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National Championships

Riders Throw Down on the First Three Days of Mountain Bike Nationals

By: Katherine Santos  July 20, 2022

The 2022 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships are underway in Winter Park, Colo. With non-championship racing kicking off the week, riders had multiple opportunities to check out race lines that would make for jersey-winning moments later in the week.


Monday saw ten riders take the top step in non championship cross-country racing. Many of whom also raced and will race in championship races later this week.

Women’s 13-14 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Hannah Epsteyn (Reno, Nev.; Reno Devo)

  2. Addison Hogge (Mountain Green, Utah.; Durst)

  3. Siri Krum (Lakewood, Colo; Avout Racing)

Women’s 15-18 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Ashlee Hogge (Morgan, Utah; Durst)

  2. Zoey Oster (Sparks, Nev.; Reno Devo)

  3. Anna Rhodes (Steamboat, Colo.)

Men’s 13-14 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Maxwell Fahrmann (Champlin, Minn.)

  2. Hazen Cline (Washington, Utah; Accel Cycling)

  3. Tyler Ebbert (Atlanta; Sope Creek Composite Mountain Bike Team)

Men’s 15-18 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Isaac Bailey (Austin, Texas; Texas Devo)

  2. Ryan Shadrick (Escondido, Calif.; Mission Hills High School / Dust Slingers)

  3. Anthony Griffin-Yeh (Walnut Creek, Calif.; Community Fuels)

Men’s 19-24 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Andrew Hogge (Morgan, Utah.; Durst)

  2. Carson Worth Mccue (Boulder, Colo.; University of Colorado- Boulder)

  3. Jack Fanselow (Arvada, Colo.; Western Colorado University)

Women’s 19-24 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Mary Alyce Collins (Fort Collins, Colo.; Ciclismo Racing)

Women’s 35-39 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Rachel Knight Team Betty (Katy, Texas; Team Betty)

Men’s 35-39 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Eddie Rogers (Steamboat Springs, Colo.; Steamboat Velo p/b Moots)

  2. Brandon Strausbaugh (San Marcos, Calif.)

Women’s 40-44 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Mara Rhodes (Steamboat, Colo.)

Men’s 50-54 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Ty Faught (Severence, Colo.; Infinit Performance)

  2. Chad Weber (Littleton, Colo.)

  3. John Allen (Charlotte, N.C.; FreeFly Endurance Coaching)


Tuesday’s racing consisted of only gravity events, with 17 riders taking home gold medals. Afternoon showers caused several delays in racing and practice, but the weather wouldn't deter Pro and Amateur riders from getting their first chance to check out the downhill courses.

Men’s 15-18 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Jackson Goodwin (Fort Collins, Colo.)

  2. Carter Mcintosh (Carlsbad, Calif.; SpokeX)

  3. Caden Garcia (San Marcos, Calif.; SpokeX)

Men’s 19-24 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Eric Weers (Littleton, Colo.; Dirt Camp Racing)

  2. Jackson Ogletree (Birmingham, Ala.; Dirt Camp Racing)

  3. Cullen Perkey (Ann Arbor, Mich.; Wheels in Motion)

Men’s 25-29 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Cody Taylor (Angel Fire, N.M.; Angel Fire Race Team)

  2. Alec Burgess (Gadsden, Ala.; Maxxfit Racing/ Havoc Racing)

  3. Andrew Risse (Lakewood, Colo.; Mojo Wheels)

Men’s 30-34 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Brian Padilla (Santa Fe, N.M.; Angel Fire Race Time)

Men’s 40-44 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Jason Mezey (Monument, Colo.; Routes Gravity Racing)

  2. Beau Gunnerson (South Salt Lake, Utah.; EXT-USA)

  3. Jordan Williford (Crested Butte, Colo.)

Men’s 45-49 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Brad Kee (Asheville, N.C.; Kee Mapping)

  2. Chris Leach (Golden, Colo.; The Bikery at the Brewery)

  3. Marc Sears (Parker, Colo.)

Men’s 50-54 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Paul Mcelroy (Firestone, Colo.)

  2. Anton Hernandez (Vista, Calif.)

  3. Stephen Henslee (Gasden, Ala.; Maxxfit Racing)

Men’s 13-14 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Cash Shaleen (Acton, Calif.; Fasthouse Bikes)

  2. Christian Medeiros (Montara, Calif.)

  3. Kannon Johnson (Fort Collins, Colo.; Ciclismo Racing)

Men’s 11-12 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Christopher Simeur (Bellingham, Wash.; Galbraith Gravity Racing)

  2. Brody McDermott (Glenwood Springs, Colo.; Outlaw Bike Team)

  3. Alex Schiller (Spanish Fork, Utah; Outlaw Bike Team)

Men’s 9-10 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Wyatt Jacobson (Fraser, Colo.; Winter Park Comp Center)

  2. Brody Leon (Eastvale, Calif.; Seven/ODI/100%)

  3. Luca Williford (Crested Butte, Colo.)

Men’s 6-8 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Thatcher Kee (Asheville, N.C.; Kee Mapping)

  2. Streeter Kastrin (Albuquerque, N.M.; ERM)

Women’s 15-18 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Isabel Crimaldi (Boulder, Colo.; SMBA)

  2. Jacey Read (Carbondale, Colo.; Outlaw Bike Team)

  3. Ainslee Cole (Fort Collins, Colo.; Bros Syndicate/ TRP/Leatt)

Women’s 40-49 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Jessica Bronson (Boulder, Colo.)

