Elite Men

Track Time Trial — Flying Start

200 m9.598James MellenCochabomba, Bolivia 9/6/19
250 m12.642Aaron MillerAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/22/19
500 m26.461Ethan BoyesAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/24/18


Track Time Trial — Standing Start

250 m17.659David EspinozaAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/10/14
1,000 m59.563Eric YoungCochabomba, Bolivia 9/8/19
4,000 m3:59.930Ashton LambieAguascalientes, Mexico 8/18/21
4,000 m team3:52.747Eric Young, Ashton Lambie, Daniel Holloway, John CroomCochabomba, Bolivia 9/8/19
1 hour53.037 km

Tom Zirbel

Aguascalientes, Mexico, 9/16/16


Team Sprint

750 m

44.031Nathan Koch, Matthew Baranoski, Kevin ManskerMexico City, Mexico, 2/10/13


Road Time Trials — Individual

40 km45:31.66George SimpsonMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/21


Road Time Trials — Tandem

40 km44:18.84John Frey, Rod BushMoriarty, N.M., 9/6/92

Elite Women

Track Time Trial — Flying Start

200 m10.555Madalyn GodbyAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/10/17
250 m13.794Jennifer ValenteAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/14/14
500 m29.662Jennie ReedCarson, Calif., 6/16/08


Track Time Trial — Standing Start

250 m19.416Madalyn GodbyCNAR, Mexico, 2/9/13
500 m34.046Mandy MarquardtAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/7/16
1 km1:08.694Mandy MarquardtTrexlertown, PA 8/30/20
3 km3:16.937Chloe DygertBerlin, Germany, 2/29/2020
1 hour47.980 kmEvelyn StevensColorado Springs, CO 2/27/16


Track Team Time Trial — Standing Start

3,000 m3:16.853Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch, Jennie ReedLondon, England, 8/4/12
4,000 m4:11.229Chloe Dygert, Jennifer Valente, Emma White, Lily WilliamsBerlin, Germany, 2/26/2020


Team Sprint

500 m33.353Madalyn Godby, Mandy MarquardtAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/29/18
1000 m1:09.302Mandy Marquardt, McKenna McKee, Allyson WasielewskiTrexlertown, PA, 7/18/2021

 - Per UCI Regulations, Team Sprint is now contested with 3 riders. The 2 rider time is now historic and will not be updated.

Road Time Trials — Individual

40 km51:36.24Mari HoldenMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/95


Road Time Trials — Tandem

40 km52:00.55Carolyn Donnelly, Paula HiggensMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/95

Elite Mixed Tandem

Road Time Trials

40 km47:17.84Kent Bostick, Carol Anne BostickMoriarty, N.M., 9/2/96

Junior Men

Track Time Trial — 200m Flying Start

14-11.540Ethan SwaidnerColorado Springs, Colo., 6/4/17
15-1610.490Ethan SwaidnerColorado Springs, Colo. 4/19/19
17-1810.271Jean Luc Contant GalitelloColorado Springs, Colo. 4/19/19


Track Time Trial — 250m Flying Start

17-1813.939Luke MullisCouva, TTO., 8/30/16


Track Time Trial — 500m Standing Start

9-1046.065Luc MainvielleCarson, Calif., 8/8/15
11-1240.621Michael GoodwinColorado Springs, Colo., 10/20/17
13-1435.318Ethan SwaidnerColorado Springs, Colo., 6/4/17
15-1633.961Andy LakatoshFt. Lauderdale, Fla., 8/10/01


Team Sprint — 750m

17-1847.096Ben Barczewski, Michael Blatchford, Aaron KacalaCarson, Calif., 8/1/04


Track Time Trial — 1km Standing Start

18-1:04.400David EspinozaAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/8/07


Track Time Trial — 3km Standing Start

15-163:36.902Noah Ta-PerezCarson, Calif., 7/6/19
17-183:06:447Magnus SheffieldColorado Springs, CO 11/19/2020


Track Time Trial — 3km Team Time Trial, Standing Start (Historic)

15-163:30.464Grant Carter, Christian Deschamps,  Brian Luciano, Will SharpCarson, Calif., 7/3/2019


Track Time Trial — 4km Team Time Trial, Standing Start

17-184:17.678Greg Daniel, Mathew Lipscomb, Paul Lynch, Thomas WronaMoscow, Russia, 8/17/11


