Race Results for
Everest Challenge Stage Race
Bishop, CA
(Event Information)
Road Race on 09/29/2012

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - Women USCF 40+ - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1467.36Kristen Walker   Seattle, WA0.28 304902   Cycle U
2490.62Heidi Nielson   Salt Lake City, UT0.2841087962963 347222   Barbacoa - Mi Duole
3513.88Kimball Pier   Truckee, CA0.30165509259259 261621   
4537.14Carol Lynn Neal   Palm Desert, CA0.31418981481481 182876   Jessup Auto Plaza p/b P.S. Cyclery
5560.40Kristina Zack   South Lake Tahoe, CA0.32181712962963 304947   Alta Alpina Cycling Club
6583.66Lesley Butler   Pittsburgh, PA0.32572916666667 206353   Team Rio Grande
DNFKelley Laxamana   Chino Hills, CAdnf 254466   Team Simple Green/Bike Religion

Men - Stage 1 - Master 45+

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1275.56Louie Amelburu   Las Vegas, NV0505:OctOct:thth 65992   Harmony Homes.com Cycling Team
2283.62Mark Schaefer   Ogden, UT0505:OctOct:thth 66592   Harmony Homes.com Cycling Team
3291.68Rick Bienias   San Diego, CA0505:OctOct:thth 173423   
4JEFFREY STANFORD   0505:OctOct:thth   
5307.80Lloyd Chambers   Portola Vally, CA0606:OctOct:thth 115270   
6315.86Scott Frake   Cupertino, CA0606:OctOct:thth 187388   Webcor/Alto Velo
7323.92Bob Beretta   South Lake Tahoe, CA0606:OctOct:thth 304950   Alta Alpina Cycling Club
8331.98Craig Roemer   Petaluma, CA0606:OctOct:thth 80925   Team Specialized Racing Masters
9340.04paul kundrat   Belvedere, CA0606:OctOct:thth 59561   Fremont Bank Cycling Team
10348.10Greg Colley   Glendale, CA0606:OctOct:thth 251524   OTR Racing
11356.16Todd Flitton   Kaysville, UT0606:OctOct:thth 292288   Bikers Edge
12364.22patrick copp   La Quinta, CA0606:OctOct:thth 212550   Sho-air/Rock 'n Road
13372.28colin cooper   Berkeley, CA0606:OctOct:thth 195986   Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
14380.34GEORGE TOMASICH   Norwalk, CA0606:OctOct:thth 380049   Canyon Velo
15388.40Geno Smith   Park City, UT0606:OctOct:thth 223642   Barbacoa - Mi Duole
16396.46Steve Fielding   Walnut Creek, CA0606:OctOct:thth 286177   
17404.52Alexander Komlik   San Jose, CA0606:OctOct:thth 332088   SJBC
18412.58Jeff Fieldhack   San Diego, CA0707:OctOct:thth 200128   Team Ranchos
19420.64Dennis White   Lancaster, CA0707:OctOct:thth 366567   
20428.70Brian Perkins   Santa Monica, CA0707:OctOct:thth 27736   Big Orange Cycling
21436.76christian wagner   New York, NY0707:OctOct:thth 263933   
22444.82John Gates   Carpinteria, CA0707:OctOct:thth 295313   Polli Veloce
23452.88Patrick O'Connell   Winter Park, CO0707:OctOct:thth 283505   
24Bruce Pauly   0707:OctOct:thth   
25Alan Beauregard   0707:OctOct:thth   
26Guy Beauregard   0707:OctOct:thth   
27Greg Sherman   0707:OctOct:thth   
28493.18David Borba   Aptos, CA0707:OctOct:thth 335202   
29501.24Grigor Gevorgyan   Glendale, CA0707:OctOct:thth 210132   
30Steffen Enni   0707:OctOct:thth   
31517.36daniel funk   Hawthorne, CA0707:OctOct:thth 365389   
32525.42Richard Gallacher   Sandy0707:OctOct:thth 377847   Barbacoa - Mi Duole
33533.48Doug Virtue   San Pedro, CA0808:OctOct:thth 233424   Bike Palace
34541.54Willfredo Flores   Burbank, CA0808:OctOct:thth 386472   Team Zombies
35549.60Ken McGrath   Portland, OR0808:OctOct:thth 370619   
36557.66Jose Aguilar   Mar Vista, CA0808:OctOct:thth 77904   Team Zombie
37565.72brian crommie   Los Angeles, CA0808:OctOct:thth 380356   Velo Club LaGrange
38Douglas Sparr   0808:OctOct:thth   
39581.84John Greenwood   Columbia, SC0909:OctOct:thth 275933   FACT
40589.90Kendall Frederick   Orange Park, FL0909:OctOct:thth 247340   VeloBrew Cycling Club
DNFphillip clair   dnf   
DNFScott Thomas   Claremont, CAdnf 262575   Back Abbey/Coates Elite Masters Team
DNFZenon Protopapas   dnf   
DNFjake winebaum   Los Angeles, CAdnf 163378   Velo Club LaGrange

