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Tacoma Twilight Criterium
Tacoma, WA
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Criterium on 06/30/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Cat 1/2 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1260.30Derek Wilkerson (1 - Cat1)   Dallas 52:59 52173   Kryki Sports
2270.04David Richter   Seattle, WA52:59 29781   HSP
3279.78Ryan Iddings (2 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA52:59 146372   Kryki Sports
4289.52Ian Mensher (3 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA52:59 156693   Keller Rohrback Cycling
5299.26Stephen Bedford (4 - Cat1)   Portland, OR52:59 305665   Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brewing Company
6309.00Pete Groblewski (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA52:59 82975   Ritte Racing
7318.74Steve Fisher   Spokane, WA52:59 58261   Baddlands Cycling Club
8328.48Colin Gibson   Seattle, WA52:59 250723   Hagens Berman Cycling
9338.22Mike Hone (5 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA52:59 155193   Audi
10347.96Christopher Wingfield (6 - Cat1)   Bainbridge Island, WA52:59 247269   Hagens Berman Cycling
11357.70Scott Laliberte   52:59 379394   
12367.44Nick Bennette (7 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA52:59 186239   Keller Rohrback Cycling
13377.18Aaron Levin (8 - Cat1)   Mercer Island, WA52:59 46828   Peterson's Five
14386.92Matt Mikul (2 - Cat2)   Sunnyvale, CA53:03 271933   Recycled Cycles Racing
15396.66Dwayne Farr (3 - Cat2)   Vancouver53:03 365467   
16Maurice Worsfold   53:03   Westwood Velo
17416.14Patrick Stanko (9 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA53:05 221231   Kryki Sports
18425.88Warren Atkey (10 - Cat1)   Bothell, WA53:09 50756   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
19435.62Brent Carlson (4 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA53:11 223236   Kryki Sports
20445.36Todd Herriott (11 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA53:13 50707   Herriott Sports Performance
21455.10James Stangeland (12 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA53:14 208222   Keller Rohrback Cycling
22Chris Worsfold   53:14   
23474.58Evan Hepner (13 - Cat1)   Albuquerque, NM53:19 161841   Cascade Bicycle Studio
24484.32Yanni Papadopoulos (5 - Cat2)   Silver Spring, MD53:24 146488   Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
25494.06Aaron Shaw (6 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA53:38 128315   HSP
26503.80Brian Hitchcock (7 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA53:42 284741   HSP
27513.54Ed French (14 - Cat1)   Portland, OR53:51 53767   Guinness Cycling Team
28523.28Brad Kilcline (8 - Cat2)   Kirkland, WA-1 Lap 254141   HSP
DNFTrevor Kosa (Cat2)   Olympia, WADNF 161850   
DNFRobert Velez (Cat2)   Issaquah, WADNF 179565   Keller Rohrback Cycling
DNFRobert Campbell (Cat1)   Olympia, WADNF 73795   CBC Racing
DNFJeff Hoover (Cat2)   Bellevue, WADNF 335684   Audi
DNFIan Tubbs (Cat1)   Bellevue, WADNF 111313   Audi
DNFKent Johnston (Cat2)   Lake Oswego, ORDNF 197212   
DNFPeter Drake (Cat2)   Portland, ORDNF 306599   
DNFWill Teal (Cat2)   Seattle, WADNF 318226   HSP
DNFDavid Fleischhauer (Cat1)   Seattle, WADNF 176226   Hagens Berman Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Master - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1422.36Sean Phillips (1 - Cat2)   Bellevue, WA34:52 274488   Garage Racing
2432.22Robert Campbell (1 - Cat1)   Olympia, WA34:54 73795   CBC Racing
3442.08Travis Biechele (2 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA34:54 294358   Apex Racing Team
4Unknown Rider   34:54   
5461.80Jim Flynn (3 - Cat2)   Port Orchard, WA34:54 51090   Keller Rohrback Cycling
6Kent Johnston   34:54   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
7481.52Jeffrey Reed (1 - Cat3)   Lake Stevens, WA34:54 297596   
8491.38Ryan Denney (4 - Cat2)   Mt Vernon, WA34:54 299562   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
9501.24Chris Adolf (2 - Cat3)   Everett, WA34:54 1204   JL Velo Racing Team
10511.10Steve Matson (3 - Cat3)   Tacoma, WA34:54 171544   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
11520.96Tom Potter (4 - Cat3)   Browns Point, WA34:54 206784   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T
12530.82Alfredo Ramirez (5 - Cat2)   Tacoma, WA34:54 169507   Audi
13540.68Joel T Jones (5 - Cat3)   Tacoma, WA34:54 279235   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
14550.54Mark Portin (6 - Cat3)   Renton, WA34:54 271175   Seattle Super Squadra
15Peter Drake   34:54   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
16570.26Tom Hackleman (7 - Cat3)   Tacoma, WA34:54 58115   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
17Chris Bright   34:54   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
18589.98Scot Weeks (6 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA34:58 290608   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
DNFDL Byron (Cat2)   Seattle, WADNF 5761   Bikesale.com
DNFDavid Mezera (Cat3)   Issaquah, WADNF 70532   Cucina Fresca Cycling Team
DNFYanni Papadopoulos (Cat2)   Silver Spring, MDDNF 146488   Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
DNFPaul McCormick   DNF   Bikesale.com

