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USA Cycling’s 2021 United States Olympic and Paralympic Athletes' Advisory Council and USA Cycling Board of Director Athlete Representative Election

USA Cycling is requesting nominations for USA Cycling’s representative to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s (“USOPC”) Athletes' Advisory Council (“AAC”). USA Cycling conducts an election whereby the top two candidates receiving votes are named the Representative and Alternate, respectively. Both the Representative and Alternate will serve on USA Cycling’s Board of Directors.

Following the AAC/USAC Board of Directors election, USA Cycling will conduct a second election whereby the top two candidates receiving votes are named athlete representatives to USA Cycling’s Board of Directors. For clarity, the second election will take place after the AAC/USAC Board of Directors election, will have its own nomination process, and will only be for the USA Cycling Board of Directors.

United States Olympic and Paralympic Athletes’ Advisory Council

The mission of the AAC is to ensure communication between the USOPC and athletes who are actively engaged in athletic competition or who have represented the United States in international competition within the preceding ten years. The AAC is composed of one representative from each National Governing Body, three General Paralympic Representatives, six Leadership members, and ex-officio members who serve on the AAC by virtue of their appointment to the IOC/IPC Athletes’ Commission.

Athlete Representative’s Role & Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with USA Cycling’s bylaws, the USOPC bylaws, the AAC bylaws the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sport Act, and various other polices affecting athletes’ rights
  • Understand the athlete pool you represent and work to engage the athletes represented
  • Actively attend USOPC AAC meetings and relay information to the identified athlete pool
  • Proactively reach out to your constituents enabling athletes to freely comment on policies/procedures
  • Consistently communicate with USA Cycling’s CEO and other key stakeholders on matters impacting athletes
  • Synthesize athletes’ feedback on policies and procedures and provide input to the relevant party
  • Provide an avenue for athletes to voice their concerns
  • Review, gather and provide athlete input, and sign off on selection procedures for the selection of international, Olympic, and Pan Am Games Teams

Each NGB elects a Representative and an Alternate. Alternates may step into the role of the Representative, with voice and vote, when the Representative is not in attendance at a meeting of the AAC.

The AAC conducts 2-3 mandatory meetings that occur over weekends during the year. The AAC also conducts non-mandatory monthly meetings that it records so those who can’t make it can still see the updates. As outlined in the AAC Code of Conduct, the AAC Representative needs to make attendance at all meetings a high priority. If a representative is not able to be physically present at a meeting, he or she should notify the chair of the AAC, as well as the alternate, as soon as the representative knows they cannot attend. Three or more consecutive absences, or missing at least half the meetings of members in a two-year period, may constitute cause for removal and replacement of the Representative by the Alternate.

USA Cycling Board of Directors

The USA Cycling Board of Directors is composed of eleven members. Four directors are Athlete Representatives elected by their peers, four directors are At-Large Directors elected by the Board, and three directors are USA Cycling Foundation Directors appointed by the USA Cycling Foundation. Meetings are typically held three to four times per year with Board and/or Committee conference calls scheduled between meetings as needed. In person Director attendance is expected at all regularly scheduled meetings.

Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

The USA Cycling Board of Directors represents the interests of the cycling community for USA Cycling in the United States and its athletes by providing USA Cycling with policy, guidance, and strategic direction. The Board oversees the management of USA Cycling and its affairs, but it does not manage USA Cycling. The Board focuses on long-term objectives and impacts rather than on day-to-day management, empowering the Chief Executive Officer of USA Cycling to manage a staff-driven organization with effective Board oversight. It is important to be aware that directors owe USA Cycling a fiduciary duty, which means that directors must carry out their role in good faith, with the care of an ordinary prudent person, and in a manner that is in the best interests of USA Cycling.


AAC representatives must meet the criteria stated in the USOPC and AAC bylaws and must be a “10-Year Athlete.” For USA Cycling’s purpose, a “10-Year Athlete” is an athlete who has represented the United States in the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, or World Championship within the previous 10 years.

Prior to the election, nominees must disclose any felony convictions, or any other period of ineligibility served in sport such as violations of anti-doping codes, or SafeSport violations. Additionally, an athlete running must disclose any potential conflict of interest (as outlined in the AAC Bylaws) to the Ethics Committee of the AAC which will determine whether an individual is eligible to run for election.

Election Process and Timing

October 1, 2021 – Call for Nominations. Beginning October 1, 2021, USA Cycling will call for self-nominations from eligible candidates. Candidates must complete the Self-Nomination Form and the Conflict of Interest Form and submit them to USA Cycling no later than October 15, 2021. Submissions should be emailed to elections@usacycling.org.

October 21, 2021 – Posting of Nominees and Start of Election. On October 21, 2021, USA Cycling will publish the list of eligible nominees, along with the Self-Nomination Form, Conflict of Interest Form, and voting instructions, and start the election which shall run through October 31, 2021.

November 1, 2021 – Posting of Election Results. The top two candidates with the most votes are named the Representative and Alternate, respectively, and are named two of the four Athlete Representatives on the USA Cycling Board of Directors.

Additional Information

USOPC AAC terms begin January 1, 2022, and shall continue through December 31 of the quadrennium in accordance with the USOPC AAC Bylaws.

USA Cycling Board of Director terms begin December 1, 2021, and shall continue through November 31, 2024.

USA Cycling will use the email addresses on file in the USA Cycling membership database to contact eligible athletes. Athletes are responsible for ensuring the USA Cycling membership database contains their correct email address.

Click here for the Self-Nomination Form.

Click here for the Conflict of Interest Form.

Click here for more information about the AAC.

Click here to review USA Cycling’s Bylaws.

Self-Nomination and Conflict of Interest forms must be submitted to elections@usacycling.org no later than 11:59 PM on October 15, 2021.