Coaches' Resources


Thank you for your continued participation as a USAC coach. Below are important resources and forms concerning licensing, upgrades, athlete health, and insurance.


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Non Competitive Event Permit

One of the benefits of being a USA Cycling certified coach is the ability to take out a non-competitive event permit for group training rides or clinics, normally something that only clubs/teams can do.

A benefit of having this permit is that your riders have the benefits of the USA Cycling coverage.  As a coach carrying the professional liability insurance through the USAC provider, you will need to complete this registration process and have the event sanctioned in order for the insurance policy to be valid for the camp, clinic, or training ride.

All members of the camp, clinic, or group ride must be USAC racing license holders or purchase a one-day license for each day of participation. For more information on non-competitive event permits, please contact USA Cycling Event Services at 719-434-4201.

UCI Coaching/Support Application

If you are going to be a team manager, coach, mechanic, soigneur, director sportif, etc for a UCI race, you will need a UCI Support Personnel license. Whether or not you will ever be asked for one is up to the commissaires and UCI personnel at the race. You may never be asked for the license. If you do not have the UCI support personnel license, the UCI commissaire/official may not allow you in the caravan. USA Cycling cannot be expected to issue a license on short notice. Please submit the paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

If you are not involved in a UCI event in a team manager or team coach role, you would NOT need a UCI personnel license. This is not a UCI racing license. All UCI licenses expire on December 31 of the year of issuance. Individuals seeking any of the following licenses are required to complete a Background Check as well as SafeSport online training before the license can be processed:

  • Managers
  • Directors/Assistant Director Sportif
  • Soigneurs/Trainers
  • Team Doctors
  • Coaches