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2021 Officials of the Year Awards

By: Chuck Hodge  February 18, 2021

Three Officials presented with the ‘Official of the Year’ award, during the 2020 Virtual Official’s Summit.

In order to recognize the hard work and dedication of our community of officials, USA Cycling revamped the Official of the Year program.

The Official of the Year program is set up to recognize those individuals who best represent what it means to be an outstanding official. Within that definition, USA Cycling selects one or more officials who excel in several areas. While technical skills are a consideration, it is just as important that this official works to maintain the continued excellence of the entire community of officials, through mentoring, volunteerism, and a consistently high work ethic.

2021 Officials of the Year

Eve Ben-Ora

Golden Stopwatch – 5+ Years of Service

As a junior parent, Eve Ben-Ora expressed an interest in officiating, and she quickly became a well-respected official across a variety of disciplines and positions. Her peers and race directors praise Eve for her competent and calm disposition while working in pressure-packed events. She possesses a strong knowledge of results management. To become a better all-around official, Eve sought out learning opportunities to increase her knowledge and skillset, and is now certified as a Motor P, Track Secretary, and Track Starter. Recently, Eve has taken a more direct role in improving the local officiating experience. With a background in education and ministry, she organized, updated, and teaches the regional C class for the Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA). She posts content on the NCNCA Facebook page to highlight officiating activities and accomplishments and has created a curriculum for new and experienced officials. She also has formalized a mentorship program for NCNCA.

Chassie Kirby

Silver Stopwatch – <7 Years of Service

While relatively new to her role as an official, Chassie Kirby is quickly gaining the experience and skills needed to advance to the next level. She serves as the president of the Arkansas Bicycle Coalition (ABC) and spends hundreds of hours keeping cycling organized and healthy in the state. She actively pursues intern opportunities at bigger regional and national events. When she is not officiating or managing ABC, Chassie volunteers her timing skills at local gravel events, and still finds time to race her bike. Chassie clearly demonstrates a high level of commitment to her cycling community.

Frank Mackzum

Bronze Stopwatch – Honorable Mention

Frank Mackzum is on a very short list of USA Cycling’s leading Motor Referees. He accrued thousands of miles – and hours – officiating bicycle races at local, national, and international events. Moreover, he shared his knowledge by helping to develop and teach the A, B, and C Level Motor Training seminars. He provided mentorship for new officials with a passion to become motor referees. Instrumental across all levels of the sport, Frank was involved with the development of the Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association, and he served as its president for several years. Frank recently announced his retirement from officiating, but because of his efforts for many decades, his positive impact on the sport he loves will continue for many more years.

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