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​Collegiate Committee Candidates​

Collegiate Committee At Large Sam Mancini Picture


Collegiate Committee - At Large

I, Sam Mancini, would bring my significant relevant experience to the solid team that comprises the Collegiate Sport Committee. I began racing bikes as a result of my introduction to cycling and racing by friends from the collegiate team while at the United States Military Academy at West Point. I have subsequently raced throughout the country in mountain and road categories for the past 20 years. For the past three years I have been serving on the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Board of Directors.

As important as my cycling experience is the relevant business experience I bring to the table. My business career has focused on turning around distressed businesses by reinventing marketing and sales as well as making significant operations improvements and changes. My current role as a Managing Partner at Outdoor Capital Partners positively positions me to help Collegiate Cycling and my work within the Rocky Mountain Board has given me a unique look into Collegiate Cycling’s challenges and opportunities.

The simple fact is this, I was a college athlete, albeit Lacrosse, and it has meant the world to me. It was a highlight of my college experience and my friends today are largely from my teams along the way. Collegiate cycling has struggled as of late and I’m ready, willing and able to help bring it back to the strong sport it is capable of being. There are many positive aspects to Collegiate Cycling but the inherent nature of producing road and mountain bike races creates challenges for collegiate clubs that are difficult to manage. Having a great Collegiate Sport Committee will help rebuild collegiate cycling and subsequently help our sport as a whole.

A good Collegiate program is essential to USAC.

Collegiate Committee At Large Hunter Wilson Picture


Collegiate Committee - At Large

My name is Hunter Wilson, and I am running for the At Large position on the Collegiate Sport Committee, and I am a collegiate athlete driven to give a voice to collegiate athletes. I want to give my friends and fellow collegiate riders a pathway to take issues directly to USA Cycling and make real changes in the system for the betterment of all riders across all disciplines.

I am highly qualified for this position because I am a student at California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo and a Category 2 road rider who has been racing for 6 years. I understand the difficulties of moving from home and balancing training, racing, and school. Like all collegiate athletes also will be directly affected by the decisions made at USA Cycling.

As a cyclist I have always been focused on having a positive impact on the cycling community around me. In high school I founded and lead a USAC cycling club that became a NICA team that earned podiums in all our respected categories. During this time I learned how to navigate school policy and how important networking with the correct people really is. My time on the committee will be used to work for lasting changes by utilizing connections within the collegiate community as well as within USA Cycling. These experiences with running school clubs and making the transition to collegiate racing will help me provide an important voice for collegiate athletes on the committee from a standpoint of a collegiate athlete.

Please take my nomination into consideration and help me improve collegiate cycling for the better.

Cyclocross Committee Candidates​

Cx Committee At Large Adam Austin Picture


Cyclocross Committee - At Large

I’m a 44 year old back of the pack masters racer. I don’t spend a lot of time in the parking lot post race, because I’m usually racing home to my family and the myriad of weekend activities we partake in. Some weekends, I’m lucky enough to bring my wife and two boys out to the races. My wife patiently listens to my anxious rants about my lack of fitness all the while tending to my 5 and 7 year old boys as they prep for their lil Belgians race. The race venues at DCCX, Charm City, Hyattsville and Capital CX in the Mid-Atlantic are important threads in the fabric of my family experiences.

I’ve been racing now since 2010. I’ve volunteered at a few of my local races, and I would love to extend that service to the national level. “Enter to learn, depart to serve” is the motto of my undergraduate university Bethune-Cookman. I’d like to make a meaningful contribution to this sport that has become more important to my family each year as my kids enthusiasm for the sport continues to grow.  

One of the issues that is important to me is diversity. While watching a World Cup race, my son said after seeing Ceylin Alvarado on the podium, “she has brown skin like you daddy”. I knew that representation was important but hearing him say that made it stick in a way that is just hard to explain.

