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USA Cycling Announces Changes to Board of Director Governance

By: Bouker Pool  August 18, 2020

Board will go from 20 to 12 seats. Sport Committees will report to Chief of Events & Racing.

USA Cycling announced on Tuesday that their Board of Directors approved a change to governance and board structure, to take effect in January 2021. There are four driving reasons for this change:

  • The USOPC is requiring National Governing Bodies to increase athlete representation from 20% to 33% effective in 2022.
  • The business needs and challenges of USA Cycling are very different than in 2011 when the current board structure was adopted.
  • 13 of 20 board seats expire at the end of 2020, and 8 Directors are term-limited in 2020 or 2021.
  • Adherence to USOPC Audit Standards and the need for a Board to contain independent directors.

The reduction of the overall size of the Board along with the new athlete representation requirements have resulted in the following new structure:

  • Four (4) At large Directors (Board Appointed)
  • Four (4) Athlete Directors (Elected)
  • Three (3) Foundation Directors (Foundation Appointed)
  • One (1) Director from Affiliated Organization (Affiliated Organization Appointed)

With the reduction in size of the Board of Directors, Sport Committee direct representation on the Board of Directors will be removed. The work the Sport Committees do continues to be a primary source of input in managing competition and participation for USA Cycling, and will be led by Chuck Hodge, the Chief of Events & Racing.