Category upgrades Mar 24

Athlete Category Upgrades March 2024

Congratulations to all the exceptional athletes on their well-earned category upgrades! Stay tuned each month as we spotlight the next wave of talented racers making strides in the cycling community.

Check out the athletes who have earned their category upgrades in March 2024.

Aaron FimbresRoad Category 3March
Aaron WenkRoad Category 1March
Aaron WidmanRoad Category 1March
Abby ColeMountain XC Category 1March
Abigail FisherRoad Category 4March
Abigail ReedMountain XC Category 2March
Abraham CloseRoad Category 4March
Abraham FowlerRoad Category 4March
Abraham HartmanRoad Category 4March
Abraham RosenbergRoad Category 4March
Adam CordiRoad Category 4March
Adam SabanMountain XC ProMarch
Adam StewartMountain XC Category 1March
Adonays VeraRoad Category 2March
Adrian AmosMountain XC Category 2March
Aeron BarhorstRoad Category 4March
Aiden VondohlenRoad Category 4March
Alan AngelopulosCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Alejandro PullinMountain MX Category 2March
Alessandro CirulliRoad Category 3March
Alex AkinsRoad Category 1March
Alex BarrattRoad Category 4March
Alex BarrattCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Alex CorbyRoad Category 4March
Alex FacciobeneRoad Category 3March
Alex StolbergRoad Category 4March
Alex VasquezMountain XC ProMarch
Alexander AprelevRoad Category 3March
Alexander BarrMountain XC Category 1March
Alison WillingmyreMountain XC Category 2March
Allen PregerRoad Category 3March
Alyana Van HornMountain Gravity Category 1March
Amias GomezMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Analia VossMountain XC Category 2March
Analia VossMountain XC Category 1March
Andrei NugaevRoad Category 2March
Andrew CarrRoad Category 1March
Andrew CeriseMountain XC Category 2March
Andrew SuzukiRoad Category 3March
Andrew TingleCyclo-Cross Category 2March
Anibal BatzibalRoad Category 3March
Annie GilbertRoad Category 2March
Anthony OrdonezRoad Category 4March
Anthony VischanskyRoad Category 4March
Antonio KutasCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Anwar EatonRoad Category 3March
Armando MartinezRoad Category 4March
Arturo CantuRoad Category 4March
Arya LeretteMountain XC Category 1March
Ashley HendershotMountain XC Category 1March
Audrey SlattaMountain XC Category 2March
Austin DecosteMountain Gravity Category 2March
Austin DecosteMountain Gravity Category 1March
Austin DotseyMountain XC Category 1March
Autumn VeghRoad Category 2March
Avery MorrisMountain XC Category 2March
Avery ParisRoad Category 4March
Axel FarnhamMountain XC Category 2March
Axel SotoRoad Category 4March
Bee BlackMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Ben CarmodyRoad Category 3March
Ben JansonMountain XC Category 2March
Benjamin BurnettRoad Category 3March
Benjamin MoebesRoad Category 4March
Benjamin PatersonRoad Category 4March
Benjamin SartainMountain XC Category 2March
Benjamin YeeRoad Category 3March
Bernadette SiudockRoad Category 4March
Bernard BellRoad Category 4March
Blaise MaherRoad Category 3March
Blake CherubiniMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Blake MacherasRoad Category 1March
Bob BautistaMountain XC Category 1March
Boyd TaylorRoad Category 3March
Brad HillebrandtRoad Category 4March
Brad McknightRoad Category 4March
Braden GreenRoad Category 4March
Braden LockabyMountain Gravity Category 1March
Bradley ShannonRoad Category 4March
Brandon AdamsRoad Category 4March
Brandon GuerreroRoad Category 3March
Brayden KerrMountain XC Category 1March
Brendan MonahanMountain XC Category 1March
Brennan DelphiaMountain Gravity Category 2March
Brian GainerRoad Category 4March