Track Time Trial — 1 hour

17-1847.595 kmLuke MullisColorado Springs, Colo., 11/21/16


Road Time Trial — 10km

12-14:22.30Alex CoelhoMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/02
13-1413:11.73Chris StockburgerMoriarty, N.M. 9/2/01


Road Time Trial — 20km

16-25:08.48Blake CaldwellMoriarty, N.M., 9/4/00
17-1824:13.00Heath SandallQuito, Ecuador, 7/24/94

Junior Women

Track Time Trial — 200m Flying Start

15-1611.807Kaia SchmidColorado Springs, Colo. 4/19/19
17-1811.304Sophia ShuhayColorado Springs, Colo. 4/19/19


Track Time Trial — 250m Flying Start

16-15.442Summer MoakCarson, Calif.,6/25/14
17-1815.127Summer MoakCouva, TTO., 8/31/16


Track Time Trial — 500m Standing Start

9-1045.710Maya BrothersTrexlertown, Penn., 7/10/18
11-1240.930MaKayla MacPhersonCarson, Calif., 8/8/15
13-1437.863Summer MoakTrexlertown, Penn., 7/25/13
15-1636.691Summer MoakCarson, Calif., 8/8/15
17-1835.641Sophia ShuhayOder, Germany, 8/17/19


Team Sprint

15-181:13.506Danielle Shumskas, Mia Deye, Mckenna McKeeTrexlertown, PA, 7/18/2021

Track Time Trial — 2km Individual Pursuit, Standing Start

14-2:47:707Katie SmockIndianapolis, IN 8/22/20
15-162:30.750Megan JastrabCarson, Calif., 7/31/17
17-182:26.160Zoe Ta-PerezOder, Germany, 8/17/19

Track Time Trial — 3km Team Pursuit, Standing Start

15-163:47.669Megan Jastrab, Zoe Ta-Perez, Emma WorkowskiCarson, Calif., 8/2/17
17-183:52.574Addyson Albershardt, Jaqueline Denny, Kate WilsonMoscow, Russia, 8/18/11


Track Time Trial — 4km Team Pursuit, Standing Start

15-184:51.437Olivia Cummins, Megan Jastrab, Makayla Macpherson, Zoe Ta-PerezCarson, Calif., 7/3/19


Road Time Trial — 10 km

12-16:41.62Jeanne ErikssonMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/99
13-1415:19.24Danielle HaulmanMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/04


Road Time Trial — 20 km

16-29:48.61Ryan KellySt. Louis, Mo., 7/7/94
17-1829:41.97Jessica GriecoBorrego Springs, Calif., 8/10/90

Masters Men

Track Time Trial — 200m Flying Start

30-3410.333Stephen AlfredColorado Springs, Colo., 8/6/02
35-399.965Aaron MillerAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/22/19
40-4410.066Ethan BoyesAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/24/18
45-4910.586James LawrenceColorado Springs, Colo., 11/18/16
50-5410.907Steve LandryAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/6/19
55-5910.923Richard VossColorado Springs, Colo., 7/13/13
60-6410.927Aron SeikenAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/7/2019
65-6911.135Aron SeikenAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/13/21
70-7411.761Mark RodamakerAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/23/18
75-7912.892Leo MenestrinaCarson, Calif., 10/13/17
80-8412.882James KlossManchester, England, 10/18/19
85+14.873Carl GroveRock Hill, S.C., 7/23/15


Track Time Trial — 250m Flying Start

35-3912.642Aaron MillerAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/22/19
40-4412.915Ethan BoyesAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/24/18
45-4913.887Allen VugrincicAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/24/18
50-5413.620Steve LandryAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/6/2019
55-5913.955William NighanAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/6/2019
60-6415.16William ByattErie, C.O., 6/11/16
65-6914.135Aron SeikeinAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/13/21
70-7415.033Mark RodamakerAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/23/18
75-79 16.2537 Leo Menestrina Carson, Calif., 10/13/17
80-8416.388James KlossCarson, Calif., 8/29/19