So what now? Well I think this is a good opportunity for me to join a group that I hope I can contribute to in a meaningful way and bring ideas representative of my life experiences to the table. 

Cx Committee At Large Melissa Caruso Picture


Cyclocross Committee - At Large

I saw the email today from USA Cycling, subject line: “Time is Running Out…”  Running out? For what??  Intrigued, I open the email, ahhh… sport committees…  I’d seen these emails in year’s past, scrolled down to see what open spots were available for CX…  I spy the open position for committee member At Large and the day dreaming begins….

You don’t know me.  There’s no reason you should.  I started riding a bike and racing at age 45, quite poorly in fact and I’m a grandmother for goodness sakes!  I don’t have an extensive portfolio of races under my belt, I’ve never participated at PanAms, nor Worlds or finished in the top half of our USA Cycling National Championships.  I’ve had one first place podium in my field last year and I worked DAMN HARD to get it, slogging through more mud than I ever want to see again while avoiding falling tree limbs and loving every minute….

 But wait, you do know me.  I am that friend who brings you a cup of coffee (or a hot toddy) on those bitter cold race mornings.  I am that person that thinks they’re an expert at first aide and will gladly wash and bandage your dirt/gravel rash.  I am “Johnny on the spot” and will loan you shoes, jersey or slather your legs up with embro.  I am the person behind the scenes that puts on races, helps create ‘cross courses, organizes ‘cross clinics, practices, and will drill you mercilessly on your dismounts/remounts and barriers!  I’m the shoulder to lean on when the day does not quite pan out and you need the support a good friend and after care.  I am all these people and you have been them all to me.  That is what makes the CX community so special and welcoming.  It is my passion.  I care about continuing to grow this sport at a grass roots level and talking with people and getting their feedback on how we can, as a community, continue to grow and nurture ourselves in this sport.

When I saw that the At Large committee member only required me to be USA Cycling member and list CX my primary discipline, it sparked me, and I think that I would love to be your At Large committee member representative, if you will have me.

The truth is time is never running out, it’s never too late to start cycling and find your passion, I’m living proof.

Cx Committee At Large Thomas Cook Picture


Cyclocross Committee - At Large

I have been encouraged by fellow cyclocross racers to seek an At-Large position on the USA Cycling Cyclocross Committee. As I reflect on why I might be a good candidate, I thought it might be helpful to think about some of the things I have done in the sport in the past to help grow it here in Utah and the mountain west region.

I moved to Utah full time in 1993 and promoted the first State Cyclocross Championship race in 1994. I was told by a longtime USCF official (the only one I could get to officiate a cx race) that Utah hadn’t seen a cyclocross race since the late 70’s. My recollection is we maybe had 15 racers in all categories most of them on mountain bikes. I made this an annual thing for about 5 years and then handed that race off to a promoter who was growing a series.

In 2002, I collaborated with Tim Rutledge from Redline to promote Utah’s first-ever UCI event, the Redline Cup of Cross, at Soldier Hollow (the 2002 Winter Olympics venue for cross-country skiing).

While I have experience putting races on, I am far happier as a participant than a promoter. I have seen the ebb and flow of popularity here in Utah, and have struggled with the non-sanctioned status of most of our races here, which has resulted in more trips to Colorado for 45 minute races than I care to count. It always seems like a good idea, until you hit the windstorm on I-80 late at night on the home.

I have competed in a half dozen or so Elite National Championships and about as many Masters age group National Championships. I would seek to represent those passionate about cross at any level, from elite to novice, and I am particularly interested in trying to do more to introduce NICA mountain bike athletes into cross.

Cx Committee At Large Adam Myerson Picture


Cyclocross Committee - At Large

My name is Adam Myerson, and I’m running for re-election to the At-Large seat on the USA Cycling Cyclocross Committee.

