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Team USA Well-Being Program

Mental, physical, and emotional health support for our National Team athletes.

As much as we love the sport, USA Cycling understands cycling is a grueling sport, not only physically, but mentally. Our athletes have much more on their plates than just riding their bikes, and we are committed to supporting our athletes to keep our cycling community happy and healthy, on and off the bike.

USA Cycling recognizes the importance of the mental, physical and emotional health of our athletes and, inspired by the groundbreaking program launched by USA Weightlifting, is offering pro-bono services to support the overall well-being of USA Cycling Team athletes and contractors – junior, elite and retired. Confidential counseling and mental health services are available for those who have suffered from trauma.

For the purposes of this program, “trauma” is defined as exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, sexual assault, emotional abuse, physical abuse, bullying, violence or other significant loss caused either accidentally or intentionally at any time in an athlete’s life. Exposure includes direct involvement in the event, witnessing the event or in some cases, becoming aware of the event having happened to a loved one or close associate. The trauma suffered does not have to be sport-specific.

USA Cycling will also make these services available for USA Cycling Team athletes and contractors suffering from addictions and depression related to their participation in cycling and will support those suffering from a diagnosed mental health disorder.

USA Cycling Team athletes and contractors are now being invited to take advantage of these services by reaching out to Kelsey Erickson. Once contacted, Kelsey will work to make connections between the athlete/contractor and an appropriate professional in their local area.

USA Cycling is building a network of LPC, LPCC, LP, LMFT, LMHC, and LCSW professionals who are equipped to address a broad range of issues. If you would be interested in offering your professional services as part of this network, please contact Kelsey Erickson.

How You Can Help

USA Cycling is committed to supporting the mental, physical and emotional health of our athletes and to providing a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all. If you're able, please donate to this great program to help ensure that health and happiness of our National Team Athletes and staff. All donations will go directly towards funding counseling services in situations where pro-bono services are not available.