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Ohio State Road Race & TTT
McArthur, OH
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Road Race on 03/24/2012

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Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1233.54Nicholas Chevalley   Saint Charles, MO 283503  29 Lindenwood University
2247.93Matt Gittings (1 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN 359006  Marian University
3262.32Nicholas Grigsby   London, KY 228975  47 Lindsey Wilson College
4276.71Isaiah Newkirk   St.louis, MO 282064  10 Marian University
5291.10Joey Iuliano (2 - Cat3)   Muleshoe Tx 237283  12 Purdue University
6305.49Joshua Johnson   Fort Wayne, IN 257134  Marian University
7319.88Brandon Feehery   Homewood, IL 193035  27 Lindenwood University
8334.27David Novak   Tunkhannock, PA 268729  14 Lindsey Wilson College
9348.66Alexander Meyer (1 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 193722  42 University of Wisconsin-Madison
10363.05Weston Luzadder   Carmel, IN 240464  Marian University
11377.44Blaine Benson   Ann Arbor, MI 268471  56 Michigan State University
12391.83Adam Kaye   Ann Arbor, MI 290612  38 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
13406.22Daniel Williams (3 - Cat3)   Murphysboro, IL 227015  25 Lindenwood University
14420.61Cody Anderson (4 - Cat3)   Bonne Terre, MO 300418  78 Lindenwood University
15435.00Daniel Gerow   Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 285633  Marian University
16449.39Ian Baker   Lexington, KY 281530  43 University of Kentucky
17463.78Sam Stone   Indianapolis, IN 213424  Marian University
18478.17Cody Goettl   Harrison, AR 287214  23 Lindenwood University
19492.56Tim Norris   Saint Charles, MO 283502  28 Lindenwood University
20506.95Justin Lowe (2 - Cat1)   Columbia, KY 291819  52 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFNeal Forbes   Columbus, IN 251328  Marian University
DNFJohnathan Freter   Columbus, OH 266654  20 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFMatthew Dooley   Yreka, CA 258110  51 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFAndrew Kramer (Cat4)   Ballwin, MO 244789  26 Lindenwood University
DNFNaveen John (Cat3)   West Lafayette, IN 275471  77 Purdue University
DNFMatthew Brandt (Cat1)   St Charles, MO 197984  24 Lindenwood University
DNFWilliam Kinsey   Westfield Indiana 290628  15 Purdue University
DNFDouglas Ansel (Cat2)   South Bend, IN 213223  67 University of Notre Dame
DNFJoe Magro   Lititz, PA 243366  22 University of Notre Dame
DNFAlex Wieseler   Indianapolis, IN 207324  Marian University
DNFJonathan Heile   Milwaukee 248092  55 University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNFFilip Capala   Columbia, KY 208888  30 Lindsey Wilson College

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1530.96Sam Dries   West Bend Wi 332404  324 University of Wisconsin-Madison
2535.88Taylor Ladd   Paducah, KY 246264  306 Lindsey Wilson College
3540.80John Pratt   Niles, MI 306188  308 University of Notre Dame
4545.72Samuel Runningen   Charleston, IL 336934  338 Purdue University
5550.64Andrew ODonnell   Norwell Ma 340588  309 University of Notre Dame
6555.56Joseph Hooker   Media, PA 306003  302 Northwestern University
7560.48Benjamin Padilla (1 - Cat2)   Haverhill, MA 341394  315 Ohio State University
8565.40Brian Hurley   Buffalo, NY 342322  343 University of Notre Dame
9570.32Andrew Lang   St. Louis, MO 340124  318 Saint Louis University
10575.24Nathaniel Lee   Notre Dame, IN 282524  307 University of Notre Dame
11580.16Alex Corrion   East Lansing , MI 314360  326 Michigan State University
12585.08zachary abulencia   Cicero, NY 349080  342 Lindsey Wilson College
13590.00Reed Bagley (1 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY 278119  341 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFGrant Inglis (Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 283472  319 University of Cincinnati
DNFDavid Yohe (Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN 290032  301 Marian University
DNFTimothy Burke   Ann Arbor , MI 294990  344 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
DNFJohn Gracely   Ann Arbor, MI 309574  317 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
DNFWill Gleason (Cat4)   New Albany, OH 231092  339 DePauw University
DNFKurt Tweedy   Branson, MO 325766  335 Lindenwood University
DNFChristopher Day   Zionsville, IN 300120  340 DePauw University

