Race Results for
Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb
Idaho Springs, CO
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Hill Climb on 07/20/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - SM Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Christopher Carr   Golden, CO1:57:16.90 246610   Denver Fit Loft
2LeRoy Popowski   Colorado Springs, CO1:57:35.50 166561   juwi-Slipstream
3Rory Kelly   Boulder, CO1:57:36.20 257655   Denver Fit Loft
4James Peterman   Boulder, CO1:58:09.10 195657   Sonic Boom Racing Team
5Julian C Kyer   Boulder Co1:58:14.00 220448   UCI CT: Bissell Cycling
6Matthew Cooke   1:58:33.50   
7Benjamin Blaugrund   Boulder, CO1:58:46.70 313428   Juwi Solar Cycling
8Michael J Burleigh   Denver, CO1:58:59.20 345802   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
9Edmund (Ned) W Overend   Durango, CO1:59:11.40 26957   Durango Wheel Club
10Fortunato Ferrara   Losalamos, NM1:59:23.10 294241   Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling
11Jeffrey Perrin   Lakewood, CO1:59:58.80 295788   California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
12Christopher Case   Boulder, CO2:00:49.30 103284   Sonic Boom Racing
13Mike Pimm   Littleton, CO2:01:42.10 281426   Racer X Cycling
14Jon P Moro   Boulder, CO2:01:44.50 172183   
15kip taylor   Albuquerqe, NM2:02:16.90 331778   Race Team
16Matthew Rowe   Boulder, CO2:02:24.00 363233   Cycleton
17Chris J Brennan   Silver City, NM2:02:40.30 120346   
18Drew Miller   2:02:50.30   
19Mark Aasmundstad   Flagstaff, AZ2:03:27.70 210273   Landis/Trek
20Keith Harper   Boulder, CO2:03:37.80 46856   Boulder Orthopedics
21Russell Stevenson   Seattle, WA2:05:13.80 74147   Cycling Northwest
22BRYCE YOUNG   North Ogden, UT2:05:14.00 274878   Canyon Bicycles-Shimano-Specialized
23Gabriel L Bershenyi   Boulder, CO2:07:38.50 226454   Front Rangers Cycling Club
24Brett A Rindt   Denver, CO2:08:54.40 202401   Rocky Mountain Road Club
25Michael P Carter   Littleton, CO2:09:02.20 66597   B.C.V./Scion Cycling
26Kyle Thomas   Denver, CO2:10:05.80 255466   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
27Brian Jensen   2:10:52.90   
28Michael Allen   Fruita, CO2:11:27.90 122097   
29Greg Ruckman   Breckenridge, CO2:11:39.40 179361   Excel Sports Boulder
30Benjamin Bostrom   Malibu, CA2:12:19.80 290425   
31Pete Dahle   Telluride, CO2:13:46.40 78240   
32Michael J Martin   Boulder, CO2:15:21.20 264766   juwi-Slipstream
33Cody Nees   St Louis, MO2:24:38.20 250923   The Cannonball-Hub Racing Team
34Joseph J Chudyk   Denver, CO2:26:57.30 298228   Team Fluid Cycling Club
35Nicholas Applegate   Boulder, CO2:29:14.10 362572   Cycleton
36Garrett B White   Broomfield , CO2:43:35.60 202202   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi

Men - SM 65+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ed Chamberlin   Grand Junction, CO2:28:08.10 245225   LTR Sports
2tom groves   Centennial2:33:38.50 395760   
3Herb Johnson   La Jolla, CA2:41:56.20 55245   San Diego Cyclo Vets
4Kevin Kreuz   Carbondale, CO2:42:05.80 280674   
5Bob Connelly   Denver Co2:43:35.60 363781   Green Mountain Sports Velo
6Gerd C Leopoldt   Grand Junction2:51:22.50 402454   
7Michael Raber   Evergreen, CO2:51:42.60 8455   Green Mountain Sports Velo
8Drew Clark   Erie, CO2:59:10.90 363986   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
9Peter Rockwood   Denver, CO3:00:44.50 375160   
10Scott Tucker   Golden, CO3:00:54.60 71040   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
11Philip Coons   Highlands Ranch, CO3:11:54.90 364522   Green Mountain Sports Velo
12Donald Haywood   Fort Collins3:15:58.40 47650   Local Velo
13John Collins   Austin, TX3:19:45.90 60926   
14Peter Francis   Denver, CO3:21:28.00 298482   COBRAS
15Peter Spear   3:28:00.70   
16Alan Stockland   Ogden, UT3:28:30.10 50066   
17Peter W Tucker   Golden, CO3:33:39.90 400798   