Men - Masters 65+ - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Simon Rubin (1 - Cat5)   Hidden Hills, CA0.32881944444444 304240   Ironfly
2Kenneth Stamm (1 - Cat3)   Lake Havasu, AZ0.33666666666667 107451   Durance-Colnago
DNFDouglas Kubler (Cat5)   Thousand Oaks, CAdnf 121770   
DNFwilliam yellig (Cat4)   Hamden, CTdnf 168240   Laurel Bicycle Club

Men - Masters 60+ - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Steve Bernede (1 - Cat3)   Laguna Beach, CA0.2968287037037 126351   Team Werks

Men - Masters 55+ - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1323.57Edward Chauner (1 - Cat3)   Salt Lake Cty, UT0.24486111111111 6690   Barbacoa - Mi Duole
2339.24Joel Sothern (1 - Cat4)   Thousand Oaks0.25762731481482 236630   
3354.91Kevin Keenan (1 - Cat2)   Woodside, CA0.26423611111111 305193   Webcor/Alto Velo
4370.58Paul McKenzie (2 - Cat3)   Richmond, CA0.28108796296296 120352   Marc Pro - Strava
5386.25James Morgan (3 - Cat3)   Oakland, CA0.28274305555556 208555   Alto Velo Racing Club
6401.92Tek Kilgore (1 - Cat5)   Salt Lake City, UT0.28819444444444 233661   MiDuole
7417.59Jeff Moreton (4 - Cat3)   San Gabriel, CA0.29420138888889 25023   PAA/REMAX
8433.26Peter Dufour (2 - Cat4)   San Diego, CA0.29752314814815 250331   ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
9448.93Bernard Bogard (3 - Cat4)   Poway, CA0.30042824074074 338398   ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
10464.60david stanton (2 - Cat5)   Orange, CA0.30099537037037 378143   Canyon Velo
11480.27Scott Savin (3 - Cat5)   Santa Monica, CA0.31086805555556 331056   
12495.94Andres Maricq (4 - Cat5)   Salt Lake City0.31569444444444 388576   
13511.61sargon nona (5 - Cat5)   Turlock, CA0.32231481481481 332776   Fun Sport Bikes Cycling Team
14527.28Terry Corl (6 - Cat5)   San Diego, CA0.32935185185185 330856   ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
15542.95Charlie Tatarian (4 - Cat4)   Yorbalinda, CA0.33399305555556 287584   Canyon Velo
16558.62John Ritchie   Yorba Linda, CA0.34737268518519 29990   MTB PRO Team: Sho-Air/Specialized
17574.29Mark Horton (7 - Cat5)   San Francisco, CA0.3490625 286647   
18589.96Daniel Eldred   Northridge, CA0.35612268518519 223397   
DNFChris Carroll   Reno, NVdnf 53316   
DNFWayne Linse   Bishopdnf 389319   
DNFTim Standifer   dnf   