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1502.75Ryan Milmoe   Scottsdale, AZ 359878  809 Purdue University
2505.66Corey Anderson   State College, PA 341638  862 Michigan State University
3508.57Luke Tilmans   South Bend, IN 359840  828 University of Notre Dame
4511.48Joshua Corcoran   Sun Prairie, WI 340606  880 University of Notre Dame
5514.39Jared Preston (1 - Cat3)   North Royalton, OH 319528  904 Ohio State University
6517.30Clayton Monahan (1 - Cat4)   Birmingham, MI 310102  903 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
7520.21Michael Chifala (2 - Cat4)   Dayton, OH 311146  823 University of Notre Dame
8523.12Michael Kubancsek   Indianapolis, IN 299226  802 Marian University
9526.03Eric Young   Parkville, MO 337618  902 Case Western Reserve University
10528.94James Snitzer   Arlington Heights, IL 365674  827 University of Notre Dame
11531.85Michael Fioretti   Schaumburg Il 360847  905 University of Wisconsin-Madison
12534.76Garrett Sczechowski (2 - Cat3)   Boulder, CO 345782  901 Purdue University
13537.67Kevin Schumaker   New Baltimore, MI 336008  882 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
14540.58Taylor Hartstein   Evanston, IL 309010  887 Northwestern University
15543.49Ashley Anderson   Madison, WI 283803  813 University of Wisconsin-Madison
16546.40jero Bean   Madison, WI 366741  812 University of Wisconsin-Madison
17549.31Aaron Jaffe   Traverse City, MI 340610  889 Northwestern University
18552.22Andrew Gutierrez   Gurnee, IL 340612  890 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
19555.13Zachary Benet   Ann Arbor, MI 360323  841 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
20558.04Paul Gregory   Greensboro, NC 311269  863 Michigan State University
21560.95David Pratt   Niles, MI 347096  824 University of Notre Dame
22563.86Bradley Stark   Ann Arbor, MI 274880  879 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
23566.77Eric Jones   Novi, MI 360245  846 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
24569.68Vesselin Velev (3 - Cat4)   Evanston, IL 276290  878 Northwestern University
25572.59Paul Madsen (4 - Cat4)   Plano, TX 275558  842 Saint Louis University
26575.50Zachary Dorsey   Louisville, KY 302396  896 Lindsey Wilson College
27578.41Tyler VanDeVoort   Madison, WI 293004  804 University of Wisconsin-Madison
28581.32Blake Walker   Danville, KY 254767  820 Lindsey Wilson College
29584.23Andrew Wright   Leitchfield, KY 300121  817 Lindsey Wilson College
30587.14Michael Souers   Fort Wayne, IN 196033  848 Lindsey Wilson College
31590.05Mickey Frigge   Waterloo 361377  818 University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNFTommy Peng   Evanston, IL 306495  803 Northwestern University
DNFMichael Fioretti   Schaumburg Il 360847  807 University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNFAndrew Ralston   Grand Junction Co 339032  897 Oberlin College

Men - D

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1535.95David Takahashi   Lexington, KY 367484  147d Case Western Reserve University
2537.03Chad Lawver   Mount Vernon, OH 338896  63d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
3538.11Jacob Henningsen (1 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 368618  151d University of Cincinnati
4539.19Paul Dentel (2 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH 303015  153d University of Cincinnati
5540.27Jamie Anderson   Cortlandoh 368403  32d University of Cincinnati
6541.35Patrick Handy   Woodland Hills, CA 369531  21d University of Notre Dame
7542.43Donald Williams   Indianapolis, IN 361151  4d Marian University
8543.51Justin Miller   Columbus Oh 303484  13d Purdue University
9544.59Robert Maertz   Cincinnati, OH 367846  47d University of Cincinnati
10545.67Ian Kresnak   Granger, IN 369763  78d DePaul University
11546.75john kelley (3 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN 357088  2d Marian University
12547.83Jacob Pratt   Nashville, TN 378415  95d Michigan State University
13548.91Cole Smith   Sharpsville, IN 334320  30d Butler University
14549.99Brook Luers   Oberlin, OH 375355  140d Oberlin College
15551.07Trenton Fitzgerald   Mount Vernon, OH 339860  66d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
16552.15Jared Salinger   Beverlyhills, MI 293507  58d University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
17553.23Elliot Olson   Wilmore, KY 309718  49d Asbury University
18554.31August Kunkel   Brookville 369537  145d University of Notre Dame
19555.39Kevin Poast   Mount Vernon, OH 369491  67d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
20556.47Sage Aronson   Oberlin, OH 374763  139d Oberlin College
21557.55Forrest Kunkel   Brookville, IN 375989  138d DePauw University
22558.63Philip Palmon   Fort Myers, FL 369587  22d University of Notre Dame
23559.71Nathan Richards   Deerfield 367038  77d Northwestern University
24560.79Alexander Cheatham   Evanston, IL 368501  6d Northwestern University
25561.87Chris Rednour   Mount Vernon Ohio 369481  60d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
26562.95Alex Graham   Franklin, IN 335818  150d Butler University
27564.03Chris Sparace   Evanston, IL 338502  119d Northwestern University
28565.11Timothy Newberger (4 - Cat4)   Ann Arbor, MI 375973  149d University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
29566.19Sam Stroebel   Columbus, OH 368684  143d Ohio State University
30567.27Marcus Thompson   Lafayette, IN 337416  12d Purdue University
31568.35Mark Aikman   New Palestine, IN 337422  137d Purdue University
32569.43Max Lamme   Springboro, OH 367948  40d University of Cincinnati
33570.51Chris Beeler   Milford, OH 375056  154d University of Cincinnati
34571.59Nate Wolf   Columbus, OH 367393  148d Ohio State University
35572.67Jordan Alexander   Wilmore, KY 340684  48d Asbury University
36573.75Charlie Magiera   Pittsford, NY 346968  144d University of Notre Dame
37574.83Nathaniel Winters   Mount Vernon, OH 369480  61d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
38575.91Matt Figueroa   Mount Vernon, OH 370121  62d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
39576.99Seth Nachimson   Oberlin, OH 340006  141d Oberlin College
40578.07James Cannon   Elwood, IN 351298  3d Marian University
41579.15Sarun Lorhpipat   Bangkok 372805  136d Purdue University
42580.23Joseph Gambino   Evanston, IL 339418  8d Northwestern University
44581.31Owen Kieffer-Jones   Sunbury Oh 365678  126d Ohio State University
45582.39Edward Young   Rootstown, OH 336184  156d Case Western Reserve University
46583.47Isaac Bacon   Durham Nc 375145  142d Oberlin College
47584.55Robert Piscatelli   Getzville, NY 340850  146d University of Notre Dame
48585.63Logan Phillips (5 - Cat4)   Wilmore, KY 370453  45d Asbury University
49586.71Cory Hurst   Plymouth, MI 309347  157d Michigan State University
50587.79Maxwell Goodman   Oakland, CA 369938  155d Case Western Reserve University
51Steven Sander     50d Saint Louis University
52589.95Sean Robinson   El Cajon Ca 367742  152d Ohio State University
DNFTaylor Myatt   Mount Vernon, OH 369492  64d Mount Vernon Nazarene University
DNFbrock bedingfield   Owensboro, KY 370686  158d Lindsey Wilson College
DNFbrock bedingfield   Owensboro, KY 370686  56d Lindsey Wilson College
DNFJared Greco   Lexington, KY 366439  28d University of Kentucky

