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DU Criterium
Denver, CO
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Criterium on 03/18/2012

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Men - Cat C - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1532.28Alex Ranum   San Diego, CA 277669  355 University of Colorado - Boulder
2534.42Jesse Talley   Grand Junction, CO 345534  330 Colorado Mesa University
3536.56stephen cochran   Loveland 359730  328 Colorado Mesa University
4538.70Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque 359659  302 Colorado State University
5540.84Liam Wholly   Bangor, ME 318422  351 Fort Lewis College
6542.98Matthew Hudson   Longmont, CO 346446  311 University of Colorado-Boulder
7545.12Jeremy Besmer   Colorado Springs 359778  343 University of Colorado-Boulder
8547.26Scott Berres   Centennial, CO 309165  301 Colorado State University
9549.40Luke Helland   Minneapolis, MN 368004  361 University of Colorado-Denver
10551.54Luke Rein   Littleton 368495  348 University of Colorado-Boulder
11553.68Garrett Braun   U S A F Academy, CO 368131  342 US Air Force Academy
12555.82Nick Cooley   Fort Collins, CO 371456  374 Colorado State University
13557.96Daniel Hubbard   Durango, CO 285021  352 Fort Lewis College
14560.10Chris VanHoven   Boulder, CO 375196  313 University of Colorado - Boulder
15562.24Duncan Koehn   Silverthorne 359866  362 Colorado Mesa University
16564.38Joshua McDowell   Durango Co 325652  350 Fort Lewis College
17566.52Austen Ebert   Usaf Academy, CO 344042  377 US Air Force Academy
18568.66Zane DeGraffenried   Monument, CO 360220  309 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
19570.80Kelton Manzanares   Boulder Co 374933  368 Colorado School of Mines
20572.94Gregory Francis   Denver, CO 337882  357 University of Colorado-Boulder
21575.08Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO 370837  376 Colorado School of Mines
22577.22Ian Parker   Frisco 375687  360 University of Denver
23579.36Daniel Raible   Aurora, CO 369914  375 University of Colorado-Denver
24581.50Mark Waltman   Lakewood, CO 375237  369 University of Northern Colorado
25583.64Travis Gowler   Lone Tree, CO 369140  336 Colorado School of Mines
26585.78Richard Seward   Grand Junction, CO 344490  335 Colorado Mesa University
27587.92Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO 361711  367 University of Northern Colorado
28590.06Bradley Tornow   Longmont, CO 374661  370 University of Northern Colorado

Men - Cat B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1475.88Danny Hiller   Boulder, CO 246171  202 University of Colorado-Boulder
2480.84Jacob Hadar   Grand Junction, CO 343822  235 Colorado Mesa University
3485.80Skyler Trujillo   Fort Collins, CO 284764  225 Fort Lewis College
4490.76Payson McElveen   Durango Co 276372  224 Fort Lewis College
5495.72Cullen Easter   Claremont, CA 244581  204 Colorado Mesa University
6500.68Joseph Teynor   Denver, CO 353060  214 University of Denver
7505.64Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO 345802  234 University of Denver
8510.60Jesse Weiner   Fort Collins, CO 339928  213 Colorado State University
9515.56Lucas Elms   Colorado Springs, CO 311078  231 Colorado State University
10520.52Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO 345802  234 University of Denver
11525.48Andrew Cady   U S A F Academy, CO 346110  230 US Air Force Academy
12530.44Travis Chapman   Greeley, CO 309188  236 University of Northern Colorado
13535.40Nathanael Prewitt   Fort Collins, CO 342070  201 Colorado State University
14540.36Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO 296754  228 US Air Force Academy
15545.32Evan Glowiak   Vassar, MI 300853  206 US Air Force Academy
16550.28Marcel Davidse   Boulder, CO 359256  232 University of Colorado-Boulder
17555.24Chris Athey   Centennial 375285  238 University of Colorado - Denver
18560.20Neil DiMuccio   Boulder, CO 329146  219 University of Colorado-Boulder
19565.16Joseph Chiavetta   Fort Collins 309189  209 Colorado State University
20570.12John Demos   Centennial, CO 308975  216 CU Cycling-Boulder
21575.08Ryan Thompson   Usafacademy, CO 307032  205 US Air Force Academy
22580.04Galen Blair   Durango, CO 349432  229 Fort Lewis College
23585.00William Bryan   Denver, CO 246583  223 University of Denver
24589.96corey moxon   Aurora, CO 339296  210 University of Colorado-Boulder

