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Learn what it takes to become one of Team USA Cycling's Elite Team athletes, from first race to first place.

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Where Do I Start?

Get wheels turning
  1. Get a racing license, find a coach, and join a local club or team.
  2. Find a race near you and get pedaling!
  3. After you’ve found a supportive group and have a few race results, enter a local Road Development Race Series or American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC).
  4. When you're ready to make the next step, check out a USA Cycling Talent ID Camp (select discipline below) or enter the national championship for your discipline and age group.
  5. Based on your results, you may qualify for a USA Cycling National Talent ID Camp, be selected to represent the U.S. in an international race, or attend a USA Cycling European Race Camp.
  6. With a lot of hard work you may just end up at Le Tour or winning Olympic gold for the USA!

get specialized

USA Cycling hosts Talent ID Camps in multiple disciplines, which are the first step in the Development Pathway. Development Pathways are developed for each discipline, to help guide athletes in their careers and aspirations. They illustrate first steps, progression, and scope of events that athletes need to show success in to move up the elite ranks. 

Development Pathways can also give elite athletes an idea of what kind of results they need to achieve to receive support in Podium Programs. Podium Programs are a tiered support system, from USA Cycling or Olympic Training Center support staff to transportation to/from events, to financial support.

For more information on the discipline-specific details of Talent ID Camps, Development Pathways, and Podium Program selection, select a discipline below.

If you're looking for what it takes to get selected for international events, such as World Cups or the Olympics, visit the International Events page and find your sport and event.

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