Race Results for
St Mary's Child Center Cyclocross
Indianapolis, IN
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Cyclo-cross on 09/29/2013

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Single Speed

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1241.41Mike Dulin   Louisville, KY0:44:09 84921   unattached
2257.00Justin Thompson   Louisville, KY0:46:23 114855   
3272.59Zachary Dorsey   Louisville, KY0:46:41 302396   
4288.18Jonathan Lozon   Floyds Knobs, IN0:47:33 291131   COTBR
5303.77Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY0:49:48 298154   Reser Bicycle
6319.36Steve Matherly   Lexington, KY0:51:40 292177   Team WHAYNE
7334.95Garry Blair   Springboro, OH0:52:08 360550   Champion City Cycling
8350.54Brian Segal   Louisville, KY0:53:35 270558   Rogue Racing Project
9366.13Blaine Heppner   Louisville, KY0:55:00 256278   Don Walker Cycles Racing
10381.72Scott Wagner   Fort Wayne, IN0:57:00 241678   Men Of Steel Racing LLC
11397.31Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN 290524   McDonalds Cycling Team
12412.90Steve Bivens   Evansville, IN 257617   Breck's Bicycle Shop
13428.49Nathan Schickel   Indianapolis, IN 303   Kreitler Racing

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1281.51Nicholas Petrov   Mason, OH0:22:47 325072   Lionhearts Junior Racing
2291.53Lucas Stierwalt   Maineville, OH0:23:17 359561   Lionhearts Junior Racing
3301.55Lewis Gatch   Terrace Park, OH0:23:57 327078   Lionhearts Junior Racing
4311.57Brennan Foster   Louisville, KY0:24:01 388740   Red Zone Cycling
5321.59Marek Hayes   Brazil In0:24:54 386461   J's Bikes/IHOP
6331.61Jacob Krynock   Mason, OH0:25:02 323964   Lionhearts Junior Racing
7341.63Gabriel Dobrozsi   Loveland, OH0:25:35 324656   Lionhearts Junior Racing
8351.65Owen Busch   Loveland, OH0:25:46 387255   Lionhearts Junior Racing
9361.67Will Johnson   Pendleton, IN0:25:55 341996   DRT racing
10371.69Mark Myles   Utica, KY0:26:31 360293   Be Real Sports - CrankWorks - Grease Monkey
11381.71Paul Haley   Louisville, KY 414569   Red Zone Cycling
12Dylan Wick   0:26:59   bicycle station
13401.75Noah Desch   Cincinnati 411619   Lionhearts Junior Racing
14411.77Jonathan Steinrock   Crestwood, KY0:27:12 388454   Red Zone Cycling
15421.79Joseph Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:27:50 358628   Lionhearts
16431.81Daniel Caldwell   Owensboro, KY0:27:51 414762   Be Real Sports - CrankWorks - Grease Monkey
17441.83Garrett McNear   Louisville, KY0:28:11 358698   Red Zone Cycling
18Isaac Thompson   0:28:23   Red Zone
20471.89Jarrod Nichols   Westfield, IN0:29:44 376903   Midwest Devo
21481.91Peter Schmidt   Crestwood0:29:45 412542   Red Zone Cycling
22491.93James Haubner   Hamilton, OH 386985   QCW / Lionhearts
24511.97Bartek Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH0:30:59 358802   Lionhearts Junior Racing
25521.99Alex Weisgerber   Loveland, OH0:31:15 386483   Lionhearts
26532.01Jonathan Hills   Loveland, OH0:31:34 386812   Team Dayton / Merrill Lynch Cycling
28Marcus Matherly   0:32:35   Sunrise Bakery
29562.07Ayrton Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:33:05 417068   MidWest Devo
31582.11Christopher Prewitt   Loveland Oh0:34:56 414164   Lionhearts Junior Racing
32592.13Noah Brossia   Cincinnati, OH0:35:33 325460   Lion Hearts Jr Racing
37600.00Blake Moore   Loveland, OH-1LAP 414275   Lionhearts Junior Racing
41600.00Conner Wilson   Loveland, OH-1LAP 414893   Team Dayton
DNSNathan Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 386481   Lionhearts
DNSZane Ash   Cincinnati, OH 301021   Lionhearts Junior Racing

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 14-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1206.40Jedidiah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN0:43:50 292244   Red Zone Cycling
2217.40Robert Prewitt   Loveland, OH0:46:58 267669   Lionhearts Junior Racing
3228.40James Francisco   Louisville, KY0:47:02 269260   Red Zone Cycling
4239.40Corbin Schmitz   Bargersville, IN0:47:25 319856   Midwest Devo
5250.40Josiah Longenecker   Angola, IN0:48:28 353804   Men of Steel Racing
6261.40Zachary Ross   Cincinnati, OH0:49:24 301225   Lionhearts Junior Racing
7272.40Jackson McNear   Louisville, KY0:50:10 301315   Red Zone Cycling

Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 45-59

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1150.86Keith Lucas   Custer, KY0:41:48 209624   BRS Racing
2156.83John Gatch   Terrace Park, OH0:42:01 153866   Bandwidth.com
3162.80Peter Hills   Loveland, OH0:42:32 117544   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
4168.77David McComb   Yoder, IN0:42:57 172316   Men of Steel Racing
5174.74Michael McShane   Louisville, KY0:43:37 23836   Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
6180.71Phillip Webb   Louisville, KY0:43:54 98515   Don Walker Cycles
7186.68Timothy Beirne   Louisville, KY0:43:59 57060   Better Cycling/Papa Johns
8192.65Michael Schulze   Cincinnati, OH0:44:01 155831   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
9198.62William Hallberg   Indianapolis, IN0:44:50 312998   Team Nebo Ridge
10204.59John Mandrola   Louisville, KY0:45:02 201258   Papa John's Racing Team
11210.56Joseph Bellante   Cincinnati, OH0:45:17 199092   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
12216.53Geoffrey Chandler   Indianapolis0:45:23 365647   Speedway Wheelmen
13222.50Glenn Francisco   Louisville, KY0:45:28 116557   Papa John's Racing Team
14228.47Patrick Lach   Cincinnati, OH0:46:09 145722   ZWS/Bertolli
15234.44John May   Louisville, KY0:46:26 195083   Papa John's Racing Team
16240.41Dennis Barber   North Vernon, IN0:46:46 113491   Bicycle Station
17246.38Jeffrey Schepper   Greenwood, IN0:46:50 311601   Speedway Wheelmen
18252.35Brad DeMott   Shelbyville, IN0:47:25 9179   Gray Goat Sports
19258.32Joe Fox   Bargersville, IN0:47:32 375518   Gray Goat Sports
20264.29Kevin Noone   Indianapolis, IN0:47:36 66206   ICC BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
21270.26Don Birch   Indianapolis, IN0:48:22 200905   Team Heroes
22276.23Marc Johnson   Indianapolis, IN0:48:23 344334   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
23282.20Andrew Klumb   Toledo, OH0:48:29 248080   Drakes Coffee
24288.17Keith Hutton   Floyds Knobs, IN0:48:42 187983   
25294.14Lance Fagerberg   Louisville, KY0:48:54 11159   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
26300.11Richard Toler   Dayton, OH0:48:54 66088   Merrill Lynch Cycling
27306.08James Turner   Dayton, OH0:48:58 189407   Team IPro
28312.05Thomas Elliott   Carmel, IN0:49:01 345524   matthews racing
29318.02john schmitz   Bargersville, IN0:49:16 315756   Indiebike p/b Angie's List
30323.99Brantiff Boyer   Carmel, IN0:49:47 199739   
31329.96David Hsu   Louisville, KY0:49:47 342286   Papa Johns Racing Team
32335.93Jason Long   Cincinnati, OH0:50:00 385991   Queen City Wheels
33341.90Jackson McNear   Louisville, KY0:50:10 301315   Red Zone Cycling
34347.87Steve HArpster   Indianapolis, IN0:50:12 229677   Unattached
35353.84Jim Creamer   Carmel, IN0:50:14 306875   Team Nebo Ridge
36359.81Yngvar Brynildssen   Indianapolis, IN0:50:37 5285   Speedway Wheelmen
37365.78Tim Gavin   West Lafayette, IN0:51:16 12969   Racing For Riley
38371.75Jerry Hayes   Cincinnati, OH0:51:30 233064   Rogue Racing Project 513
39377.72Charles South   Fort Wayne, IN0:51:36 33532   Men of Steel Racing
40383.69Alan Willey   Cincinnati, OH0:52:41 296822   Queen City Wheels
41389.66John Wischmeier   Columbus, IN0:53:00 286402   DRT Racing
42395.63Fred Steinbrecher   Frankfort, KY0:53:29 45973   McDonalds Cycling Team
43401.60Matthew Koehn   Indianapolis, IN0:53:30 19546   Speedway Wheelmen
44407.57Doug Hamilton   Fairborn, OH-1LAP 198036   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
45413.54Kenny Sipes   Flaherty, KY-1LAP 176930   Be Real Sports
46419.51Dell Williamson   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 115799   Queen City Wheels
DNSMichael Seiler   Louisville, KY 186628   Rogue Racing Project
DNSSteven Vorderman   Fort Wayne, IN 50616   DRT Racing
DNSJeffrey Chambers   Louisville, KY 93184   Schellers Racing Team
DNSJohn Petrov   Mason, OH 304080   Rouge Racing
DNSMike Ozment      Team mack
DNSRick Lyons   Louisville, KY 157236   
DNSDavid Coar   Ft Wayne, IN 57399   Men of Steel Racing
DNSTodd Nix   Owensboro, KY 242343   Breck's Bicycle Shop