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1337.45Sinead Miller   Pittsburgh, PA 171289  202 Marian University
2358.50Kaitlin Antonneau   Colorado Springs, CO 200237  255 Marian University
3379.55Regan Baum   Lexington, KY 336144  214 University of Kentucky
4400.60Coryn Rivera   Tustin, CA 207432  204 Marian University
5421.65Allie Dragoo (1 - Cat3)   Grand Rapids, MI 291607  206 Marian University
6442.70yesica mendoza   Saint Charles, MO 358741  213 Lindsey Wilson College
7463.75Ashley Rethemeyer (2 - Cat3)   Hermann, MO 304266  211 Lindenwood University
8484.80Hannah Hayduk (1 - Cat4)   Kutztown, PA 200614  223 Lindsey Wilson College
9505.85Mikayla Lyman   Boise, ID 241580  210 Lindsey Wilson College
10526.90Aimee Warnke   Rolla, MO 291214  225 Saint Louis University
11547.95Mariasol Johannes   Saint Louis, MO 298086  212 Lindenwood University
12569.00Courtney O'Neill   Chicago, IL 297488  224 Northwestern University
13590.05Elizabeth Engwis (3 - Cat3)   Kenosha, WI 190874  205 Marian University
DNFBrooke Crum   Westerville, OH 215956  217 Lindsey Wilson College

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Mika Jackson   Brownsburgb, IN 344798  601 Marian University
2542.63Nikki Ditsch   Lexington, KY 367514  616 University of Kentucky
3545.26Stephanie Torres (1 - Cat4)   East Elmhurst 269772  602 Marian University
4547.89Caroline Binkley   Evanston , IL 367347  605 Northwestern University
5550.52Abigail Prine   Greencastle, IN 358992  663 Depauw University
6553.15Zoe Emmons   Chicago, IL 374989  624 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
7555.78Carolyn McCann   South Windsor 368952  633 University of Notre Dame
8558.41Hanne Zmierczak   St Charles, MO 359271  608 Lindenwood University
9561.04Rebecca Hall   Hartland, WI 305971  656 University of Wisconsin-Madison
10563.67becky burgess   Nicholasville, KY 369326  626 Asbury University
11566.30vhasti schmidt   Perris, CA 359768  610 Lindsey Wilson College
12568.93Madison Mills   Owensboro, KY 330612  631 Lindsey Wilson College
13571.56Shannon Daum (2 - Cat4)   12440 Haydon Ct.  369026  627 Asbury University
14574.19Hazel Levine   Evanston, IL 368179  604 Northwestern University
15576.82Rachel McGarvey   Wilmore, KY 368796  628 Asbury University
16579.45Lacey Maglinger   Henderson, KY 341286  635 Lindsey Wilson College
17582.08Jenna Tomasevich   Harleysville, PA 307617  666 Case Western Reserve University
18584.71Maria Tkacz   Chicago, IL 345796  655 Northwestern University
19587.34Christine Ricci   Evanston, IL 371330  654 Northwestern University
20589.97katelyn begley   London, KY 362235  632 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFElizabeth Gilmour   Oberlin, OH 341056  665 Oberlin College
DNFHope Gibson   Butler, KY 341282  636 Lindsey Wilson College
DNFLauren Kraft (Cat4)   Columbus, OH 365568  615 Ohio State University

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