Men - Cat 3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1422.34Ben Storrar   Tacoma, WA44:08 198969   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
2429.33Thorsten Askervold   Lake Stevens, WA44:08 299287   HSP
3436.32Tony Blazejack   Seattle, WA44:08 304571   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
4443.31Tyler Tangen   Bonney Lake, WA44:08 353044   Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW
5450.30Jeff Nettles   Seattle, WA44:08 159943   Recycled Cycles Racing
6457.29Tony Pletcher   Seattle, WA44:08 305767   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
7464.28Brian Sullivan   Mishawaka, IN44:08 238604   Audi
8471.27Travis Biechele   Seattle, WA44:08 294358   Apex Racing Team
9478.26Chad Richmond   Bothell, WA44:08 266765   Lake Washington Velo
10485.25Bradlee Haley   Burien, WA44:08 288845   Cycle U
11492.24Alec Moorman   Seattle, WA44:08 255970   Bikesale.com
12499.23David Clark   Kennewick, WA44:08 293937   Firefighters Cycling Association
13506.22Rick Roof   Puyallup, WA44:08 242755   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
14513.21Chad Sullivan   Bellevue, WA44:08 305201   Apex Racing Team
15520.20Nick Duckstein   Seattle44:08 276304   Bikesale.com
16527.19Chris Bright   Portland, OR44:08 55163   Emerald Velo Cycling Team Inc.
17534.18Scott Larson   Orting, WA44:08 266713   Lake Washington Velo
18541.17Matt Munson   Seattle, WA44:08 205145   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
19548.16Josh Simpson   Seattle, WA44:08 256802   Boat Street Cycle Club (BSCC)
20555.15Paul Bishop   Snohomish, WA44:08 335908   Recycled Cycles Racing
21562.14Vaughn Nelson   Lacey, WA44:19 275351   CBC Racing
22569.13Alex Walker   Tacoma, WA44:19 212549   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
23576.12Guy Tucker   Bellingham, WA44:21 252718   HSP
24583.11Jeffrey Reed   Lake Stevens, WA44:29 297596   
25590.10Daniel Studley   Bothell, WA-1 Lap 189528   Pabst/Mafia Racing
DNFFrancis Atkinson   Port Townsend, WADNF 310182   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFTodd Baumeister   Redmond, WADNF 286284   Apex Racing Team
DNFHarry Pepe   Kenmore, WADNF 58774   Slalom Consulting Racing
DNFBryon Cline   Seattle, WADNF 297665   Bikesale.com
DNFRick Raymond   Olalla, WADNF 29283   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
DNFPeter Streit   Seattle, WADNF 370543   Second Ascent
DNFDerek Churchyard   Bothell, WADNF 339716   Bikesale.com
DNFAvi Mahan   Seatac, WADNF 210067   Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW
DNFLane Wilkinson   Seattle, WADNF 170051   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
DNFGreg Luniewski   Seattle, WADNF 207153   Bikesale.com
DNFEric Holman   Seattle, WADNF 222790   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
DNFSteve Owens   Seattle, WADNF 251280   Apex Racing Team
DNFScott Musgrove   Seattle, WADNF 207185   Apex Racing Team
DNFMichael Blizniak   Seattle, WADNF 243958   Apex Racing Team
DNFChris Adolf   Everett, WADNF 1204   JL Velo Racing Team