Over the past two years, the current collection of committee members has accomplished an incredible amount. We have a very active group, with monthly conference calls and ongoing email conversations creating concrete policy positions and action plans that have turned into results and change. The best example of that is the creation of the Cyclocross Manager position at USAC. During my term, the process of identifying the need, outlining a job description, then advocating and fundraising for the Cyclocross Manager’s position and budget is a significant achievement. In the past, the ‘cross committee’s advocacy rarely turned into policy at USAC. The ‘cross manager position changes that dynamic. This committee’s frequent meeting and good collaboration, as well as it’s strong presentation to and pressure on USAC has been exceptional. The matching grant proposal and inroads into the USACDF has been critical for change. It’s been a privilege to be a part of that and help contribute to it.

I believe the At-Large seat is the best way for me to serve US cyclocross. As a father and husband, current 45+ master’s national champion, full-time coach, former professional team manager and rider, former member of the UCI Cyclocross Commission and USAICO Management Committee, organizer of the oldest UCI race in North America, as well as the Vittoria Cyclocross Series, I have a stake in every aspect of the sport. 2019 was my 33rd year racing bikes. I haven’t seen it all, but it’s probably pretty close.

Going forward, the areas I want to focus on most are recruitment and retainment of riders. We all understand that traditional bicycle racing, including cyclocross, is in a contraction. I spend time every day thinking about the causes for that contraction, and solutions for solving it. Bicycle racing will continue to decline until we lower the barrier of entry even more, but also, look for ways to increase enjoyment of racing once people get started. We can’t continue to only cater to the riders and customers we currently have at the expense of the ones we don’t if we want to break this current cycle. How do we bring populations currently underrepresented in cycling’s demographic in to the sport, and how do we keep them? How do we attract riders from the gravel side over to cyclocross? I love the sport too much not to evangelize for it everywhere I go. If nothing else, I can promise you that if elected to a second term.

Cx Committee At Large Stacey Richardson Picture


Cyclocross Committee - At Large

I have been an active USA Cycling member and avid amateur cyclocross racer since 2015. Four years ago, I began as a Category 4 racer, with zero race experience. I have progressed with each season of racing, even finding my way to the master women's 35-39 national cyclocross podium twice. Earning 5th place in Hartford (2017) and 1st place in Reno (2018.1). With recent experience of racing at different levels, from Category 4 to Category 1/2, Masters, and dabbling in UCI, I offer a unique perspective. I want to be part of the Cyclocross Committee to represent all levels of cyclocross racers and make their voices heard.

As a marketing and business development professional, I'm skilled in listening and communication. I genuinely care about what is fair and right and will use an open-minded, team-oriented approach to problem-solving.

Racing began as a way for me to get involved in the community and meet new people, but it has evolved into so much more. I really enjoy sharing what I've learned to fellow teammates, friends, and others interested in cyclocross. This sport has become an extension of myself, something I am very passionate about, and I want to see cyclocross in the U.S. continue to prosper.

Mountain Bike Committee Candidates

Mtb Committee Pro Calendar Rd Jeff Frost Picture


Mountain Bike Committee - Pro Calendar Race Director

USA Cycling continues to evolve, and as a member of the MTB Sport Committee, I will continue to advocate for the critical importance of Race Organizers in USA Cycling’s future.

Racers need races, and races need racers.

Additionally. Supporting a professional mountain bike race calendar event in endurance, and gravity, provides a fantastic race link between the success of high school racing (NICA), and elite World Cup level racing for athletes. NORBA National Mountain Bike Series, National Mountain Bikes Series, Sea Otter Classic, a ton of local and regional mountain bike races, and multiple MTB World Cup director positions, give me a unique, and experienced perspective on what it takes to continue the evolution of mountain bike racing in the US.


