USA Cycling Member Accident Insurance powered by Spot Insurance

Injured at a USA Cycling sanctioned event? Spot Insurance can help.

Simply follow the process below to file a claim and we’ll have you peddling again in no time.

USA Cycling provides supplemental accident medical coverage to its licensed members (Race, One-day, coaches, mechanics, and officials) participating in USA Cycling Sanctioned events. International licensed members are also covered while participating in a cycling competition sanctioned by the UCI or a Foreign Federation affiliated with the UCI while outside of the United States and its territories.

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The benefit provisions are as follows:

Medical Expense (maximum): $25,000*

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $1,000

*Maximum benefit of $500 for Dental, Orthopedic, Physical Therapy, and Transportation. This accident medical policy does not stack with multiple memberships.

  • This injury insurance policy provides supplemental coverage.
  • The injury insurance policy’s deductible will be the same as the member’s primary medical policy’s deductible with a minimum deductible of $1,000 and a maximum deductible of $5,000. If the member does not have primary medical insurance, then the deductible is $5,000.
  • Once the primary carrier has paid their portion of the medical expenses, Spot Injury Insurance will reimburse 70% of the Reasonable and Customary remaining expenses above the deductible, up to a limit of $25,000.
Coverage Requirements for for Licensed Members (one-day/racing/coaches/officials/mechanics):

The USA Cycling licensed member accident policy provides excess coverage for dates specified on the permit application when members:

  • Participate in a USA Cycling permitted event or for international licensees while participating in a cycling competition sanctioned by the UCI or a Foreign Federation affiliated with the UCI while outside of the United States and its territories;
  • Notify a race official about their accident when it happens, even if they do not think they are badly injured;
  • Receive medical care and treatment within 30 days of the covered accident; and
  • File an Accident Medical Expense Claim with the insurance company within 30 days


  1. Fill Out a Spot Injury Report. In order to file a claim with Spot insurance, you must submit an injury report so we can verify your eligibility.
  2. Receive Eligibility Verification. Once your injury has been verified you will receive an email from Spot with access to your Spot account to file your claim.
  3. Log In to Your Account. Simply follow the prompts provided in your Spot Insurance confirmation email to access your Spot account.
  4. File Your Claim. Answer a few questions about the accident, like where and when it happened. Be as thorough and detailed as possible.
  5. Upload Your Bills. Unless it’s a cut-and-dry injury, you will likely get bills in the mail over time from each provider and facility that was involved in your care. As you receive them, take a picture and upload them to your account. Your case will remain open as you receive your bills.
  6. Get Paid. Once the insurance company receives your claim, you will be assigned an advocate who will monitor your claim and help guide you along the way. They will work with you on the best path forward for your medical and financial situation. This means they will reimburse you by check or pay your providers directly.