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Coaching Mission: Enhance coaches' abilities through excellence in education, opportunities, tools, technology, and mentorship.

Level 1 Coaching Certification

Gaining Level 1 Certification differentiates you from a myriad of other coaches, offering you the optimal tools with which to solve the modern challenges in coaching cyclists.


In order to achieve USA Cycling’s highest level of coaching license, a coach must:

  • Be a Level 2 coach, in good standing, for several years

  • Register for a Level 1 Clinic

  • Complete the pre-reading and any online pre-clinic work

  • Complete the full duration of the Level 1 Clinic, Including all post-clinic projects and meetings

  • Once the full clinic process is complete, a coaches license will be upgraded

Level 1 Clinics

The 3 day clinic provides a chance to work with other coaches in a collaborative environment to grow a group, not just as individual coaches. It prepares coaches to use cutting-edge research to inform their decision-making while significantly elevating their coach/athlete relationship development. It also provides an opportunity to form a relationship with a top level USA Cycling Coach Developer who can assist in your coaching career development