Men - SM 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Mike Danaher   Littleton, CO2:17:19.50 364376   ColoBikeLaw.com
2Kim Workman   Fort Collins2:17:30.40 364420   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
3William Kellagher   Boulder, CO2:17:31.60 45530   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
4Chris Leggere   Boulder, CO2:18:02.40 137278   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
5Shannon Gillespie   Denver, CO2:18:50.00 364110   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
6Rip Mobus   Denver, CO2:19:38.20 24665   Great Divide Brewing Company
7Chris Beaudin   Manitou Springs, CO2:19:55.00 3045   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8James Weir   Denver, CO2:20:07.60 362715   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
9William McGinley   Easton Pa2:23:03.80 45655   Boulder Orthopedics
10Steve Matous   Boulder, CO2:23:24.50 305328   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
11Karl Kiester   Denver, CO2:23:41.60 49398   Great Divide Brewing Company
12Callen Borgias   Centennial, CO2:28:00.80 363359   
13Dean Cahow   Evergreen, CO2:28:48.40 5802   Optimize Endurance Services
14Rick Montgomery   Woodland Park, CO2:29:11.20 45701   Local Velo
15Laurent McLaughlin   Nederland, CO2:29:46.90 205578   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
16David McClure   2:31:59.10   
17Chris Reveley   2:32:32.20   
18Dean Sandoval   Canon City, CO2:32:47.50 31245   Boulder Orthopedics
19Arthur Bollen   Englewood, CO2:33:35.00 362744   Front Rangers Cycling Club
20Anthony Mannina   Boulder, CO2:35:17.20 22387   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
21Harry Kent   Estes Park, CO2:36:07.20 382084   
22Mario G Plaza   Bellvue, CO2:36:43.90 51363   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
23Barry Hawkins   Castle Rock, CO2:37:23.90 409811   
24Will s Bashan   Steamboat Springs2:37:41.40 379690   
25Scott Terrell   Golden, CO2:38:08.10 395357   
26David H Kruger   Louisville, CO2:38:31.10 53629   Boulder Orthopedics
27Graham Hollis   Englewood, CO2:39:13.30 395595   Racer X Cycling
28Martin Albe   Evergreen, CO2:39:41.80 111272   Altitude Cycling
29Brent A Dickinson   2:40:43.40   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
30Vince Hooper   Steamboat Springs, CO2:42:00.30 364355   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
31James Kreitler   Lakewood, CO2:43:00.80 364439   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
32Dugan Mahoney   Denver, CO2:44:39.30 363025   
33Richard Riecks   Littleton, CO2:47:22.50 364044   Racer X Cycling
34Paul Murchison   Denver, CO2:47:40.10 382173   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
35Kevin OMeara   Park City2:48:14.30 396107   
36tom bleskan   Carbondale, CO2:48:41.70 395873   
37Doug Hill   Evergreen, CO2:49:07.70 362718   
38Lennard Zinn   Boulder, CO2:51:40.10 120345   Boulder Cycle Sport
39Steve Murphy   Monument, CO2:51:49.00 333018   
40Anthony Goffredo   Boulder, CO2:53:28.00 13509   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
41Randy Prunty   Boulder2:55:34.10 195046   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
42Hector Leyba   Penrose, CO2:57:50.10 364563   Southern Colorado Velo
43Richard Sweeney   Highlands Ranch, CO2:59:34.20 362732   Racer X Cycling
44Sid Noyes   Eureka, CA3:01:39.30 54640   Davis Bike Club Race Team
45Raymond Heck   Arcadia, OK3:08:37.80 165522   Team Undiscovered
46Daniel Recht   Denver, CO3:09:31.80 363975   Local Velo
47Richard Stewart   Castle Rock, CO3:12:56.30 271091   
48Leroy Smith   Denver, CO3:14:26.70 363348   Racer X Cycling
49Laurence M Boothby   Englewood, CO3:29:39.80 302880   Racer X Cycling
50Joe Friedman   3:29:40.50   
51David Kosley   Green Mountain Falls, CO3:31:40.60 70267   
52Rick Arneson   3:45:06.20   
53David Storey   Franktown, CO3:52:28.30 201278   Schwab Cycles Racing Team

