Policy II: Anti-Doping Policy

Updated: January 30, 2020

USA Cycling has a zero-tolerance policy for doping in our sport. Fair play is paramount in maintaining the integrity of cycling and the athletes who participate in it at any level and discipline. USA Cycling complies with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement testing ("USADA Protocol"). The USADA Protocol is incorporated herein by reference and shall prevail over any USA Cycling regulation to the contrary. The Protocol shall apply to USA Cycling, its Associations, and all members, licensees and participants in events granted permits or sanctioned by USA Cycling, and organizations affiliated with USA Cycling (collectively, "Events"). A copy of the USADA Protocol can be obtained from USADA at (866) 601-2632 or online.

In addition, Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) anti-doping controls, on behalf of the UCI, are organized at many Events. Any USA Cycling member may be subject to CADF testing on behalf of the UCI at such Events.

It is the duty of all USA Cycling members, by virtue of their participation in the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, ParaPan American or Youth Olympic Games, participation in an event organized or sanctioned by a National Governing Body (NGB), Paralympic Sports Organization (PSO) or High Performance Management Organization (HPMO), participation on a national team, utilization of a United States Olympic and Paralympic (USOPC) Training Center, receipt of benefits from the USOPC, USA Cycling or other NGB, inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool, or otherwise subject to the World Anti-Doping Code, to comply with all anti-doping rules of WADA, the UCI, the USOPC, and of USADA, including the USADA Protocol and all other policies and rules adopted by WADA, the UCI and USADA. If it is determined that a USA Cycling member may have committed a doping violation, the individual agrees to submit to the results management authority and processes of USADA, including arbitration under the USADA Protocol. In addition, USA Cycling members agree to submit to drug testing by the UCI/CADF and/or USADA or their designees at any time and understand that the use of methods or substances prohibited by the applicable anti-doping rules make them subject to penalties including, but not limited to, disqualification and suspension.

Any USA Cycling member could be tested at any event organized or sanctioned by USA Cycling and must adhere to all USADA, UCI/CADF and/or their designees anti-doping control procedures in effect at the event.


Part 1. Use of prohibited substances or methods that is detected by USADA using their test procedures or by the UCI/CADF using their testing procedures and WADA-approved laboratories shall result in the same penalties.

Part 2. Penalties for violating any section of these regulations shall be those set forth in the UCI Regulations from time to time and imposed by USA Cycling. Please refer to usada.org or www.uci.ch.

Part 3. Prohibited Practices. No rider may use the substances or methods listed on the WADA Prohibited List or prohibited by the UCI.


USA Cycling has worked with USADA to make clear selection and testing procedures for our members that are easy to follow.

1. Any rider with a USA Cycling license must make himself or herself available for anti-doping testing by US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) or their designees in-competition and out-of-competition.  Per USA Cycling’s Anti-Doping Policy, any USA Cycling member can be tested at any USA Cycling or UCI event and must adhere to all USADA, WADA, CADF and/or their designees anti-doping control procedures in effect at the event.

2. At Events at which USADA is conducting doping control pursuant to its own Testing Authority, a USADA representative will draw up a list for notification of riders to be tested. The list will be posted at the results posting area and at the Doping Control Station. If there is no results posting area, the list for notification will be posted at a location agreed to by the Doping Control Officer, Chief Referee and Race Director as well as at the Doping Control Station.

3. The list for notification will identify the specific race being tested as well as the riders by the following methods: name, bib number or finishing place in the specific race, and constitutes official notification under the applicable anti-doping rules that the rider has been selected for Sample collection. If there are multiple groups in the same race, and only one group is being tested, the list will endeavor to state what groups within the race are not being tested. Failing to do so does not undermine the validity of the notice to the riders designated on the list for notification.