Men - Cat A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1268.92Griffin Easter   Upland, CA 282590  39 Fort Lewis College
2281.27Charles (Mac) Cassin   Denver, CO 287030  29 University of Colorado-Boulder
3293.62Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO 233175  University of Colorado - Boulder
4305.97Patric Rostel   Grandjunction, CO 301113  Colorado Mesa University
5318.32William Buick   Boulder, CO 292402  24 University of Colorado-Boulder
6Erick Carlson     13 Colorado State University
7343.02Richard Geng   Berlin 301115  Colorado Mesa University
8355.37Samuel Phillips   Grand Junction, CO 288750  Colorado Mesa University
9367.72Bill Golembieski   Boulder, CO 274222  University of Colorado
10380.07Rashid Farooqui   Boulder, CO 269846  55 University of Colorado-Boulder
11392.42Luke Harris   Fort Collins, CO 269648  17 Colorado State University
12404.77Chris Lundberg   Denver, CO 306843  11 University of Denver
13417.12Gabriel Murray   Longmont, CO 232282  46 Fort Lewis College
14429.47Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO 305250  12 Colorado School of Mines
15441.82Greg Krieger   Fort Collins , CO 255039  49 Colorado State University
16454.17Howard Grotts   Durango, CO 264839  42 Fort Lewis College
17466.52Zebulon Hanley   Denver 309404  15 US Air Force Academy
18478.87Kit Recca   Golden, CO 252699  25 Colorado School of Mines
19491.22Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO 357730  51 University of Colorado-Boulder
20503.57Anthony Carfang Jr   Boulder, CO 243657  30 University of Colorado-Boulder
21515.92Connor Simmons   Superior, CO 200087  19 University of Colorado-Boulder
22528.27Stefan Gomez   Boulder, CO 260152  53 University of Colorado-Boulder
23540.62Trevor Brooks   Austin, TX 313466  45 Fort Lewis College
24552.97Eric Steele   Broomfield, CO 334230  21 University of Colorado-Boulder
25565.32Robbie Jones   Golden, CO 284880  37 Fort Lewis College
26577.67Jeff Chmielewski   Boulder, CO 293982  22 University of Colorado-Boulder
27590.02Brett Peters   Boulder, CO 291239  20 University of Colorado-Boulder