Mountain Bike Committee - Pro Calendar Race Director

Road Committee Candidates


Road Committee - At Large
Road Committee At Large Steven Ehasz Picture


Road Committee - At Large

As a USA Cycling Licensed racer since 1993, Licensed USA Cycling Coach and Nationally Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a BS in Sports Medicine, I’m committed to making USA Cycling exceptional. I have dedicated more than 25 years to bridging the gap between the science and practice of becoming a stronger, faster and more resilient cyclist. Now, I’m running for the USA Cycling Road Committee At-Large because I believe in the value of USA Cycling. I want to serve in an advisory capacity and work with the USA Cycling staff to develop appropriate competition rules, consider all issues relevant to road cycling and to ensure USA Cycling athletes receive the world-class experience they deserve. I promise that I will make every effort to prepare our athletes for the experience of the ever-changing national competition space and to have the tools necessary to compete at the highest level.

During my career in the health and wellness industry, I have taught advanced cycling coach training courses as a lecturer at International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association conferences. As a leader and coach for the University of Maryland Medical System, Maryland Athletic Club, and Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, I developed human performance programs for cancer patients, professional athletes and weekend warriors. During my career I have been a featured guest on national television discussing topics such as the “benefits of metabolic testing” and “nutrition and exercise for the entire family.” I have created physician symposiums on “Exercise Is Medicine” and I have also been a board member for the Governor’s Advisory Committee for Heart Disease and Stroke for the state of Maryland. When I’m not designing new training programs or out logging time in the saddle, I love spending time with my wife and son.  You will also find me in the kitchen creating healthy meals for my family, coaching my son at the BMX track, or consulting with international health and wellness organizations.  An athlete at heart, I consider my life journey to be my greatest ride.

Road Committee At Large Peter Erdoes Picture


Road Committee - At Large

I have been a USAC or USCF member since 1990. I have raced continuously since that time as an amateur and also have financially sponsored various amateur, elite, pro, womens and junior teams in Texas and Oklahoma as well as sponsor a collegiate team at Oklahoma State University. I have also sponsored prize our state road race and numerous other races over the past 39 years.

When I first became a member with USCF, the Federation had requirements of its member and member clubs that strongly encouraged, if not outright required, that these individuals and clubs actively engage in promoting and organizing races. The result was that every club and most ‘attached riders’ worked as part of a service organization and helped the sport by providing low-cost, local, “grass roots” events.   

Much has changed since then. The “unattached fee” that riders who didn’t join a club had to pay to enter an event was abolished. Soon thereafter, member clubs were no longer required to put on a race. Meanwhile, license fees and race permit steadily rose. More riders began a ‘me first’ mentality and now, we are faced with a great demise in sanctioned events as that ‘grass roots’ low-key, low-cost mentality has gravitated towards gravel. 

I would like to become an at-large member of the Road Committee to try and find solutions to the problem we are facing with a growing number of road, stage and criterium races disappearing from the calendar as well as the decline in overall membership.

Thank you for your consideration. I love this sport and want to leave a legacy that I did what I could to help it. 

Road Committee At Large Kristin Fleschner Picture


Road Committee - At Large

I am a 2018 and 2019 Para Road National Champion and 2018 2019 Silver Medalist in the Time Trial. I also race competitively on the track and won bronze medals in the 1k and 3k events in the US Para Cycling Track Nationals.

However, I don’t think these medals are what make me qualified for this position. As a kid that was newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was being bullied, my parents bought me my first road bike to go on an organized ride at diabetes camp when I was 12. That first bicycle offered a way to seek relief from the horrors of my illness and the hate I faced at school, if only for a few hours at a time. My bike established a sense of independence and strengthened my confidence to care for myself.

At the macro level, I want to make sure that USAC is able to reach as many diverse communities as possible, to have this freeing experience and to help others feel hope. In 2015, I lost a close friend from college in a cycling accident and have seen the number of cycling deaths continue to rise. I believe USAC can play a more active role in raising awareness about this important issue. I also want to address some of the unique issues that the para and other marginalized communities face and make sure that all athletes feel represented fairly at the highest levels of the USAC.