Men - Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1110.39Ryan Knapp (1 - Cat1)   Columbus, IN0:55:57 161263   Pony Shop Cyclocross
2114.46Andrew Dillman (2 - Cat1)   Fairdale, KY0:56:18 261876   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
3118.53Gavin Haley (1 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY0:58:33 259719   Red Zone Cycling
4122.60Spencer Petrov (2 - Cat2)   Mason, OH0:59:24 301051   Sophisticated Living/Bob's Red Mill
5126.67Andrew Messer (3 - Cat1)   Bloomington, IN0:59:28 212310   Team Upland Brewing
6130.74Tom Burke (4 - Cat1)   Grand Rapids, MI0:59:43 179205   Wolverine Racing / Trek
7134.81Eric Anderson (5 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN1:00:24 42611   Zipp Factory Team
8138.88Aaron Beebe (3 - Cat2)   Grand Haven, MI1:00:43 258966   Bissell-ABG-Giant
9142.95Sven Baumann (6 - Cat1)   Lake Orion, MI1:00:46 378155   Wolverine Racing/Trek
10147.02Robert Kendall (7 - Cat1)   Georgetown, IN1:00:51 117036   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
11151.09John Francisco (4 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY1:00:56 269259   McDonalds Cycling Team
12155.16Chad Tieman (8 - Cat1)   Fort Wayne, IN1:01:15 292101   Team Upland Brewing
13159.23Ian McShane (5 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY1:01:24 257336   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
14163.30Jason Monk (9 - Cat1)   Lexington, KY1:01:41 267995   Team WHAYNE
15167.37Adam Rodkey (6 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN1:01:46 167200   Speedway Wheelmen
16171.44Ryan Hubbs (7 - Cat2)   Bargersville , IN1:01:55 343562   Speedway Wheelmen
17175.51David Neis (8 - Cat2)   Yellow Springs, OH1:03:38 276289   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
18179.58Scott Hoffner (10 - Cat1)   Milford, MI1:03:46 294925   Team Priority Health
19183.65Joshua Prater (9 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN1:04:17 28616   Speedway Wheelmen
20187.72Zach Bender (10 - Cat2)   Glen Rock, NJ1:04:49 250355   CycleSport
21191.79Adam York (11 - Cat1)   Okemos Mi1:05:00 210584   Wolverine Sports Club
22195.86Frederick Rose (12 - Cat1)   Bloomington, IN1:05:28 30553   Scholars Inn Bakehouse
23199.93Scot Herrmann (11 - Cat2)   Loveland, OH1:05:41 196635   team DAYTON
24204.00Raymond Smith (12 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY1:05:42 292526   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
25208.07Mitch Graham (13 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH1:06:16 119773   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
26212.14William Sherman (13 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN1:06:22 134321   Shamrock Cycles
27216.21Michael Hemelgarn   Avon, IN1:07:23 262921   DRT Racing
28220.28Daniel Pike (14 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 359836   Bio Wheels Racing
29224.35Michael Crouch (15 - Cat2)   Nashville, TN-1LAP 294954   Cumberland Transit Cycling
30228.42Michael Kennedy (16 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY-1LAP 256322   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
31232.49Chris Bowman (17 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 79229   Grey Goat Sports
32236.56Andrew Boneff (18 - Cat2)   Fairborn, OH-1LAP 291433   J's Bikes/IHOP
33240.63Bryan Underwood (14 - Cat1)   Davisburg-1LAP 260349   Wolverine Racing/TREK
34244.70Steven Gers   Bellevue, KY-1LAP 239935   BioWheels Racing
35248.77Craig Baker   Greenwood, IN-1LAP 399512   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
36252.84Chris Nevitt (19 - Cat2)   Louisville, KY-1LAP 259511   Bicycle Sport/Rooibee Red Tea
37256.91jeff schoeny (20 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 277142   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
38260.98Steve Bivens (21 - Cat2)   Evansville, IN-1LAP 257617   Breck's Bicycle Shop
39265.05Jason Mott (22 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH-1LAP 232186   Bio Wheels Racing
40269.12Joseph Hatley (23 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 88011   Team WBR - Indiana
41273.19Scott Baumer (24 - Cat2)   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 353428   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
42277.26Nathan Mirus   Batavia, OH-1LAP 280756   BioWheels Cincy
DNSJason Stoner (Cat2)   Athens, OH 139111   Fiets Met Slagroom
DNSChris Niesen   Milford, OH 391241   Bishops Bicycles
DNSRyan O'Connor (Cat1)   Cincinnati, OH 91766   Barbasol Racing
DNSBruce Pisarek   Powell, OH 73174   COBC National Engineering
DNSDavid Hauber (Cat1)   Clarksville, IN 209979   Texas Roadhouse Cycling
DNSAndy Reardon (Cat1)   Franklin, TN 177637   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill
DNSAnthony Viton (Cat2)   Westerville, OH 288957   BSM Cycling
DNSRichard Stuart (Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN 297948   Motion Cycling
DNFGunner Dygert (Cat2)   Brownsburg, IN 351414   BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
DNFRyan Gamm (Cat1)   Oxford, OH 149656   Ohio Valley Velo Sports

