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CrashCourse | Brain Fly-Through with Kate Courtney

By: TeachAids  July 15, 2020

Kate Courtney discusses her experiences with concussions and shares some insight on how to combat with the long lasting impacts of head injuries.

Using state-of-the-art technology from Stanford University’s Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center, Former Mountain Bike World Champion and Stanford Alum, Kate Courtney, takes the viewer on a journey through the human brain. Using dramatic race footage coupled with her own personal concussion experience, this fly-through emphasizes the complexity and fragility of the human brain.

The world’s leading researchers and clinical experts in concussions and curriculum development worked closely together to better understand and evaluate the common stigma that has grown in public perception of concussions, and helped create effective interactive content for athletes, parents, and coaches.

USA Cycling and 16 other national governing bodies from the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee joined with award-winning nonprofit TeachAids to release this first segment of the CrashCourse Multi-Sport Concussion Education Series.