COACHING | Coach Developers

Coaches need coaching in order to develop and succeed. While development pathways are a guide for coaches to follow, most coaches will have questions and need additional support during their careers. This is where coach developers step in and help keep the coaches in their area moving forward towards their coaching goals.

As coaches complete each level in their education they are required to complete a capstone clinic. These clinics are opportunities for coaches to practically apply their knowledge with other coaches in a workshop setting. They also allow for an opportunity to meet and formulate a relationship with coach developers who can help ensure coaches have the resources they need to succeed. Coaches are welcome to repeat clinics in their area or attend other clinics at their education level or below.

The USA Cycling Coach Developer Network is in early stage development. Current requirements for coaches to become developers include:

  • USAC Level 1 Coach

  • 10+ years of Coaching Experience

  • MS Degree or higher in one of the following areas:

  • Exercise Science (or related field)
  • Sport Psychology (or related field)
  • Pedagogy
  • An alternative to a Masters Degree is a Teaching certificate, at elementary level or above, and experience in business operations.
  • A desire to help build future generations of coaches to grow our sport
  • Foundations for Coach Developers through the US Center for Coaching Excellence