Optional certifications & Beginning racer program

Knowledge is power. With certifications in power based training, discipline-specific skills, and the ability to run Beginning Racer Programs (BRPs), you can give immense value to your coaching brand.

Who can resist extra credit? You've worked hard to get this far in your coaching career, but the competitive landscape is always changing. Give your athletes, and your coaching brand, an extra boost with any of the following optional certifications and abilities. 

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  1. Power Based Training
  2. Skills Certification
  3. Beginning Racer Program

Power Based Training



There are currently two options available to USA Cycling Coaches to acquire the power training necessary to become Power Training certified:

  1. Take the Power Certification Test provided by USA Cycling. To access the test, log on to your USA Cycling account, click on account under the welcome banner and then select "Coaching Links (including tests)" from the right side of that webpage. Your coaching license must be current to access the test.
  2. Take the Power Clinics, provided by PCG, then take the Power Certification Test provided by USA Cycling. To access the test, log on to your USA Cycling account, click on account under the welcome banner and then select "Coaching Links (including tests)" from the right side of that webpage. Your coaching license must be current to access the test.

Regardless of which option a coach chooses, only USA Cycling Level 2 & 1 coaches are eligible to become Power Training Certified. Level 3 coaches may complete any of the above, but will not be eligible to become power Power Training Certified until they achieve USA Cycling Level 2 coach status.


Coaches will be awarded 25 CEUs for completion of any of the power based training courses and/or the successful completion of the Power Certification Test.

In-Person Clinics

Peaks Coaching Group offers the in-person power clinics. The Peaks Coaching Group Power Course teaches you how to coach using a power meter and follows the USA Cycling Power Curriculum allowing coaches the opportunity to become USA Cycling Power Certified Coaches once they pass the USA Cycling Power Certification Test. This course is led by Hunter Allen, Dr. Stephen McGregor, and Dr. Andrew R. Coggan, the PCG Power Clinic is one of the most comprehensive and knowledge packed coaching clinics available.

The cost of the Peaks Coaching Group power clinic does NOT include the test fee of $149.

For registration and more information, please visit PCG HERE

Power Based Training Exam/Certification

The only way to become a USA Cycling Power Certified coach is to take and pass the Power Certification Test. Only Level 2 and Level 1 coaches are eligible to become a USA Cycling Power Certified coach. Level 3 coaches may complete any of the above courses and Power Training Test, but will not be eligible to become Power Training Certified until they achieve USA Cycling Level 2 coach status.  

The Power Certification Test can be downloaded by logging into your account and clicking on "account" (under the Welcome header).  On the account page click on "Coaching Links (including tests)" which is where you will find the link to download the test.  Your coaching license must be current in order to access the exam.

In order to pass the Power Certification Test, you must score a grade of 80% or higher.  Those who do not achieve the 80% will be provided one (1) additional chance to correct their errors.  If, after two (2) attempts a coach does not score the required 80%, they must wait one calendar year to retake the exam and resubmit the entire exam as well as be required to re-pay the test fee.

Skills Certification


USA Cycling is conducting Certified Skills Instructor (CSI) coaching clinics, aiming to provide our coaches with extensive knowledge on bike skills and how to transfer this valuable information to your athletes. The lead instructor will be Larry Nolan (Level 1 USAC Coach with 20 years of coaching experience, 21 World Masters Track Wins, 50 National titles on road and track). Larry is passionate about practicing and teaching skills, and aims to use these clinics to focus 100% on helping coaches to be more competent with their own skills while also being able to teach them to others. Bike skills are critical to not only riding safety but are paramount to success as a cyclist; though often overlooked in favor of power, physiology and other coaching concepts.  

The skills taught in the CSI are road skills, primarily, but can be carried over to all disciplines of cycling.

Clinic Topics

Coaches attending the clinic will progress through the three-day curriculum, ahead of their athletes skills progression:

1) Beginning Bicycle Racing Skills: Coaching your athletes in getting comfortable on their bikes and cooperating with everything that roads, trials, and traffic can throw their way.

2) Intermediate Bicycle Racing Skills: You play an important role when your athlete decides to take up bicycle racing.  Are you prepared to help your athlete relax whilst racing shoulder-to-shoulder (with strangers) through a corner, at 30mph?  Relaxed enough to sprint out of that corner to victory?  

3) Advanced Bicycle Racing Skills: Beyond your athlete that started racing (and needs your coaching advice on reading and winning races), USA Cycling coaches play an ever increasing role of retaining ridership and growing our sport.  Proficiently skilled racers crash less often, have a better attitude toward their racing, and want to learn.  Admit it, these are the athletes you want to work with!

Mountain Bike Skills Certification

USA Cycling Coaching Education has partnered with the Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) to offer all coaches a mountain bike skills certification. Coaching obtaining the ICP's Level 1, 2, or 3 certification will now have these certifications recognized by USA Cycling and added to there USA Cycling credentials.

The ICP is headed by Lead Instructor Trainer Shaums March, a three-time World Team member, two-time Masters World Champion and the first African American to win a NORBA National race and be chosen to attend the Mountain Bike World Championships. Shaums is also considered by many to be one of the best coaches mountain biking has ever seen and an all-around nice guy.

To learn more about the BICP, and to register for clinics, please visit the BICP Site

Beginning Racer Program


While many people know how to ride a bike, very few have been taught how to race.  The Beginning Racer Program is designed to provide new racers with an enjoyable and educational experience as they learn to race their bike. The objective of the BRP is to inspire and educate new riders, thus leading to safer more enjoyable racing experiences.

For new racers, the USA Cycling BRP is a great way to learn the skills and dynamics of bike racing in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether you are a young junior rider or a master’s athlete, the BRP will guide you through the how-to’s of racing step by step.

For race promoters, the USA Cycling BRP is ideal for teaching racers how to race safely, have fun learning to race, and build the skills and confidence necessary for them to keep racing.

View the BRP Webinar conducted by USA Cycling's Director or Coaching Education here.

Clinic Topics

The BRP is broken down into five separate clinics:

  1. Basic Pack Skills — Protecting Your Front Wheel
  2. Cornering — Choosing and Holding Your Line
  3. Pack Awareness and Skills
  4. Sprinting Basics
  5. Bringing it All Together

Each clinic is comprised of three components: on-bike instructional clinic, mentored race, and race debrief.

How to Start a BRP

There are a variety of ways to launch a BRP in your area:

  1. Reach out to USA Cycling to guide you through the steps.  The primary contact will be Stuart Lamp, Director of Event Services

2.  Work directly with a local race promoter

3. Create your own independent BRP

USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program Manual

All parties looking to hold a BRP MUST  meet the requirements outlined in the MANUAL.

Upgrade Points

USA Cycling rules state a Cat 5 cyclist may upgrade to Cat 4 by acquiring ten (10) points. These points can be achieved by finishing 10 mass start races, or 5 USA Cycling approved Beginning Racer Program (BRP) clinics, or a combination of both.  Mass start races count as one (1) point each and USA Cycling approved Beginning Racer Program clinics count as two (2) points each clinic. Women cat 4 cyclists are authorized to apply up to ten (10) points from the Beginning Racer Program clinics towards cat 3 upgrades.

In order to receive the full two (2) points from a USA Cycling BRP clinic, the rider must take part in all three (3) components of the BRP clinic; 1) on-bike instruction/clinic; 2) race; 3) race debrief (no partial points will be awarded for only attending one of the three components of the BRP)