Host a Let's Ride Camp

Let us know you want to host a camp!

What is involved.

Our goal is to make delivering a Let's Ride Camp as simple as possible for you - the coach. 

You can deliver a camp if you have an active USAC Coach License (Level 3, 2, 1). Click here to find out more about obtaining a coach license.

USA Cycling will provide the curriculum, a list of suggested materials, and all the information you need to make your camp a success.

We are also working with industry partners to provide bike equipment (e.g., bikes & helmets) where necessary and appropriate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a Let's Ride Camp.

Step 1: Download Let's Ride curriculum manual

Step 2: Contact to set up on (if desired)

Step 3: Contact potential partners and sponsors

Step 4: Download USA Cycling Standard release form

Step 5: Conduct the Let’s Ride rodeo. Minimum camp size of 10 kids for CEU credits (typical camp size 10-20 kids)*

Step 6: Send completed waivers and kids contact information to:

USA Cycling Let’s Ride
210 USA Cycling Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

**CEU’s will be awarded once the proof of camp is received

For organizations and individuals who are conducting larger rodeos, please contact Mari Holden at to discuss additional assistance.

Also available upon request are USA Cycling Let’s Ride template introductory emails for schools, community centers, and non-profits.

*Please take pictures! You can tag @usacycling and #LetsRide on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out the Let's Ride Curriculum!