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1193.16Justin Miller   Columbus Oh0:42:32 303484   Team Six One Four
2196.42Cory Muth   Columbus, OH0:42:36 309938   BSM Cycling
3199.68Ben Schmutte   Noblesville, IN0:42:37 335050   Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
4202.94Dustin Jones   Indianapolis, IN0:42:40 276412   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
5206.20Cameron Ashbrook   Evansville, IN0:42:49 303363   Dans Competition Factory Racing
6209.46Justin Sorber   Lafayette, IN0:42:58 306060   DRT Racing
7212.72Andy Bracke   Independence, KY0:42:58 4541   Queen City Wheels
8215.98Benjamin King   Louisville, KY0:43:15 285795   Don Walker Cycles Racing
9219.24Tim Brown   Pewee Valley, KY0:43:20 318286   Don Walker Cycles Racing
10222.50Kristofer Karwisch   Hebron, KY0:43:48 285292   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
11225.76Duncan Russell   Columbus, OH0:43:52 313872   Echelon
12229.02Kirk Grynwald   Little Rock, AR0:44:12 309572   Don Walker Cycles
13232.28Joe Laux   Indianapolis, IN0:44:15 308730   Indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
14235.54Ryan Tragesser   Fishers, IN0:44:17 278631   Matthews Bicycles
15238.80Bradley Hayes   Brazil, IN0:44:40 333804   J's Bikes/IHOP
16242.06Galen Denney   Indianapolis, IN0:44:42 326568   Forever Alone
17245.32Ryan Eggen   Indianapolis, IN0:44:56 363653   Team IndieBike
18248.58Erik Albers   Indianapolis, IN0:44:58 330184   Speedway Wheelmen
19251.84Scott Brenton   Indianapolis, IN0:44:59 351196   Team Indiebike p/b Angie's List
20255.10James Keefe   Cincinnati0:45:02 386841   Trek Store Cincinnati
21258.36Jason Owen   Danville, IN0:45:04 304880   IGC
22261.62Mark Giganti   Clayton, IN0:45:10 172317   
23264.88Patrick Hirschfeld   Indianapolis, IN0:45:12 373456   Indiebike PB Angie's List
24268.14Mark Miller   Fort Wayne, IN0:45:17 343740   Summit City Bicycles
25271.40Nick Tinsler   Cincinnati, OH0:45:17 206244   Darkhorse Racing
26274.66Ty Peck   Shelbyville, IN0:45:31 329862   Team Heroes
27277.92Neal Forbes   Columbus, IN0:45:31 251328   
28281.18Jay Brant   Indianapolis, IN0:45:45 330608   Team Indiebike
29284.44Matt Stierwalt   Maineville, OH0:45:58 34173   Rogue Racing Project
30287.70Kevin Depasse   Bloomington, IN0:45:58 323640   Bissell-ABG-Giant
31290.96Corey Green   Mason, OH0:46:17 150266   ZWS Bertolli
32294.22Jim Frazier   Fishers, IN0:46:22 103874   Team Matthews Racing
33297.48Darrin Grosch   Cincinnati, OH0:46:24 356658   Trek Store Cincinnati
34300.74Josh Kline   Zionsville, IN0:46:25 310471   Team World Bicycle Relief
35304.00Ryan Burnette   Lafayette0:46:26 401436   
36307.26Michael Keppler   Indianapolis, IN0:46:37 195291   Speedway Wheelmen
37310.52Christopher Carissimi   Batavia, OH0:46:38 347066   Bishop's Bicycles
38313.78Mike Johnson   Pendleton, IN0:46:42 264914   DRT RACING
39317.04Chad Murphy   Fort Wayne, IN0:46:45 83066   Summit City Bicycles
40320.30Chris Richter   Fishers, IN0:46:51 82244   Motion Elite-First Internet Bank
41323.56Jason Pope   Greencastle, IN0:47:01 256440   Team Nebo Ridge
42326.82Miles Johnson   Indianapolis, IN0:47:24 317598   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
43330.08Sam Morgan   Dayton Ohio0:47:32 414241   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
44333.34Greg Bauer   Muncie, IN0:47:33 310092   Kirk's Bike Shop
45336.60Doug Voss   Goshen, KY0:47:39 309946   Papa Johns Cycling Team
46339.86Kory George   Richmond, IN0:47:58 387046   Cycling and Fitness Warehouse
47343.12Chris Arvin   Bloomington, IN0:48:15 101636   DRT Consulting
48346.38Christopher Milthaler   Dayton, OH0:48:27 385609   Ghisallo Cycling Team
49349.64Bill Craig   Cincinnati, OH0:48:28 345768   Team Hungry
50352.90Andy Perrino   Cincinnati, OH0:48:37 191478   Biowheels-Reece Campbell Racing
51356.16Nicholas Benedict   Hagerstown, IN0:48:46 378957   
52359.42Michael Otting   Cincinnati, OH0:48:55 26933   7 Hills Racing
53362.68Anthony Elmore   Elizabethtown, KY0:49:00 116063   Outdoor Ventures
54365.94Kipp Silber   Dayton, OH0:49:14 287701   University of Cincinnati
55369.20Luther Prater   Muncie, IN0:49:15 95090   Speedway Wheelmen
56372.46Oliver Beeson   Fishers, IN0:49:23 204060   motion elite p/b first internet bank
57375.72Thomas Anderson   Cincinnati, OH0:49:28 290824   Team Hungry*
58378.98Christian Ambjorn   Park Hills, KY0:49:48 298154   Reser Bicycle
59382.24Scott Murschel   Cincinnati, OH0:49:49 202250   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
60385.50James Foster   Indianapolis, IN0:49:56 305928   shamrock cycles
61388.76Scott Perry   Indianapolis, IN0:50:00 208296   Speedway Wheelmen
62392.02James Jensen   Indianapolis, IN0:50:22 387449   Gray Goat Sports
63395.28Andy Paskins   Carmel, IN0:50:40 137920   SRAM Factory Team
64398.54Steve Matherly   Lexington, KY0:51:40 292177   Team WHAYNE
65401.80Eric Anderson   Bloomington, IN0:52:08 266766   Racing For Riley
66405.06Garry Blair   Springboro, OH0:52:08 360550   Champion City Cycling
67408.32Richard Bate   Louisville, KY0:52:36 297740   joe's cycles/cardinal bicycle co.
68411.58Jeff Dunn   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 309754   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
69414.84Jason Cox   Loveland, OH0:52:52 357631   Rogue Racing Project 513
70418.10Michael Mullins   Brookville, OH0:53:14 344862   Champion City Cycling
72424.62brian segal   Louisville, KY0:53:35 270558   Rogue Racing Project
73427.88D Luke Landis   Fort Wayne, IN0:53:44 122491   
74431.14Blaine Heppner   Louisville, KY0:55:00 256278   Don Walker Cycles Racing
75434.40Dave Aukerman   Hillsdale, IN0:55:30 97139   J's Bikes/IHOP
76437.66John Wheeler   Carmel, IN0:55:31 206716   Shamrock Cycles
77440.92Scott Wagner   Fort Wayne, IN0:57:00 241678   Men Of Steel Racing LLC
78444.18Micah Fritzinger   Georgetown, IN-1LAP 290524   McDonalds Cycling Team
DNSnicholas leonard   Owensboro, KY 240152   
DNSSean Darrow   Louisville, KY 331676   Team WHAYNE
DNSRobert Harris   Charlestown, IN 308301   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNSRyan Bartholomy   Owensboro, KY 247283   be real sports
DNFDavid Ferguson   Central City, KY 304203   Be Real Sports
DNFNathan Schickel   Indianapolis, IN 303   Kreitler Racing
DNFTodd Lewis   Louisville, KY 355256   Independent
DNFSteve Bivens   Evansville, IN 257617   Breck's Bicycle Shop
DNFJohn Ryan   Indianapolis, IN 278498   KCV Cycling Club
DNFJonathan Edwards   Brownsburg, IN 391233   Bicycle Exchange
DNFTim ODonnell   Indianapolis, IN 205702   Shamrock Cycles

