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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

USA Cycling and Equity Design Host Inspiring Bike Fest for Bronx Students at PS18

By: Suzy Sanchez  June 03, 2024

USA Cycling, in partnership with Equity Design, proudly hosted an inaugural Bike Fest at P.S. 18 in the Bronx, and Event designed to introduce 300 students to the exciting world of bike racing.

USA Cycling, in partnership with Equity Design, proudly hosted an inaugural Bike Fest at P.S. 18 in the Bronx, and Event designed to introduce 300 students to the exciting world of bike racing. P.S. 18, a predominantly Hispanic/Latinx K-5 school, served as the host of this kick off event in the heart of the the Bronx in New York City. The Bike Fest aimed to provide these young students with an opportunity to engage in cycling, fostering both their physical health and love for the sport. Despite the rain, the enthusiasm was felt throughout the day as students participated in various race and bike related activities hosted by the event partners.

"At USA Cycling, we believe that every child, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of bike racing. The Bike Fest at P.S. 18 is a testament to our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sport. By partnering with Equity Design and our incredible supporters, we are not only nurturing the next generation of cyclists but also ensuring that cycling becomes a more inclusive and welcoming community for all." - Suzy Sanchez, Director of DEI and Membership Programs of USA Cycling

A highlight of the event was the surprise visit by Pan American Games Bronze Medalist and native New Yorker, Josh Hartman. Hartman spent the day with the students, sharing his experiences and racing alongside them. His presence not only inspired the young riders but also underscored the accessibility and joy of cycling.

"We are excited to bring together partners, the community, students, teachers and families through cycling. In one single day, we will impact over 300 elementary school students through cycling. - Maurelhena Walles, Founder & CEO of Equity Design

The Bike Fest was made possible through the generous support of several partners, including Black Girls Do Bike, Major Taylor Iron Riders, Street Labs, Brooklyn Bound Books, and Up2Us. These organizations share a common goal of promoting diversity, inclusion, and access in sports, all of which they were able to accomplish through this event.

Supporting this event is a key initiative for USA Cycling to expose more juniors of color to the sport of cycling. By providing these students with the opportunity to learn and grow in their love for bike racing, USA Cycling and its partners are paving the way for a more inclusive future in the sport.

The Bike Fest was made possible through the generous support and collaboration of several partners, Bronx Health REACH, Street Lab, NYC Department of Transportation Open Streets, Black Girls Do Bike, Major Taylor Iron Riders and Development Team, Bronx Bound Books, and Up2Us"

Quotes from our partners:

"Major Taylor Iron Riders is proud to partner with USA Cycling to bring the P.S. 18 Bike Fest to life! It was inspiring to see the next generation discover the joy of cycling. Here's to building a healthier and happier community, one pedal stroke at a time!" - Dereka Hendon-Barnes, President of Major Taylor Iron Riders NYC

“Street Lab is honored and excited to be supporting P.S. 18X’s vision for Bike Fest, as part of a larger effort with the school to create new spaces for play, learning, and community gathering. We are looking forward to seeing the next generation of USA cyclists from the Bronx speed through the Open Streets and bring the community together here at PS 18X. Building off the momentum of Bike Fest, PS 18X has an amazing opportunity to reclaim these streets and create safer, more fun, and more welcoming spaces for the whole community.” - Jim Lammers, Street Labs Project Manager

One of our goals at Bronx Health REACH is to create connectedness between organizations and stakeholders in the Bronx in order to improve the health outcomes of Bronxites. Being able to introduce students to non-traditional sports not only exposes them to different forms of movement, but it also helps them explore their different skill sets and build their confidence. Bike Fest provides these students with the opportunity to meet professional cyclists and compete with one another in a safe and open space that is not usually available to them and to expose them to another form of athleticism that might inspire them to be part of. We are so happy to have been able to work with P.S. 18, Equity Design, Street Lab, USA Cycling and Major Taylor in order to help P.S. 18 implement their vision of introducing cycling to their students and creating a safe space for them and their community to ride. In order to create healthier communities, we need to make sure that people have access to the space and equipment needed for movement, and in coming together we can work towards getting a step closer to this goal.” - Bronx Health REACH

We at Up2Us Sports are thrilled to partner with Equity Design, P.S. 18, and USA Cycling for the inaugural Annual Bike Fest! As believers in the power of sports and positive coaches who act as mentors to youth, this event represents a fantastic opportunity to unite our community through the joy of cycling, promote physical fitness, and inspire positive youth development. We believe capacity is integral to providing opportunities like this in all communities. Together, we are paving the way for healthier, more active lifestyles and fostering a spirit of inclusivity and teamwork in hopes of leading the community to a brighter, stronger future! - Up2Us