Brian GolembeskiTrack Category 4March
Bristol AlbrightMountain XC Category 1March
Brody BellMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Brody MeltonRoad Category 4March
Bryan RoeperRoad Category 2March
Cade ClasonMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Caleb BalkenbushMountain XC Category 2March
Carden BozemanMountain XC Category 2March
Carl NethercuttRoad Category 2March
Carter DembowskiMountain XC Category 2March
Carter IwanciwMountain XC Category 2March
Casey WarrenMountain XC Category 1March
Cassie SmithMountain XC Category 1March
Cayla GreenRoad Category 3March
Chad BriggsRoad Category 3March
Chad JohansenRoad Category 3March
Chad SchaufflerRoad Category 4March
Challaghan StricklandRoad Category 4March
Challaghan StricklandRoad Category 3March
Charles BowmanMountain XC ProMarch
Charles HusseyCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Charlie BlackMountain MX Category 2March
Charlie BlackMountain Gravity Category 1March
Charlie BuiMountain XC Category 2March
Charlie MullerRoad Category 4March
Chris DilalloRoad Category 4March
Chris GuidryMountain XC Category 1March
Chris MitchellRoad Category 3March
Chris MurphyRoad Category 4March
Christopher DunandMountain XC Category 1March
Christopher GeorgeRoad Category 4March
Christopher KhanoyanRoad Category 2March
Christopher MichaelsMountain XC ProMarch
Christopher ThompsonMountain XC Category 2March
Christopherray MuehlenzMountain XC Category 1March
Claire BillingsMountain XC Category 2March
Clara AppelMountain XC Category 2March
Cloey WardMountain XC Category 2March
Cody GreenhawCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Cole BarreraMountain XC Category 1March
Cole ObermanMountain XC ProMarch
Cole SuetosMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Colin BraunRoad Category 3March
Colin MulallyMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Colin PenderRoad Category 4March
Colton BurkhartMountain XC Category 2March
Connor MonahanRoad Category 4March
Connor ParmeleeMountain Gravity Category 1March
Connor SpencerRoad Category 4March
Connor WhaleyMountain Gravity Category 1March
Cooper KleinRoad Category 3March
Cooper SkersickMountain XC Category 2March
Cooper SpillmanMountain XC Category 1March
Corie WalchRoad Category 4March
Cosme RamirezRoad Category 4March
Craig AmerkhanianRoad Category 4March
Crispin CorpuzRoad Category 3March
Cristian ChavezRoad Category 3March
Cruz BlueMountain XC Category 2March
Dana ScottRoad Category 2March
Daniel AragonMountain XC Category 1March
Daniel BaysingerRoad Category 3March
Daniel BenwayMountain XC Category 2March
Daniel NowellRoad Category 4March
Danielle AudinoRoad Category 2March
David BettridgeRoad Category 4March
David BrowerRoad Category 2March
David SchottMountain XC Category 1March
David TimmRoad Category 4March
Dayle JamesMountain XC Category 2March
Dean AmmonsMountain XC Category 2March
Deidre ThomasRoad Category 3March
Delia WorleyMountain XC Category 1March
Denver LambMountain Gravity Category 2March
Derek Schuh-PitzerMountain XC Category 2March
Devyn Castro-AlmeydaRoad Category 4March
Dino AndereggenMountain XC Category 2March
Dmitry ZhernokletovMountain XC Category 2March
Dominic MudryMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Dominic OrlandoRoad Category 3March
Donald MacmurrayCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Donavon HartmanMountain Gravity Category 2March
Duncan LeitheadMountain XC Category 2March
Duncan NunnellyMountain XC Category 1March
Dylan LunsfordMountain XC Category 1March
Eason VaughnMountain Gravity Category 2March
Eason VaughnMountain Gravity Category 1March
Eduardo CamarenaRoad Category 3March
