Collegiate cycling

Grant Program

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Launched by a 3-year, $300,000 commitment from EF Pro Cycling and Cannondale Bikes, the goal of the program is to provide HBCU and TCU schools with the financial support necessary to build successful cycling programs. Bikes, helmets, kits, trainers and travel are just some of the expenses that Collegiate clubs incur and this funding addresses those needs. On top of equipment and funding, each recipient school receives:

- Access to USA Cycling staff and resources

- Support from USA Cycling coaches and local clubs

- Waived club and rider fees

Applying for the Grant

The grant application closed February 12, 2021.

To help you fill out the application, we have created an example budget (below):

Grant Expectations

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

Schools awarded the grant will be required to:

  • Demonstrate that the program is supported by the school either through the athletic department as a varsity sport or other major university initiative
  • Market to and recruit a co-ed (50/50 split) cycling team/club with a minimum of 10 riders
  • Establish and enforce eligibility requirements for student riders that include:
    • Maintaining a minimum academic standard
    • Commitment to the team (e.g. attendance at a set minimum number of workouts and event participation throughout a semester)
    • Demonstrated student leadership
    • A financial plan that outlines how the school will support the program with funding from the school budget and/or student rider team fundraising to supplement the grant.
    • A plan/policy related to transportation of the team to training sessions and events.
    • A plan related to the on-going storage and maintenance of the equipment.
    • Grant recipients are expected to compete in collegiate events.
    • Provide information regarding insurance liability coverage that will be maintained by the school for the cycling program.
    • Deliver an annual report on the status of the program with success measures e.g. # of student riders, gender of riders, event participation, how additional funds were raised and what they were used for, etc.

    Schools awarded the grant must also be willing to enter into a separate contract with EF/Cannondale that delineates responsibilities as it relates specifically to the EF/Cannondale/school relationship.

    USA Cycling Responsibilities

    • Waive club and rider fees during the term of the grant
    • Provide access to SafeSport training and Background checks
      • Provide commercial marketing support to the team including social media, team storytelling, etc.
      • Serve as a point of contact to answer questions and provide guidance