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Injury Insurance For Cyclists

By: Spot  April 27, 2021

USA Cycling members can get injury insurance through Spot!

We champion your peace of mind each moment you’re on two wheels. That’s why we’ve partnered with Spot to offer our members the first of its kind On-the-Bike injury insurance specifically designed for cyclists—focus on riding without worrying about the financial repercussions of an injury.

As a USA Cycling member, you now have the opportunity to purchase Spot for a one-time payment of just $40 for coverage through December 31, 2021. Coverage includes up to $25,000 for out-of-pocket medical costs each time you get hurt while on a bike. There’s no deductible and Spot’s policy works whether you have health insurance or not. Whether you're racing or hitting the trails for fun, your Spot policy can cover your out-of-pocket medical bills any time you get hurt while cycling this year (except when participating in a sanctioned race that is not organized by USA Cycling).


“Like it or not, we're all going to crash at some point. Spot will literally change the lives of my racing, commuting, and bike-loving friends who either have bad insurance or just don't have the cash to cover thousands of dollars in medical bills. With Spot, there’s no worry of "if I crash I'm screwed;" biking becomes a stress-free source of transportation, enjoyment, achievement, confidence, personal growth, and community. There isn't a better way to present this game changer to the cycling community than this partnership with USAC.”

– Mark B-D., Spot team member and Cat 2 cyclist


If you get hurt, see any licensed physician of your choice so Spot can cover your recommended treatment plan. File a digital claim from your Spot account and a personal claims representative will assist you through the pain of bills so you can get back to crushing hills.


Who is covered: Must be an active USA Cycling member

What is covered: Any accidental injury while on a bike—including training, touring, commuting, gran fondos, on- or off-roading (mountain biking) and e-bikes up to 750 watts*

Where are you covered: Anywhere in the U.S. and its territories

*Sanctioned races not organized by USA Cycling are not covered


Accidental medical expense: Up to $25,000 per injury

Deductible: $0

Coverage dates: Date of purchase through December 31, 2021

Cost to member: $40

Get Spot On-the-Bike coverage for just $40 through December 31, 2021 at