Little did I know how much that experience would change my life. About 15 years later, I would begin to lose my sight after a pancreas transplant. I leaned on my strong cycling skills to get on a tandem with little thought of racing being in my future; I just wanted to be fast and free again.

One of the best parts of being a blind athlete is it makes cycling a team sport. I have a handful of elite cyclists that I trust to pilot me at racing speeds on the road and track, but who also give up their training time, interrupt their family lives, and pay for their own travel and equipment to support my dreams. This means that they are not only good cyclists but amazing people. It is important for all of us, but especially people who face challenges to surround ourselves with things and people we love, that help us relieve stress. For me that is bikes, the cycling community, and dogs, especially my guide dog Zoe, who you might have met at a race or online.

I am a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Harvard Law School. I’m a powerful advocate for equal opportunities for all and worked for the federal government at the intersection of national security and human rights for eleven years.  I am currently a lawyer, speaker, and consultant, helping to make companies build more accessible products and services and hire a more equal workforce.  

Road Committee At Large Joan Hanscom Picture


Road Committee - At Large

As a USA Cycling license holder since 2001, this sport has given me my entire career, a lifetime of friends and shared experiences that I value above almost everything. I believe that a seat at the table with USA Cycling is one key to continuing to contribute to the health of the sport -which is why I’m running for the At-Large position on the Road Sport Committee.

Our sport faces a host of challenges.  Inequality, lack of diversity, distracted drivers, indifferent municipalities, a contracting participation base, increased promoter expenses and insurance costs, lack of officials, etc. Sadly, we all know what the problems are.

It is my hope that I can use my experience as a woman racer, promoter, enthusiast, former USA Cycling employee, and advocate to contribute to finding solutions.  As the Executive Director at T-Town, I see how impactful community programs focused on youth, women and underserved communities can pay off.  I believe in the intersection of cycling disciplines and as part of the road committee I would like to explore how we bring new people into our sport, how all the disciplines can contribute to strengthening the others, and how we create lifelong racers. 

I believe USA Cycling needs to revisit their club and membership models, focus on the grassroots, and commit to road riding and racing skills development.  As a sport we have become too much about FTP and less about creating skilled, life-long participants in the sport. Speaking personally, it’s the community, the teamwork and the giving back that make the hard work worthwhile.  We need more women in the sport, more juniors and more diversity. We need to find ways to lower the barriers to entry - not raise them. There are models for success in our sport today - NICA getting kids on MTBs, gravel reshaping the idea of what road racing looks like, weeknight criterium racing, improvements in timing and scoring technology.  Let’s adapt our sport based on what works today and look beyond our traditional market.

I want the road sport committee to look at:

  • What’s working in road and why?
  • What are the models for success and how do we scale nationally?
  • Increased emphasis on skills and safety to create better riders in racing, group rides and riding on the road.
  • How can we use the models of programs like NICA and CCAP to bring more youth and diverse communities into the sport?
  • Re-activating the Club community to create the next generation of race promoters, race officials, and coaches.
  • How do we use USA Cycling as resource to bring program models that are succeeding into more communities?  We should not expect USA Cycling to fix everything - but we should expect them to empower their members doing the work at the grassroots level through smart rules reforms, grants, education, model shift, and financial incentives.  How can USA Cycling work with the cycling industry on cultural change and accessibility issues?
Road Committee At Large James Kramer Picture


Road Committee - At Large

Motivated by watching the Tour de France on Wide World of Sports in 1988, I went out and bou ght a road bike at my local bike shop that weekend.  After learning about races in Portland, I bought my USCF license (#L93650) and did “novice” races that fall.  On the road, I upgraded from novice to CAT 4 in 1989, from CAT 4 to CAT 3 in 1990, and from CAT 3 to CAT 2 in 1991.  I spent the summer of 1992 based in Ghent, Belgium racing Kermesses and learning that I would never be more than a decent amateur.  I raced actively on the road throughout the northwest through 1996.  I also experimented a bit racing on the track, but at the time, the velodrome at Alpenrose in Portland intimidated me.

