American Criterium Cup Event Number Seven: Intelligentsia Cup’s Lake Bluff Criterium

By:  July 28, 2022

On Saturday, July 30th, Intelligentsia Cup's Lake Bluff Criterium returns to Lake Bluff Illinois. Following an electric race in Salt Lake City, the top pro women's and men's cycling teams in the nation once again toe the line to see who’s the best and who takes the lead in the American Criterium Cup series.

The live stream starts at 6:00 pm/EST on

  • Professional Women's racing coverage at 6:20 pm/EST
  • Professional Men's racing coverage at 7:40 pm/EST

With just four races left, the competition is fierce in the Women's field. Though Maggie Coles-Lyster of DNA Pro Cycling has a substantial lead, you can't count out Andrea Cyr of ButcherBox Racing out just yet with so many events left. With teammates like Paige Kostanecki keeping the tempo up, and Anna Christian of Colavita-Factor defending her U23 lead and looking to step up her placing while subsequently getting her team back into the team competition lead—this will be a race not to miss.

If there is a more exciting opportunity, it could be the men's race. Ever the professional, Brandon Feehery of Project Echelon Racing took over the series lead from Alfredo Rodriguez of Best Buddies Racing with methodical precision. Both were involved in the crash at Boise, and Rodriguez is still out with a broken collarbone. Will Best Buddies rally due to injuries and losing a critical rider after our last race? Who's stepping up? Can Best Buddies keep the team competition lead?

One person sure to step up is Thomas Gibbons of Automatic Abus. Race after race, he's been battling bad luck and crashes and still goes into the race in third despite all the setbacks. A quiet finish will likely place him second in the series. But if you've been paying attention, Thomas Gibbons does nothing quietly. He still has a shot for the top step once the dust settles, and if Thomas has proved one thing this season, he's resilient.

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    Entire series standings are available at

    Women's Overall:

    1. COLES-LYSTER, Maggie: DNA Pro Cycling Team 611
    2. CYR, Andrea: ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK 371
    3. CHRISTIAN, Anna *: Colavita Factor Pro Cycling 267

    Women's Team:

    1. DNA Pro Cycling Team 893
    2. Colavita Factor Pro Cycling 828
    3. ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK 718

    Men's Overall:

    1. FEEHERY, Brandon: Project Echelon Racing 347
    2. RODRIGUEZ, Alfredo: Best Buddies Racing 296
    3. GIBBONS, Thomas: AUTOMATIC|ABUS 245

    Men's Team:

    1. Best Buddies Racing 752
    2. Project Echelon Racing 540
    3. Blazers 377

    The American Criterium Cup is a ten race criterium series that elevates the stature of criterium racing in the United States. The series is led by a group of independent criterium race organizers collaborating with and supported by USA Cycling, with input from professional and domestic teams and athletes. Each event has pledged to execute each event with standards of excellence, high production quality, and safety. Organizers of the series have placed $100,000 in escrow with USA Cycling for a series purse to be split equally among men and women.

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