Policy VI


Preamble. This Policy sets out the general policy and procedures by which USAC will issue a permit for a bicycle race. USA Cycling rules apply to all permitted events.

This Policy is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1, Race Director responsibilities
Part 2, Race Permitting
Part 3, Race Announcements

Part 1 – Race Director Responsibilities

The Race Director shall be responsible for specifying and directing the general aspects of the race and especially for meeting obligations imposed by the public authorities.


Each Race Director shall agree to abide by and enforce the Constitution and subordinate regulations of USA Cycling as well as decisions made by officials and other agents of USA Cycling in accordance with these regulations.


Race Directors shall agree that the safety of participants and spectators is an essential consideration in organizing a cycling competition and they shall take those reasonable acts necessary to promote the safety of participants and spectators.


The Race Director shall agree to give written advance notification regarding the race to any government or property authorities who have jurisdiction over the race venue and to abide by all regulations or agreements established by those authorities regarding the race.


Race Directors shall require a written or electronic entry from each race entrant. The entry form must be signed before the start of the race by the entrant and the parent or legal guardian of any minor entrant, and it must include the terms of the Standard Athlete's Entry Blank and Release Form as published by USA Cycling. The Race Director shall keep the forms for ten years, available for use by USA Cycling or in any legal proceedings. However, when BikeReg.com is used, a wet signature is not required for adult entrants and the electronic entry is sufficient.


The Race Director is responsible for providing officiating facilities, including rider identification numbers, lap cards, bell and other technical equipment needed to conduct and control the race. An organizer who fails to provide racing numbers that meet the requirements of the Racing Rules shall be fined $1 per rider per day of racing. This fine shall be submitted to USA Cycling. (See rule 1J7)


At the end of the race, the Race Director shall give the Chief Referee the following:

  • One-day licenses sold
  • Any occurrence reports
  • Waivers from riders for whom occurrence reports were filled out, or electronic waiver from BikeReg.com.
  • One-day licenses, and any annual licenses sold

Insurance surcharges will be collected once the Post-Event form is completed.


The Race Director is responsible for paying the race officials on the day of the race immediately after race results are final, upon receipt of an invoice from the chief referee.


Race Directors may not invite foreign teams to compete without their race being submitted to the international calendar.


Race Directors shall agree to cooperate with USADA and/or the UCI and and their agents with regard to any and all anti-doping activities.

Part 2 – Race Permitting

USA Cycling issues permits to organize USA Cycling-sanctioned events. The issuance of an event permit is solely within the discretion of USA Cycling in accordance with its rights and responsibilities as the National Governing Body of cycling.


An event permit is invalid when consent for a bicycle race has been denied by the governmental or property authorities who have jurisdiction over the race venue. A conditional permit may be issued if the authorities cannot give their consent unless USA Cycling has issued a permit.


By granting an event permit or the uses of a specific term for use in a race title, USA Cycling makes no warranties or a representation, expressed or implied, and does not guarantee the participation of specific riders or numbers of riders.


USA Cycling grants and requires the use of its emblem in official race announcements.


The event permit application for a USA Cycling race must be accompanied by the following:

  • event permit fee as specified in the Schedule of Fees;
  • a copy or draft of the official race announcement;
  • completed event checklist;
  • a draft copy of the prize list including the total dollar figure and number of places to receive prizes per category;
  • any other items requested on the application form. 

For other events, a description of the activity must be provided.


A single permit may cover either a series of similar races held at the same location at regular intervals or a series of races held on successive days.

  1. The maximum number of sponsoring clubs of a race is 5.
  2. Club races. Permit applications for club races must list licensed race officials, at least one of whom will be present at each race to ensure fair competition.
  3. Club rides. Applications for training rides must list at least one supervisor for every 25 riders.

After the event permit has been issued, any changes in required elements of the official race announcement must be approved by the Administrator or Chief Referee, and any request for a change of date shall be submitted for approval to the CEO by the Administrator.  Prize lists may not be reduced for any reason; any request for an increase shall be submitted to the Administrator together with the supplementary permit fee.

Race Titles
  1. Only championships listed in Racing Rules (1H2 of the USA Cycling rulebook) may use the term "championship" in their race titles.
  2. The term "international" may be used in a race title only for races in which invited representatives of foreign national Federations compete.
  3. Except for events authorized by the United States Olympic Committee, the term "Olympic" may not be used in a race title.
  4. The term "National Tour" may be used only for those events so designated by the CEO.
  5. Invitational races may be held on certain occasions, subject to the approval of the CEO. They must not dominate the local racing program, and are to be discouraged except in unusual or special circumstances.
  6. Invitations may be extended to (1) individuals, (2) teams, (3) classes or categories, or any combination.

USA Cycling may designate a race as team-limited. At such events USA Cycling may specify an upper limit on the number of entries to be accepted from any club or team. This applies whether entry is on an individual or team basis. This information should be included in the official race announcement.

Part 3 – Race Announcements

All USA Cycling permitted events must have an official race announcement. This may be a hard copy announcement, an online posted announcement, or both.


The official race announcement must be approved by the administrator before publication although registration can be opened prior to distribution and must include the following:

  1. The USA Cycling name and the USA Cycling emblem
  2. The declaration "Held under USA Cycling event permit"
  3. Online registration provider and link to online registration
  4. If a timing source is to be used the type and cost or reduction in entry for riders who own timing chips.
  5. The date(s) and location(s) of all bicycle races in the race event. All such race information must be included in the race permit.
  6. A list of races that identifies which classes and categories are eligible for each.
  7. For each race, the specific kinds of event, the distance(s), the total amount of the prize lists, the nature of the prizes (cash, merchandise, combination thereof, or other), the number of places that will receive prizes, and the dollar value for each place receiving prizes. If cash is to be awarded, the minimum value will be shown.
    1. Dynamic prize lists. A Race Director is allowed to offer dynamic prize lists, based upon a set of published criteria, as long as a minimum prize list and the dynamic criteria for how the prize list may be increased [e.g. minimum number of participants in a race, overall entries for the event, etc.] is published in the race flyer and race announcement. A dynamic prize list may only be increased. A prize list may not be reduced below the published minimum if the dynamic criteria are not met. If the increased prize list causes a change in the permitted Race Category, any additional fees will be owed.
    2. The prize money for any given category may only be reduced only if the category is divided and so is the prize money. If a field fails to meet the published minimum field size (1.H6), the Race Director may optionally cancel the race and refund the entry fees and surcharges of those who have entered, or may combine the race and as many prizes from its prize list as there were riders who registered for the canceled race with another race on the program.
  8. For each race the specific kinds of event, the distance(s)/laps or time allotment must be included
  9. For each race, the amount of the entry fee and the existence of any surcharges and what they are for, such as online or late entry
  10. The order of events and the starting time of at least the first event; preferably, all expected starting times should be given
  11. Any restrictions on entries, such as entry closing date, registration closing time, and minimum or maximum field size
  12. Any plans for cancellation or postponement of the event in case of bad weather required for track event; road events normally run rain or shine.

After the official race announcement has been published, no changes are allowed in the classes of riders eligible to compete, other than adding races for separate classes, and the total prize list for any given class may be reduced only if the class is divided and so are the prizes. Other changes in required elements of the official race announcement shall be permitted by the Administrator or Chief Referee only to accommodate changed circumstances beyond the control of the Race Director.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the Event Services Department.