Men - Cat 4 - Master - 35-49

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1321.78Jason Korte   Georgetown, IN0:29:00 360549   
2326.11John Porter   Westfield0:29:20 389740   FitLivin
3330.44Jason Renschler   Indianapolis, IN0:29:30 226357   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
4334.77Jay Lorentz   Shelbyville, IN0:29:35 357342   
5339.10Bob Cochrane   Indianapolis, IN0:30:15 356866   INDIEBIKE.COM p/b Angie's List
6343.43Norman Gwaltney   Indianapolis, IN0:30:34 60099   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
7347.76Russell Nichols   Westfield, IN0:30:42 350970   Team World Bicycle Relief
8352.09Chad Nay   Carmel, IN0:30:45 282137   
9356.42Thomas Davis   Zionsville, IN0:30:47 170173   Team Nebo Ridge
10360.75William Smith   Indianapolis, IN0:30:54 33064   T3 Cycling
11365.08Mike Conaway   Fortville, IN0:30:55 180478   Speedway Wheelmen
12369.41Benjamin Metzger   Indianapolis, IN 266233   Team Nebo Ridge
13373.74Christopher Hruska   Indianapolis, IN0:31:14 278962   Team Matthews Bikes
14378.07Fred Iversen   Carmel 0:31:14 366391   Shamrock Cycles
15382.40Tim Mally   Westfield0:31:17 166414   
16386.73Matt Rouse   Fishers, IN 141871   
17391.06Vern LaMere   Zionsville, IN0:31:22 413682   T3 Cycling
18395.39Brent Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:31:25 384444   Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
19399.72David Sperry   Indianapolis, IN0:31:29 197672   
20404.05Kent Ziegler   Mount Vernon, IN0:31:30 338616   Team FZ2 p/b Carson's Brewery
21408.38Hugh Gossage   Shelbyville, IN0:31:41 304191   Gray Goat Sports
22412.71Tom Peek   Anderson, IN0:31:49 91366   speedway wheelman
23417.04David Long   Louisville, KY0:31:52 336860   
24421.37Robert Ramser   Louisville, KY0:31:52 388805   
25425.70Ted Roll   Batavia, OH0:31:57 357406   Rogue Racing Project
26430.03Sean Cooney   Cincinnati0:32:12 399063   Team Hungry
27434.36Eric Roberson   Indianapolis0:32:13 414879   T3 Cycling Team
28438.69John Fovel   Cincinnati, OH0:32:14 220691   
29443.02W Alan Clements   Indianapolis, IN0:32:15 161258   
30447.35John Gardner   Terre Haute, IN0:32:15 360366   J's Bikes/IHOP
31451.68Robert Neuman   Chillicothe, OH0:32:24 53682   
32456.01Larry Moore   Ada0:32:24 52570   cyclocrossracing.com
33460.34Kevin Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:32:47 417029   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
34464.67Jeff Hernly   Greens Fork, IN0:32:59 417039   Unattached
35469.00Bob Wilson   Indianapolis, IN0:33:15 382055   
36473.33Tim Downs   Terre Haute, IN0:33:22 388502   Oshkosh Cycling Club
37477.66Chris Halioris   Crestwood, KY0:33:30 211555   Rogue Racing Project
38481.99Mark Hirsch   Chillicothe, OH0:33:40 360378   
39486.32Scott Whitehair   Louisville0:33:48 367884   Don Walker Cycles Racing
40490.65Zachary Hughes   Newburgh, IN0:34:04 238479   Liberty Cycle
41494.98Sean Hughes   Cincinnati, OH0:34:04 344274   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team
42Jim Hornsby   0:34:18   Unattached
43503.64Brent Olds   Chiago, IL 174181   Hungry*
44507.97Dave Tozer   Fishers, IN0:35:06 417048   Matthews Bikes
45512.30Christopher Ewan   Indianapolis, IN0:35:41 188782   A Cycling Team
46516.63Michael Corby   Carmel, IN0:36:00 414109   CORBY CONCEPTS
47520.96mark Harris   Dayton, OH0:36:10 365090   Trek Store Cincinnati
48Travis Miller   0:36:10   
49529.62David Nissen   Cincinnati, OH0:36:20 165977   QCW
50Bruce Benjamin   0:36:30   Unattached
51538.28Craig Clayton   Westfield, IN0:36:30 416384   Fitlivin
52542.61David Gable   Fort Wayne, IN0:36:57 172315   Summit City Bicycles
53546.94Jerry Rusin   Carmel, IN0:37:30 340260   Nebo Ridge
54551.27Duane Busch   Loveland, OH0:37:34 415019   
55555.60Jeremy Crumbaugh   Fishers, IN0:37:54 280757   Speedway Wheelmen
56559.93Jade Clifford   Indianapolis, IN0:37:56 414097   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
57564.26Alyn Brown   Indianapolis, IN0:37:56 157213   Nebo Ridge
58568.59Eric Simpson   Hebron, KY0:39:03 63306   Trek Store Cincinnati Cycling Team
59572.92Hal Bogard   Louisville, KY0:39:04 356212   Team in Training
60Steven Fecanin   0:40:11   @@RP
61581.58Brian Krull   Carmel, IN0:43:20 362350   
62585.91Mike Shipman   Richmond, IN 303145   Cycling & Fitness Warehouse
63590.24Michael Galinger   Cincinnati, OH 290794   team DAYTON
DNSJeff Noe   Crestwood, KY 219576   Trinity
DNSDan Ramsey   Cincinnati, OH 260179   7 Hills
DNSRyan Sharpe   Carmel, IN 323282   The Cycle Studio
DNSRyan Burnette   Lafayette 401436   
DNSScott Rudy   Cincinnati, OH 406675   Queen City Wheels
DNSMichael Weisgerber   Loveland, OH 325988   Rogue Racing
DNSJason French   Indianapolis, IN 403619   
DNSFrank Troiano   Fishers, IN 206824   Heroes Foundation Cycling Team
DNSRobert Annis   Indianapolis, IN 331390   A Cycling Team
DNSPaul Kane   Newbury Park, CA 218149   
DNSLlyn Harrington   Greenwood, IN 391862   