Men - Masters 35+ - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1256.08Aaron Wise (1 - Cat2)   Los Angeles, CA0505:OctOct:thth 259188   Ritte Racing
2266.85Peter Smith (1 - Cat4)   Redondo Beach, CA0505:OctOct:thth 202130   Cynergy Cycles/Big Orange Cycling
3277.62Tony Manzella   Los Angeles, CA0505:OctOct:thth 22423   Team Helens
4288.39Greg McQuaid (2 - Cat2)   San Francisco, CA0505:OctOct:thth 249424   IronDataThirstyBearCycling.com
5299.16Adam Pacal (3 - Cat2)   San Diego, CA0505:OctOct:thth 203516   
6309.93Richard Picarelli (4 - Cat2)   Bakersfield, CA0606:OctOct:thth 48303   Bolthouse Farms/AIAGE Cycling Club
7320.70David Rous (1 - Cat3)   Bakersfield, CA0606:OctOct:thth 189872   Bolthouse Farms/AIAGE Cycling Club
8331.47Phil Kelly (2 - Cat3)   Simi Valley, CA0606:OctOct:thth 155728   
9342.24ken hall (3 - Cat3)   Las Vegas, NV0606:OctOct:thth 127657   Allegiant Airlines/Pain MD's.com
10Dana Albert   0606:OctOct:thth   
11363.78Shawn Kingrey (4 - Cat3)   Pueblo, CO0606:OctOct:thth 167284   Team Body Sync
12374.55Alan Bub (5 - Cat3)   Los Angeles, CA0606:OctOct:thth 204287   Velo Club LaGrange
13385.32Craig Latimer (2 - Cat4)   Lafayette, CA0606:OctOct:thth 238121   East Bay Velo Club
14396.09mike hileman (5 - Cat2)   Henderson, NV0606:OctOct:thth 162082   High Desert Cycling Club
15406.86Ivan Hernandez   San Diego, CA0606:OctOct:thth 153358   G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
16417.63Jamie White (1 - Cat5)   Salt Lake City, UT0606:OctOct:thth 335928   Barbacoa - Mi Duole
17428.40adam hensley (6 - Cat3)   Bakersfield, CA0606:OctOct:thth 264830   Bolthouse Farms/AIAGE Cycling Club
18439.17Chris Parod (7 - Cat3)   Mather, CA0606:OctOct:thth 270992   Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
19449.94Bryan Taylor (2 - Cat5)   Poway, CA0606:OctOct:thth 282178   
20460.71Jeremy Barnes (8 - Cat3)   Carmichael, CA0606:OctOct:thth 332918   Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
21471.48Marco Fantone (6 - Cat2)   Santa Monica, CA0606:OctOct:thth 140521   Velo Club LaGrange
22482.25Joseph Eby (3 - Cat4)   Santa Monica , CA0606:OctOct:thth 313720   Velo Club LaGrange
23Leo Murphy   0606:OctOct:thth   
24503.79Sean Beck (4 - Cat4)   Modesto, CA0606:OctOct:thth 130271   Ciclistas del Valle
25514.56Alex Telitsine   Renton, WA0606:OctOct:thth 253377   FareStart
26525.33Paul Berger (5 - Cat4)   Modesto, CA0606:OctOct:thth 297140   Topsport
27Dan Braun   0707:OctOct:thth   
28546.87Sam Ames (9 - Cat3)   Bakersfield, CA0707:OctOct:thth 1536   Action Sports/Simply Fit
29557.64John Lynch   Ithaca, NY0707:OctOct:thth 379147   
30568.41AARON LABARRE (10 - Cat3)   Los Osos, CA0707:OctOct:thth 20066   
31579.18Jose Cepeda (3 - Cat5)   San Diego, CA0909:OctOct:thth 276090   Crank Cycling
32589.95Jesse Eisner (11 - Cat3)   San Diego, CA0909:OctOct:thth 130015   Crank Cycling

