Category upgrades Feb 24

Athlete Category Upgrades February 2024

Congratulations to all the exceptional athletes on their well-earned category upgrades! Stay tuned each month as we spotlight the next wave of talented racers making strides in the cycling community.

Check out the athletes who have earned their category upgrades in February 2024.

Aaron WenkRoad Category 2February
Abigail FrancisRoad Category 4February
Abigail MangualMountain XC Category 2February
Abigail MangualMountain XC Category 1February
Adam BaileyMountain XC Category 1February
Addison HoggeMountain XC Category 1February
Adrian Ortiz VelezMountain Gravity Category 1February
Aidan LeitelMountain Gravity Category 1February
Aila HarmalaMountain XC Category 1February
Alaina GuliuzzaMountain Gravity Category 2February
Alaina GuliuzzaMountain Gravity Category 1February
Alejandro AlvergueMountain XC Category 2February
Alejandro TorresfernandezRoad Category 3February
Alex KozlowskiMountain XC Category 1February
Alexander StevensRoad Category 3February
Alexandra BleasdaleRoad Category 3February
Alison WareRoad Category 3February
Amelie BradleyRoad Category 3February
Andrew HergertMountain Gravity Category 1February
Andrew LucasCyclo-Cross Category 3February
Andrew MillerMountain XC Category 2February
Anna PurcellRoad Category 3February
Anthony BaileyRoad Category 2February
Arya LeretteMountain XC Category 2February
Aspen FongerMountain XC Category 1February
Ausiel RomeroRoad Category 3February
Austin FreyerRoad Category 3February
Austin GibbonsMountain Gravity Category 1February
Bee BlackMountain Gravity Category 1February
Ben PerezRoad Category 3February
Benjamin ElumbaughRoad Category 1February
Benjamin RandolphMountain XC Category 2February
Bergen HarbertsMountain Gravity Category 1February
Boden GentileRoad Category 3February
Brandon FisherMountain MX/DS ProFebruary
Braxton ThornleyRoad Category 4February
Brayden MackiewiczMountain XC Category 2February
Breanna GoffRoad Category 4February
Breanna GoffMountain XC Category 1February
Brenton CarsonRoad Category 3February
Brian DonerMountain MX Category 2February
Brian GraceRoad Category 2February
Brian PhilenMountain XC Category 1February
Brian PhilenCyclo-Cross Category 3February
Bryce FergusonMountain XC Category 2February
Bryce FergusonMountain XC Category 1February
Caiden HartrichRoad Category 3February
Caleb SchallMountain XC Category 1February
Caleb SheltonMountain XC Category 2February
Camellia HillRoad Category 3February
Carlos NavarroRoad Category 3February
Caroline WreszinRoad Category 2February
Carson EiswaldMountain Gravity/DH ProFebruary
Carson TaylorMountain XC Category 2February
Casey McfaydenRoad Category 3February
Celia CoteCyclo-Cross Category 3February
Charles WhalenRoad Category 2February
Christian LawtonRoad Category 4February
Christopher HolmesMountain XC Category 2February
Cj FigueroaMountain MX Category 2February
Cole BerkoRoad Category 3February
Corinna RedardMountain XC Category 2February
Courtney DobbsRoad Category 3February
Curtis RaymondRoad Category 3February
Cutler ReschkeMountain XC Category 2February
Dahlia RohmRoad Category 2February
Daniel CherensonRoad Category 2February
Daniel RossanoRoad Category 3February
Darby DemingTrack Category 3February
Darian DuchanTrack Category 3February
Dave WeaverMountain XC Category 2February
Dawson ChurchMountain Gravity/DH ProFebruary
Dean AmmonsMountain Gravity Category 1February
Decker BurnettMountain Gravity Category 1February
Derek DarvesRoad Category 3February
Derick DanielsRoad Category 2February
Douglas BakerRoad Category 3February
Dusan KalabaRoad Category 1February
Dylan PollardRoad Category 2February
Dylan SchwenkMountain Gravity Category 1February
Dylan SchwenkMountain MX Category 2February
Edward FullMountain XC Category 2February
Edward ScottRoad Category 3February
Elliott BaringMountain XC ProFebruary
Emmi GilbertRoad Category 3February
Emy SolisRoad Category 3February
Engelbert SmithRoad Category 3February
Eric FordeMountain Gravity Category 1February
Eric HallmanMountain XC Category 1February
Eric SnyderRoad Category 1February
Ernest NiemannMountain Gravity Category 1February
Ethan HulmeMountain XC Category 2February
Ethan IngersollRoad Category 2February
Evan PartingtonMountain XC Category 2February
Farah-Dale MorrisRoad Category 2February
Finn CromwellMountain XC Category 2February
Flint DrummondMountain XC Category 1February
