Frequently Asked Questions
  • What happens if my activities don't sync?

    Check on your FitRankings account to see if your device is properly synced. As with any platform that accommodates many different technologies, there are potential issues that can occur but please reach out to us at if you cannot remedy your issue and we will try to help.

  • How does this challenge work?

    Using FitRankings, we sync and track your bike activities to keep track of your overall elevation gain over the challenge timeframe. The goal is to climb as much as you can and to keep you motivated, we have broke out the first 18,000 of climbing across three iconic climbs across the country.

  • Does this challenge cost money to participate in?

    This challenge is free but there is a recommended $20 donation that goes directly to support USA Cycling Foundation programming to encourage participation, support rider development and celebrate athlete performance.

  • How Do I Participate?

    Just click here, or reference the sign up resources here.

  • How do I access my membership benefits?

    Once you’ve signed up for your membership, you’ll have a member account where you can view and update your personal information, change your subscriptions, manage your race license, and access your member benefits. You’ll see a page dedicated to partner discounts on products and services and partner events that provide USA Cycling member benefits. This page will connect you to any of our partners to tap into your benefits.

  • What’s the difference between a membership and a license?

    All memberships come automatically with a race license (at no extra cost) that you’re welcome to use or not, whatever your preference. If you want to race, you’ll start out in the novice categories and can move up to higher categories based on either choosing to upgrade or earning a higher category upgrade through experience and/or results. Learn more about the category system here.

  • How does USA Cycling define ‘family’ for the purpose of membership?

    Up to two adults living at the same address and up to five kids 18 and under at that same address. If you have more than five kids, please contact us and we’ll manually add them to your family plan at no additional charge.

  • What are my membership options and what do they cost?

    Our memberships are sold to individuals or families. If you’re an individual and don’t plan to race or will race as a novice in all disciplines, a Standard membership is $40 for 12 months from the date you sign up. If you are an individual who wants expanded member benefits and/or to race in a higher category than novice, your membership is $80 for 12 months from the date you sign up. If you want to sign up for a Family plan for $60 for 12 months, each member of your family under the plan will receive a novice race license. If any of the adult family members wish to upgrade to a higher category race license, they may do so for $40 per adult. Juniors 18 and under can race in any domestic category with either a Standard membership or under a Family membership. Collegiate racers associated with a registered collegiate team may race any collegiate or domestic race in any category for which they have qualified under a Collegiate $40 membership. 

    Technical, international, and professional race licenses are sold separately and only valid for the calendar year in which they are purchased.

  • Can I apply the one-day license fee to the purchase of an annual license after the event?

    One-day License Fee Rebate You can apply the cost of a single one-day license toward the purchase of an annual domestic racing license. The cost of a one-day license cannot be applied to the purchase of the following licenses:

    • Collegiate annual license
    • Junior annual license
    • International licenses (including BMX)
    • Professional licenses
    • Mechanics license
    • Coaches license
    • Officials license
    • Race Director license

    The one-day license must have been purchased within twelve months of the annual license purchase. For annual license applications that are mailed to us, the one-day license must be attached.

    To receive the refund for an annual license purchased online, the one-day license application must be mailed to USA Cycling and a refund will be issued. Only one one-day discount per adult annual license per year will be granted.

  • Is there a limit to the number of one-days I can purchase?

    There is no cap to the amount of times you may purchase either a beginner one-day license or an experienced one-day license. However, you may only redeem one one-day license purchase towards an annual license rebate. 

  • Can I purchase a one-day when registering for an event online through BikeReg?

    If the event is using the BikeReg online registration system, the appropriate one-day will be added to your cart based on the race you register for if you don't have a current racing license.

    To purchase a one-day license online where the event is not using the BikeReg online registration system, make sure you're logged into your USA Cycling account, and go to the events page. Choose the event you'd like to participate in, and then choose the date for your one day license in the One-Day drop down and follow the purchase steps from there. Our online system will determine what type of one-day you need for the event in question based on the categories in your account.

  • What is the cost of a one-day?

    Beginner One-Day - $10 per day for Cat 5 road, track and cyclocross; Cat 2 and 3 mountain bike

    Experienced One-Day - $25 per day for Categories 1,2,3 and 4 road, track and cyclocross; Cat 1 mountain bike

  • Can anyone participate on a one-day?