Men - JR Men 13-14 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Duncan Reid   Palos Verdes Estates, CA0.10833333333333 259885   Bike Palace

Men - JR Men 10-12 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Spencer Reid   Santa Rosa, CA0.10763888888889 72003   Redwood Empire Velo

Men - PRO/1/2 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1132.11Nathaniel English   Berkeley, CA0505:OctOct:thth 258309   Yahoo Cycling Team
2143.39rudolph napolitano (1 - Cat1)   Santa Monica, CA0505:OctOct:thth 214693   Time Factory Team
3154.67Josh Dapice (1 - Cat2)   Berkeley, CA0505:OctOct:thth 141844   Kryki Sports
4165.95Camilo Zambrano   Boulder, CO0505:OctOct:thth 357730   CU Cycling-Boulder
5177.23Stefan Gomez (2 - Cat2)   Boulder, CO0505:OctOct:thth 260152   
6188.51Jonathan Hornbeck (2 - Cat1)   Wildomar, CA0505:OctOct:thth 288624   Hagens Berman Cycling
7199.79Christian Walker (3 - Cat1)   Goleta, CA0505:OctOct:thth 50894   Time Factory Team
8211.07michael hand (3 - Cat2)   Santa Clarita, CA0505:OctOct:thth 263355   High Desert Cycling Club
9222.35Christopher Flanagan (4 - Cat2)   San Francisco, CA0505:OctOct:thth 276118   SJBC
10233.63Art Rand (4 - Cat1)   Santa Cruz, CA0505:OctOct:thth 170859   Marc Pro - Strava
11244.91Gerry Cody (5 - Cat2)   Los Angeles, CA0505:OctOct:thth 183275   
12256.19Steven Davis   San Diego, CA0505:OctOct:thth 256520   SPY Giant
13267.47Alexander Kusztyk (6 - Cat2)   Aliso Viejo, CA0505:OctOct:thth 257227   Get Crackin'-MS Society
14278.75Erik Nelson (7 - Cat2)   Roseville, CA0606:OctOct:thth 302958   Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
15290.03Tristin Bentzler (8 - Cat2)   Chippewa Falls, WI0606:OctOct:thth 161188   Synergy
16301.31jacob berkman (9 - Cat2)   San Francisco, CA0606:OctOct:thth 303643   Dolce Vita Cycling
17312.59shawn vangassen   San Diego, CA0606:OctOct:thth 156086   SoCalCycling.com / Echelon Design
18323.87Erick Sobey (10 - Cat2)   Thousand Oaks, CA0707:OctOct:thth 316972   Velo Club LaGrange
DNFJonathan Moskowitz (Cat2)   Benicia, CAdnf 213197   Fremont Bank Cycling Team

Men - Cat 3 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1292.43Stathis Sakellariadis   Palos Verdes, CA0606:OctOct:thth 310511   Cynergy Cycles/Big Orange Cycling
2306.67jeffrey tuttle   Mill Valley, CA0606:OctOct:thth 304743   Velo Club LaGrange
3320.91Aaron Rindy   Reno, NV0606:OctOct:thth 303731   
4335.15David Christenson   Sparks, NV0606:OctOct:thth 264429   
5349.39Max Foorman   Folsom, CA0606:OctOct:thth 152445   Team Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada
6363.63Marcus Cannon   Redlands, CA0606:OctOct:thth 243267   Team Redlands
7377.87Jason Hanchett   Albany, CA0606:OctOct:thth 255669   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
8392.11Steven Weixel   Santa Barbara, CA0606:OctOct:thth 242153   Platinum Performance Cycling Team
9406.35dan cobley   Hermosabeach, CA0606:OctOct:thth 303983   Cynergy Cycles/Big Orange Cycling
10420.59Rico de Saracho   Redondo Beach0606:OctOct:thth 357352   Cynergy Cycles/Big Orange Cycling
11434.83Robert Shaw   Altadean, CA0707:OctOct:thth 244034   Ritte Racing
12449.07Andrew Williams   Binghamton, NY0707:OctOct:thth 286915   RUUD Racing Team
13463.31sergio Rodriguez   Los Angeles, CA0707:OctOct:thth 259009   
14477.55Shawn Yackle   Brooklyn, NY0707:OctOct:thth 237175   
15491.79Bill Carlson   La Quinta, CA0909:OctOct:thth 257374   Team Redlands