Men - C

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1482.80Alex Ranum   San Diego, CA277669  355 University of Colorado - Boulder
2486.77Jesse Talley   Grand Junction, CO345534  330 Colorado Mesa University
3490.74stephen cochran   Loveland359730  328 Colorado Mesa University
4494.71Andrew Faturos   Albuquerque359659  302 Colorado State University
5498.68Liam Wholly   Bangor, ME318422  351 Fort Lewis College
6502.65Matthew Hudson   Longmont, CO346446  311 University of Colorado-Boulder
7506.62Jeremy Besmer   Colorado Springs359778  343 University of Colorado-Boulder
8510.59Scott Berres   Centennial, CO309165  301 Colorado State University
9514.56Luke Helland   Minneapolis, MN368004  361 University of Colorado-Denver
10518.53Luke Rein   Littleton368495  348 University of Colorado-Boulder
11522.50Kelton Manzanares   Boulder Co374933  342 Colorado School of Mines
12526.47Nick Cooley   Fort Collins, CO371456  374 Colorado State University
13530.44Daniel Hubbard   Durango, CO285021  352 Fort Lewis College
14534.41Joshua Garland   Boulder, CO374791  373 University of Colorado - Boulder
15538.39Duncan Koehn   Silverthorne359866  362 Colorado Mesa University
16542.36Joshua McDowell   Durango Co325652  350 Fort Lewis College
17546.33Austen Ebert   Usaf Academy, CO344042  377 US Air Force Academy
18550.30Zane DeGraffenried   Monument, CO360220  309 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
19554.27Kelton Manzanares   Boulder Co374933  368 Colorado School of Mines
20558.24Gregory Francis   Denver, CO337882  357 University of Colorado-Boulder
21562.21Edwin Supple   Littleton, CO370837  376 Colorado School of Mines
22566.18Ian Parker   Frisco375687  360 University of Denver
23570.15Daniel Raible   Aurora, CO369914  375 University of Colorado-Denver
24574.12Mark Waltman   Lakewood, CO375237  369 University of Northern Colorado
25578.09Travis Gowler   Lone Tree, CO369140  336 Colorado School of Mines
26582.06Richard Seward   Grand Junction, CO344490  335 Colorado Mesa University
27586.03Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO361711  367 University of Northern Colorado
28590.00Bradley Tornow   Longmont, CO374661  370 University of Northern Colorado

Men - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1400.67Danny Hiller   Boulder, CO246171  202 University of Colorado-Boulder
2408.90Jacob Hadar   Grand Junction, CO343822  235 Colorado Mesa University
3417.13Skyler Trujillo   Fort Collins, CO284764  225 Fort Lewis College
4425.36Payson McElveen   Durango Co276372  224 Fort Lewis College
5433.59Cullen Easter   Claremont, CA244581  204 Colorado Mesa University
6441.83Joseph Teynor   Denver, CO353060  214 University of Denver
7450.06Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO345802  234 University of Denver
8458.29Jesse Weiner   Fort Collins, CO339928  213 Colorado State University
9466.52Lucas Elms   Colorado Springs, CO311078  231 Colorado State University
10474.75Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO345802  234 University of Denver
11482.98Andrew Cady   U S A F Academy, CO346110  230 US Air Force Academy
12491.22Travis Chapman   Greeley, CO309188  236 University of Northern Colorado
13499.45Nathanael Prewitt   Fort Collins, CO342070  201 Colorado State University
14507.68Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO296754  228 US Air Force Academy
15515.91Evan Glowiak   Vassar, MI300853  206 US Air Force Academy
16524.14Marcel Davidse   Boulder, CO359256  232 University of Colorado-Boulder
17532.38Chris Athey   Centennial375285  238 University of Colorado - Denver
18540.61Neil DiMuccio   Boulder, CO329146  219 University of Colorado-Boulder
19548.84Joseph Chiavetta   Fort Collins309189  209 Colorado State University
20557.07Collin Demos   Centennial, CO308975  216 University of Denver
21565.30Ryan Thompson   Usafacademy, CO307032  205 US Air Force Academy
22573.54Galen Blair   Durango, CO349432  229 Fort Lewis College
23581.77William Bryan   Denver, CO246583  223 University of Denver
24590.00corey moxon   Aurora, CO339296  210 University of Colorado-Boulder

