USACYCLING  • Charlie Harrison
D.O.B October 18, 1997
Hometown Trabuco, California
Residence Trabuco, California
Pro Teams Intense Factory Racing (2017-2018); Trek Factory Racing (2019-Present)

Meet the Athlete

Charlie grew up racing motocross from the age of 5 until 13. As his motocross career came to an end, he started to take a huge interest in downhill. Mountain biking had always been prevalent in his life, but it was always just a fun past time that he did occasionally. He saved up money for half of a freeride bike, and his mom was nice enough to match the other half, and that’s how he got his first mountain bike. He started riding locally around town, and a friend of his from riding invited him to go to a local downhill race at Fontana, and he was hooked after that. It's crazy to think that something so simple as an invitation to go to a race has led to such a wonderful life through cycling. He’s so grateful to live the life that he has, ride for a top tier team surrounded by such hard-working people, and to get to compete against the best downhill racers in the world at the World Cups, all while living out his childhood dreams. He’s been blessed to be able to use cycling as a platform to test his personal capabilities and see what he can accomplish. Through this search to see what is possible personally, he’s been able to stand on multiple World Cup podiums, which has been a dream come true.

What is something you would tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

Enjoy the process and focus less on the outcome.

Enjoy the process and focus less on the outcome.

What is one of the most pivotal experiences you've had that helped get you to where you are today?

Getting my first World Cup podium.

Getting my first World Cup podium.

What is your favorite post-ride meal?



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Charlie Harrison POI 1

Maribor World Cup Podium

Snowshoe World Cup Podium

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Charlie Harrison POI 3

First World Cup Top 10 Finish - Mont Saint Anne

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