4. Any rider who picks up a bib number at an Event or is participating in a multi-day Event, including any rider who does not start, abandons, or otherwise does not finish the race, shall be personally responsible to verify if they have been selected to undergo testing, under the following conditions:

  • If notified by a USADA chaperone or Doping Control Officer that they have been selected for testing, the rider will provide their signature and remain under continuous watch (direct observation-the rider cannot ride away) of the chaperone or Doping Control Officer and immediately report to the Doping Control Station (unless the athlete requests a delay for reporting for valid reasons, as outlined below).
  • Any rider who did not start the race for which the rider picked up a bib number or completed registration at the race, shall check the list for notification no less than fifteen minutes (15) after the start of the rider’s race and directly report to the Doping Control Station, and, in any event, before leaving the Event premises.
  • Any rider ending their race (dropping out or crossing or completing their race at the finish line), shall locate and review the list for notification and report to the Doping Control Station within 15 minutes if selected or if the list is not found, even in the event that chaperones are used to notify riders.
  • Riders selected, but not in the processes outlined above, must report directly for testing to the Doping Control Station no more than thirty (30) minutes after the finish of the last rider in their race. 

5. The absence of notification by a notifying chaperone, abandoning, and/or not otherwise starting or finishing a race shall not exonerate the rider from their obligation to check if the rider has been selected for testing and directly report to the Doping Control Station for Sample collection.

6. The absence of the rider’s name, race number, or placing from the list for notification shall not be deemed an excuse if the rider is notified in another manner or if it is established that the rider had become aware in any other manner that the rider was selected for testing and therefore required to appear for Sample collection.

7. If any rider foresees that they might be prevented from checking to see if they have been selected and/or reporting for testing in a timely manner, as specified above, the rider shall try, by all available means, to inform the Doping Control Officer on site and prior to leaving the premises.

8. The Doping Control Officer may, at his/her discretion, consider any reasonable request for permission to delay reporting to the Doping Control Station following acknowledgement and acceptance of notification, and/or to leave the Doping Control Station temporarily after arrival, and may grant such permission only if the rider can be continuously chaperoned and kept under direct observation during the delay. For example, delayed reporting or temporary departure from the Doping Control Station may be permitted for the following activities:

  • Participation in a presentation or awards ceremony [the deadline to report shall be thirty (30) minutes after the end of the portion of the ceremony in which the rider participated];
  • Fulfillment of media commitments [the deadline to report shall be thirty (30) minutes after the rider’s presence is no longer required at the press conference];
  • Competing in an event made up of qualifying heats or rounds conducted during the same competition session or day (whichever is shorter) that the rider is still eligible to compete in (a rider who has to take part in further heats or rounds conducted during the same competition session or day may ask for permission from the Doping Control Officer to submit to Sample collection after the other heats/rounds. The Doping Control Officer shall decide whether the test should take place immediately or following the other heats/rounds);
  • Competing in further competitions (a rider who has to take part in another competition on the same day may ask for permission from the Doping Control Officer to submit to Sample collection after the other competition. The Doping Control Officer shall decide whether the test should take place immediately or following the other competition);
  • Performing a warm down;
  • Obtaining necessary medical treatment;
  • Locating a representative and/or interpreter;
  • Obtaining photo identification; or
  • Any other reasonable circumstances, as determined by the Doping Control Officer.

9. If the Doping Control Officer gives approval for the rider to delay or temporarily leave the Doping Control Station, the Doping Control Officer shall agree with the rider on the following conditions:

  • The reason of the delay or the purpose of the rider leaving the Doping Control Station;
  • The time of return (or return upon completion of an agreed activity);
  • That the rider must remain under continuous observation of the Sample Collection Personnel throughout;
  • That the rider shall not pass urine until he/she gets back to the Doping Control Station; and
  • The Doping Control Officer shall document the time of the rider’s departure and return.

All testing and results will be the responsibility of USADA and the CADF or their designees.


Any investigation, prosecution, and hearings shall be the responsibility of USADA, the CADF, or their designees. USA Cycling shall impose any sanction from the adjudication process when permitted under the USADA Protocol and in accordance with the UCI approved sanctions.


For answers to specific questions or more information on prohibited substances, please call the USADA Drug Reference Phoneline at (719) 785-2000 and press Option 2.