Men - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1165.51Griffin Easter   Upland, CA282590  39 Fort Lewis College
2180.15Charles (Mac) Cassin   Denver, CO287030  29 University of Colorado-Boulder
3194.79Josh Yeaton   Boulder, CO233175  University of Colorado - Boulder
4209.43Patric Rostel   Grandjunction, CO301113  Colorado Mesa University
5224.07William Buick   Boulder, CO292402  24 University of Colorado-Boulder
6238.71Erick Carlson   Fort Collins, CO241483  13 Colorado State University
7253.35Richard Geng   Berlin301115  Colorado Mesa University
8267.99Samuel Phillips   Grand Junction, CO288750  Colorado Mesa University
9282.63Bill Golembieski   Boulder, CO274222  University of Colorado
10297.27Rashid Farooqui   Boulder, CO269846  55 University of Colorado-Boulder
11311.90Luke Harris   Fort Collins, CO269648  17 Colorado State University
12326.54Chris Lundberg   Denver, CO306843  11 University of Denver
13341.18Gabriel Murray   Longmont, CO232282  46 Fort Lewis College
14355.82Nicolas Jimenez   Golden, CO305250  12 Colorado School of Mines
15370.46Greg Krieger   Fort Collins , CO255039  49 Colorado State University
16385.10Howard Grotts   Durango, CO264839  42 Fort Lewis College
17399.74Zebulon Hanley   Denver309404  15 US Air Force Academy
18414.38Kit Recca   Golden, CO252699  25 Colorado School of Mines
19429.02Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO357730  51 University of Colorado-Boulder
20443.66Anthony Carfang Jr   Boulder, CO243657  30 University of Colorado-Boulder
21458.30Connor Simmons   Superior, CO200087  19 University of Colorado-Boulder
22472.94Stefan Gomez   Boulder, CO260152  53 University of Colorado-Boulder
23487.58Trevor Brooks   Austin, TX313466  45 Fort Lewis College
24502.22Eric Steele   Broomfield, CO334230  21 University of Colorado-Boulder
25516.86Robbie Jones   Golden, CO284880  37 Fort Lewis College
26531.50Jeff Chmielewski   Boulder, CO293982  22 University of Colorado-Boulder
27546.14Brett Peters   Boulder, CO291239  20 University of Colorado-Boulder

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1171.43Julian Kyer (1 - Cat1)   Boulder Co59:24:00 220448   Juwi Solar Cycling
2190.17Michael Dessau (1 - Cat2)   Boulder, CO 266626   Slipstream-Craddock Junior Development
3208.91Conor Mullervy (1 - Pro)   Boulder, CO 237726   
4227.65Brett Tack (2 - Pro)   Boulder, CO 231719   
5246.39Tomas Roba (2 - Cat1)   Broomfield, CO 206552   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
6265.13Garrett Suydam (3 - Cat1)   Denver, CO 306027   Primal - 1st Bank
7283.87Eric Bennett (3 - Pro)   Littleton, CO 242825   Get Crackin'-MS Society
8302.61James Thies (2 - Cat2)   Denver, CO 60214   Mix1
9321.35Eric Hamilton (4 - Cat1)   Boulder, CO 238111   Tokyo Joe's -Whole Foods/Primal
10340.09Charles Cassin (5 - Cat1)   Denver, CO 287030   Primal - 1st Bank
11358.83Adam Zimmerman (3 - Cat2)   Highlands Ranch, CO 248373   Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
12377.57Clayton Feldman (4 - Cat2)   Colorado Springs, CO 257674   
13396.31Mahting Putelis (5 - Cat2)   Louisville , CO 286398   Sonic Boom Racing
14415.05Erick Carlson   Fort Collins, CO 241483   
15433.79Kyle Thomas (6 - Cat2)   Denver, CO 255466   Rocky Mountain Road Club
16452.53Eric Tart (7 - Cat2)   Boulder, CO 60299   
17471.27Larry Marti (8 - Cat2)   Evergreen, CO 178763   CVC / FRANCO Racing
18490.01Justin Brunner (9 - Cat2)   Windsor, CO 199897   
19508.75Brad Bingham (6 - Cat1)   Longmont, CO 163524   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
20527.49Michael Burton (10 - Cat2)   Denver, CO 236652   Mix1
21546.23Matt Henry (11 - Cat2)   Burlington Ia 15859   Boulder Orthopedics
22564.97Andrew Hill (12 - Cat2)   Lakewood, CO 247560   