Women’s 13-14 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Alaina Guliuzza (McCall, Idaho; Outlaw Tribe)

  2. Lucy Millar (Missoula, Mont.; Ride Montana Racing)

  3. Lillian Artz (Kirkland, Wash.; Sweetlines Jr Racing)

Women’s 11-12 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Sophie Gregory (Riverton, Utah; DHarco/Fox)

  2. Avery Jacobson (Fraser, Colo.; Winter Park Comp Center)

  3. Callie Clifford (Hurricane, Utah; Send City/ ODI Grips)

Women’s 9-10 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Valentina Pelayo (Chula Vista, Calif.; Monkey Business Workshop)

  2. Cadence Combs (Littleton, Colo.)

  3. Emilie Simeur (Bellingham, Wash.; Galbraith Gravity Racing)

Women’s 6-8 Non-Championship Downhill

  1. Romina Pelayo (Chula Vista, Calif.; Monkey Business Workshop)

Men’s 13-14 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Luke Mallen (Sandy, Utah)

  2. Cohen Bundy (Fort Collins, Colo.)

  3. Christian Medeiros (Montara, Calif.)

  4. Kannon Johnson (Fort Collins, Colo.)

  5. Colter Knecht (Kamas, Utah)

Men’s 6-10 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Luca Williford (Crested Butte, Colo.)

  2. Wyatt Jacobson (Fraser, Colo.)

  3. Thatcher Kee (Asheville, N.C.)

  4. Delmar Pepper (Angel Fire, N.M.)

Men’s 15-18 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Gunner Johnson (Fort Collins, Colo.)

  2. Jackson Goodwin (Fort Collins, Colo.)

  3. Cameran Ryan (Wausau, Wisc.)

  4. Dietrich Schroeder (Frisco, Colo.)

  5. Jackson Devall (Heber, Utah)

Men’s 19-29 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Eric Weers (Littleton, Colo.)

  2. Ried Indart (Reno, Nev.)

  3. Christian Heinz (Maryville, Tenn.)

  4. Duncan Stewart-Jackson (Angel Fire, N.M.)

  5. Henry Hall (Bozeman, Mont.)

Men’s 30-39 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Matthew Wilson (Hesperia, Calif.)

  2. Ryan Spinks (Edwards, Colo.)

Men’s 40+ Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Doug Strangfeld (Parker, Colo.)

Women’s 11-14 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Alaina Guliuzza (Mccall, Idaho)

  2. Kallie Stewart (Maricopa, Ariz.)

  3. Railey Isgitt (Encinitas, Calif.)

  4. Avery Jacobson (Fraser, Colo.)

  5. Anna Johnson (Boulder, Colo.)

Women’s 15-18 Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Jacey Read (Carbondale, CO)

  2. Tatum Marsh (Arvada, CO)

  3. River Noekel-Smith (Angel Fire, NM)

Women’s 19+ Non-Championship Dual Slalom

  1. Sydney Nielson (Highland, UT)

  2. Lilly Driver (Taylors, SC)

  3. Jessica Bronson (Boulder, CO)


Wednesday was the first day of championship racing for juniors and masters racers in cross-country. In addition, the dual slalom track saw its first national champions crowned in the amateur categories.

Men’s 11-12 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Elliot Drumwright (Breckenridge, Colo.; Team Summit)

  2. Tanner Slick (Philadelphia, Pa.)

  3. Walker Sorensen (Dillon, Colo.; Team Summit)

Women’s 11-12 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Evan Padget-Waller (Boise, Idaho; BYRDS)

  2. Quinn Connors (Durango, Colo.)

  3. Hollings Ash (Dawsonville, Ga.)

Men’s 9-10 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Braden Meegan (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing)

  2. Elkins Westin (Ramona, Calif.; Ramona Ride)

  3. Sam Cherry (Knoxville, Tenn.; Appalachian Youth Cycling)

Men’s 6-8 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Noah Elkins (Ramona, Calif.; Ramona Ride)

  2. Carter Hayden (Gresham, Ore.; Gresham Barlow)

  3. Miles Drumwright (Breckenridge, Colo.; Team Summit)

Women’s 9-10 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Annika Krum (Denver, Colo.; GBX)