Track Time Trial — 500m Standing Start

40-4433.273Kenneth LoAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/7/19
45-4934.75Jim LawrenceColorado Springs, Colo., 5/8/16
50-5434.292Brian AbersCarson, Calif., 10/10/17
55-5934.525Kurt SatoColorado Springs, Colo., 7/26/12
60-6434.676Aron SeikenAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/7/2019
65-6935.189Aron SeikenAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/14/21
70-7437.290Reid SchwartzAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/23/18
75-7939.005James KlossCarson, Calif., 10/11/17
80-8438.859James KlossManchester, England 10/15/19
85+44.616Carl GroveIndianapolis, Ind., 8/10/16


Track Time Trial — 750m Standing Start

40-4447.758Ethan BoyesAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/22/18
45-4949.616Alphonso WhaleyManchester, England, 2005


Track Time Trial — 1km Standing Start

30-341:04.271Jeff SoltColorado Springs, Colo., 7/13/93
35-391:02.95Ethan BoyesAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/3/15
40-441:03.776Ethan Boyes
Aguascalientes, Mexico, 9/22/18
45-491:04.794Karl BaumgartAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/13/21
50-541:10.495Lawrence NolanColorado Springs, Colo., 11/29/16
60-641:09.141Russell MurphyAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/18/21
65-691:15:000Shannon FoxAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/14/21
80-841:30.797Jim TurnerAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/22/19


Track Time Trial — 2km Standing Start

50-542:16.195Daniel CasperColorado Springs, Colo., 9/29/17
55-592:17.192Chris CarlsonManchester, England, 10/14/19
60-642:18.861Russell MurphyAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/18/21
65-692:27.Steven WorleyColorado Springs, Colo., 5/8/16
70-742:26.859Steven WorleyAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/13/21
75-792:47.242Leo MenestrinaCarson, Calif., 10/15/17
80-842:50.933Carl GroveColorado Springs, Colo., 7/28/12
85+3:02.041Carl GroveIndianapolis, Ind., 8/10/16


Track Time Trial — 3km Standing Start

30-343:23.31Chris CarlsonManchester, England, 8/26/95
35-393:24.60Kent BostickColorado Springs, Colo., 10/16/93
40-443:22.764Dean PhillipsAguascalientes, Mexico 7/15/17
45+3:16.770Michael McCarthyAguascalientes, Mexico 11/16/17

Track Time Trial — 3km Team Time Trial, Standing Start

45+3:19.259Daniel Casper, David Klipper, Chris Carlson, Tim MulrooneyCarson, Calif., 10/15/17
55+3:25.286Donald Langley, Kevin Metcalfe, Lawrence Nolan, Shaun WallaceCarson, Calif., 10/15/17
60+3:38.229Steven Worley, Barry Messmer, Paul Mack, Larry BoschColorado Springs, Colo., 8/26/11
65+3:41.738Leo Longo, Barry Messmer, Larry Wolff, Steven WorleyCarson, Calif., 10/15/17


Track Time Trial — 4km Team Time Trial, Standing Start

30+4:31.463Dan Vogt, Curtis Tolson, Kenny Williams, Leif ClarkeColorado Springs, Colo., 8/13/06
35+4:23.722Chris Carlson, Daniel Casper, Tim Mulrooney, Dean PhillipsColorado Springs, Colo., 11/20/16
40+4:26.364Matthew Gates, Kevin Nicol, Colby Pearce, Patrick WarnerColorado Springs, Colo., 11/20/16
45+4:36.849Curtis Tolson, Kenny Williams, Chris Carlson, Dean PetersonColorado Springs, Colo., 7/29/12
50+4:35.493Bill Brissman, Kevin Metcalfe, Lawrence Nolan, Chris CarlsonCarson, Calif., 8/6/18


Track Time Trial — 1 Hour Best Performance, Standing Start (in Km)


Curtis Gunn

Carson, Calif., 11/20/04
35-3945.641Jason SprouseTrexlertown, Penn., 7/31/07
40-4449.806Colby PearceColorado Springs, Colo., 9/30/13
45-4950.245Colby PearceAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/22/18
50-5449.383Norman AlvisColorado Springs, Colo., 9/29/17
55-5949.387Norman AlvisAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/18/21
60-6444.935Peter MegdalAguascalientes, Mexico, 10/14/21
65-6943.137Barry MessmerColorado Springs, Colo., 5/8/16
70-7443.216Scott HennessyAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/15/17
75-7938.494Jim TurnerAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/29/14
80-8434.490Jim TurnerAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/21/19
90-9434.498Carl GroveColorado Springs, Colo. 7/6/19


Track Time Trial — 1 Hour Absolute, Standing Start

USA Cycling no longer accepts record attempts for the Absolute ("Merckx") Record, only recognizing the UCI Unified Hour Record regulations.