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1436.92Kevin O'Brien   Erie, CO44:38:00 325526   Team Rio Grande
2Nate Taffatz      Exergy Twenty12
3450.24Dan Carragher   Colorado Springs, CO 227683   
4456.90Brian Mitchell   Erie, CO 78715   Sonic Boom Racing
5463.56Rileyć Majeune-Fagan   Golden Co 250791   Stanford University
6Rider Unknown      
7476.88John Noonan   Evergreen, CO 230716   Tokyo Joe's -Whole Foods/Primal
8Rider Unknown      
9490.20Stephen Fitzgerald   Denver, CO 363596   Rocky Mountain Road Club
10496.86Jonathan Bearden   Coloradosprings, CO 308336   Southern Colorado Velo
11Rider Unknown      
12510.18Kevin Flanagan   Denver, CO 224217   Cycleton
13Rider Unknown      
14Rider Unknown      
15530.16Justin Fahnestock   Englewood, CO 304369   Ronin Racing
16536.82Lucas Clarke   Denver, CO 343000   Primal - 1st Bank
17543.48Robert Gutzwiller   Fort Collins, CO 233859   e2 Cycling Team
18550.14Adam Fivehouse   Denver, CO 224182   Primal - 1st Bank
19556.80Jake Keener   Fort Collins, CO 363611   Ronin Racing
20563.46Troy Reynolds   Golden, CO 58463   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
21570.12Lee Gerakos   Erie, CO 225659   Foxtrot Racing
22576.78Aaron Trent   Greenville, SC 278146   Speedfix Racing p/b Zubaz
23583.44Danny Martin   Fort Collins, CO 22647   Fort Collins Cycling Team
24590.10Jon Landes   Castle Rock, CO 202301   Snapple Cycling Team