Men - SM 45+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Brendan Hemp   Louisville, CO2:13:04.70 101274   
2Rick Petersen   Bow Mar, CO2:13:04.80 362839   ColoBikeLaw.com
3Gordon Smith   Lakewood, CO2:13:57.80 77644   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
4Brian Anderson   Longmont, CO2:15:31.60 362830   Blue Sky Velo
5Robert Dwyer   Denver, CO2:16:33.60 363979   ColoBikeLaw.com
6Chris Deigert   Ft. Collins2:18:30.00 363768   
7Bryan Cook   Highlands Ranch, CO2:19:40.00 362505   TLR Cycling
8patrick sullivan   Bailey, CO2:22:21.20 374457   International Christian Cycling Club
9Mark Piquette   Longmont, CO2:22:21.40 363333   
10Tim Cannon   Telluride, CO2:25:19.50 365760   
11Jay M Burgess   Boulder, CO2:25:42.10 5492   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
12Jeff Fithian   Boulder, CO2:26:29.20 363717   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
13Marco S Cornacchione   Boulder, CO2:27:02.30 377351   
14Frank Knuettel   Centennial, CO2:27:06.50 377290   ColoBikeLaw.com
15Tom Hootman   Denver2:27:47.90 384100   ColoBikeLaw.com
16Terry Gill   Boulder, CO2:28:50.20 362712   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
17Steve Baird   Highlands Ranch, CO2:32:31.70 363279   
18Robert ODonnell   Longmont, CO2:33:26.10 374719   Rally Sport Cycling Team
19Brian Heber   Shawnee, CO2:34:20.20 363941   Racer X Cycling
20Steven Baxter   2:36:38.80   
21Joshua A Pace   Denver, CO2:36:55.60 366877   
22Bennett Hug   Highlands Ranch, CO2:37:43.20 260446   ColoBikeLaw.com
23Manny Lorenzo   Denver, CO2:42:30.60 366621   ColoBikeLaw.com
24Kevin McNamara   Arvada, CO2:42:52.50 364118   Team Body Sync
25Gary W Dorris   Boulder2:44:04.50 404357   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
26Blair E Oliver   Fort Collins, CO2:44:15.30 377228   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
27G.Scott Walden   Aurora, CO2:44:32.40 189359   ColoBikeLaw.com
28Carl S Hofmann   Superior, CO2:44:45.10 380763   
29Richard Giniewski   Aurora, CO2:45:19.00 67764   Racer X Cycling
30Kurt Wieck   Laporte, CO2:48:40.60 371676   
31Rod Unverrich   Fort Collins, CO2:49:03.80 368821   
32Ross Ostenberg   Salina, KS3:00:12.20 383593   Midwest Masters Cycling Team-KS
33John T Winsor   Boulder, CO3:01:10.00 383877   Boulder Cycle Sport
34Ben Emerson   Boulder, CO3:02:35.70 43568   
35dan rhoads   Mitchell, SD3:03:41.30 367908   
36Mark Feeley   Nederland, CO3:05:46.10 158974   
37Thomas P Panton   Centennial, CO3:06:27.20 278739   ColoBikeLaw.com
38Eric A Short   Littleton, CO3:11:08.80 107822   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
39Rich Cieciuch   Ridgway, CO3:19:00.20 366217   
40Phil Murray   Loveland, CO3:25:29.50 179069   Blue Sky Velo
41Jonathan H Day   Fort Collins, CO3:32:43.80 55555   Team Rio Grande

Men - SM 45+ 1-2-3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Frank D Zoldak   Niwot, CO2:06:36.60 260369   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
2Steve T Crowley   Castle Rock, CO2:08:11.00 8250   Peloton Racing
3Robert Dahl   Lafayette, CO2:10:25.20 52176   Boulder Orthopedics
4John Haggerty   Telluride, CO2:11:19.00 136821   
5Bill Stalhuth   Boulder, CO2:11:57.30 61804   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
6Jeffrey Hartmann   Boulder, CO2:12:53.80 46696   Boulder Orthopedics
7Nate Llerandi   Lafayette, CO2:13:27.10 340838   Sonic Boom Racing Team
8Todd Robertson   Boulder, CO2:14:39.70 209859   FRANCO Bicycles Racing
9Peter Ismert   Littleton Co2:15:13.40 17448   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
10Jim Copeland   Denver, CO2:19:23.20 46820   Saturn Cycling Team TTIII
11David Binkowski   Denver, CO2:20:24.20 369584   
12Alan C Youngblood   Boulder, CO2:20:27.30 161683   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
13Thomas Pennell   2:20:45.10   
14James P Howe   Lakewood, CO2:21:17.70 50427   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
15Danny Suter   Boulder, CO2:23:37.50 167158   Rally Sport Cycling Team
16Gary Mulder   Boulder2:25:27.90 363052   Boulder Orthopedics
17Matthew C Gibble   Broomfield, CO2:26:17.30 264843   Sonic Boom Racing Team
18Richard Hoehler   Aurora, CO2:26:27.00 272108   ColoBikeLaw.com
19Walter J Warwick   Boulder, CO2:26:53.40 172175   Excel Sports Boulder
20Derrick E Nickel   Denver, CO2:29:36.00 26078   Boulder Orthopedics
21Harry Kent   Estes Park, CO2:30:10.20 382084   
22Steve Kurland   Lyons2:32:18.40 20013   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
23Kevin J Barker   Lakewood2:34:33.00 2596   Green Mountain Sports Velo
24Adam Asnes   New York2:35:24.50 45035   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
25Douglas McGhee   Englewood, CO2:37:28.30 146141   ColoBikeLaw.com
26Steve Parcell   Boulder2:46:42.80 362873   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
27Pierre Zabel   Salt Lake City2:49:50.60 186115   
28Patrick J Morrissey   Boulder, CO2:57:26.20 25167   Team Cross (TCNM)
29Stephen Sheldon   Eagle Co3:14:09.10 141814   
30Jeffrey G Skates   Conifer, CO3:20:57.20 157244   Altitude Cycling

