dana Loo   Madison, WI 283736   ISCorp Cycling Team
11562.82Michael Zagar (4 - Cat5)   Fond Du Lac, WI 347234   Baraboo Sharks
12569.60Payton Cummings (5 - Cat5)   Westfield, WI 318202   Baraboo Sharks

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