Eduardo FlorenciaRoad Category 4March
Edward SarinasRoad Category 4March
Eiko FujikawaCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Elanor FinlaysonRoad Category 3March
Eli McwardRoad Category 3March
Elisa LuoRoad Category 4March
Elisa LuoRoad Category 3March
Elizabeth DalyRoad Category 4March
Elliot OlsenMountain XC Category 2March
Elliott PettersonMountain XC Category 2March
Emery KelleyMountain MX Category 2March
Emile ChabuMountain Gravity Category 1March
Emmit DavidsonMountain Gravity Category 1March
Eric GentryRoad Category 4March
Eric OlsenMountain MX Category 1March
Eric OlsenCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Erik FellensteinRoad Category 4March
Ethan CurtisMountain XC Category 2March
Ethan FlackRoad Category 4March
Ethan FrostMountain XC Category 1March
Ethan JonesRoad Category 1March
Eva LinRoad Category 3March
Evan CheneyRoad Category 3March
Evan GrayCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Evan LockhartMountain XC Category 2March
Fausto GuzmanRoad Category 2March
Field BlevinsMountain XC Category 1March
Fletcher GoodwinRoad Category 4March
Frances AmendMountain XC Category 2March
Francisco ByrneRoad Category 4March
Francisco VelazquezRoad Category 4March
Fred MeloRoad Category 4March
Gabriel AnthonyRoad Category 4March
Garrett HummelMountain Gravity Category 1March
Garrett IanaconeCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Geert FischerMountain XC Category 1March
George TryfiatesRoad Category 4March
Georgina ReyesRoad Category 4March
Giorgio DipaoloRoad Category 4March
Grace WashburnRoad Category 3March
Grady PaysonMountain Gravity Category 1March
Graham HauskenMountain XC Category 2March
Greg ChaplaRoad Category 2March
Gregory FarmerMountain XC Category 2March
Hayden GaryMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Hayden JacksonMountain Gravity Category 2March
Hayden JacksonMountain Gravity Category 1March
Hazel GillespieMountain XC Category 2March
Heather HeiligerCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Henry MallonRoad Category 3March
Henry PraznowskiRoad Category 3March
Henry SymanskiMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Henry ZellersMountain Gravity Category 2March
Ian HendersonMountain Gravity Category 2March
Ilya RosikhinRoad Category 4March
Ines RodriguezRoad Category 4March
Isaac EngelingMountain XC Category 2March
Isaac FloodRoad Category 3March
Isaac MagersMountain XC Category 1March
Jack DiemarRoad Category 2March
Jack KovalaskeMountain XC Category 2March
Jack LeavellRoad Category 4March
Jack ThomasMountain XC Category 2March
Jackson KlauRoad Category 3March
Jackson MittenMountain XC Category 1March
Jackson MoranRoad Category 3March
Jackson PaughMountain XC Category 1March
Jacob CoffmanRoad Category 4March
Jacob GomezMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Jacob ShupeRoad Category 4March
Jacob SpitzerRoad Category 4March
Jacob ZyromskiRoad Category 3March
Jadiel MorenoRoad Category 3March
Jake GilmoreRoad Category 3March
Jake SpaudeRoad Category 2March
James KimRoad Category 3March
James MalhameMountain XC Category 1March
James StewartMountain XC Category 2March
James UmberhandtMountain XC Category 2March
Jamie WyattMountain MX Category 2March
Jason EiswaldMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Jason FreihofnerMountain MX Category 1March
Jayce MorkMountain XC Category 1March
Jensen CervatiRoad Category 3March
Jerald NanceRoad Category 4March
Jeremiah GalbraithMountain Gravity Category 1March
Jeremy AlberdasRoad Category 3March
Jeremy CefusMountain XC Category 1March
Jeremy PeaveyRoad Category 3March
Jesse DestefanoRoad Category 4March