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1252.03Nicholas Beirne (1 - Cat4)   Goshen, KY0:29:15 286020   Better Cycling/ Papa Johns
2255.87Justin Bird   Louisville, KY0:30:11 379185   Red Zone Cycling
3259.71Josiah Longenecker   Angola, IN0:30:31 353804   Men of Steel Racing
4Balint Nagy   0:30:38   Giraffe
5267.39A. Enzo Allwein   Cincinnati, OH0:30:40 301180   Lionhearts
6271.23Owen Stone (1 - Cat5)   Louisville0:30:40 405233   VO2 Multisport
7275.07Chris Niesen (2 - Cat4)   Milford, OH0:30:41 391241   Bishops Bicycles
8278.91Jason Korte   Georgetown, IN0:31:01 360549   
9282.75Mathieu Sertorio (3 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:31:27 390686   7 Hills Racing
10286.59William Bobrow (4 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:31:31 318510   Papa John's Racing Team
11290.43Robert McFadden (5 - Cat4)   Fishers, IN0:31:34 360212   Joe's Cycles
12294.27Jon Wolery (6 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:31:49 362208   Trek Store Cincinnati
13298.11Tyler Conant (7 - Cat4)   Indianapolis0:31:55 389918   Bicycle Exchange Indy
14301.95Matthew Allen (8 - Cat4)   Lafayette, IN0:32:13 297739   Team Nebo Ridge
15305.79Mark Powell   Bloomington, IN0:32:21 384644   Scholar's Inn Bakehouse
16309.63Bob Cochrane   Indianapolis, IN0:32:31 356866   INDIEBIKE.COM p/b Angie's List
17313.47Thomas Francisco (9 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:32:51 327052   Red Zone Cycling
18317.31Nicola LaMotta (10 - Cat4)   Cincinnati0:32:51 399855   Dayton
19321.15Michael Zhang (11 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:33:04 359711   
20324.99Thomas McKenna   Cincinnati, OH0:33:04 375763   team hungry!
21328.83Nathan Ross (12 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:33:12 301226   Lionhearts Junior Racing
22332.67Chad Shackelford (13 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:33:16 413772   Team Hungry
23336.51Jay Lorentz   Shelbyville, IN0:33:19 357342   
24340.35Mark Rucker (14 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:33:25 285039   BIOWHEELS/REECE-CAMPBELL RACING
25344.19John Becker (15 - Cat4)   Fortville, IN0:33:32 346092   Motion Elite/Heroes
26348.03Jason Renschler   Indianapolis, IN0:33:41 226357   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
27351.87jack crump   Louisville, KY0:33:45 410422   Red Zone
28355.71beau boggs (16 - Cat4)   Zionsville, IN0:33:55 316206   BISSELL-ABG-GIANT
29359.55Chad Nay (17 - Cat4)   Carmel, IN0:34:01 282137   
30Johnthan Persinger      
31367.23Alejandro Rivera   Louisville0:34:14 414447   Red Zone Cycling
32371.07John Porter   Westfield0:34:19 389740   FitLivin
33374.91Matt Rouse (18 - Cat4)   Fishers, IN0:34:22 141871   
34378.75Grant Inglis (19 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:34:30 283472   University of Cincinnati
35382.59Noah Hutson (20 - Cat4)   Columbus, OH0:34:38 360139   Backroom Coffee Roasters
36386.43Adam Glass (21 - Cat4)   Louisville Ky0:34:48 387770   Don Walker
37390.27Christopher Hruska (22 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN0:34:50 278962   Team Matthews Bikes
38394.11Aaron Marsh   Dayton, OH0:34:51 367080   BSM Cycling
39397.95Nate Lake (23 - Cat4)   New Carlisle 395247   Bicycle Exchange Indy
40401.79Chris Salsman (24 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:35:07 340274   Team Louisville
41405.63Brent Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:35:10 384444   Team Bicycle Outfitters Indy
42409.47William Smith (25 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN0:35:27 33064   T3 Cycling
43413.31Nathaniel Allen (26 - Cat4)   Covington, KY0:35:31 340934   University of Cincinnati
44417.15Brantley Berry (27 - Cat4)   Richmond, IN0:35:32 360870   Colavita Racing
45420.99Will Mandrola   Louisville, KY0:35:50 285197   Papa John's Racing Team
46424.83Zachary Young (28 - Cat4)   Cincinnati0:35:55 394299   Bishops Bicycle
47428.67Frank DeJulius (29 - Cat4)   Blue Ash, OH0:35:57 314864   Fleet Feet Sports