Ford GundrumMountain XC Category 1February
Francis SerranoRoad Category 3February
Frank PintoRoad Category 3February
Gabriel BlanchardMountain XC Category 2February
Garrett StoutMountain XC Category 1February
Gosia GoclowskaRoad Category 2February
Gosia GoclowskaRoad Category 3February
Grant FeigeRoad Category 2February
Grant HulsbergMountain XC Category 2February
Hannah GibsonRoad Category 3February
Hector AlanisRoad Category 3February
Helena MerkRoad Category 3February
Henri SimonRoad Category 1February
Henrik RummelRoad Category 1February
Henry CarnahanMountain XC Category 2February
Henry EastburnRoad Category 3February
Ian StricklandMountain XC Category 1February
Iwona MartinRoad Category 3February
Jack SpangRoad Category 3February
Jackson PerkelMountain Gravity Category 1February
Jackson VogelRoad Category 3February
Jacob HuberRoad Category 3February
Jade JennyMountain Gravity Category 1February
Jadiel MorenoRoad Category 4February
Jamerson KentMountain XC Category 1February
James LikesMountain XC Category 2February
James OsborneRoad Category 3February
James PovolnyRoad Category 3February
Jason BeckleyMountain MX Category 1February
Jed SchoberMountain Category 1February
Jeff EdwardsMountain XC Category 2February
Jeff St ClairMountain XC Category 2February
Jeffrey CaseRoad Category 4February
Jerry KapkoRoad Category 3February
Jessica DemolderRoad Category 3February
Joe RinehartMountain XC Category 2February
John AvilaCyclo-Cross Category 4February
John ChakiTrack Category 4February
John McallisterCyclo-Cross Category 3February
John ShellenbergerMountain XC Category 2February
John ZaineMountain XC Category 2February
Johnatan EscobarRoad Category 3February
Jon SchanewolfMountain MX Category 2February
Jon TaberRoad Category 4February
Jonathan AzbellMountain XC Category 1February
Jonathan CaryRoad Category 1February
Jorge CorderoRoad Category 3February
Jose OttRoad Category 3February
Joseph KimRoad Category 3February
Joseph WerbleRoad Category 3February
Josh AndersonMountain XC Category 1February
Josh CombsMountain XC Category 1February
Josh WorleyRoad Category 2February
Josiah LangstaffRoad Category 2February
Juan Esteban Tapiero BernalMountain XC Category 2February
Juan FerreiraRoad Category 4February
Julian FernandesMountain XC Category 1February
Katie KluczynskiMountain XC Category 1February
Katin MitchellRoad Category 1February
Kenneth WahrenbergerRoad Category 3February
Kevin JorgensenMountain Gravity/DH ProFebruary
Kristopher ClarkRoad Category 4February
Kyle CroninRoad Category 3February
Kyle FronckowiakRoad Category 3February
Kypton O'NealMountain MX Category 2February
Lance CliffordMountain Gravity Category 1February
Leah MacartneyMountain Gravity Category 1February
Leigh ThurgoodTrack Category 2February
Lexter MartinezRoad Category 3February
Louisa KellyRoad Category 2February
Lucas BourgoyneRoad Category 1February
Luis HermosoRoad Category 3February
Lukas KirschMountain XC Category 1February
Luke AnthonyRoad Category 2February
Luke FlaxmanRoad Category 2February
Luke FlaxmanMountain XC ProFebruary
Luke MackenzieMX Category 2February
Luke MackenzieMountain MX Category 1February
Maddox ThomanMountain XC Category 2February
Mallory BaileyTrack Category 4February
Mallory ClubbMountain XC Category 2February
Maria Pinder CaraballoRoad Category 4February
Marissa LovellRoad Category 3February
Mark HoltRoad Category 3February
Mark MooreRoad Category 3February
Mark PalmerMountain MX Category 2February
Martin RussMountain XC Category 2February
Mathias JacquelinRoad Category 1February
Matt KlecknerRoad Category 1February
Matthew BuckMountain XC Category 1February
Matthew SmithMountain MX Category 1February
Max CanterburyMountain Gravity Category 2February
Max CanterburyMountain Gravity Category 1February
Melissa GomezCyclo-Cross Category 4February
Micah JonesMountain Gravity Category 1February
Michael ClarkMountain Gravity/DH ProFebruary
Michael GableMountain XC Category 1February
Michelle MacartneyMountain Gravity/DH ProFebruary
Miguel IbarraMountain MX Category 2February
Mikah FigueroaMountain MX Category 2February
Mike FestaMountain XC ProFebruary
Mike JonesRoad Category 2February
Mikel GaztambideMountain MX/DS ProFebruary
Miles BakerMountain XC Category 2February
Mitchell NealRoad Category 2February
Mitchell SuttonMountain XC Category 2February
Molly BlairMountain Gravity Category 1February