Jesse RuthRoad Category 3March
Joel BretzlaffRoad Category 3March
Joel GalbraithMountain Gravity Category 1March
Joel WaltonRoad Category 4March
Johan SoudersMountain XC Category 2March
John ChuranRoad Category 2March
John ColcordCyclo-Cross Category 4March
John David ThompsonMountain XC Category 2March
John DeforestRoad Category 4March
John GypsonMountain XC Category 2March
John HallMountain Gravity Category 1March
John SwarrRoad Category 3March
Jon AlmendarezCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Jonas WoodruffRoad Category 1March
Jonathan BatesRoad Category 4March
Jonathan CavnerRoad Category 2March
Jordan McelroyMountain XC Category 2March
Joseph San PedroRoad Category 4March
Josh BillingsMountain XC Category 2March
Josh DrakeRoad Category 2March
Josh GabrielsenMountain XC Category 2March
Josh HillMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Joshua ChrismanRoad Category 4March
Joshua MuzykaRoad Category 4March
Josie BozemanMountain XC Category 2March
Juan Sebastian TamayoRoad Category 2March
Juli BlackMountain Gravity Category 1March
Julie VossRoad Category 3March
Jura GerlachRoad Category 2March
Justin EichenlaubMountain XC Category 2March
Justin IkanduRoad Category 4March
Justin KraftMountain Gravity Category 1March
Justin RickettsRoad Category 3March
Kai EstaresMountain XC Category 1March
Kai VondohlenRoad Category 4March
Kain LeonardMountain MX Category 1March
Kalan CreagerMountain XC Category 1March
Karter MachenCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Kat GooCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Kate ElwellMountain XC Category 2March
Kate ElwellMountain XC Category 1March
Katherine FearonRoad Category 2March
Kathleen EmersonRoad Category 4March
Katie ClouseRoad Category 1March
Katie RedmanRoad Category 4March
Kaylee BirmannMountain XC Category 1March
Keenan NovisRoad Category 4March
Keith AdamsRoad Category 3March
Keith RyanMountain XC Category 1March
Kellie HydeRoad Category 4March
Kelsey DevereauxMountain XC ProMarch
Kevin BrannanMountain XC Category 2March
Kevin Nazareta-JaramilloRoad Category 4March
Kevin RiceRoad Category 3March
Kyle WederquistMountain XC Category 1March
Landon HendershotRoad Category 4March
Landon ThomasRoad Category 3March
Leif HastingsMountain XC Category 2March
Leif HastingsMountain XC Category 1March
Leo GuierMountain XC Category 2March
Lila NicelyMountain XC Category 2March
Lillian ColeMountain XC Category 1March
Lily LingardMountain XC Category 1March
Liv ByhamMountain MX Category 2March
Logan ClarkMountain XC Category 2March
Logan RiddelMountain XC Category 2March
Lowell PilliardRoad Category 2March
Lucy FossRoad Category 3March
Luiz GabeiraCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Luke JohnsonMountain XC Category 2March
Luke JohnsonCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Luke StrattonRoad Category 3March
Lydia HerreraMountain XC Category 1March
Maddox CalderonRoad Category 3March
Maddox ThomanMountain XC Category 1March
Madeline DornfeldMountain XC Category 1March
Mahalia CadyMountain XC Category 1March
Manuel LopezMountain MX Category 1March
Marcel SangeorzanRoad Category 4March
Mark KoleberRoad Category 4March
Mark MazelTrack Category 3March
Mark SeveryRoad Category 1March
Mary MclarnonMountain Gravity Category 1March
Matias MolinaroMountain Gravity Category 2March
Matt SerraRoad Category 3March
Matt WaymanCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Matthew BrockMountain XC Category 1March
Matthew DriscollMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Matthew KuglerMountain XC Category 2March
Matthew McdonaldCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Matthias Martin UrbanMountain MX Category 2March
