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Looking for a group near you? Clubs are the best way to find your place in the cycling world. Check out our club search to find a club near you and learn about local teams.

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Apply to become a club using this application. If you have questions about becoming a club let us know at


Club Insurance

As a USA Cycling club you receive access to discounted club insurance, including directors and officers insurance. Find out more about these resources here.

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Safe Sport Program

Demonstrate your commitment to creating a safe and enjoyable environment by securing Safe Sport Level bronze, silver or gold.

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Club of the Year

Every year we recognize the best clubs from across the country for their community involvement, youth development and race hosting. Find more information here regarding past recipients and the application process.

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Club Tool Kit

Club Tool Kit

It's always hard to take someone who's interested in racing their bike through the process of getting to the point where they can race their bike. USA Cycling's Club Tool Kit is built so that clubs can take new members through drills so that they're ready to for their first race.

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