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Supporting programs and athlete development through engagement, networking and financial commitment to the future of USA Cycling.

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As a member, you will serve as an ambassador for the USA Cycling Foundation and receive exclusive opportunities to join USA Cycling at events domestically and internationally, including World Championships, the Tour de France, and the Olympics.

Your engagement will shape the future of American bike racing in the United States. You’re a part of an pivotal group whose leadership and philanthropy will drive the sustainable source of funding of our programs, races, athlete development, and beyond.




"I'm a proud supporter of the USA Cycling Development Foundation because I deeply believe in the power of sports to transform lives. Supporting this foundation enables young athletes to pursue their dreams at the highest levels of cycling, including the World Tour and Olympics. It's not just about fostering American talent on the global stage; it's about opening doors for kids who, without this support, might never have the chance to realize their potential. I'm committed to helping cultivate a competitive spirit and providing opportunities for growth, discipline, and achievement.”

Gregory Allen
Champions Club Member
USACF Board Executive Committee Member

Gregory Allen, Champions Club Member


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    How does the Champions Club support athletes?

    Support our athletes at all levels, from grassroots to medal podiums. Achieving international success in Olympic cycling sport requires dedicated philanthropic support from corporations, foundations, and generous individuals like you. Champions Club Members support the Foundation with an annual gift of $25,000.

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    How does the Champions Club serve athletes?

    Serve by considering to join our Foundation Board of Directors. We welcome all Champions Club members to have an opportunity to serve on the USA Cycling Foundation Board of Directors as each of your bring a unique set of experiences and skills to the organization. You enhance the organization's effectiveness, credibility, and relevance, ultimately advancing the sport of cycling in the United States.

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    How does the Champions Club promote USA Cycling?

    As Champions Club members, we promote the mission of the USA Cycling Foundation. This means we advocate for the sport of cycling in the United States while supporting sustained international success. Our mission is to successfully send top cycling talent to represent the United States on a global stage.

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  • Champions Club Members have four-year terms and pledge a minimum charitable contribution of $25,000 a year for four years.
  • Meetings are held once a year with frequent communication.
  • Opportunities for exclusive benefits and access.
  • Receive the exclusive opportunity to join USA Cycling at the World Championships, Olympic Games, and more.
  • Members can have future opportunities to join the USA Cycling Foundation Board of Directors.


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