Men - SM 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1SETH STINGLEY   Monument Co2:11:12.20 392297   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
2Jason J Kiefer   Boulder, CO2:11:33.10 389935   Sports Garage Cycling
3Michael S Dunbar   Lakewood, CO2:11:50.80 289831   Lathram Financial/MHCS
4Danny Whipple   Colorado Springs, CO2:12:27.10 362000   
5John R Guala   Westminster, CO2:14:19.70 366459   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
6stefan r lauterbach   Denver, CO2:17:35.20 380551   
7Brian a Zipler   Greenwood Village, CO2:18:32.80 331928   Cafe Velo
8Brendan Billingsley   Boulder, CO2:20:23.90 363117   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
9Aaron Buechter   Colorado Springs, CO2:22:30.00 303675   
10Eric Gregg   Greeley, CO2:23:55.20 361711   Twin Peaks Racing
11Charles Bartel   Longmont, CO2:26:56.40 267300   TrainingPeaks
12Landry Bobo   Colorado Springs, CO2:26:56.80 347622   Front Rangers Junior Cycling
13Cooper Shanks   Alamosa, CO2:30:25.10 400645   
14Douglas Gibula   Denver, CO2:32:16.50 194930   
15Brandon McNellis   2:32:42.10   
16Joshua Sahala   Louisville, CO2:35:13.30 363995   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
17Connor Livingston   Centennial2:43:50.60 362695   ColoBikeLaw.com
18Nick Kosovich   Thornton, CO2:50:21.90 363779   Racer X Cycling
19David Hornick   Englewood, CO2:51:06.70 363585   
20Sean M Karre   Omaha, NE2:51:37.30 331700   Sonic Boom Racing Team
21Scott Hornick   Littleton, CO2:55:37.80 283043   
22Pete Brey   Reedsburg Wi3:05:12.00 382741   
23Nicholas Caster   Roseville, CA3:10:36.90 394639   Rio Strada Racing
24David Wieland   Roseville3:10:37.20 397062   Rio Strada Racing

Men - SM 35+ 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Mike Engelhardt   Los Alamos, NM2:09:30.80 56625   Roadrunner Cycling Club
2Robert T Jacobs   Littleton, CO2:10:29.10 392362   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
3Carl Legleiter   Laramie, WY2:11:37.20 380696   Rolland Cycling
4Matt Blakely   Fort.collins2:12:32.10 391872   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
5Aaron Macarelli   Golden, CO2:16:44.60 363702   Twin Peaks Racing
6Clyde Wright   Denver, CO2:18:57.00 331160   Rocky Mountain Road Club
7Adam Sloan   Denver, CO2:20:03.30 363047   Rocky Mountain Road Club
8Jamy Bacchus   Denver2:28:51.80 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
9Russell Schnitzer   Lakewood, CO2:32:28.20 243471   Racer X Cycling
10James Campbell   Aurora, CO2:33:02.40 363632   
11Geoff Klingsporn   Denver, CO2:34:23.90 364597   Salvagetti/Happy Coffee Cyclocross
12Michael Magluilo   Denver, CO2:37:06.30 367439   Rocky Mountain Road Club
13Kelly Woolverton   Rogersville, MO2:37:11.50 135963   
14Nigel Thompson   Denver, CO2:38:36.90 365668   Racer X Cycling
15Joshua Metzl   Denver, CO2:39:40.60 296320   Altitude Cycling
16Christopher Smith   Boulder, CO2:40:54.60 246657   
17Mark Jorgensen   Cherry Hill, NJ2:45:13.70 265253   Summit
18Bryan Carlson   Fort Worth, TX2:45:36.90 68042   Team Bicycles inc
19Andrew N Sprafke   Lakewood, CO2:51:13.90 276370   Rocky Mountain Racing
20Joshua Lensen   Denver, CO2:53:27.10 392067   Audi
21Jason Hanson   2:58:53.40   
22Stephen Ogle   Fort Collins, CO3:01:43.70 41743   
23Marcus K Ward   Longmont, CO3:08:30.20 210911   TrainingPeaks