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1448.54Michael Burleigh   Denver, CO34:27:00 345802   
2451.07Gage Hecht   Parker, CO 277074   International Christian Cycling Club
3453.60Matt Hudson (1 - Cat4)   Longmont, CO 346446   CU Cycling-Boulder
4456.13Jonathan Copsey   Carmel  324190   Ride 2 Recovery
5458.66Justin Barber   Colorado Springs, CO 304198   Ronin Racing
6461.19Walter Durrer   Loveland, CO 352686   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
7463.72Justin Hall   Longmont, CO 362548   Team Rio Grande
8466.25Phil Kealy (2 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 341808   NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
9468.78Ben Campbell   Boulder, CO 357183   
10471.31Daniel Ebner   Castle Rock, CO 345196   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
11473.84Scott Blakley (3 - Cat4)   Littleton, CO 366801   ColoBikeLaw.com
12476.37Evan Kias   Golden, CO 295104   Giant Cycling World p/b RMSS
13478.90Michael Mcceney (4 - Cat4)   Fort Collins, CO 369590   Team Rio Grande
14481.43David Moroney (5 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 25108   
15483.96John Guala (6 - Cat4)   Westminster, CO 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
16486.49Brian Moore (7 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 68584   Team Evergreen Racing
17489.02Stefan Zavislan   Usaf Academy, CO 296754   Air Force Academy Falcons Cycling
18491.55Andrew Cady (8 - Cat4)   U S A F Academy, CO 346110   Air Force Academy Falcons Cycling
19Drew Van Campen      
20496.61Tsvi Ancel (9 - Cat4)   Aurora, CO 289499   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
21499.14J Wilhelmi (10 - Cat4)   Colorado Springs, CO 172813   
22501.67Cormac Dunn (11 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 271148   Panache Cyclewear
23504.20Tyler Brown (12 - Cat4)   Boulder, CO 362673   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
24506.73Chris Skudlarczyk (13 - Cat4)   Centennial, CO 32885   
25509.26Clay Anselmo   Denver, CO 363304   P2P/F.A.S.T. Labs presented by Reglera
26511.79Alex Dorgan-Ross (14 - Cat4)   Boulder 369165   Boulder Cycle Sport
27514.32Quinn Gallagher   Basalt, CO 63384   
28516.85Evan Glowiak (15 - Cat4)   Vassar, MI 300853   Air Force Academy Falcons Cycling
29519.38Garrett Braun (16 - Cat4)   U S A F Academy, CO 368131   
30521.91Henry Eberhardt (17 - Cat4)   Superior, CO 342588   Team Body Sync
32524.44Tim Slowey (18 - Cat4)   Golden, CO 362929   ColoBikeLaw.com
33526.97Mac Arias (19 - Cat4)   Erie, CO 364451   Horizon Organic / Panache Elite Cycling
34529.50Marco Capraro (20 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 362837   ColoBikeLaw.com
35532.03Liam Dunn (21 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 271147   Panache Cyclewear
36534.56Ryan Thompson (22 - Cat4)   Usafacademy, CO 307032   Air Force Academy Falcons Cycling
37537.09Jeremy Purchase (23 - Cat4)   Highlands Ranch, CO 362986   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
38539.62Scott Berres (24 - Cat4)   Centennial, CO 309165   Rams Cycling Team
39542.15Richard Shall (25 - Cat4)   Evergreen, CO 363323   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
40544.68Chris Mitchell (26 - Cat4)   Erie, CO 78717   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
41547.21Mark Templeman (1 - Cat5)   Parker, CO 375125   ZUMXR/Creekside Racing
42549.74David Ross (27 - Cat4)   Denver 364534   
43552.27John Baker (28 - Cat4)   Shaftsbury, VT 426113   Black Key Bulls Cycling
44554.80Mark Cafiero (29 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 63414   Hammer Racing Team- TVG LTD.
45557.33Stuart Braddock (30 - Cat4)   Boulder 364490   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
46559.86Tom Keller (31 - Cat4)   Boulder, CO 18772   GS Boulder/Trek Store
47562.39David Hurlbert (2 - Cat5)   Manitou Springs, CO 375235   
48564.92Austen Ebert (32 - Cat4)   Usaf Academy, CO 344042   Air Force Academy Falcons Cycling
49567.45Neil Davis (33 - Cat4)   Raleigh, NC 363130   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
50Jonathan Sawyer      
51572.51Brian Claytor (34 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 363740   Cycleton
52575.04Sy Nayman (35 - Cat4)   Aurora, CO 362592   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
53577.57Kyle Berlind (36 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 367168   
54580.10Cary Stewart (37 - Cat4)   Raleigh, NC 275095   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
55582.63Davis Wilkey   Louisville, CO 303138   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
56585.16Chris McManus   Arvada, CO 363388   
57587.69Kirk Hufford (38 - Cat4)   Denver 362436   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
58590.22Sean Halloran (39 - Cat4)   Denver, CO 365588   

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1320.43Cari Higgins   Boulder, CO29:42:00 225441   Exergy Twenty12
2344.57Vera Divenyi   Denver, CO 220322   Naked Women's Racing p/b Tribella
3368.71Kimberley Turner   Wheat Ridge, CO 260140   Naked Women's Racing p/b Tribella
4392.85Catherine Johnson   Boulder, CO 185214   Panache Cyclewear
5416.99Maddy Tuggle   Littleton, CO 310004   Exergy TWENTY12
6441.13Andrea Koenig   Denver, CO 348758   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
7465.27MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO 367737   
8Christine Lofton      

Women - Cat B - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1512.91Nora Richards   Boulder, CO 284308  421 University of Colorado-Boulder
2Nicole Broderer     420 University of Colorado - Boulder
3521.47Katie Sodergren   Breckenridge, CO 284503  413 University of Colorado-Boulder
4525.75Megan DiBiase   Denver, CO 362896  417 University of Denver
5530.03Lauren Presley   Fort Collins, CO 367768  404 Colorado State University
6534.31Sarah Godish   Usafa, CO 358658  414 US Air Force Academy
7538.59Jessica Bobeck   Fort Belvoir, VA 359346  430 University of Colorado-Boulder
8542.87Christiana Leong   Fort Collins, CO 370756  416 Colorado State University
9547.15MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO 367737  431 US Air Force Academy
10551.43Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins 371452  403 Colorado State University
11555.71Meghan Kane   Dillon, CO 223279  426 Fort Lewis College
12559.99Deidre York   Boulder, CO 178289  424 University of Colorado-Boulder
13564.27Emily Guffin   Colorado Springs, CO 342130  233 Colorado College
14568.55Taide Marquez   Grand Junction, CO 339776  407 Colorado Mesa University
15572.83Hannah Fillman   Fort Collins, CO 367275  402 Colorado State University
16577.11Brianna Eigenberg   Littleton, CO 374679  423 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
17581.39Brittany Markert   Grand Junction, CO 359679  409 Colorado Mesa University
18585.67Natalie CortezLopez   Grand Junction, CO 375195  427 Colorado Mesa University
19589.95ashleigh weibel   Fort Collins 375719  425 Fort Lewis College