Marriage, serious career, and kids led to a hiatus from racing from 1996 to 2009.  In that period, I became a serious entrepreneur of multiple businesses including the largest privately held wireless contractor in the west.  Observing how out of shape I was led to me getting back on my bike.  I started putting in respectable training in 2009, and tried my hand at racing in early 2010.  My second foray into competitive cycling has been a lot more competitive by focusing on my strengths.  Since 2010, I have won 15 State Championships in both road and track disciplines, 4 podiums at Masters National Track Championships, and upgrades to CAT 1 on the road at age 41 in 2011 and to CAT 2 on the track in 2012 at age 42!

In 2011, I launched a cycling performance facility in Scottsdale, Arizona called FASTER which had the world’s first cycling specific wind tunnel open to the public in a retail facility.  FASTER won Interbike’s Best Pro Road Bike Shop of the year in 2014.

I coach several cyclists on a very informal basis - the one I am most proud of is my 18 year old son, Levi Kramer, who set the Junior 17-18 hour record at 43.076km on the Colorado Springs velodrome in May of 2016 (since broken), won the junior 17-18 Team Pursuit in Trexlertown in 2016, and races varsity road and track at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Outside of successful ventures in the business world, I also have been an elder at my local non-denominational community church, so in addition to my business skills, as well as my cycling knowledge and background, I have experience working on a board and knowing how to accomplish things in a team environment that involves input, feedback, and compromise.

I have been the “at large” Road Committee member for the past two years and both enjoyed it, as well as felt USA Cycling is making strides to make improvements.  I hope to continue to contribute to positive change there.


Road Committee - At Large
Road Committee At Large David Sommerville Picture


Road Committee - At Large

Using a lifetime experience, I commit to be a leader serving as the voice of Road Cycling supporting safety, compliance, inclusion, and diversity while building the framework for the future ensuring current issues match operating principles and bylaws.

Been pinning numbers for 30+ seasons, 1000+ events, 12+ countries with a wealth of victories, defeats, flats, crashes that provides knowledge and wisdom of our beautiful sport of cycling.

It’s not just been about racing for me, with deep roots to the community as an event promoter, official, club director, team manager, coach, fan, sponsor and volunteer.

Daily as Director of Verge Sport, which makes custom athletic apparel, I work with athletes, clubs, events, charities that provides additional wide-ranging insight to the current state of sport across the USA.

To personally connect to discuss issues, look out for me near New York City roads and events as together we can build the future of road cycling in the USA!

Thank you for my consideration to represent stakeholders as Road Committee At-Large representative.

Road Committee At Large Armin Rahm Picture


Road Committee - At Large

My name is Armin Rahm and I began my cycling career in 1978 as a 10-year-old junior rider in Munich, Germany. I have been personally and professionally committed to cycling for nearly my entire life. I have been on the Board of Directors of the SCNCA Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association for the past four years and been the acting Treasurer for the past three year.

I more than just understand about competition rules and the fundamentals in varied disciplines, having raced on the Road, Track, CX and Mountain bike. I hold the cycling community and its members in high regard, and I am committed to providing my time and knowledge to the Sports Committee in order to further the cycling development and its rules. It would be an honor to represent the members on the Road Sports Committee.

I have been involved in cycling as a competitor predominately on the road and track, and have experience with CX and MTB racing as well. I’ve achieved good results during my 42 years of committed racing. I’ve won many national and international races in Europe. I was winner of the European classic “Rund um den Henninger Turm” in Frankfurt, won the “Stuttgart Sixdays” and achieved over 100 road and 150 track victories.