Morgan JamesRoad Category 2February
Natasha KoermerRoad Category 3February
Nathan EspirituRoad Category 3February
Nathan KerchenskyRoad Category 3February
Nathan SykesMountain MX Category 1February
Nicholas BlazwichMountain Gravity Category 2February
Nicholas ChatelRoad Category 3February
Nicole ClamannMountain XC Category 1February
Niels MeissnerRoad Category 2February
Noah ScholnickMountain XC Category 1February
Noam BelkinRoad Category 2February
Nolan HolmesRoad Category 3February
Norlens SuarezMountain XC Category 2February
Olivia DavidsonTrack Category 4February
Owen HoneycuttMountain Gravity Category 1February
Parker BohneMountain XC Category 1February
Parker HonnRoad Category 3February
Patrick BrittainRoad Category 3February
Patrick SpillersMountain MX Category 2February
Paul LevyRoad Category 2February
Paula Gil EchevarriaCyclo-Cross Category 2February
Paula RuedaRoad Category 3February
Paula ValderramaRoad Category 2February
Pete SullyRoad Category 3February
Peter AlmasiMountain XC Category 1February
Peter BockRoad Category 3February
Peyton NicolaMountain XC Category 2February
Phillip LoyaMountain XC Category 2February
Phillip NaudeRoad Category 4February
Rachel SmithRoad Category 2February
Radek LitinskyRoad Category 3February
Raef TrujilloRoad Category 3February
Ramiro MartinezRoad Category 3February
Ricardo RodriguezRoad Category 3February
Richard CrislerMountain XC Category 2February
Ricky LengRoad Category 3February
Riley RegaladoCyclo-Cross Category 3February
Robbie NaujokaitisMountain XC Category 1February
Robert HansonMountain Gravity Category 2February
Robert SimaMountain XC Category 1February
Robert WardenMountain Gravity Category 1February
Robert ZarzeckiMountain Gravity Category 2February
Robert ZarzeckiMountain Gravity Category 1February
Ryan RidolphiMountain XC Category 2February
Ryder RitchieRoad Category 3February
Rylan ZacharekMountain XC Category 1February
Rylee EngelkenRoad Category 3February
Sam ThemansonMountain XC Category 1February
Samantha ClarkRoad Category 3February
Samuel DaggMountain XC Category 2February
Samuel TurnerRoad Category 3February
Sara RitchieRoad Category 2February
Sascha FerkowitschRoad Category 4February
Sascha FerkowitschMountain MX Category 2February
Sean BairdRoad Category 2February
Sean Nicholson-CrottyMountain XC Category 1February
Sean Nicholson-CrottyMountain Category 1February
Sebastian BechRoad Category 3February
Sebastian SotoRoad Category 2February
Seth HollandTrack Category 3February
Shane KloepferXC Category 1February
Shawn McmichaelMountain XC Category 2February
Sheridan GableMountain XC Category 1February
Silvan UlmRoad Category 3February
Sophie BaileyMountain XC Category 2February
Spencer WeisgramRoad Category 1February
Steven CastilloTrack Category 4February
Steven CurtisMountain XC Category 2February
Sullivan MiddaughRoad Category 3February
Sydney LauerMountain Gravity Category 1February
Terrence RobertsRoad Category 3February
Thierry HallRoad Category 3February
Thomas Berle CarmanRoad Category 2February
Thomas GalindezRoad Category 1February
Tige EakinMountain MX/DS ProFebruary
Tim SandsMountain Gravity Category 1February
Todd SwainMountain XC Category 2February
Tom PedrettiRoad Category 2February
Tony OrgainMountain Gravity Category 1February
Tristan HanleyMountain XC Category 1February
Tristan WhittMountain Gravity Category 1February
Tucker SwarensMountain XC Category 1February
Tyacie CorleMountain XC Category 2February
Tyler MlujeakRoad Category 2February
Tyler NelsonMountain XC Category 1February
Uthman Ray IvMountain MX/DS ProFebruary
Wagner SousaRoad Category 3February
Walker SnyderMountain XC Category 2February
Walker SnyderMountain XC Category 1February
Will AndersonMountain MX Category 2February
Will FergusonMountain XC Category 1February
Will OviattMountain XC Category 1February
Willa CromwellMountain XC Category 2February
Willem LightMountain Gravity Category 2February
William NieberleinMountain XC Category 2February
William NighanTrack Category 2February
William SchallerMountain XC Category 2February
William SchraderMountain XC Category 1February
William WiggsRoad Category 2February
William WoodruffMountain XC Category 1February
Wyatt StyronMountain XC Category 2February
Yanluis ArrietaRoad Category 3February
Yovanny LopezRoad Category 3February
Yuslaidy Rivera DiazRoad Category 3February
Zee MarsMountain XC Category 2February