Sport integrity

All sports, including cycling, need a safe, trustworthy foundation on which to grow and thrive. Sport integrity is an imperative aspect of this foundation and coaches are key to maintaining and teaching that integrity. A coaches’ position as a knowledge source puts them in a position of power with athletes looking for that knowledge. Sport integrity training ensures that coaches understand the importance of their role, increases the trust in the safety of athletes and their families, and helps establish the positive foundation to ensure the sport thrives. Maintaining standards in sport integrity training is key to the long term prosperity of coaches, mentors, parents and those who hold influential roles in the sport, including athletes.

Sport Integrity Training entails:

SafeSport Training

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Background Check Policy

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Inclusive Coaching Essentials

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True Sport Training

    TrueSport is an outreach education initiative powered by the experience and values of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Dedicated to preserving the culture of sport, TrueSport provides powerful educational tools to equip athletes with the resources to build life skills and core values for success on and off the field.

    As part of USA Cycling Sport Integrity training, participants will take short TrueSport courses on energy drinks, supplements and performance enhancing drugs. Ensuring every coach, mentor and athlete learns the fundamental issues surrounding these areas will help our sport maintain its integrity in the future.

    It is recommended that Coaches and Mentors retake the TrueSport Courses once every 3 years.