In April 1995 I moved from Germany to South Pasadena, CA. Constantly striving for perfection, I traveled to Colorado Springs to acquire my USA Cycling Elite Coaching License in 1997 and served as Director Sportif of several Women’s Pro teams. I established my own business in the 90’s. Presently, I am the owner of ICE Sportswear, a custom cycling clothing company.

I speak German and English fluently, currently reside in Pasadena, CA where I live with my wife and two daughters. My hobbies are cycling, camping and just being in the outdoors.

I believe I will be a great asset as a member of the USAC Sports Committee and I’m looking forward to serving my community in this way.

Road Committee At Large Mark Sneed Picture


Road Sport Committee - At-Large

Mark Sneed is applying for the USA Cycling Sports Committee Road Committee At-Large position as a Southern born, Chicago raised, University of California, at Berkeley English graduate who played football and rugby at CAL and taught junior college, high school and middle school English. A confirmed luddite, bicyclist, chess player and writer. Mark Sneed has played sports all of his life and after college football and club rugby was invited to ride bikes, for fun, with a friend.  Mark found himself riding bikes and trying to ride faster than the rest of his friends. A highly competitive individual, Mark learned about the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association and joined and began racing. Along the way, Mark became a USAC Race Official, assisted in bringing Major Motion Cycling to Northern California, lent a hand with the race promotion of the Oakland Grand Prix and became a part of the tight Northern California bicycling community.  Seven years later and still trying to understand the competitive nature of road racing and criterium racing, loving the closeness of the bicycling community, Mark tosses in his hat at the USA Cycling Sports Committee Road Committee At-Large with a desire to make a difference in the cycling community. Mark Sneed is an active member of USA Cycling, a Northern California Nevada Cycling Association member and member of Team Fremont.

Track Committee Candidates

Track Committee At Large Bob Francis Picture


Track Committee - At Large

I'm Bob Francis, and I'm running for the At-Large position on the USA Cycling Track Committee.

My platform is simple: keep expanding opportunities for track racing with a strong focus on junior development.

Having been a part of USA Cycling as an athlete, coach, team director, race director, and sponsor for over 30 years, I am seeking the At-Large position on the Track Committee to expand collaboration with leaders of action who share my passion to grow our sport and specifically the track discipline.

Qualifications / Actions taken to impact track cycling:

5 years ago, I launched a 501c3 non-profit The Foundation for American Track Cycling as a support organization to raise funds and award grants in support of track cycling athletes, racing series, and development programs.

Through the Foundation and our donors, we awarded grants to support the 2015 Junior Track Worlds ICQ qualification camp and races at Velo Sports Center.

In 2016 we partnered with the Los Angeles Velodrome Racing Association (LAVRA) to establish an ongoing development racing series called Juniors Rule! and the SoCal Junior Madison series.  We just completed the 4th year of the Juniors Rule! series and through our sponsors and donors have expanded support for Elite and Masters track racing with the Monday Night Sprints series.

In addition to junior development, we have awarded grants to many Junior and Elite track cyclists from across the nation so that they can gain valuable international racing experience in the European 6 Day events, The Revolution series in the UK, Pan American Track Championships, and Junior Track Worlds.

These are just a few highlights of what I have done so far to support and grow track cycling, humbly submitted to demonstrate my qualifications as you consider your vote for the Track Committee — At-Large position.

If you believe this vision and the actions taken demonstrate the type of commitment and focus our sport needs, I ask for your vote and that you encourage your circle of USA Cycling members to support me as well.

Learn more on the Foundation’s website: https://fatcycling.org/pages/what-we-do

Track Committee At Large Jeff Holt Picture


Track Committee - At Large

I respectfully request your support for my election to the At-Large position on the Track Committee. I have been actively involved in racing since the early 1980's. I started racing at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (aka T'Town) in 1983 and have been an active track racer ever since. Over the years I have had the privilege of racing at quite a number of velodromes located across the United States. From 2013 to 2018 I served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Garden State Velodrome Association. In addition to being a racer, I'm presently a licensed USAC mechanic (Cat 2) and at one time was also a licensed official. I've worked in various capacities over the years at hundreds of events from UCI sanctioned Pro events to local criterium and charity rides.

