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Great news!

Thanks to the success of the 2020 Virtual Coach Summit, we are pleased to announce that we will host another virtual Summit. It will happen early 2022 and we cannot wait to have you join. More info to come!

In the wake of COVID-19, the 2020 USA Cycling Coaching Summit went virtual & FREE!

The Coaching Summit was held Friday, Nov. 6th, from 12-3pm MDT. The 2020 Summit brought a wealth of knowledge and education to all attendees. USA Cycling brought together leading experts who discussed a range of topics - everything from physiology and exercise science to team and individual coaching - all with the goal of providing you with the best educational experience possible. The Summit was designed to enhance an individual's coaching ability and understanding when working with athletes of all abilities.

The day prior to the start of the Coaching Summit (Nov 5th, 2020), USA Cycling hosted a Jr. Summit. The Jr. Summit brought together some of the most influential people in Jr. cycling and shed light on how to build a cohesive plan for increasing opportunities and pathways for Jr. Cyclists.

Missed the live Summit sessions? Good news! You can re-live it all!

JR Summit: 

General Summit: 

In order to receive your CEUs for one or both of the Summit days, please fill out this form:

In addition to the Live Summit, you can engage with a pre-recorded day of presentations for an additional 12 CEUs (Cost $30). Register and get access to the content (and CEUs) here

USA Cycling coaches who attend the Coaching Summit will earn 12 CEUs and those who attend the Jr. Summit will earn 12 CEUs. If USA Cycling coaches attend both Summits, they will earn 24 CEUs. If they add on the prerecorded session as well, they will earn a total of 36 CEUs.