    Competitors can participate on a one-day as follows:

    Beginner One-Days One-Day licenses for beginner categories are $10 and may be purchased on USA Cycling’s website, or on-site at the event.  The beginner categories are Cat 5 for road, track and cyclocross, and Cat 2 and 3 for mountain bike racing. 

    Experienced One-Days If your categories prohibit you from entering a race with a beginner one-day license (cat 1 mountain bike and anything but cat 5 for road, track and cyclo-cross), you can purchase the experienced one-day license for $25. The experienced one-day license is only available online

  • What events require a one-day?

    Competitive USA Cycling sanctioned events require a license to participate. Competitors who do not have an annual license can purchase a one-day license when registering for their event. Such riders do not become members and may not enter national championship events. Riders that purchase a one-day license are entitled to the USA Cycling accident medical coverage for the event day the license was purchased for and limited to only the cycling activity of the event. All medical coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy(ies). 

  • How can I contact the Foundation?

    You can reach us directly at:

    Phone: 719-434-4260


  • What is USA Cycling Foundation's Federal Tax ID?

    USA Cycling Foundation

    Federal Tax I.D. # 84-1529751

  • What does my donation to the USA Cycling Foundation go towards?

    The Foundation has raised more than $20,000,000 to support USA Cycling athlete development programs for junior, under-23 and women’s programs since inception in 2000. 

  • Why a Foundation for Cycling?

    The elite athlete development process in cycling can span much of the formative life of an athlete and requires significant resources. Most of the countries against which we compete fund elite athlete development through government related funding. Of the major industrialized countries, only the United States does not maintain a socialized sport development system. As a result, American sports governing bodies, such as USA Cycling, must find the resources themselves to create and sustain development programs. USA Cycling is therefore significantly challenged to adequately invest in developing elite athletes which can compete against the best in the world. The USA Cycling Foundation was created with the primary purpose of raising money to support USA Cycling’s elite athlete development programs, including those supporting young athletes (juniors and Under-23) and women. Support the future of American cycling by making a donation today!!

  • When Will I Get My Membership Kit?

    Membership kit typically ship within a week of purchase. If you have not received your kit after 2 weeks, please contact us at and we will sort it out.

  • How Can I Learn More About The Roadside Assistance / Insurance Benefits?

    Silver and Gold level memberships provide both supplemental medical insurance at events and unlimited roadside assistance.

    Details on roadside assistance can be found here.  

    More information on insurance is located here.

  • Can I Buy A Membership or License For Someone Else?

    Absolutely. If you're buying for someone who may already have an existing USA Cycling account, you can look them up and purchase on their behalf. If you are buying for someone who does not yet have a USA Cycling account, you will create a new profile for that person under your account. We even offer the option to have the receipt sent to you instead of the gift recipient to keep it a surprise.

  • Do I Have To Create An Account To Buy A Membership?

    No, you do not need to create an account to purchase a membership. However, we do encourage you to set one up after you complete your purchase so that you can access your member benefits at any time.

    For Race Licenses, however, you will need to create an account to complete your purchase. If you have previously been a member and already have an account, login with the same email address and password that you have been using. If you have any problems with your account or logging in, contact us at

  • Do I Have To Buy A License To Participate In A USA Cycling Race?

    Not necessarily. USA Cycling sanctions events such as gran fondos and gravel grinders that do not require you to have a license – though you may want one to get event related benefits such as supplemental medical insurance.

    USA Cycling sanctions races which do require a racing license, but one-day licenses are available. Beginner level racers can try out racing with a one-day license for $10 per day - just register for the event and add the one-day at checkout. Experienced racers may use one $25 one-day license per year in lieu of an annual membership, but racing more than once in an experienced category requires an annual license.

    Learn more about one day licenses here.

  • What Is The Difference Between a Membership And a Race License?

    There are two ways to get involved with the USA Cycling community, either by becoming a member or becoming a license holder. Our new membership is designed for enthusiasts looking to join the USA Cycling community and enhance their riding, but not intending to compete in traditional USA Cycling sanctioned events. So, if you are only planning to ride in fun rides, on your own or with friends, our membership is the best option for you.

    Race licenses are for those who intend to race in USA Cycling sanctioned races. All license holders automatically receive a basic membership with their license.