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Twenty National Titles Awarded at the 2023 USA Cycling Madison Track National Championships

By: Matt Waite  November 20, 2023

The Lexus Velodrome hosted the 2023 USA Cycling Madison Track National Championships over the weekend.

The 2023 USA Cycling Madison Track National Championships concluded on Saturday evening, with 20 national titles awarded at the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit, Mich.

Masters Men

On Friday evening, the Master Men 35+ and Master Men 45+ competed for Madison national titles. Dave Koesel (San Juan Bautista, Calif.; Team Yellow) and Jeromy Cottell (Redwood City, Calif.; Team Yellow) retained their Master Men 45+ National Championship title for a second straight year. In the Master Men 35+ category, Kyle Perry (Indianapolis, Ind.; Team Red) and Jon Hughes (San Diego, Calif.; Team Red) took a demanding win over the field, earning them the coveted gold medal.

Masters Men 45+

1. Team Yellow - Dave Koesel (San Juan Bautista, Calif.) and Jeromy Cottell (Redwood City, Calif.)

2. Team Blue - Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.) and Luis Che (Torrance, Calif.)

3. Team Green - Nick Laughton (Rochester, Mich.) and Jason Meidhof (Denver, Colo.)

Masters Men 35-44

1. Team Red - Kyle Perry (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Jon Hughes (San Diego, Calif.)

2. Team Purple - Andy Baker (Seattle, Wash.) and Matt Herz (Seattle, Wash.)

3. Team Yellow - Martin Vecchio (Detroit, Mich.) and James Grady (San Francisco, Calif.)

Co-Ed 15+ Men/Women

Friday night was the inaugural Co-Ed Madison Track National Championship, with six teams participating. Team Blue, consisting of Kate Wilson (Los Angeles, Calif.; Team Blue) and Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.; Team Blue), emerged victorious, claiming the Stars & Stripes jersey.

1. Team Blue - Kate Wilson (Los Angeles, Calif.) and Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.)

2. Team White - Kat Kendall (Manhattan Beach, Calif.) and Louis Bonilla (Long Beach, Calif.)

3. Team Green - Vikki Appel (Sierra Madre, Calif.) and Jason Meidhof (Denver, Colo.)

Junior Men

Numerous juniors from across the nation showcased their talent at the Lexus Velodrome. Luke Fetzer (Laguna Beach, Calif.; Team Green) and Alejandro Che (Torrance, Calif.; Team Green) took home gold in the Junior Men’s 15-18 category. Kai Afan (Macungie, Penn.; Team Red) and Arjuna Burgos (Los Angeles, Calif.; Team Red) secured first place in the Junior Men’s 13-14 race.

Junior Men 15-18

1. Team Green - Luke Fetzer (Laguna Beach, Calif.) and Alejandro Che (Torrance, Calif.)

2. Team White - Kash Adamski (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.) and Enzo Edmonds (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

3. Team Yellow - Padraig Leary (Detroit, Mich.) and Merrick Gallagher (Redmond, Wash.)

Junior Men 13-14

1. Team Red - Kai Afan (Macungie, Penn.) and Arjuna Burgos (Los Angeles, Calif.)

2. Team Tan - Michael Perez (Westminster, Calif.) and Sebastian Pena (South Gate, Calif.)

3. Team Purple - Julian Borrero (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.) and Daniel Borrero (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.)

Elite, Masters, and Junior Women

The Elite, Masters, and Junior categories were combined for the women's competition on Saturday evening. After a dominating performance, Sarah Mattes (Torrance, Calif.; Team White) and Kate Wilson (Los Angeles, Calif.; Team White) snagged gold. Riley Halpern (Newbury Park, Calif.; Team Silver) and Kat Kendall (Manhattan Beach, Calif.; Team Silver) won the Junior Women’s 15-18 race. Isla Afan (Macungie, Penn.; Team Green) and Akira Edmonds (Brooklyn, N.Y.; Team Green) earned the stars and stripes in the Junior Women’s 13-14 race, and Vicky Apelle (Sierra Madre, Calif.; Team Purple) and Sandy Weinstein (El Segundo, Calif.; Team Purple) took first in the Masters Women 35+ event.

Elite Women

1. Team White - Sarah Mattes (Torrance, Calif.) and Kate Wilson (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Junior Women 15-18

1. Team Silver - Riley Halpern (Newbury Park, Calif.) and Kat Kendall (Manhattan Beach, Calif.)

Junior Women 13-14

1. Team Green - Isla Afan (Macungie, Penn.) and Akira Edmonds (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Masters Women 35+

1. Team Purple - Vicky Apelle (Sierra Madre, Calif.) and Sandy Weinstein (El Segundo, Calif.)

2. Team Pink - Nicole Borem Schickel (Carmel, Ind.) and Kaitlyn Mittan (Raleigh, N.C.)

Elite Men

Seven teams competed in the Elite Men’s race. After 180 laps, Danny Summerhill (Centennial, Colo.; Team Red) and Brendan Rhim (Boulder, Colo.; Team Red) narrowly secured the victory, fending off Team Purple, comprised of Perry (who won the Master Men 35+ race the previous night) and Aaron Beebe (Indianapolis, Ind.), who finished in second place.

1. Team Red - Danny Summerhill (Centennial, Colo.) and Brendan Rhim (Boulder, Colo.)

2. Team Purple - Kyle Perry (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Aaron Beebe (Indianapolis, Ind.)

3. Team Yellow - Cade Bickmore (Louisville, Colo.) and Brad Green (Schnecksville, Penn.)

Madison Track Nationals will return to the Lexus Velodrome next year, November 15-16, 2024!

Congratulations to all the athletes who raced in this year's USA Cycling Madison Track National Championship. Results from this weekend can be found here.

Photos By: Brent Bacher