Max DurandMountain Gravity Category 2March
Max DurandMountain Gravity Category 1March
Max VinkRoad Category 3March
Maxime CauchoisRoad Category 3March
Maximilian JuchmannRoad Category 3March
Mckenna MarinoMountain XC Category 1March
Megan JefferyMountain XC Category 1March
Melanie PoncetRoad Category 4March
Michael CarmanMountain XC Category 1March
Michael GallikMountain XC Category 2March
Michael KarrRoad Category 4March
Michael MaldonadoMountain Gravity/DH ProMarch
Michael MiglerMountain XC Category 2March
Michael SmallRoad Category 4March
Michael SowinskiMountain XC Category 1March
Michelle GuyMountain Gravity Category 1March
Michelle HoweMountain XC Category 2March
Miles BilbeCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Miles McguinnessTrack Category 4March
Mitch GravesMountain XC Category 2March
Mitchell PoalilloRoad Category 4March
Morgan StilwellRoad Category 3March
Morris MillsRoad Category 2March
Nasir EbrahimMountain Gravity Category 2March
Nate MeisterRoad Category 3March
Nate SchneiderMountain XC Category 1March
Nathan McallisterRoad Category 3March
Neal CoughlinRoad Category 3March
Nelson FumeroRoad Category 2March
Nelson RussRoad Category 4March
Nicholas BlazwichMountain Gravity Category 1March
Nicholas FradetteMountain XC Category 2March
Nicholas Van RooyenRoad Category 3March
Nick FrazierMountain Gravity Category 1March
Nick GarciaRoad Category 3March
Nick ValentinoRoad Category 3March
Nick YatesMountain XC Category 2March
Nixon TwomeyMountain XC Category 2March
Noah ClaytonMountain XC Category 1March
Noah FlaxmanMountain XC ProMarch
Noah JohnstoneMountain XC Category 2March
Noah RandolphMountain XC Category 2March
Noah WillsMountain XC Category 2March
Oceon Carlson SmithMountain XC Category 2March
Oliver MarteRoad Category 3March
Oliver MarteMountain XC Category 1March
Olivia BakerRoad Category 3March
Oscar RathmannCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Oscar RuizMountain Gravity Category 1March
Owen ShermanRoad Category 3March
Owen ShreveMountain XC Category 2March
Patrick FerdigRoad Category 4March
Paul S ConnorRoad Category 4March
Paul UnderwoodRoad Category 4March
Payton MckeownMountain Gravity Category 2March
Peter SchultenRoad Category 4March
Peyton ErhardMountain XC Category 2March
Peyton ErhardMountain XC Category 1March
Phil LekavichRoad Category 2March
Phillip SomersRoad Category 2March
Pierre PayetteMountain XC Category 1March
Porter PhelpsMountain XC Category 2March
Preston ReeseMountain XC Category 1March
Raymond OlivaMountain XC Category 2March
Rebecca BroughRoad Category 3March
Regina RihaMountain XC Category 2March
Reginald PinedaRoad Category 2March
Reid MclaughlinMountain XC Category 1March
Reinier GomezRoad Category 3March
Richard LeonardMountain XC Category 1March
Rob KellyMountain XC Category 2March
Rob RogersCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Robert OrlikowskiCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Rodel MejoradaRoad Category 4March
Rommel Morel AcostaRoad Category 4March
Ronnie VanceMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Rowan HirtriterMountain XC Category 2March
Rusty FausakRoad Category 4March
Ryan ChyzyMountain XC Category 1March
Ryan FisherMountain XC Category 2March
Ryan GarciaMountain XC Category 2March
Ryan HaynesCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Ryan MauserMountain XC Category 2March
Ryan PaloCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Ryder RiggsMountain MX Category 1March
Ryder SeitzMountain XC Category 2March
Sally MooreCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Salvador FarisRoad Category 3March