Women - Cat A - Collegiate

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1423.37Sarah Sturm   Durango, CO 275320  109 Fort Lewis College
2447.17Heather Fischer   Boulder, CO 308334  107 University of Colorado - Boulder
3470.97Abigail Mickey   Aspen, CO 326204  102 University of Colorado-Boulder
4494.77Christa Ghent   Boulder, CO 327486  103 University of Colorado-Boulder
5518.57Claire Bensard   Denver, CO 284658  101 University of Colorado - Boulder
6542.37Jamie Davis   Fortcollins, CO 309681  106 Colorado State University
7566.17Rebecca Gross   Golden, CO 176014  110 University of Denver
8589.97Lauren Catlin   Fairfax, CA 256601  108 Fort Lewis College

Women - B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1509.56Nora Richards   Boulder, CO284308  421 University of Colorado-Boulder
2Nicole Broderer    420 University of Colorado - Boulder
3518.50Katie Sodergren   Breckenridge, CO284503  413 University of Colorado-Boulder
4522.97Megan DiBiase   Denver, CO362896  417 University of Denver
5527.44Lauren Presley   Fort Collins, CO367768  404 Colorado State University
6531.90Sarah Godish   Usafa, CO358658  414 US Air Force Academy
7536.37Jessica Bobeck   Fort Belvoir, VA359346  430 University of Colorado-Boulder
8540.84Christiana Leong   Fort Collins, CO370756  416 Colorado State University
9545.31MacKenzie Paul   U S A F Academy, CO367737  431 US Air Force Academy
10549.78Suzie Livingston   Fort Collins371452  403 Colorado State University
11554.25Meghan Kane   Dillon, CO223279  426 Fort Lewis College
12558.72Deidre York   Boulder, CO178289  424 University of Colorado-Boulder
13563.19Emily Guffin   Colorado Springs, CO342130  233 Colorado College
14567.66Taide Marquez   Grand Junction, CO339776  407 Colorado Mesa University
15572.12Hannah Fillman   Fort Collins, CO367275  402 Colorado State University
16576.59Brianna Eigenberg   Littleton, CO374679  423 University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
17581.06Brittany Markert   Grand Junction, CO359679  409 Colorado Mesa University
18585.53Natalie CortezLopez   Grand Junction, CO375195  427 Colorado Mesa University
19590.00ashleigh weibel   Fort Collins375719  425 Fort Lewis College

Women - A

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1320.55Sarah Sturm   Durango, CO275320  109 Fort Lewis College
2351.49Heather Fischer   Boulder, CO308334  107 University of Colorado - Boulder
3382.42Abigail Mickey   Aspen, CO326204  102 University of Colorado-Boulder
4413.36Christa Ghent   Boulder, CO327486  103 University of Colorado-Boulder
5444.29Claire Bensard   Denver, CO284658  101 University of Colorado - Boulder
6475.23Jamie Davis   Fortcollins, CO309681  106 Colorado State University
7506.16Rebecca Gross   Golden, CO176014  110 University of Denver
8537.10Lauren Catlin   Fairfax, CA256601  108 Fort Lewis College

- B

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
20Unknown Rider    428 

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