Men - Cat 4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1526.60Ezra Kahn   Baltimore, MD36:18 365892   University of Washington-Seattle
2529.14Allen Butler   Seattle, WA36:18 326902   Second Ascent
3531.68Calvin Spranger   Seattle, WA36:18 310931   Motofish Racing
4534.22Andrew Austin   University Place, WA36:18 316276   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
5536.76Benjamin Peterson   Seattle, WA36:18 354994   JL Velo Racing Team
6539.30Timothy Hughes   Olympia, WA36:18 288962   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T
7541.84Rick Birdsey   Seattle, WA36:18 366692   Second Ascent
8544.38Scott McSpadden   Seattle, WA36:18 52519   River City Red
9546.92Timothy Lewis   Seattle, WA36:18 294080   Audi
10549.46Andrew Roths   Kenmore, WA36:18 305716   Bikesale.com
11552.00Michael Sanderson   Seattle, WA36:18 309751   Bikesale.com
12554.54Juan Guerra   Seattle, WA36:18 417   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
13557.08Darnell Umagat   Kent, WA36:18 307266   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
14559.62Tim Farrell   Seattle, WA36:18 292499   FareStart
15562.16Jordon Bressler   Dupont, WA36:18 358593   
16564.70Mark Rogers   Woodinville, WA36:18 269636   Lake Washington Velo
17567.24Ayden Young   Olympia, WA36:18 361728   Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW
18569.78Aaron Adelstein   Seattle, WA36:18 305846   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
19572.32Kevin Stewart   Aberdeen, WA36:18 344010   Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW
20574.86Pete Hinckley   Seattle, WA36:18 328706   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
21577.40Sean Murphy   Tacoma, WA36:18 120568   Tacoma Bike
22579.94Travis Dougan   Kirkland, WA36:18 280758   Cycle U
23582.48Morgan Simon   Seattle, WA36:26 310319   Apex Racing Team
24585.02Hugh Barrington   Seattle, WA36:28 184544   Audi
25587.56Paul Coffee   Federal Way, WA36:28 331942   Tacoma Bike
26590.10Anthony Carroll   Seattle, WA36:28 331670   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFCharlon Palacay   Renton, WADNF 337782   Apex Racing Team
DNFErik Brooks   Seattle, WADNF 235484   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
DNFGerardo Mores   Seattle, WADNF 340232   Evolution Racing
DNFMark Hubbard   Kirkland, WADNF 302869   Audi
DNFDavid Garate   Buckley, WADNF 367407   
DNFEvan Geary   Seattle, WADNF 251552   JL Velo Racing Team

Men - Cat 4 - Master - 30-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1525.35Scott McSpadden   Seattle, WA26:59 52519   River City Red
2528.04Calvin Spranger   Seattle, WA26:59 310931   Motofish Racing
3530.73Timothy Hughes   Olympia, WA26:59 288962   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T
4533.42Brian Bolin   Medina, WA26:59 224629   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
5536.11Anthony Carroll   Seattle, WA26:59 331670   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
6538.80Scott Monett   Tacomaa, WA26:59 343104   
7541.49Juan Guerra   Seattle, WA26:59 417   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
8544.18Jordon Bressler   Dupont, WA26:59 358593   
9Dave Haugen   26:59   
10Unknown Rider   26:59   
11552.25Pat Harrington   Kirkland26:59 334794   Bikesale.com
12554.94John Rodgers   Tacoma, WA26:59 264341   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
13557.63Sean Murphy   Tacoma, WA26:59 120568   Tacoma Bike
14560.32Aaron Adelstein   Seattle, WA26:59 305846   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
15563.01Paul Dinger   Newcastle, WA26:59 271936   Seattle Super Squadra
16Cynthia Maree   26:59   Helens Racing
17568.39Andrew Zeigler   Seattle, WA26:59 305925   Team Stanley
18571.08Michael Payne   Gig Harbor, WA26:59 285183   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
19573.77Chris Johns   Tacoma, WA26:59 310331   Avanti Racing Club
20576.46Chris Mahan   Seatac, WA26:59 190831   Step Down Racing
21579.15Travis Dougan   Kirkland, WA26:59 280758   Cycle U
22581.84Randy Schultz   Bothell, WA26:59 334112   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
23584.53Matt Swanson   University Place, WA26:59 206149   Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
24587.22Kenneth Dong   Seattle, WA26:59 294079   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
25589.91Matt Niles   Olympia, WA27:18 371945   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T
DNFJeff Evans   Tacoma, WADNF 142720   Team Double Check
DNFPhilip Love   Richland, WADNF 309932   Firefighters Cycling Association
DNFMark Hubbard   Kirkland, WADNF 302869   Audi
DNFAndrew Roths   Kenmore, WADNF 305716   Bikesale.com
DNFDavid Garate   Buckley, WADNF 367407   

