UCI Cyclocross World Cup Eligibility Criteria 

The UCI specifies athlete eligibility and participation guidelines for UCI Cyclocross World Cup competitions on pages 20-22 of the UCI Cyclocross Regulations.

Athletes must have a valid international license and be U.S. citizens to enter through USA Cycling.

Athletes ranked in the top-50 of the UCI Cyclocross Individual Rankings on the dates listed in the UCI CX World Cup Registration Time Table are pre-qualified for Elite Men/Women UCI World Cup Competitions

Athletes ranked outside the top-50 of the UCI Cyclocross Individual Rankings or athletes in the U23 or Junior categories may be selected by USA Cycling according to the selection process outlined below.

The complete UCI Cyclocross World Cup Calendar can be found here.

Elite athletes must have a minimum of 1 UCI point in order to be eligible for nomination by USA Cycling to start a UCI Cyclocross World Cup.

UCI World Cup Event Registration Process

  1. UCI World Cup event registration by individuals not belonging to a registered UCI Cyclocross Team is required by the UCI to go through their National Federation. Individuals are not permitted to register for UCI World Cup events on their own.
  2. The UCI requires each athlete to list the accommodations, complete address, and international cell phone number where they will be staying during the World Cup competition. USA Cycling will not accept entry forms without this information.
  3. The deadline for submitting a UCI World Cup start request (for pre-qualified riders)/petition to start(for petitioning riders) to USA Cycling is 3PM Mountain Time on the Friday six weeks prior to the event.
  4. Athletes must submit individual entry requests for each World Cup event they would like to enter.
  5. Elite athletes ranked outside of the top-100 in UCI points will be required to pay a $100 administrative fee to USA Cycling in order to be registered for a UCI Cyclocross World Cup (not applicable for World Cups in the USA).
  6. Athletes who have been entered to a UCI World Cup event by USA Cycling have the responsibility to present their UCI International racing license, confirm their participation and pick up their race number(s) at event registration for each event. It is the athlete’s responsibility to know the event number pickup schedule, accreditation process and attend, or assign a representative to attend, any meetings on the UCI World Cup event schedule.
  7. Athletes who submit a UCI World Cup Event entry through USA Cycling and are no longer able to compete are required to notify the USA Cycling Cyclocross Director at janthony@usacycling.org and the UCI Cyclocross Coordinator at Christelle.reille@uci.ch. Any athlete entering but failing to start a UCI World Cup event may be fined by the UCI. All fines and fees assessed to the athlete by the UCI will be collected by USA Cycling. Failure to pay any fines levied by the UCI or USA Cycling will result in a racing license suspension.
  8. USA Cycling staff will register all qualified athletes who are not on UCI-registered teams for each World Cup event.
All athletes, whether pre-qualified or petitioning, wishing to register for a UCI Cyclocross World Cup must fill out a registration/petition form below for each specific World Cup event.

October 15 - Waterloo | Registration / Petition Form

October 29 - Maasmechelen | Registration / Petition Form

November 12 - Dendermonde | Registration / Petition Form

November 19 - Troyes | Registration / Petition Form

November 26 - Dublin | Registration / Petition Form

December 3 - Flamanville | Registration / Petition Form

December 10 - Val di Sole | Registration / Petition Form

December 17 - Namur | Registration / Petition Form

December 23 - Antwerpen | Registration / Petition Form

December 26 - Gavere | Registration / Petition Form

December 30 - Hulst | Registration / Petition Form

January 7 - Zonhoven | Registration / Petition Form

January 21 - Benidorm | Registration / Petition Form

January 28 - Hoogerheide | Registration / Petition Form

UCI World Cup Supplemental Athlete Guiding Principles

When considering supplemental athlete starting positions, events in consideration will include, but not be limited to: Prior results in UCI international competitions, UCI Domestic events, USA Cycling’s National Championships, and top-level domestic events.

  • USA Cycling will notify all supplementary athletes of their selection 3 weeks prior to the respective UCI World Cup event.

Athlete Quotas

The UCI Cyclocross World Cup event rider quotas are as follows:

In UCI cyclo-cross world cup events for Elite Men and Elite Women, riders ranked in the top 50 of the last UCI cyclo-cross ranking published when the registration process starts are pre-qualified. Federations entering less than 8 pre-qualified riders can expand their selection to a total of 8 entries.

Pre-qualified riders are eligible for selection at the discretion of the federation of their nationality, with a maximum of 12 riders per nation and in respect of the 6 following cases:

  • A federation having 6 prequalified riders will select its 6 best ranked riders and 2 riders of its choice,
  • A federation having 7 prequalified riders will select its 7 best ranked riders and 1 riders of its choice,
  • A federation having 8 prequalified riders will select its 8 best ranked riders and 1 rider of its choice,
  • A federation having 9 prequalified riders will select its 8 best ranked riders and 2 riders of its choice,
  • A federation having 10 prequalified riders will select its 8 best ranked riders and 3 riders of its choice,
  • A federation having 11 or more prequalified riders will select its 8 best ranked riders and 4 riders of its choice.

For the Elite Women races, each national federation entering 8 or more riders, may, in addition, enter 2 women Under 23 riders.

In UCI cyclo-cross world cup events for Under 23 Men, Junior Women and Junior Men, each federation may enter 6 riders. The federations concerned may additionally enter the reigning world champions and (except for the first UCI cyclo-cross world cup event of the season) the leaders of the last UCI cyclo-cross world cup ranking published before the closing date for entries.

Financial Responsibility 

USA Cycling does not assume financial responsibility for athletes or trade teams who wish to race in UCI World Cup events. USA Cycling may choose to send a National Team to select World Cup events. In that case, USA Cycling may provide support for riders selected to compete in these events. In any case where a rider is racing at a UCI Cyclocross World Cup event with the support of the USA Cycling National Team, the rider will wear all USA Cycling National Team clothing and use all USA Cycling provided sponsor materials.

Competition Clothing

All U23 Men (when racing in the U23 Men’s races), Junior Men and Junior Women are required by the UCI to compete in the competition kit of their respective National Teams. USA Cycling will make National Team kit available to these athletes for a reasonable fee. If U23 Men race in an Elite Men’s World Cup, they are not required by the UCI to wear National Team kit.