40-4446.452Colby PearceColorado Springs, Colo., 10/8/13
55-5937.027David BeitelErie, Colo., 10/2/15


Road Time Trial — 20 km

65-6925:43.85James DickersonMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/21
70-7427:16.52William MeyersMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/07
75-7929:50.90Walter AxthelmMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/10
80-8431.38.21Walter AxthelmMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/13
85-8934:35.78*Walter AxthelmMoriarty, N.M., 9/2/18
90-9432:59.099Carl GroveHanover, Colo., 8/8/19
95-9944:40.37Raymond PutnamMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/21

Records in grey indicate no anti-doping control undertaken and breaks a previous record with no anti-doping control undertaken.

Road Time Trial — 40 km

30-3446:47.40Innokenty ZavyalovMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/21
35-3947:48.69Kent BostickMoriarty, N.M., 9/2/90
40-4448:25.48Kent BostickMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/96
45-4948:28.52Daniel BryantSattley, Calif., 6/29/14
50-5449:29.94Kevin MetcalfeSattley, Calif., 6/12/13
55-5950:18.478Kevin MetcalfSattley, Calif., 8/12/18
60+51:54.47Gary PainterLoyalton, Calif., 6/12/16


Road Time Trial — 40 km Tandem

70-8945:04.85Nico Toutenhoofd, Kevin NicolMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/14
90-10945:04.85Nico Toutenhoofd, Kevin NicolMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/14
110+48:56.06David Spangler, Vic CopelandMoriarty, N.M., 8/31/97

Masters Women

Track Time Trial — 200m Flying Start

30-3411.064Connie Paraskevin-YoungBogota, Colombia, 9/26/95
35-3911.426Jill GianettoniColorado Springs, Colo., 8/12/96
40-4412.149Annette HansonColorado Springs, Colo., 8/6/02
45-4911.435Camie KornelyAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/17/21
50-5411.990Kira MaximovichCarson, Calif., 8/27/19
55-5912.185Gwenn AftonAguascalientes, Mexico 8/20/19
60-6413.605Charlotte MillerColorado Springs, Colo., 7/25/12
65-6913.71*Charlotte MillerColorado Springs, Colo., 6/4/17
70-7414.565Bonnie WoodburyManchester, England, 2013
80-8421.224Patricia BakerCarson, Calif., 9/1/19


Track Time Trial — 250m Flying Start

30+13.949Alissa MaglatyAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/3/15
55-5915.472Gwenn AftonAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/21/19


Track Time Trial — 500m Standing Start

30-3434.426Tammy ThomasMexico City, Mexico, 8/12/01
35-3935.400Jill GianettoniColorado Springs, Colo., 8/12/96
40-4436.754Jennifer WagnerTrexlertown, PA, 7/15/2021
45-4935.328Gea JohnsonColorado Springs, Colo., 7/10/15
50-5437.284Kira MaximovichCarson, Calif., 8/30/19


Lisa NutterTrexlertown, PA, 9/16/2021
60-6440.818Lenita AnthonyAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/16/17
65-6941.771Jan PalchikoffColorado Springs, Colo. 11/19/16
70-7442.656Bonnie WoodburyManchester, England, 2013


Bonnie WoodburyTrexlertown, PA, 9/16/2021
80-8459.125Patricia BakerCarson, Calif., 8/29/19


Track Time Trial — 1km Standing Start

30-341:13.287Rebecca TwiggIndianapolis, Ind., 8/9/95
35-391:14.278Carol Ann BostickColorado Springs, Colo., 7/13/93
40-441:14.374Lani RoweAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/6/19
45-491:14.338Molly Van HouwelingAguascalientes, Mexico 8/21/19
50-541:21.283Beverly ChaneyCarson, Calif., 10/8/18
55-591:17.281Gwenn AftonAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/24/18
65-691:20.811Mary Ellen AllenAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/15/17
70-751:24.355Mary Ellen AllenAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/18/2021

