Launching September 10, 2021

Inclusion Conference reimagined as Virtual Inclusion Conversations

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, USA Cycling has reimagined the originally planned Inclusion Conference and will now host a virtual inclusion conversation series, launching Friday September 10, 2021.

USA Cycling believes the practice of sport should be available to everyone yet, not everyone is being actively included, welcomed and protected within the sport. It is for this reason that USA Cycling is committed to playing an active role in leading the sport of cycling forward towards a more inclusive future. Firstly, through the launch of a virtual Inclusion Conversation Series.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, USA Cycling has made the decision to pivot the originally planned two day Inclusion Conference to a virtual, monthly format until it is possible to safely host everyone in person.

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The reimagined inclusion series will still bring together representatives from every corner of the cycling industry to galvanize the resources, experiences and expertise necessary to move the sport forward. With a goal of creating a more inclusive sport of cycling for all, the series will focus on four key underrepresented communities in cycling: BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled Athletes, and Women. USA Cycling hopes to foster a space where learning, growth and actionable commitment to inclusion can be established within the broader cycling industry through these conversations, trainings and eventual in person event(s). The original Conference Agenda will serve as a framework for the monthly conversations and individuals are invited to join us live and free for one or all the conversations.

USA Cycling is thankful to be working with The Inclusion Playbook, a highly influential and recognized sports impact consultancy, who shaped the original Conference Agenda and will oversee the organization and delivery of the series.

Coaches! To claim your CEUs, please answer the following questions for EACH session, and send your answers to 

1. One thing I am taking away from this conversation that I wasn't aware of or didn't understand prior to it is... (fill in the blank & describe)
2. One thing that really stood out to me about this conversation is... (fill in the blank & describe)
3. Based on this conversation, one thing I am going to try to apply in my role as a coach is... (fill in the blank & describe)

Inclusion Conversation Schedule





Friday, September 10, 2021

10:00 - 12:00 pm MDT

Inclusion Conversation Launch

Friday's kickoff will include:

Welcome Remarks - Rob DeMartini, President & CEO of USA Cycling

Opening Keynote - The State of DEI in Cycling: David Lipscomb, CIS Training Systems

Preview of 2021 Inclusion Conversation Series - Ashland Johnson, The Inclusion Playbook

Click here to watch the first Inclusion Conversation.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

10-11:30am MDT

Unpacking Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic status

Moderator: Shannon Jolly, DEI Professional
Massimo Alpian, Cannondale & GT Bicycles
Elyse Rylander, Quality Bicycle Products
Rahsaan Bahati, Bahati Foundation

Seen by many as a polite icebreaker, even the simple traditional questions of “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?” can carry connotations or open conversations connected to identity. In this session, we will learn how race, gender, and class have an impact on most of our interactions and experiences.

Click here to watch the second Inclusion Conversation.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

10-11:30am MDT

Expanding Your Toolkit: Leveraging Research & Data to Increase your DEI Impact

Liam Miranda, The Inclusion Playbook

A diverse workforce, equitable policies and practices, and the increased use of analytics to make evidence based decisions are key components of creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces in sports. This session will examine how to measure and leverage these components to ensure more effective and impactful DEI initiatives.

Click here to watch the third Inclusion Conversation.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

10-11:30am MDT

Implicit Bias Training

Ashland Johnson, The Inclusion Playbook
Shannon Jolly, DEI Professional

Understanding how bias shows up in your work.

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Inclusion Conversation Speakers

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