Because of both my longevity in the sport and the breadth of my experience, I feel strongly that I can bring a unique perspective to the issues facing track racing in the United States. I do not believe it is too far of an exaggeration to suggest that at the grass-roots level, the time honored sport of track racing is facing a crisis. Simply stated, we are losing participants and venues. While a select few velodromes have healthy base of participants and activities, the larger percentage are facing declining rider numbers and an ever-increasing aging rider population. I firmly believe that USAC needs to make a concerted effort to promote track racing, find ways to financially assist the existing velodromes that are struggling, and to support the construction of new venues. If I am elected to the At-Large position, I will endeavor to work with the USA Cycling staff to address these areas of concern.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and for voting in these elections.

Track Committee At Large James Mellen Picture


Track Committee - At Large

My name is James Mellen. Currently, I am an elite track cyclist based in Trexlertown, PA (TTown). I began my cycling career when I was 10 years old through the community programs that the Valley Preferred Cycling Center offers. When I was 16 years old the Junior Track National Championships came to TTown. This event launched my professional cycling career; I got a coach, trained intensely, and came away from the competition with my first National Championship. Seven years later at the 2019 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships I went on to win my 10th and 11th National Championship in the Sprint and Keirin.

Through my time cycling as a Junior, Collegiate, and Elite I have been fortunate enough to train, race, and meet a variety of people at many of the velodromes in the United States in addition to traveling internationally. These experiences have given me unique insight and perspective into the track cycling culture across the United States.

Although all of my academic training has been technical (In 2018 I graduated from Penn State in the Schreyer Honors College with a degree in Biomedical Engineering), I am also someone who approaches challenges with a pragmatic approach. Often, I’ve found, the solution to complex issues is through a blend of technical analysis coupled with a practical, common sense implementation.

I believe that my diverse experience cycling in the United States and level of racing in the sport puts me in a strong position to provide the critical insight and valuable feedback that the Sport Committee in Track Cycling is in need of.

Through these seven years of cycling I have graduated from the Penn State Schreyer Honors College with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.


Track Committee - Track Director

I, Amara Edwards, am seeking election to be on the Track Sport Committee in the Track Director role. I have been the director at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome (formally Marymoor Velodrome), in Redmond Washington for 7 years. We host 3 summer long USACycling series and 5 stand alone events throughout the summer totaling in over 40 days of USAC sanctioned track racing. I think our track has a lot of experiences and feedback that would be valuable at the national level.


Track Committee - Track Director

 It is with great passion and enthusiasm that I respectfully submit my application to serve on the USA Cycling Track Committee Board in the position as Track Director.

I currently manage the VELO Sports Center (VSC), the only permanent indoor 250m Velodrome of world-class standards in the United States. VSC is an Anschutz Entertainment Group-owned facility operation located at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA. While here, I have taken an active approach with the help of LAVRA to grow our racing and development scene, including 21 local races this year, which include time trials, Omnium events, standalone Junior racing and Monday Night Sprints, where over 100 riders compete. I have also been the event director for many successful international races: UCI World Cup and UCI Para World Championships, two UCI Masters World Championships.

I have spent the better part of my life involved in Track Cycling, whether it was representing my country racing Games, Worlds or World Cups. I have been 25+ National Champion, Pan American Sprint Champion and duel Commonwealth Games medalist.

I took my knowledge and love of the sport to start coaching. I also co-founded Momentum Coaching Group, where I helped mold and guide the future champions. As a coach, I have seen helped numerous athletes reach the top step at the National championships, achieve world records in master’s divisions and reach the Olympic Games.

I would be greatly honored to serve as Track Director on the USA Cycling Track Committee Board. I appreciate your consideration.