Academic All Stars Fall 2021

USA Cycling Announces Fall 2021 Academic All-Stars

By: Justin Evans  April 29, 2022

113 collegiate cyclists named to USA Cycling's Collegiate All-Star list

The USA Cycling Academic All-Star Program honors collegiate athletes that excel not only in their sport, but also in the classroom. Normally, this group is named twice a year for the Fall and Spring Semesters - once for Track, Mountain and Cyclocross and then again for BMX and Road. USA Cycling has named the Academic All-Stars for all student-athletes that meet the qualifications listed below.

These athletes achieved Academic All-Star status for the season, by competing in a USA Cycling collegiate event and maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA in that semester. The Academic All-Stars, Fall ‘21 edition is listed below:

Name School
Alex Trifunovic Lees McRae College
Alexis Bobbitt Colorado Mesa University
Alyssa Hargis US Air Force Academy
Anna Christian Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Anthony Feinstein Marian University
Ariana Soto Colorado Mesa University
Autumn Caya Marian University
Birgit Morris Marian University
Bryant Bole Brevard College
Cade Estes Lindsey Wilson College
Cameron Joye Colorado Mesa University
Cameron Locklear Lees McRae College
Claire Reeves Marian University
Cole Punchard Brevard College
Cooper Bromley Lindenwood University
Coralie Levesque Marian University
Corey Jackson Lees McRae College
David Kahn Lees McRae College
Denzel Stephenson Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Devin Ricker Lees McRae College
Dillon Geary Lindenwood University
Dillon Turner Colorado Mesa University
Drew Polk Marian University
Eli House Marian University
Elizabeth Gunsalus Marian University
Elizabeth Stevenson Marian University
Ellie Mitchell Colorado Mesa University
Erica Leonard Brevard College
Ethan Jedlicka Marian University
Evan Boone Colorado Mesa University
Evan Schaefer Colorado Mesa University
Ezekiel Van Rooyen Colorado Mesa University
Fergus Washington-Smith Marian University
Finn Cullen Brevard College
Gabe Holcomb Lindsey Wilson College
Gabrielle Lehnert Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Georwill Perez Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Giovanni Galeoto US Air Force Academy
Grant Wilson Lindsey Wilson College
Gunnar Ensign Brevard College
H. James Lewallen Lindenwood University
Heidi Martin Lees McRae College
Henry Bostian Lindenwood University
Ian McDonald Lees McRae College
Imraan Gasant Marian University
Jack Brown Brevard College
Jacob Clapp Marian University
Jane Tullis Marian University
Jenna Jeffers Lindenwood University
Joey Leto Lindenwood University
John Rocky Pallotta US Air Force Academy
Josh Foley Lees McRae College
Joshua Fitzgerald Lindenwood University
Judah Guastfson Marian University
Justin Bird Lindenwood University
Katy McDicken Marian University
Kyle McDonald Brevard College
Landon Perlman Brevard College
Lexi Nephew Lindenwood University
Lisa Cantu Marian University
Lucas Morand Clemson University
Lucas Poupard Lindsey Wilson College
Lucas Steirwalt Marian University
Luke Arens Marian University
Maddy Frank Lindenwood University
Madigan Munro Colorado Mesa University
Madison Altman Brevard College
Maria Doring Lees McRae College
Mariana Rinaldo Lees McRae College
Marissa Carter Lindenwood University
Martin Rizov US Air Force Academy
Mateo Marasas Lindsey Wilson College
Matthew Zuniga Brevard College
Matthias Herrmann Lindsey Wilson College
Melissa Gomes Lindenwood University
Mia Deye Colorado Mesa University
Mia Scarlato Marian University
Michael Fuerst Lees McRae College
Michaela Gray Brevard College
Mike Stocker Lees McRae College
Nina Machnowski Brevard College
Oliver Boyd Colorado Mesa University
Olivia Armstrong Marian University
Olivia Cummins Colorado Mesa University
Owen Clark Brevard College
Paige Edwards Brevard College
Philip Ford Brevard College
Rachel Pageau Brevard College
Ronan Weber Marian University
Samantha "Sammi" Runnels Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Samantha Maldonado Lindsey Wilson College
Sarah Smith Colorado Mesa University
Sawyer Holly Lindsey Wilson College
Sean Adams US Air Force Academy
Sean Azcui Marian University
Sierra Altendorf Colorado Mesa University
Skylar Schaetz Lindenwood University
Skyler Diacou Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Solomon Goodwin Marian University
Sommers Creed Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
Staci McCudden Lindenwood University
Stephanie Lawrence Marian University
Sydney Nielson Colorado Mesa University
Tai-Lee Smith Colorado Mesa University
Thomas Fuller Lindenwood University
Tiffany Molesi Lindsey Wilson College
Torbjørn Røed Colorado Mesa University
Violet Cejalvo Marian University
Willem Kaiser Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta
William "Tyler" Clark Brevard College
William Bobrow Marian University
Wylie Kendall Lees McRae College
Zoe Eckman Lees McRae College