  2. Kirsten Hembrook (Littleton, Colo.; Avout)

Women’s 6-8 Non-Championship Cross-Country

  1. Aspen White (Elkins, W. Va.; AW5 Racing)

  2. Fiammetta Niemkiewicz (Breckenridge, Colo.; Ten Mile Hardwoods)

Men’s 13-14 Cross-Country

  1. Michael Ziomek (Albuquerque, N.M.; Baring Performance)

  2. Thatcher Naeve (Boise, Idaho; BYRDS)

  3. Rowan Nistal (Boise, Idaho; BYRDS)

Women’s 13-14 Cross-Country

  1. Brynnalie Aagard (Highland, Utah; Spry Cycles)

  2. Kira Mullins (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing)

  3. Tessa Beebe (Boise, Idaho; BYRDS)

Men’s Masters 55-59 Cross-Country

  1. Victor Sheldon (Vista, Calif.; Specialized/Baghouse)

  2. Jonathan Myers (Portland, Ore.; Team S&M)

  3. Kevin Langan (Lakewood, Colo.; Avout Racing)

Men’s Masters 60-64 Cross-Country

  1. Mark Wallace (Golden, Colo.; Flow Formulas Pedal Pusher Cyclery)

  2. Todd Brown (San Clemente, Calif.; Pedal Industries)

  3. Ashley Johnson (Scottsdale, Ariz.)

Men’s Masters 65-69 Cross-Country

  1. Frank Winters (Susanville, Calif.; Clean Power Cycling)

  2. Steve Hensler (Redlands, Calif.)

  3. Zan Treasure (Ogden, Utah; Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team)

Men’s Masters 70-74 Cross-Country

  1. Ed Zerambo (Midway, Utah; McDowell Mountain Cycling)

  2. Dwight Hibdon (Park City, Utah; Stay Park City Cycling)

  3. Joseph Brown (Grayling, Mich.; Northbound Outfitters)

Men’s Masters 75-79 Cross-Country

  1. Stan Ford (Temecula, Calif.; The Bike Shop)

  2. Bill Moreman (Arlington, Texas; Trek)

  3. Ken Marshall (South Pasadena, Calif.)

Men’s Masters 80-84 Cross-Country

  1. Raymond Ferbrachie (Salida, Colo.; Absolute Bikes / Saluda Colorado)

Men’s Masters 85-89 Cross-Country

  1. Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas; GeriAtrix)

Women’s Masters 50-54 Cross-Country

  1. Christine Horst (Golden, Colo.; Chalet / Celebrity Home Loans)

  2. Rachel Hart (Reno, Nev.; Reno Devo)

  3. Margell Abel (Boulder, Colo.; Boulder Centre for Orthopedics Cycling Team)

Women’s Masters 55-59 Cross-Country

  1. Michelle Tischler (Grapevine, Texas; Bike Mart/ Liv)

  2. Annie Wallace (Park City, Utah; Stay Park City, Utah)

  3. Christine Tucker (Flower Mound, Texas; Bike Mart/ Liv)

Women’s Masters 60-64 Cross-Country

  1. Lynn Sims (Knoxville, Tenn.; Nuun/Castelli/Stoke Signal)

  2. Kim Chance (The Colony, Texas; Bike Mart/ Liv)

  3. Kathy Judson (Arvada, Colo.; Team Stages Cycling/ Team Evergreen)

Women’s Masters 65-69 Cross-Country

  1. Beverly Enslow (Metamore, Ill.; Team Hammer Nutrition/ Little Ade’s Cycling)

  2. Sheryl Johnson (Silverdale, Wash.; Recycled Cycle Racing)

Women’s Masters 70+ Cross-Country

  1. Charlotte Miller (Colorado Springs, Colo.; COS Racing)

  2. Cindi Toepel (Pahrump, Nev.; Mike’s Bikes)

  3. Joe Garuccio (Sandy, Utah; Hangar 15)

Men’s 11-14 Dual Slalom

  1. Luke Mallen (Sandy, Utah)

  2. Cash Shaleen (Canyon Lake, Calif.)

  3. Levi Lloyd (Fort Collins, Colo.)

Men’s 19-29 Dual Slalom

  1. Corey Jackson (Bayse, Va.)

  2. Travis Poole (Golden, Colo.)

  3. Jack Bound (Asheville, N.C.)

Men’s 30-39 Dual Slalom

  1. Harrison Britt (Breckenridge, Colo.)

  2. Bradford Lowery (Lakewood, Colo.)

  3. Johnny Graham (Golden, Colo.)

Men’s 40+ Dual Slalom

  1. Petr Hanak (Winter Park, Colo.)

  2. Shawnee McGovern (Denver, Colo.)

  3. Jesse Burkes (Denver, Colo.)

Women’s 11+ Dual Slalom

  1. Brooke Anderson (Portland, Ore.)

  2. Teagan Heap (Boulder City, Nev.)

  3. Janell Soukup (Centennial, Colo.)

Cross-country racing continues Thursday with the championship races for racers 19-49 years old, along with the non-championship team relay event. Friday sees the first spectator-friendly short track races and the pro dual slalom event finals in the evening. The pro cross-country and initial rounds of the pro downhill events will take to the course on Saturday. Finally, the event wraps on Sunday with the pro downhill finals and the pro short track events.