COACHING | Collegiate

Coaching collegiate programs is one of the most challenging yet rewarding pathways to engage with as a coach. Collegiate programs fall on a wide spectrum from well-funded programs offering scholarships and covering all expenses to student-led club sports programs that compete in plain jerseys.Just like other collegiate sports programs, a coaches role is very diverse, from planning rides and travel to recruiting athletes and helping them develop. As coaching expands in the USA Cycling ecosystem, collegiate cycling offers a unique way for coaches to help grow, recruit and fund a program that can ensure cycling remains a lifelong attribute of student-athlete’s lives. Very few sports in the US can make that a reality.

The following pathway is only conceptual, everyone’s pathway will be different. Many will find a pleasant balance at some point in their development and remain there, others may continue on to leadership roles or into the the high performance pathway

Become a mentor

Volunteer with your local junior and/or collegiate program

Focus on SafeSport compliant communication with athletes and parents

Obtain an introductory USA Cycling Coaching License

Spend time getting to know your nearest higher education institution and help them see the benefits of starting a collegiate cycling program

Continue to the next level of your USA Cycling Coaching Education Pathway

Once you have a program to work with, focus on building comradery and community, recruiting based on your community and fundraising

Become a Certified Skills Instructor

Continue to the next level of your USA Cycling Coaching Education Pathway

Compete at the conference level

Get to know and learn from the other programs in your conference

Incorporate athlete development once your program is sustainable

Focus on qualifying for nationals

Consistent slow progress from a good coach builds great programs!