Track Time Trial — 2km Standing Start

30-342:33.697Nancy LuxColorado Springs, Colo., 8/6/04
35-392:33.697Nancy LuxColorado Springs, Colo., 8/6/04
40-442:24.753Molly Van HouwelingAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/16/17
45-492:22.237Molly Van HouwelingAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/21/19
50-542:34.010Charlene YarnallCarson, Calif. 10/7/18
55-592:38.457Annette WilliamsCarson, Calif., 10/9/17
60-642:34.954Elizabeth HellerAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/6/19
65-692:41.369Mary Ellen AllenAguascalientes, Mexico 7/3/15
70-742:51:543Mary Ellen AllenAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/17/21
80-843:59:099Patricia BakerManchester, England, 10/12/19


Track Time Trial — 3km Team Time Trial, Standing Start

30+ (4 person)3:51.772Annette Hanson, Tracy Huber, Kele Murdin, Debbie PrellerColorado Springs, Colo., 8/13/06
30+ (3 person)3:55.36*CJ Boyenger, Shane Ellis, Tara UnverzagtCarson, Calif., 7/1/12
35+ (3 person)3:48.259Sarah Munoz, Molly Van Houweling, Kylie MatulickCarson, Calif., 6/4/17
45+ (3 person)3:59.930Annette Williams, Suzanne Goodwin, Catherine MooreRock Hill, S.C., 7/25/15
50+ (3 person)3:56.844Mary Ellen Allen, Lenita Anthony, Andi SmithAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/16/17


Track Time Trial — 4km Team Time Trial, Standing Start

30+5:15.187Neva Day, Morgan Kapp, Sarah Munoz, Melanie PhillipsCarson, Calif. 10/31/14


Track Time Trial — 1 Hour, Standing Start (Record is in Km)

35-3940.7556Jacquie LockwoodManchester, England, 2000
40-4447.061Molly Van HouwelingAguascalientes, Mexico, 7/14/17
45-4947.087Molly Van HouwelingAguascalientes, Mexico, 8/19/19
50-5442.499Andrea SmithAguascalientes, Mexico, 9/25/18
55-5940.946Ruth ClemenceCarson, Calif. 10/31/14
60-6442.198Elizabeth HellerAguascalientes, Mexico, 4/7/19
65-6940.416Jan PalchikoffCarson, Calif. 09/23/17


Jan PalchikoffCarson, Calif. 12/12/21
75-7927.894Patricia BakerCarson, Calif. 10/31/14
80-8427.447Patricia BakerCarson, Calif., 9/1/19

Road Time Trial — 20km

55-5928:36.58Camille Deluca-FlahertySattley, Calif., 6/12/13
60-6428:20.904Pat CaldeiraHanover, Colo., 8/8/19
65-6930:47.90Mary Ellen AllenSattley, Calif., 7/11/15
70-7433:00.02*Martha IversonMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/19
75-7943:03.58Martha HansonMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/95
80-8444:06.77Nancy BeckMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/21
85+48:24.34Martha HansonMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/07

Road Time Trial — 40 km

30-3452:50.23Phyllis HinesDunlap, Tenn., 6/11/95
35-3953:01.99Vickie MarlattMoriarty, N.M., 8/31/97
40-4452:48:27Molly Van HouwelingMoriarty, N.M., 9/5/16
45-4953:32.17Molly Van HouwelingMoriarty, New Mexico, 9/2/19
50+55:08.680Julie EmmermanHanover, Colo., 8/8/2019


Road Time Trial — 40km Tandem

89-53:01.95Carolyn Donnelly, Paula HigginsMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/97
90+52:41.76Elizabeth Benshin, Julie KaplanMoriarty, N.M., 9/1/02

Masters Mixed

Road Time Trial — 40km Tandem

89-47:17.84Kent Bostick, Carol Ann BostickMoriarty, N.M., 9/2/96
90-10948:47.77Carol Ann Bostick, David SpanglerMoriarty, N.M., 9/3/95
110-12951:59.27Elaine Miller, Jim MillerMoriarty, N.M., 9/4/01
130+57:42.37Eleanor Hamre, Bradley SnyderMoriarty, N.M. 8/31/03

Record Application Form

Some records above have a * after the time. All records set in 2017 and beyond must be electronically timed to 1/1000th of a second. Any record only timed to the 1/100th, will be superseded by a faster, more exact time.

Records in grey indicate no anti-doping control undertaken and breaks a previous record with no anti-doping control undertaken.

For more information on national records, please contact USA Cycling's Technical Department.

Last updated: July 22, 2021