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Athlete Development Through Cycling

USA Cycling ADM

The Long Term Athlete Development Model, also known as the LTAD, embraces the athlete potential in everyone though a participant focused multi-stage approach. The LTAD provides parents, athletes and coaches with guidelines for skill development and engagement opportunities that are age and level of development appropriate to optimize both short and long term benefits of sport participation.

The unique nature of cycling makes it one of the few sports that can enrich long term athlete development throughout the life span – supporting the early development of foundational skills, providing ongoing fitness benefits, and providing avenues both family and competitive engagement. The following 8 instructional modules follow the cycling journey of young riders from their first balance bike to racing on a collegiate cycling team, introduce the concept of an ADM for cycling and provide concepts for helping young riders develop a lifelong love of the sport.



Supporting Athlete Development through Cycling

The Short and Long term Benefits of cycling for athletes.

Tips for Family Riding

From the youngest to the oldest, riding bikes provides a host of benefits for the whole family.

Little Tykes & Pre-Bikes

Setting kids up for success in sport. Balance bikes are an important resource in learning how to ride a bike and future athleticism.

Encouraging Cycling in Elementary School

By the time kids enter elementary school play and movement are already a big part of their lives. Cycling can provide a great opportunity to focus their energy and develop a love of the outdoors.

The Middle School Cyclist

The bicycle can be a great vehicle (pun intended!) to provide opportunities for growth and responsibility to pre-teens, while helping them build and maintain their strength and fitness.

The Teenage Cyclist

Cycling for teenagers can range from recreational fun to a competitive pursuit. This module covers the wide variety of benefits cycling can provide a teenager.

Developing & Growing Talent in Young Cyclists

In this short overview, we talk about what parents, coaches and supporters should look at when trying to help their cyclist flourish.

ADHD and Youth Cycling

Information for parents, coaches, and riders about the benefits of cyclings for those who suffer from Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder.


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