Men - SM 35+ 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Thomas Sweeney   Fort Collins, CO2:02:11.90 61519   
2Anthony D Iannacito   Denver, CO2:04:14.40 225551   
3Ralph Toka   Lakewood, CO2:04:45.00 362506   Racer X Cycling
4Jim Hallberg   Longmont, CO2:06:04.10 306052   Racer X Cycling
5Steve Fangman   Lafayette2:09:01.40 362716   Foxtrot Racing
6Jerod W Ridge   Littleton Co2:09:56.30 367163   Cycleton
7Eric R Long   Boulder, CO2:10:32.50 359081   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
8Michael Brill   Evergreen, CO2:11:03.50 363079   Racer X Cycling
9Shawn Kingrey   Pueblo, CO2:11:03.60 167284   Team Body Sync
10Chris Burke   Longmont, CO2:12:58.30 363292   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
11David Chart   Highlands Ranch, CO2:13:05.30 362770   International Christian Cycling Club
12Jon W Alegranti   Superior, CO2:14:25.90 338   
13Eric R Truman   Parker, CO2:14:51.60 225629   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
14Matthew Skrdla   Fort Collins, CO2:18:17.50 119355   
15Jonah Adley   Boulder, CO2:19:02.20 232868   GS Boulder/Studio 1 Dental/Organic India
16Tim Lemmon   Melbourne2:19:04.10 363127   
17Mike Schaumloeffel   Boulder, CO2:20:04.40 286890   Team Rio Grande
18Jason Hartman   Centennial, CO2:20:43.60 363574   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
19Andrew Johnson   Erie, CO2:21:09.40 188785   
20Jon Smela   Loveland, CO2:21:13.00 364432   Team Rio Grande
21Blake Cohen   Denver, CO2:22:09.40 364261   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
22Aaron Bachik   Denver, CO2:22:10.00 296366   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
23Ian Guthrie   Boulder, CO2:23:14.40 362754   Blue Sky Velo
24Brad Thomas   Boulder, CO2:25:15.90 79265   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
25Mark Johnson   Louisville, CO2:29:11.10 370843   
26Scott Meadows   Erie, CO2:30:47.90 364256   Louisville Velo Club/ Team Louisville Cyclery
27James Bedrosian   Boulder, CO2:32:06.00 238074   Boulder Cycle Sport
28Chad Payne   Harrison, AR2:33:14.40 207902   Walmart/Baugh Financial
29Paul Combest   Parker, CO2:35:20.30 364541   IC3Colorado
30Lance W Loehding   Littleton, CO2:39:26.70 198765   
31Dathan Atchison   Branson, MO2:42:04.70 291508   Walmart/Baugh Financial
32Jeffrey Roth   Boulder, CO2:42:44.00 118840   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
33David Knutson   Mpls. Mn.2:42:59.90 363745   Green Mountain Sports Velo
34Alexander Gillett   Cherry Hills Village, CO2:54:01.70 206663   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
35Bradley J Swenson   Evergreen, CO3:04:50.10 276627   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
36Jeffrey Peters   Denver, CO3:20:29.60 77241   