48432.51Michael Weisgerber (30 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH0:36:03 325988   Rogue Racing
49436.35jacob watson (2 - Cat5)   Selma, IN0:36:11 412464   Cross Team Supreme
50440.19David Savage (31 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH0:36:26 323802   Zephyr Wheel sports
51444.03Dale Eads (32 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH 142059   Zephyr Wheel Sports
52447.87Cameron Fisk (33 - Cat4)   Louisville, KY0:36:42 302078   RedZone Cycling
53451.71Maxwell Savage (34 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH0:36:42 323824   Lionhearts Junior Racing
54455.55Robert Martin   Indianapolis, IN0:36:51 409354   
55459.39Vern LaMere (35 - Cat4)   Zionsville, IN0:37:12 413682   T3 Cycling
56463.23Alfons Eggink   Bloomington, IN0:37:18 239066   
57467.07Blake Hobden   Greenwood, IN0:37:34 414578   Indie Bike
58470.91Seth Nuckols (36 - Cat4)   Batavia, OH0:37:37 352386   Bishops Bicycles
59474.75Aaron Oswald (37 - Cat4)   Dayton, OH0:37:38 318520   
60Cody Malone   0:37:49   Cardinal bicycle co
61482.43Jeremy Belcher   Louisville, KY0:38:02 414438   
62486.27Paul Meyers   Boulder, CO0:38:07 24232   
63Mike Stumpe   0:38:28   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
64Levi Jamison   0:38:33   Cross Team Supreme
65497.79Robbie Alden (38 - Cat4)   Columbus, IN0:38:47 336454   Men of Steel Racing
66501.63Topher Bell (39 - Cat4)   Noblesville, IN0:38:49 416063   
67505.47Nicholas Hartman (40 - Cat4)   Valparaiso, IN0:39:00 404491   Black Key Bulls
68509.31Adam Noderer (41 - Cat4)   Cincinnati, OH0:39:16 311652   Team Hungry
69513.15Eric Buchakjian (42 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH0:39:19 355918   Hungry*
70516.99Kevin Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:39:23 417029   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
71520.83Nate Surls (43 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN0:39:42 382182   Team Joey
72524.67Andrew Segal (3 - Cat5)   Louisville, KY0:39:44 411805   Red Zone
73Matthew Madson   0:40:48   Crossteam Supreme
74532.35Dave Tozer   Fishers, IN-1LAP 417048   Matthews Bikes
75Hayden Nelson   -1LAP   Midwest Devo
76540.03Jerry Rusin (44 - Cat4)   Carmel, IN-1LAP 340260   Nebo Ridge
77543.87Craig Helmreich (45 - Cat4)   Fishers, IN-1LAP 368990   Heroes Foundation Cycling Club
78547.71alyn brown   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 157213   Nebo Ridge
79551.55Maciej Kawalkowski   Middletown, OH-1LAP 391240   Lionhearts Junior racing
80555.39Jade Clifford (46 - Cat4)   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 414097   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
81559.23Joe Minkner   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 416085   Bicycle Exchange
82563.07Dave Hall (4 - Cat5)   Pittsburgh Pa-1LAP 358669   
83566.91Justin Wagner   Indianapolis, IN-1LAP 306707   A Cycling Team
84570.75Andrew Rademacher (47 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH-3LAP 267448   Lionhearts Junior Racing
85574.59Dylan Rockwood (48 - Cat4)   Loveland, OH 358574   Lionhearts Junior Racing
86578.43Aaron Lakanen (5 - Cat5)   Hamilton, OH 412381   
87582.27Victor Popov (49 - Cat4)   Plainfield, IN 382967   MOB Squad - U Build IT
88586.11John Hoffman Jr.   Berlin Heights 297492   Spin/Litzler Automation
89589.95Bill Meek   Lebanon, OH 285149   Don Walker Cycles Racing
DNSNorman Gwaltney   Indianapolis, IN 60099   indiebike.com p/b Angie's List
DNSJeffrey Stone (Cat5)   Carmel, IN 414777   
DNSHal Bogard (Cat4)   Louisville, KY 356212   Team in Training
DNSScott Gilfedder (Cat5)   Lexington, KY 412584   Pedal the Planet bike shop
DNSSteven Fecanin      @@RP
DNSDavid Rich (Cat4)   Cedarville, OH 231392   TEAM DAYTON-MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
DNSRyan Sharpe (Cat5)   Carmel, IN 323282   The Cycle Studio
DNSBrent Kingen   Greenwood, IN 343028   
DNSAndrew Rudy   Cincinnati, OH 387787   Lionhearts Junior Racing