Men - Cat 4 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1416.20Derek Iverson   Goleta, CA0606:OctOct:thth 311869   
2424.48Benjamin Cheetham   Santa Monica, CA0606:OctOct:thth 257524   Velo Club LaGrange
3432.76Mark Hiday   Redlands, CA0606:OctOct:thth 238505   Team Redlands
4441.04Kenneth Cluff   Oakland, CA0606:OctOct:thth 335500   East Bay Velo Club
5449.32joshua kepler   Marina Del Rey, CA0606:OctOct:thth 283013   Velo Club LaGrange
6457.60Claudio Borin   Agoura Hills, CA0606:OctOct:thth 65762   Serious Cycling
7465.88Gordon Murray   Fairfax, CA0606:OctOct:thth 225651   
8474.16Eric Murray   Los Gatos, CA0606:OctOct:thth 252246   Webcor/Alto Velo
9482.44Jamy Bacchus   Denver0606:OctOct:thth 349652   Berkeley Bicycle Club (BBC)
10490.72christopher pauls   Lasvegas, NV0606:OctOct:thth 303219   Les Rois Cycling Club
11499.00Elliott Pallett   Los Angeles, CA0606:OctOct:thth 362230   South Bay Wheelmen
12507.28Aaron Daly   Slidell La0707:OctOct:thth 261099   Riders One
13515.56jeffrey merrifield   South Lake Tahoe, CA0707:OctOct:thth 301580   
14523.84Sean Yeager   Canyon Country, CA0707:OctOct:thth 289894   Santa Clarita Velo
15532.12bryan yates   Los Angeles, CA0707:OctOct:thth 329164   Velo Club LaGrange
16540.40BRANDON STADDAN   Riverside, CA0707:OctOct:thth 381888   
17548.68Takanobu Seimiya   Foster City, CA0707:OctOct:thth 380389   
18556.96Burl Pershall   San Anselmo, CA0707:OctOct:thth 276353   
19565.24Ricardo Barrosa   Danapoint, CA0808:OctOct:thth 304920   
20573.52Lee Cardon   Palm Desert, CA0808:OctOct:thth 257420   Team Redlands
21581.80Craig Pawley   Lake Forest, CA0909:OctOct:thth 320080   Sho-air/Rock 'n Road
22590.08Michael Burton   San Juan Capistrano, CA0909:OctOct:thth 55160   Sho-air/Rock 'n Road
DNFJacob Breidenbach   Losangeles, CAdnf 301639   
DNFTrevor Ellsworth   Reno, NVdnf 348354   Ritte Elite U23 Development Team
DNFmark nelson   Mill Valley, CAdnf 304686   Dolce Vita Cycling

