USA Cycling Inc.

Meet the Sport Committees

The role of the sport committees is to serve in an advisory capacity and work with USA Cycling staff to develop competition rules and consider issues relevant to their respective discipline. Each sport committee will also nominate and elect representatives to the USA Cycling Board of Directors. Representation on sport committees is based on membership categories rather than by region, allowing all of the stakeholders in our sport to have a more relevant and consistent role in the development and growth of each specific discipline.

The sport committees meet once a year face to face, usually at the fall meeting in late October or early November. They also conduct conference calls as needed. The sport committees advise staff on matters pertaining to their respective disciplines, including racing rules. Sport committee terms are for two years for non-athletes and four years for athletes, and the positions are staggered such that there are elections for various positions held every year.


In 2011, the USA Cycling Board of Directors approved a revised organizational governance structure with the goal of ensuring the bylaws and operating principles of the company accurately reflect the current business models of the sport today and for the foreseeable future. The current governance structure is designed to clarify roles and responsibilities and eliminate ambiguity in the original documents when USA Cycling, Inc. was created in 1995.

The seven sport committees are: Road, Mountain Bike, Professional, BMX, Collegiate, Track, and Cyclo-cross.

Current Sport Committee Members

BMX Committee

USA BMX Representative — B.A. Anderson
At-large — Clayton John
Commissarie — John David
Coach — Kenneth Fallen
Eligible Athlete (M) — Justin Posey
Eligible Athlete (F) — Arielle Verhaaren
Industry (Appointed) — Steve Spencer

Board of Directors Athlete Representative on the BMX Committee: Arielle Martin Verhaaren
BMX Committee Representative to the Board of Directors: B.A. Anderson

Collegiate Committee

At-large (Elected) — OPEN
At-large (Appointed) — Patric Rostel
Eligible Athlete (M) — Joseph Iuliano
Eligible Athlete (F) — OPEN
Commissaire — John Allen
Club President — OPEN
Varsity Team Director — Zack Nave

Cyclo-cross Committee

At-large (Elected) — Adam Myerson
Coach — OPEN
Commissaire — Thomas Nee
Industry (Appointed) — Stu Thorne
Eligible Athlete (F) — Katie Compton
Eligible Athlete (M) — Jeremy Powers
Local Association Representative — Tom Mains
Masters Athlete — Pete Webber
UCI Race Director — Brook Watts

Cyclo-cross Committee Representative to the Board of Directors: Brook Watts

Mountain Bike Committee

At-large (Elected) — Robert "Bob" Saffell
Coach — Leonard "Jason" Tullous
Commissaire — OPEN
Endurance Race Director — Jet Lowe
Eligible Athlete - XC (M) — Russell Finsterwald
Eligible Athlete - XC (F) — Lea Davison
Eligible Athlete - DH — Joanna Petterson
Gravity Race Director — Neko Mullaly
Industry (Appointed) — OPEN
Team Director — Jon Rourke
UCI Race Director — Jeff Frost
Ex Officio — Stephen Ettinger

Board of Directors Athlete Representative on the Mountain Bike Committee: Stephen Ettinger
MTB Committee Representative to the Board of Directors: Bob Saffell

Professional Committee

At-Large (Elected) — James Stanfill
At-Large (Appointed) — Sean Petty
Commissaire — Dot Abbott
Eligible Athlete (F) — Alison Tetrick
Eligible Athlete (M) — Brent Bookwalter
Eligible Athlete (M) — OPEN
PRT Race Director — Bruce Dunn
UCI Pro Team Director — Jackson Stewart
UCI Race Director — Jenn Andrs
UCI Team Director — Danny Van Haute
Women's Team Director — Rachel Hedderman

Board of Directors Athlete Representative on the Professional Committee: Alison Tetrick
Professional Committee Representative to the USA Cycling Board of Directors: Sean Petty

Road Committee

At-large (Elected) — Joan Hanscom
Coach — Sean Wilson
Commissaire — Ramon Gonzalez
Industry (Appointed) — OPEN
Local Association Representative — Gina Kavesh
Race Director — Gabe Lloyd
Masters Athlete — Randy Warren
Eligible Athlete (female) - Kathryn Aman
Eligible Athlete (male) - OPEN

Road Committee Representative to the Board of Directors: Gina Kavesh

Track Committee

At-large (Elected) — Bob Francis
Coach — Andy Lakatosh
Commissaire — Carl Wilkins
Eligible Athlete (F) — Beth (Newell) Hernandez
Eligible Athlete (M) — David Espinoza
Local Association Representative — Mike Barman
Race/Venue Director/Manager — Travis Smith
Team Director — Nicola Cranmer

Board of Directors Athlete Representative on the Track Committee: Beth (Newell) Hernandez
Track Committee Representative to the Board of Directors: Andy Lakatosh