Sam HawverRoad Category 4March
Samantha DoreRoad Category 4March
Sammie BradleyMountain XC Category 1March
Samuel FrauenholtzRoad Category 3March
Samuel McgeeRoad Category 4March
Sarah FlammRoad Category 2March
Scarlet SlingsbyMountain XC Category 2March
Scott KiebackRoad Category 3March
Scott MaisonRoad Category 3March
Seamus O'DonnellRoad Category 4March
Seamus O'DonnellRoad Category 3March
Sean BurkeMountain XC Category 2March
Sean FlournoyRoad Category 2March
Sean KrickRoad Category 1March
Sean MaherRoad Category 3March
Sean O'NeillRoad Category 4March
Shannon PiddRoad Category 3March
Shannon ShanksMountain XC Category 2March
Shawn FaurotRoad Category 4March
Shawn HermannMountain Gravity Category 2March
Sherlock SuehangRoad Category 4March
Shiloh ClaussenMountain XC Category 1March
Sierra SiebenlistMountain MX Category 2March
Simon ChapmanMountain MX Category 2March
Simon ChapmanMountain Gravity Category 2March
Simon MayRoad Category 3March
Simon MayTrack Category 3March
Spencer CatheyMountain XC Category 2March
Stefan TessounRoad Category 1March
Stefan WallerRoad Category 3March
Steve CliftonRoad Category 2March
Steven HawksRoad Category 2March
Sullivan HartmanMountain Gravity Category 1March
Suzzette AbbascianoRoad Category 4March
Sydney BurkeRoad Category 4March
Sylvain GeorgesTrack Category 2March
Tamas DebreczeniMountain XC Category 2March
Taryn HandCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Tate CoverdaleRoad Category 3March
Tatum BrownRoad Category 4March
Tavin GarciaMountain XC Category 2March
Tavin GarciaMountain XC Category 1March
Taylor FausakRoad Category 4March
Teepen ScottMountain Gravity Category 1March
Thayne HammerMountain MX Category 1March
Theodore SchraderMountain XC Category 1March
Thomas DrepsRoad Category 3March
Thomas GarrettRoad Category 4March
Thomas HinsonRoad Category 4March
Thomas HyserMountain Gravity Category 1March
Thomas TognoliRoad Category 2March
Tiago RogierMountain Gravity Category 1March
Tim GutierrezRoad Category 4March
Tim ManginiMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Timmy Lescop-NivolRoad Category 3March
Timothy SnyderRoad Category 3March
Tj LubyMountain XC Category 2March
Tom RyseMountain XC Category 2March
Tom RyseMountain XC Category 1March
Tom ScottRoad Category 4March
Tommy RowleyMountain XC Category 1March
Tony BlairRoad Category 3March
Toren GleimanMountain Gravity Category 1March
Tracey GoforthCyclo-Cross Category 4March
Tracy PetersMountain XC Category 2March
Trang DomoretRoad Category 3March
Trenton NielsenMountain XC Category 1March
Trey FortRoad Category 4March
Treyton MaskalyMountain MX/DS ProMarch
Tristan TookeyTrack Category 4March
Truitt YoungMountain XC Category 2March
Turner WilliamsMountain Gravity Category 1March
Ty PorterMountain Gravity Category 2March
Ty WilsonMountain MX Category 2March
Ty WilsonMountain XC Category 1March
Tyler DunhamRoad Category 3March
Tyler HigginsRoad Category 4March
Tyler MccrackenMountain Gravity Category 2March
Tyler YoderCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Valentina PelayoMountain MX Category 1March
Victor PetersonRoad Category 2March
Vrishab CommuriRoad Category 3March
Walter ChuiRoad Category 4March
Willem PlumhoffMountain XC Category 2March
William LavoieMountain XC Category 2March
William WallaceMountain XC Category 2March
Wyatt StyronMountain XC Category 1March
Yuanmin HaoRoad Category 4March
Zachary GeraMountain XC Category 1March
Zack HarperMountain Gravity Category 1March
Zackery ZimmerMountain XC Category 2March
Zavier PoolRoad Category 4March
Zee MarsCyclo-Cross Category 3March
Zee MarsRoad Category 3March
Zoe MarchMountain MX Category 1March