Get started on your pathway to coaching success!

The Level 3 coach certification is for anyone interested in coaching cyclists. Level 3 opens doors for coaches through a better understanding of the sport, Safesport Training and Background checks that many groups and athletes search for when looking at potential coaches. A base USA Cycling membership purchase is not required, but highly recommended to take advantage of robust membership benefits

How To Get Certified

  1. Login your USAC Account or Create a Primary USAC Account
  2. Visit "Coaching Certification Level 3" : Enter course > Create an account (this is different from your primary USAC account) > Login and enroll in the course.
  3. Follow the process and instructions as outlined in the course
  4. This course is housed at our Learning Management System. Please bookmark this for an easy return to login and access your course.
  5. All requirements for the certification are linked through the course, including the required SafeSport Training and Background Checks

    Once the course is complete, please follow the closing instructions on the short wait time before being able to pay for your new coaching certification.