Men - Cat 5 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1459.19Michael Morgan   Santa Monica, CA0505:OctOct:thth 390187   
2465.14Drew Peterson   El Cajon, CA0606:OctOct:thth 289085   LaMesa Bicycle Racing Club
3471.09Walter Lohse   Chico, CA0606:OctOct:thth 384604   
4477.04Timothy Mallen   Yuba City, CA0606:OctOct:thth 281671   Davis Bike Club
5482.99Christopher Harris   Montecito, CA0606:OctOct:thth 384845   
6488.94Nathan Hatfield   Leesburg, GA0606:OctOct:thth 384158   Naval Postgraduate School
7494.89Tyler Goforth   Morgan Hill, CA0606:OctOct:thth 347566   
8500.84Dean Hall   Orange, CA0606:OctOct:thth 340964   
9506.79Carlos Glines   Fountain Valley, CA0606:OctOct:thth 372127   
10512.74keith weiland   Mammoth Lakes, CA0707:OctOct:thth 232922   Eastside Velo
11518.69dale capewell   Agoura Hills, CA0707:OctOct:thth 377440   CVC / FRANCO Racing
12524.64Justin Hoblet   San Diego, CA0707:OctOct:thth 187456   
13530.59Steven Walker   Bellevue, WA0707:OctOct:thth 367426   
14Frank Rand   0707:OctOct:thth   
15542.49Tyler Chairsell   Henderson, NV0707:OctOct:thth 323506   Team Las Vegas Cyclery
16548.44Vincent Magret   Oak Park, CA0707:OctOct:thth 349852   Serious Cycling
17554.39Jarrett Smith   Johnson Valley, CA0707:OctOct:thth 374683   
18560.34Claudio Torres   Brooklyn, NY0808:OctOct:thth 227877   
19Matthew Swanson   0808:OctOct:thth   
20Matthew Weitzel   0808:OctOct:thth   
21578.19Moises Molina   Mission Viejo, CA0808:OctOct:thth 183955   
22Allen Cooper   0808:OctOct:thth   
23590.09Diego Gantivar   Whittier, CA0909:OctOct:thth 378821   Tru Cycling

Women - Women PRO/1/2 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1187.73Flavia Oliveira (1 - Cat1)   Livermore, CA0.25762731481481 224767   Kovarus/Wells Fargo Racing Team
2204.49Kathryn Donovan   Oxnard, CA0.25763888888889 266674   FCS|ROUSE: p/b Mr. Restore
3221.25Alison Tetrick   Mill Valley, CA0.26994212962963 266806   Exergy Twenty12
4238.01Tanja Meyer Tamguney (1 - Cat2)   San Francisco, CA0.27585648148148 284176   Red Racing
5254.77Hannah Swan (2 - Cat2)   Alpine, CA0.28940972222222 311541   Strive Racing
6271.53Ruth Clemence (2 - Cat1)   Newport Beach, CA0.29518518518519 7113   SC VELO/Empower Coaching
7288.29Kimberly Keathley (3 - Cat2)   Lodi, CA0.29969907407407 335196   Bolthouse Farms/AIAGE Cycling Club

Women - Women Cat 3/4 - Stage 1

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1389.08Rachel Holzer (1 - Cat4)   Las Vegas, NV0.28368055555556 341242   Colavita / Outback Steakhouse Las Vegas
2404.54Elise Hazlewood   San Francisco, CA0.29533564814815 303926   Red Racing
3420.00Amy Benner   Santa Barbara, CA0.30096064814815 364829   Kalyra/Bella Nova Master Womens Team
4435.46Rachel Swan   Alpine, CA0.30922453703704 319270   Strive Racing
5450.92Julia Gieschen (2 - Cat4)   Solvang, CA0.31210648148148 367211   
6Andrea Green   0.33133101851852   
7Alison Feinberg   0.32075231481481   
8497.30Moriah Swan   Alpine, CA0.32834490740741 311534   Strive Racing
9512.76Elizabeth Brent (3 - Cat4)   Chico, CA0.33962962962963 364993   Chico Masters Cycling Team
10528.22Allison Prendergast (4 - Cat4)   Cypress, CA0.36078703703704 368466   
11543.68Trisha Moyer (5 - Cat4)   Bishop, CA0.36168981481481 315144   Rubber Soul/CSC Racing Team
12559.14Uyen Nguyen (6 - Cat4)   Encino, CA0.3753587962963 388733   Veloviet
13Nicole Muller   0.38665509259259   
14Kathy Day   0.3925462962963   

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