Men - Cat 5 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Hendra Palisades   Columbus, OH26:34 370844   
2543.12Brad Gillis   Seattle, WA26:34 161099   
3546.24Martin J. Van Eycke   Tacoma26:39 375025   Tacoma Bike
4549.36Brandon Hardaway   Tacoma, WA26:39 233414   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
5552.48Chris Blanton   Sammamish, WA26:39 255135   Lakemont Cycling Club
6555.60Jeff Nelson   Seattle, WA26:39 367319   Husky Cycling - University of Washington
7558.72Steven Curry   Yelm, WA26:39 216208   
8561.84Stephen Gavette   Seattle26:39 382864   
9564.96robin sarner   Tacoma, WA26:39 319610   
10568.08David Mullen   Eatonville, WA26:43 306785   Tacoma Bike
11571.20Kenneth Ramirez   Seattle, WA26:44 255649   Cycle U
12574.32William Alcorn   Spokane, WA26:44 270414   
13577.44Devin Marcus   Puyallup, WA26:47 379039   
14580.56Ivan Cintron   Gig Harbor, WA26:47 227426   Old Town Bicycle Race Team (OTB)
15583.68Adam Zabler   Redmond, WA26:49 313950   University of Wisconsin-Platteville
16586.80Patrick Hultgren   Tacoma, WA27:09 382738   
17589.92Marcus Williams   Seattle, WA27:34 341866   House Wine Racing
DNFScott Rhodes   Seattle, WADNF 360054   Cycle U
DNFErik Philipson   Seattle, WADNF 281375   
DNFDaniel Haller   Puyallup, WADNF 312866   Tacoma Bike
DNFCorey Sanderford   Tacoma, WADNF 138424   Firefighters Cycling Association
DNFDavid Foster   SeattleDNF 382793   
DNFKen Gunkel   DNF   
DNFJason Johnson   Tacoma, WADNF 382650   

Women - Cat 1/2/3 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1382.35Ivy Audrain (1 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA32:00 287816   Keller Rohrback Cycling
2393.28Elizabeth Nettles (1 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA32:00 179798   Recycled Cycles Racing
3404.21Amara Edwards (2 - Cat2)   Newcastle , WA32:00 170202   Gregg's Specialized-Trek Racing Team
4Cynthia Maree   32:00   Helens Racing
5426.07Anne Gerard (3 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN32:00 289625   Bikesale.com
6437.00Laura Dodd (4 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA32:00 347268   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
7447.93Brook Nunn (5 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA32:00 195171   Recycled Cycles Racing
8458.86Pam Massey (1 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 178475   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
9469.79Rachel Hong (2 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 270643   Team Group Health
10480.72Anne-Marije Rook (3 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 332470   Team Group Health
11491.65Theresa Harding (4 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 333834   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
12502.58Lori Swanson (5 - Cat3)   University Place, WA32:00 223550   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
13513.51Beth Lyndon-Griffith (2 - Cat1)   Seattle, WA32:00 21930   Recycled Cycles Racing
14524.44Eryn Maris (6 - Cat3)   Buckley, WA32:00 264004   Peterson Racing
15535.37LB Kregenow (7 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 239673   Team Group Health
16546.30Shannon Payne (8 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 177331   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
17Sara King   32:00   
18568.16Sarah Carroll (6 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA32:00 305968   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
19579.09Irena Netik (9 - Cat3)   Seattle, WA32:00 257146   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com
20590.02Tricia Sandstrom (7 - Cat2)   Seattle, WA32:10 220308   Sound Velo Cycling Club
DNFLisa Coyne (Cat3)   Seattle, WADNF 328328   Sound Velo Cycling Club
DNFMelissa DeSimone (Cat3)   Seattle, WADNF 340766   Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.com

Women - Cat 4 - Senior

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1527.87Emily Nevin   Seattle, WA27:01 362211   Blue Rooster/Sports Medicine Clinic
2532.65Karine Valliant-Saunders   Seattle, WA27:01 367868   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
3537.43Sabrina Hendrick   Seattle, WA27:01 364721   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
4542.21Julie Gretzner   Puyallup, WA27:01 383393   
5546.99sheila walsh   Seattle, WA27:01 331096   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team
6551.77Liese Anex   Seattle, WA27:01 365055   Team Group Health
7556.55Christi Kenyon   Seattle, WA27:38 272209   Bikesale.com
8561.33Nicole Weiss   Seattle, WA28:03 324610   Cycle U
9566.11Cynthia Freed   Federal Way, WA28:06 212912   Bikesale.com
10Marijo Martini   -1 Lap   
11575.67Stacey Giuffre   Sammamish Wa-2 Laps 249805   Northwest Velo
12580.45Heather Barnett   Seattle Wa-2 Laps 372211   Bikesale.com
13585.23Kathleen McMahon   Seattle, WA-3 Laps 252816   Bikesale.com
14590.01Angela Cudone-Sheridan   Bainbridge Island, WA-5 Laps 275104   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
DNFAlicia King   Seattle WaDNF 368371   Bikesale.com

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