Women - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Junior - 10-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1408.29Lily Peck   Shelbyville, IN0:28:28 413104   Matthews Bicycles
2423.85Amber Payne   Crestwood, KY0:30:25 391404   Red Zone Cycling
3439.41Meredith Sierpina   Louisville, KY0:32:02 390856   Red Zone Junior Cycling
4454.97Kate Seiler   Louisville, KY0:33:57 361292   Red Zone Cycling
5470.53Diane Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:37:24 417069   MidWest Devo
6486.09Mia Bell   Cincinnati, OH0:39:36 388092   Lionhearts Junior Racing
7501.65Allison McCurry   Louisville, KY0:41:38 391451   RedZone
8517.21Olivia Rademacher   Loveland, OH0:42:36 367604   Lionhearts Junior Racing
9Kamden Krull   -1LAP   
10548.33Catherine Hsu   Kaneohe Hi-1LAP 389616   Red Zone Cycling
11Avery Cox   -1LAP   
12579.45Meriele Green   Mason, OH 413911   Lionhearts Junior Racing

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1131.63Mackenzie Woodring (1 - Cat1)   Belmont, MI0:34:00 211079   Foundry Cycles
2139.13Chloe Dygert (1 - Cat2)   Brownsburg0:36:09 406176   Midwest Devo
3146.63Geraldine Schulze (2 - Cat2)   Cincinnati, OH0:36:11 293521   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
4154.13Kimberly Thomas (3 - Cat2)   Belmont, MI0:37:18 300926   New Holland Brewing
5161.63Mackenzie Green (4 - Cat2)   Mason, OH0:37:29 300251   Coulee Region Youth Cycling
6169.13Sarah Fredrickson (5 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN0:37:56 217611   Speedway Wheelmen
7176.63Sierra Siebenlist (2 - Cat1)   Indianapolis, IN0:38:12 166038   Matthews Bicycles
8184.13Amanda Schaap (6 - Cat2)   Jenison, MI0:38:32 342042   Speed Merchants p/b Wynalda Packaging
9191.63Shera Clark (7 - Cat2)   Shelbyville, KY0:38:35 391778   McDonalds Cycling Team
10199.13Cooper Ambjorn (8 - Cat2)   Park Hills, KY0:39:25 299864   Team Hungry*
11206.63Emily Falk   Louisville, KY0:39:27 296089   Red Zone Cycling
12214.13Staci Mandrola (1 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:39:40 326810   Papa John's Racing Team
13221.63Rachel Dobrozsi (2 - Cat3)   Loveland, OH0:40:02 267450   Lionhearts Jr. Racing
14229.13Valarie Gossage (9 - Cat2)   Shelbyville, IN0:40:14 298474   Gray Goat Sports
15236.63Kelly Kowalczyk (3 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:40:29 292135   McDonalds Cycling Team
16244.13Jenna Blandford (4 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY0:40:41 401780   VO2 Multisport
17251.63Jessica Owings (10 - Cat2)   Nashville, TN0:40:50 313558   SVMIC Cycling
18259.13Elizabeth Cobb (11 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN0:41:00 302950   Scholars Inn Bakehouse
19266.63Elli Sigmond (5 - Cat3)   Dayton, OH0:41:36 361061   
20274.13Kathleen Neff (6 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:41:49 354912   Bishops Bicycles
21281.63Julie Herrmann (12 - Cat2)   Loveland, OH0:43:33 287605   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
22289.13Flavia Sancier (7 - Cat3)   Yellow Springs, OH0:43:37 318994   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
23296.63Nicole Borem (13 - Cat2)   Warsaw, IN0:43:38 184390   Don Walker Cycles Racing
24304.13Claudia Fritzinger (8 - Cat3)   Georgetown, IN0:44:20 292247   McDonalds Cycling Team
25311.63Karen Elmore (9 - Cat3)   Elizabethtown, KY0:44:28 127098   Outdoor Ventures
26319.13Karin Reed (10 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH0:44:54 305310   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
27326.63Rebecca Zink (11 - Cat3)   Indianapolis, IN0:45:21 278382   Shamrock Cycles
28334.13Lindsay Rodkey (12 - Cat3)   Bloomington, IN0:47:00 242247   Speedway Wheelmen
29341.63Kristy Matherly (13 - Cat3)   Lexington, KY0:48:35 307778   Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Crankworks
30349.13Margaret Burns (14 - Cat3)   Louisville, KY 333820   
DNSMia Bell   Cincinnati, OH 388092   Lionhearts Junior Racing
DNSKatherine Santos (Cat3)   Louisville, KY 302383   Red Zone Cycling
DNSKatie Arnold (Cat1)   Columbus, OH 344864   Sophisticated Living p/b Bob's Red Mill
DNSOana Bellucci      Lionhearth
DNSAnnaJean Dallaire (Cat1)   Georgetown, IN 217836   Clarksville Schwinn Racing
DNFSydney Lach (Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH 359638   Kenda

Women - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
71Janelle Renschler   Indianapolis, IN0:53:15 261856   Speedway Wheelmen

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1323.37Maria Weese   Oxford, OH0:21:32 276087   
2332.56Erin Clemons   Mason, OH0:21:34 359857   Bishop Bicycles
3341.75Elaine Reed   Greenwood, IN0:21:45 380945   Team Nebo Ridge
4350.94Tiffanie Hills   Loveland, OH0:21:57 302106   TEAM DAYTON-SECRET CYCLING
5360.13Taylor Leach   Oxford, OH0:22:02 414930   
6369.32Rachelle Cobb   Fairborn, OH0:22:22 291790   
7378.51Kim Brant   Indianapolis, IN0:22:30 414484   Indiebike p/b Angie's List
8387.70Kari Hutson   Columbus, OH0:23:15 381574   Team Jeni's
9396.89Catherine Heaphy   Lima0:23:18 414030   Butler University
10406.08Katie Carney   Dayton, OH0:23:22 416070   Trek Store Cincinnati
11415.27Kate Dietrich   Prospect, KY0:23:30 285651   Red Zone Cycling
12424.46Suzan Young   Warsaw0:23:33 384205   Men of Steel Racing
13433.65Frances Haley   Louisville, KY0:23:41 285432   Red Zone Cycling
14442.84Emma Hayes   Cincinnati, OH0:23:47 321258   Lionhearts Junior Racing
15Agueda Formoso Mayan   0:23:48   Nebo Ridge
16Judy Porter   0:23:51   Fit Livin'
17470.41Jennifer Hester   Louisville, KY0:24:26 288418   Team Fleur de Lis
18479.60Christina Halioris   Crestwood, KY0:24:36 275569   Rogue Racing Project
19488.79Jennifer Munley   Mount Airy, MD0:25:45 368597   Motion Elite/Heroes p/b First Internet Bank
20497.98Liz Mease   Cincinnati0:26:30 412685   Bishops Bicycles
21507.17Amanda Wolery   Cincinnati, OH0:26:37 415366   Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
22Cathy Smith   0:27:53   Team Fleur de Lis
23Sadie Thompson   0:28:41   RedZone
24Oana Bellucci   0:28:53   Lionhearth
25Christie Petersen      Fit Livin'
26553.12Karen Wells-Hamilton   Fairborn, OH0:29:39 274282   BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
27562.31AnnaLynn Houk   Indianapolis, IN0:30:06 417067   Bicycle Outfitters Indy
28571.50Shannon Albers   Indianapolis, IN0:30:19 413380   
29Sarah Saft   0:31:30   A Cycling Team
30589.88Kerstin Grimes   Shelbyville, IN0:32:55 414344   

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