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Olympic Development Academy

Providing riders with the best-in-class coaching, curriculums and competitions needed to excel on the world stage


Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Selection Process

  • How do I get selected for the Academy?

    There are no specific requirements to join the Academy. Selections will be made based on racing history, results, personal character, sportsmanship and work ethic. Athletes applying for the Academy must have some experience at National-level competitions. Athletes must be US Citizens.

  • How many athletes can be selected per discipline?

    The Olympic Development Academy is designed to provide high-quality, focused support for each and every athlete involved. Each discipline will be able to include a limited and varying number of athletes ranging between 6-20 athletes per discipline. The ODA will include an equal number of male and female athletes in every program when possible.

  • Will I be notified if I did not make the Academy Team?

    Yes, you will always be emailed the status of your application regardless of being selected or not.

  • When will the Academy team be announced?

    Athletes will be notified via the email listed on their application of their acceptance on the date listed on the specific discipline page. Shortly after, the Olympic Development Academy team will be publicly announced through USA Cycling. The announcement date will be available on the discipline page.

  • If I make the Academy team, does this mean I am on the National Team?

    No, the Olympic Development Academy is a step below the National Team. The goal is that those who have competed for the ODA will develop into National Team members.

About The Program

  • When does the program start?

    In 2021, each discipline's programming will begin in April whether or not events have begun for that discipline. You can find the event schedule on the discipline specific page.

  • Is this a resident program?

    When athletes are racing in the U.S., they will be traveling to and from events. In some cases, races and training camps are scheduled beside each other for the convenience of not having to travel back and forth. When athletes are in Europe, they will be staying at the USA Cycling European headquarters in Sittard, Netherlands.

  • What is the Academy training program?

    The idea and whole concept of the ODA is to simulate what a full-time, elite-level athlete’s program would look like. As a member of the Academy you will have the opportunity and access to some of the best coaches in the world. Both training plans and one-on-one training programs are available.

  • How is the program structured for class schedules?

    ​It will be up to the athlete to negotiate any travel exemptions they may need from their schools. We are happy to offer letters of support for them to miss days of school for travel to events. If there are specific travel restrictions in place from an athlete's school/university, they will be responsible to adhere to those. We will, of course, help them navigate those protocols as much as possible.

About The Events

  • Can I race for my club or trade team and the Academy at the same time?

    Yes. The Academy will have a competition and training camp schedule for the semester, as a member of the academy it is not required to participate in the full schedule. The ODA will provide the training and racing schedules up front, and athletes can decide if they think it will fit well with their current team support. In most cases, the ODA will complement the athletes' current team programs very well. While racing/training with the ODA, the athletes will be expected to wear ODA gear. When racing/training with their club team, the athletes may wear their club team gear. If there are any conflicts, they will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

  • How will the Academy address COVID travel restrictions nationally and internationally?

    We will always follow local health officials' guidelines and CDC regulations. We're only going to hold and attend events if/when it is safe and permitted to do so. We will assist all the athletes in navigating their local health guidelines and testing requirements around travel.

  • Do athletes get insurance when traveling on Academy trips?

    Yes, USA Cycling will provide Travel Insurance on international trips. More information can be found here.

  • If I am not part of the Academy, can I still participate in World Cups, Nation Cups, World Championships, and other international events?

    Yes, the ODA is a development program designed to prepare athletes to compete at the highest level. International event selection will take place separately from Academy programs, and all international event selections will continue to be approved by the Athlete Selection Committee. You can read more about specific selection processes under each discipline's “Major Events” tab.

Academy Staff

  • Who will be making the athlete selections?

    Applications and team selections will be reviewed by an application review committee, this includes internal USA Cycling Staff and external members.

  • What coaches are part of the Academy?

    The Olympic Development Academy is directed by some of the top coaches in the world. These coaches design the Academy training camps, racing programs, training plans and support infrastructure relying on decades of world-class experience. Each Academy discipline will include coaching by USA Cycling Elite Level coaches along with instruction from top experts in sports science, human performance, and personal development. Academy athletes may also interact with National Team athletes and coaches in select opportunities.

  • How can I get involved as a staff member with the ODA?

    The Olympic Development Academy will be part of the USA Cycling Coach Development and Education pathway and is welcoming any and all support staff like mechanics, souigners, sport scientists, etc. If you are interested in being a part of the ODA as a staff member, send us an email at with more information about the discipline you would like to work with.

Cost and Payments

  • What is included in the cost of the Academy?

    The Academy includes training plans, training camps, race trips, holistic athlete education and mentorship. Each component of the Academy is designed, managed and provided by world class coaches and experienced professionals.

  • What is not included in the cost of the Academy?

    Additional costs for athletes to consider will be: Travel to and from Academy events including training camps and race trips, personal racing and training equipment, and personalized coaching throughout the rest of the year. Academy clothing for competition and casual clothing is required to purchase once a year.

  • Can I pick and choose what races I want to do within the semester?

    Yes. It is not required to attend every event during the semester, however, attending all races will be best for the athletes development. The cost is fixed regardless of the number of events attended.

  • Do I need to pay the full amount up front?

    At the time of registration, the full amount can be paid at once or an option of 3 installments.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Riders that may become injured, ill or otherwise unable to attend the semester may be subject to a refund or credit for future semesters and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please email your respective Academy Director for more information.


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