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We champion rider development programs for cyclists of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds by sharing expertise early and often with the goal of creating lifelong riders.


We champion participation in grassroots cycling by promoting, organizing and subsidizing the largest network of races and rides in the country, with a goal of making the sport more accessible in the United States.


We champion the world class performances of over 150 elite, multidisciplinary Olympic, World and National team athletes. From coaching and training to travel and equipment, we invest the money, time and effort necessary to cross the finish line first.

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2020 Budget

Financial Information

As we move forward into a new era of USA Cycling, we are committed to providing transparency into our business model and where we source and use revenue.

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How to Minimize Conflict Arising from Assumptions

Conflict can easily arise from assumptions if not handled carefully. Learn more on the potential ripple effect assumptions may cause on a team dynamic and ways to avoid conflict resulting from these actions.

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Nutrition Myths and Diet Trends

Hearing all of the various fads and diets can leave people wondering, which one actually works? Learn more about healthy eating habits and diets trending in today's society.

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