Men - SM 35+ 1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Eric B Jones   Boulder, CO2:03:54.40 154867   Rally Sport Cycling Team
2Darren J Lee   Golden, CO2:05:45.70 43089   Golden Bike Shop
3Phillip B Gronniger   Castle Rock, CO2:06:47.60 14262   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
4Jonathan Cavner   Colorado Springs, CO2:06:48.70 282099   CP Racing
5John P Barclay   Boulder, CO2:06:50.10 2553   Rally Sport Cycling Team
6Matthew Segur   Golden, CO2:06:51.20 224161   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
7Walter J Durrer   Loveland, CO2:06:54.20 352686   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
8Eric Zolner   Colorado Springs, CO2:09:08.50 272949   CP Racing
9Jordan Sher   Denver, CO2:09:17.20 214172   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
10Dave Cho   Fort Collins, CO2:10:01.40 363906   Peloton-Specialized Cycling Team
11Torsten M Lyon   Golden, CO2:10:19.00 114781   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
12Jason Glowney   Boulder, CO2:11:00.00 58845   Boulder Orthopedics
13Mark J Schwab   Boulder, CO2:12:37.60 162985   Excel Sports Boulder
14William Howe   Evergreen, CO2:13:46.10 364392   Schwab Cycles Racing Team
15Matthew M Gates   Lyons, CO2:14:37.60 109998   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
16Brent Webb   Highlands Ranch, CO2:15:18.80 52318   Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
17Peter Beland   Little Rock, AR2:15:19.80 47037   Walmart/Baugh Financial
18Raik Huster   Centennial, CO2:15:38.30 363802   CP Racing
19Joseph Cooper   Superior, CO2:18:23.00 50587   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
20Tim M Faia   Breckenridge, CO2:19:47.70 40096   
21James Thies   Denver, CO2:23:36.80 60214   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team
22Ricky Willis   Telluride2:26:07.10 382037   
23Paul Deninger   Iowa City, IA2:39:08.30 52064   Velosport Iowa /American Equity

Men - SM 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ian K London   Denver Co2:02:39.40 376368   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
2Robert W Thayer   Broomfield2:07:39.20 396770   Sonic Boom Racing
3Brandon Babiracki   Colorado Springs, CO2:08:48.50 341982   CP Racing
4Tom Wagner   Denver, CO2:09:49.10 191847   
5Andy Johnson   Louisville, CO2:10:23.50 358390   Sonic Boom Racing Team
6Aaron M Hugen   Littleton, CO2:10:44.90 306980   Rocky Mountain Road Club
7David t Ross   Denver, CO2:11:03.30 338772   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
8Nate Whitman   Los Angeles, CA2:11:27.60 188470   Cynergy Cycles Racing
9Ryan Taylor   Broomfield, CO2:12:50.50 77395   Sonic Boom Racing
10David Leonard   Arvada, CO2:15:03.80 252449   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
11Andrew Wise   Denver Co2:16:28.20 363639   Altitude Cycling
12John R Babcock   Arvada, CO2:17:11.90 329220   
13Matthew DeAngelis   Boulder Co2:19:16.40 363841   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
14Ian A Nansel   Englewood, CO2:19:35.60 224551   Altitude Cycling
15Matthew J Eberly   Aurora, CO2:26:20.40 199914   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
16Troy Meeker   Frisco, CO2:26:30.00 333346   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
17Patrick J Hill   Denver, CO2:35:08.30 307100   Primal Wear - McDonald-Audi
18Hans Wright   Fort Worth, TX2:38:51.70 71694   LiftMaster-Tuneros Racing

Men - JM 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Matthew Scavuzzo   Parkerco2:25:04.50 367468   Altitude Cycling
2Andrew Castagneri   Littleton, CO2:27:01.00 364346   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3Christopher Wahle   Parker, CO2:40:21.60 388069   International Christian Cycling Club
4Nial Irwin   Evergreen, CO2:48:45.70 298003   Altitude Cycling

Men - JM 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gage Hecht   Parker, CO0:39:54.60 277074   Team Specialized Racing Juniors
2Cade R Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:42:23.40 286308   Boulder Junior Cycling
3Stephen J Haas   Lakewood, CO0:43:35.20 284765   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4Greg Albright   Carlsbad, NM0:43:40.40 322306   Carlsbad Velo Cycling Team
5Evan Kjosen   Littleton, CO0:47:49.20 367662   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
6Joshua Schroeder   Lakewood, CO0:48:50.40 351364   International Christian Cycling Club
7Zacharey L Elzi   Golden, CO0:48:50.40 381244   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
8Aaron Sigman   Highlands Ranch, CO0:48:50.50 278243   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
9Jackson Hootman   Denver0:49:50.30 384101   ColoBikeLaw.com
10Chase A Klug   Aurora, CO0:53:26.60 400384   ColoBikeLaw.com
11Cayden R Cecil   Evergreen0:55:59.90 407575   Altitude Cycling
12Logan R Ramsay   Dillon, CO0:56:01.50 277191   
13Jack c Doherty   Denver0:59:56.00 368692   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
14Austin McAnarney   Denver, CO1:00:55.50 362500   Black Sheep Junior Cycling

