What We Do

We Champion Cycling

USA Cycling champions the rider development programs, grassroots participation efforts and world class athlete performances essential to the continued growth of cycling in America, made possible by thousands of rider members across the county.

Ride With Us
We Champion Every Aspect of the Sport as Advocates for the Best of American Cycling

We champion each mile, milestone, memory and early morning in the saddle. We believe the start line is as sacred as the town line and the coffee shop as good a reward as the podium. And we cheer just as hard for training wheels coming off as we do for the Olympic Games. Because cycling isn’t just a race or category or type of bike, it’s a way of life. And we’re the passionate caretakers of that lifestyle, amplifying those who represent the best of cycling and championing all who believe in the power of the bike.

We Champion Cycling

For Everyone
With a goal of creating lifelong riders, we champion cyclists and their next ride through our programs, initiatives, and membership offerings.
We Champion Kids on Bikes

We believe the best way to create lifelong cyclists is to invest early, that is why we support programs to get kids on bikes and keep them there. Camps, clinics and coaching ensure young riders have a positive experience on a bike.

We Champion the American Cyclist

Every decision we make is meant to champion the American cyclist's next ride. That is why members of USA Cycling are rewarded with access to the expertise and resources, discounts, and exclusive perks that improve their cycling experience.

Every Cent Champions Cycling

The passionate riders from all around the country are what makes cycling so special and they are also the ones who fund the rider programs, grassroots participation efforts and world class athlete performances essential to the growth of the sport.

Budget Overview 720x500
  • 1
    • Youth and Collegiate Programs
    • Member Benefits
    • Membership Services
    • Engaging and educational content
    • Training resources
    • Well-being programs
    • Safe Sport
    • Coaching program
    • Olympic Development Academy and Camps
    • Certified coaches
    Programs Funding 570x620
  • 2
    • Supporting +2,000 grassroots events with subsidized insurance, permitting, protocols, and promotion.
    • 20 National Championships
    • Youth and Collegiate Events
    • Supporting internationally sanctioned races
    • Virtual Events and Challenges
    • Training event organizers, officials, mechanics, and more.
    • Results and Rankings
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts
    • The largest event calendar in the country
    Participation 570x620
  • 3
    • Multidisciplinary Olympic, World and National Team support
    • Coaching, Athlete Services, Travel and Equipment
    • Olympic Development Academy
    • Athlete Program and Financial support​
    • Amplifying Olympic, World and National Championships
    • RaceClean Program
    • Supporting and Educating 1,500 coaches across the country
    • Athlete Wellness Program to advocate for the mental well-being of our athletes
    • Celebrating American cyclists to inspire others
    Performances Funding 570x620
Start Line 1440x500

We Champion You

We champion the programs, participation, and performances essential to cycling in America.