USA Cycling Fiscal Information

Dear Member of the Cycling Community,

As we move forward into a new era of USA Cycling, I am committed to providing transparency into our business model and where we source and use revenue. Our organization works hard every day to serve American cyclists and I believe it’s important to share those efforts and plans with our whole community.

USA Cycling is a National Governing Body with a mission to develop the sport of cycling in the United States at all levels and to achieve sustained international racing success while fostering a shared commitment to safety, integrity, and the joy of cycling. This means we work to get kids on bikes, develop winning Olympians, and create lifelong cyclists.

Through the creation of programs and partnering with other groups, we are working to be the organization that unites all American cyclists in a supportive, inclusive community.

Our vision is that cycling in the US is safe, fun, and locally accessible for a vibrant community of racers, enthusiasts, supporters and event directors, and is represented by highly successful athletes competing with integrity on the world stage.

Our plan to get there is built on four pillars:
1 – Strengthen our Community

Unite the American cycling community by delivering a mission valued by and representative of our members, partners, and all riders.

2 – Enable Great Events

Ensure the USA Cycling brand stands for Safe, Fun, Equitable, and Measured cycling at all events we support.

3 – Win, Celebrate, Inspire

Field National Teams who Win at the elite level, Celebrate the athletes, and leverage their success to Inspire the next generation of cyclists.

4 – Lead the Way

Leverage our leadership platform to aggregate and amplify the voices within our community and increase access, safety, and equity.

We’re working on a number of initiatives now to serve the cycling community. These include:

Team USA
Develop and support Team USA athletes at Olympics, World Championships, and other international competitions
Youth & Collegiate Development
Get kids on bikes through partnerships with youth development programs, leagues, and clubs while growing junior and collegiate racing.
SafeSport & RaceClean
Create a safe and positive environment for participants’ physical, emotional, and social development; promote an environment free from misconduct and abuse; and deter doping at every level of the sport.
American Bike Racing
Grow American racing by providing safety, structure, support, and insurance for races nationwide, 18 annual National Championships, and race licenses for members.
Safety Advocacy
Partner with BikeLaw and other advocacy organizations to promote safety for all cyclists.
Event Partnerships
Relationships with 75+ American cycling events to offer participation benefits to our members.
Diversity & Inclusiveness
Foster a community that welcomes, supports, promotes, and represents all riders.
Benefits for Members
Discounts and services, created to offer meaningful, tangible benefits to our members.

We are a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit; we do not receive any government or taxpayer funding. As a nonprofit, USA Cycling is working to serve the sport of cycling and reinvest all revenue into our programs to benefit riders nationwide.

We have six major sources of revenue. Membership is our largest contributor, generating 35% annually. Our next largest source of revenue at 20% comes from permitted event fees supporting grassroots racing. Sponsorship and partnership represents 13% of our annual revenue and allows us to build immersive experiences for brands and businesses that want to be part of the cycling community. Annual grants of private donations through the USA Cycling Development Foundation provide 12% of our annual revenue. The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) provides 11% of our revenue and must be secured for each Olympic cycle based on the USOPC’s evaluation of projected medal potential. Together, these two revenue sources fully fund our Elite Athletics program. National Events, Camps, Clinics, & Summits, including hosting 18 National Championships, generate 8% of revenue.

2020 USA Cycling Fiscal Information

Our expenses fall into three major areas: programs at 87%, administrative services at 8%, and sponsorship and fundraising expenses at 5%. The 87% we spend on programs is split across four major areas: national events and grassroots racing is the largest, at 39%. Elite athlete development is next, representing 23%. Expanding membership in the effort to create lifelong cyclists is 21%, and currently youth development and athlete support is the final 4%.

Going forward, we will provide this data on our revenue and expenses annually to help the community better understand our work and efforts to grow the sport. USA Cycling will also continue to reinvest our revenue into growing each program, finding new and bigger ways to support riders at every level. We welcome your input on our mission and how we can provide successful, safe, fun, accessible riding and racing for all American cyclists.

Thank you,


Rob DeMartini

President & CEO

USA Cycling