Men - JM 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Nolan Herzog   Vail Co0:45:19.50 378906   
2Trevor Christofferson   Aurora, CO0:47:25.80 377539   International Christian Cycling Club
3Ethan Wright   Boulder, CO0:47:38.00 362707   Boulder Junior Cycling
4Christian K Wilson   Beaver Creek Colorado0:47:50.40 407498   
5Jonah Thompson   Albuquerque, NM0:48:19.90 284769   High Desert Bicycles Team
6Simon Castagneri   Littleton, CO0:49:34.60 362582   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
7Clay A GriffinDerr   0:50:48.70   
8Alex Campbell   Lakewood, CO0:51:02.40 395936   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
9Christopher scavuzzo   Parker Colorado0:53:42.00 375315   Altitude Cycling
10Collin M Wilson   Beaver Creek Colorado1:00:29.80 407497   
11Brock Arends   Arvada, CO1:03:26.10 363372   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
12Lorenzo S Melendez   Denver, CO1:05:23.00 408420   T Town Express
13Miles M Ross   Boulder1:08:26.90 401502   Boulder Junior Cycling

Men - JM 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Zane Worrell   Vail, CO0:48:45.80 362912   
2Ryan Campbell   Lakewood, CO0:52:36.70 362894   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3Jared P Scott   Boulder, CO0:53:21.30 401329   Boulder Junior Cycling
4William Scavuzzo   Parker Colorado0:53:57.70 375436   Altitude Cycling
5Colin Szuch   Evergreen0:56:25.10 363511   Altitude Cycling
6Torin W Bickmore   Longmont, CO0:59:11.90 330652   Boulder Junior Cycling
7Ryan Stowers   Denver0:59:29.80 381826   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
8Andrew Koozenga   1:05:40.60   
9Daniel Walden   Aurora, CO1:19:47.90 362859   ColoBikeLaw.com

Women - SW Pro-1-2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Annie Toth   Laramie, WY2:19:30.70 380695   Rolland Cycling
2Lisa R Tumminello   Steamboat Springs, CO2:28:32.90 184590   Steamboat Velo
3Lindsey Knast   Lafayette, CO2:31:04.90 336564   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
4Jennifer Schumm   Denver Co2:32:31.40 363255   Prestige Imports/ZUMXR
5Catherine F Johnson   Boulder, CO2:41:51.80 185214   
6Danielle A Haulman   Davis, CA2:46:11.30 181367   UCI WPT: TIBCO to The Top

Women - SW 65+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Ruthanne Polidori   Morrison, CO3:40:20.30 257219   Racer X Cycling

Women - SW 55+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Lynne Anderson    Saint Louis, MO2:42:42.50 350742   Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing
2Ellen G Wakeman   Evergreen, CO2:46:32.50 332522   Racer X Cycling
3Leslie Shainline   Denver, CO2:47:08.60 223993   
4Ruth Alexander   Fort Collins, CO2:50:40.40 364531   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
5Diane Granger   Lakewood, CO2:55:56.00 363670   
6Maurine Sweeney   Highlands Ranch, CO2:57:41.50 362731   Racer X Cycling
7Deborah McCabe   Evergreen3:08:48.80 362932   Racer X Cycling
8Carla A Flores   Pueblo, CO3:15:24.10 48199   Excel Sports Boulder
9Kathy Hix   Longmont, CO3:27:42.30 364414   Blue Sky Velo
10Sandra North   Portland Ct3:29:12.90 368581   Blue Sky Velo
11Lynn A Babbitt   Cheyenne, WY3:30:44.80 283111   Spradley Barr Wind Chill Cycling
12Ceil Murphy   Monument, CO3:32:46.50 333020   DNA Cycling-UT
13Stacie Ward   Boulder Co3:54:37.90 395359   OUTDOOR DIVAS CYCLING
14Danette Dieffenbach   Vero Beach, FL4:21:32.30 374568   

Women - SW 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Sue Stokes   Breckenridge, CO2:28:40.00 251217   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
2Beverly Zimmermann   Monument, CO2:35:19.10 213761   DNA Cycling-UT
3Diana Hassel   Fort Collins, CO2:35:52.70 178539   Team Rio Grande
4Robin Waterman   Hanover Ma2:35:59.50 364464   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
5Margie Williams   2:47:48.60   
6Tracy Zaik   2:50:22.70   
7Connie Inks   Waterloo, IA2:52:50.90 194642   
8Molly McNamara   Lakewood2:54:07.20 395267   Racer X Cycling
9Sue Bushman   Boulder, CO2:54:20.30 395363   Racer X Cycling
10Kathryn Judson   Arvada, CO2:56:07.80 47161   Green Mountain Sports Velo
11Sonja Evers   Washington, DC2:56:54.90 144435   Rise Above Racing
12Laura Dickinson   Frisco, CO3:04:23.20 337786   Front Rangers Cycling Club
13Roseanna Neupauer   Lafayette, CO3:21:41.90 364447   Foxtrot Racing

Women - SW 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Cory Popovich   Golden, CO2:39:36.50 363686   OUTDOOR DIVAS CYCLING
2Melissa Langdon   Arvada, CO2:39:36.90 397266   Naked Women's Racing
3Erin McGinnis   Breckenridge, CO2:39:42.70 362454   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
4Loren E ONeill   Fort Collins, CO2:40:34.00 374376   Fort Follies Cycling Team
5Melissa F Westergard   Centennial, CO2:41:29.70 387478   ColoBikeLaw.com
6Jennie L Roberts   Denver, CO2:42:06.90 399430   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
7Barb Lotze   Littleton, CO2:42:08.00 363132   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
8kristie arend   Boulder2:45:16.80 393488   Boulder Running Company Cycling Team
9Amy Thompson   Denver, CO2:48:42.30 369299   Racer X Cycling
10Shelley Dunlop   Steamboat Springs Co2:52:25.60 369354   
11Katie Harrer   Denver, CO2:52:36.50 395349   Naked Women's Racing
12Jennifer Lausen   Golden, CO2:57:13.50 363729   Twin Peaks Cycling,Inc
13Tami Burke   Littleton, CO2:58:20.10 351718   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella
14Elizabeth Miller   St Paul, MN3:00:58.10 159663   County Cycles
15Cindy Hintgen   Frisco, CO3:01:32.10 362690   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
16kami w holt   Highlands Ranch, CO3:04:02.60 406697   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS
17Laura Hoevel   Pueblo, CO3:11:18.80 368487   Team Body Sync
18Terry Petersen   Boulder, CO3:13:12.60 367686   TheCyclist-Lawyer.com
19Camilla Nielsen   Copenhagen3:13:26.40 411080   
20Elaine Harris   Lafayette, CO3:16:24.50 71833   Real D-Amgen Masters Cycling
21Tara E Liebisch   Boulder, CO3:25:37.70 381869   OUTDOOR DIVAS CYCLING

Women - SW 35+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Gabriela Ferrat   Golden, CO2:40:50.70 112632   Team Rio Grande
2Kristin A CarpenterOgden   Durango, CO2:40:51.10 99857   
3JJ Laughon   Fort Collins, CO2:44:32.20 363291   Team Rio Grande
4Christina Moore   Colorado Springs , CO2:47:41.90 232303   Primal/McDonald Audi Women's racing
5Andrea Koenig   Denver, CO2:50:06.90 348758   PSIMET/Zilla Racing
6Alisa Moore Copeland   Denver, CO2:52:03.00 363537   Front Rangers Cycling Club
7kristen craine   Telluride2:58:35.60 409830   
8Madeleine Fairchild   Boulder, CO2:59:04.40 406491   

Women - SW 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Kristen L Peterson   Boulder, CO2:27:27.90 294039   Natural Grocers Cycling Team
2Susie Jones   Steamboat Springs, CO2:33:37.20 384870   Steamboat Velo
3Christine Snider   Englewood, CO2:34:14.20 362743   Front Rangers Cycling Club
4Kristin Weber   Boulder, CO2:36:45.20 354314   Boulder Cycle Sport
5Nina C Donohue   Boulder, CO2:36:55.20 374696   Boulder Cycle Sport
6Lanier Allen   Littleton, CO2:53:55.20 362528   Naked Women's Racing
7Jessica D'Amato   Boulder, CO2:56:39.20 364423   Evol Elite Racing

Women - JW 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Jenny Lucke   Louisville, CO0:57:05.80 364444   Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella

Women - JW 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Cassidy S Donohue   Boulder, CO1:24:23.10 401630   Boulder Junior Cycling

Women - JW 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Tea Wright   Boulder, CO1:04:38.30 363170   Boulder Junior Cycling
2Petra Schmidtmann   Nederland, CO1:07:41.20 363223   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
3Taylor Johnson   Broomfield, CO1:11:19.70 381763   Black Sheep Junior Cycling
4Sophie Berry   Littleton, CO1:14:30.60 363142   

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